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2009 sees record production of tobacco.

This year's tobacco production in 2009 went up by 25 percent from last year and, according to estimates, it will amount to 20 million kg. Aliriza Elezi from the Ministry of Agriculture, says not only are we to have record production of tobacco this year, but its quality is better and therefore this year's purchase price is higher than last year's.

According to Elezi, the new law on smoking, which becomes effective on 1 January next year, will not affect tobacco producers, because the Government is still going to pay high subsidies. Experts believe that in spite of the anti-smoking campaign in Europe and Macedonia, tobacco production should not stop.

"Tobacco should stay on our farmland even though the EU, or more specifically Greece, Bulgaria and Italy, are canceling subsidies for this crop," says Professor Kiril Filipovski.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Dec 3, 2009
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