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2009 excess & surplus market directory.

Absolute Underwriting Managers Inc.

4000 N. State Road 7, # 310

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319

954-486-7600; 800-785-8285

Fax: 954-486-8844


Specialties: "CGL/Pkg/Mono-line Property/ Coastal Property with Wind. Artisan & Paper Contractors, Inland Marine, Ocean Marine: Contractors, Boat Dealers, Cargo, (Ocean & Motor Truck), MOLL, P&I, Hull, Cargo, Medical Malpractice, Misc. E&O/Professional, D&O, EPL, Umbrellas, Special Events, Homeowners, Security Guards/Private Investigators." Business Mix: 22% Commercial Property, 5% Commercial Auto, 1% Excess-Umbrellas, 60% GL, 5% Professional Liability, 2% Other Personal Lines, 5% Other Marine. Binding Authority: Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, GL. Principal: Deborah J. Mc-Call. Founded: 1996. Affiliations: FSLA, NAPSLO.

American Professional Liability Underwriters, Inc.

7270 NW 12th Street, Ste. 700

Miami, FL 33126


Fax: 786-924-7080


Specialties: "As Florida's premier wholesaler for Professional Liability, we have markets available only through AmPro, plus virtually the entire brokerage market. We have specialists in most types of Professional: Misc. E&O, D&O, Architects & Engineers, Environmental Consultants, Medical Malpractice, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, EPL. Coverage is written exclusively in 'A-rated' companies." Business Mix: 100% Professional Liability. Binding Authority Lines: We are program managers and MGAs for many classes of miscellaneous Professional Liability written through A+ carriers, and have a market selection for Professional Liability that cannot be found in any other Florida wholesaler. Principal: Ron Gabor. Contacts: Rob Kenney, RPLU, (; Charlotte Finver, cfinver@amproins; Betty Spence-Martin ( Branch Offices: Altamonte Springs, Sebastian and Boca Raton. Founded: 1994. Affiliations: PLUS, NAIW.

Bass Underwriters

6951 West Sunrise Blvd.

Plantation, FL 33313

954-473-4488; 888-422-7715

Fax: 954-316-3100


Specialties: "General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, Umbrella & Excess Liability, Lessor's Risks, Vacant Property, Pawn Shops, Tattoo Parlors, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Hotels/ Motels, Apt/Condominium, Garage." Business Mix: 34% GL; 32% Property; 34% Package. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Liquor Liability, Homeowners, Difference-in-Conditions, Inland Marine. Principals: Ed Jackson, President; Joe Anderton, VP/Gen. Manager; Bill Turgeon, VP/Underwriting. Branch Offices: Altamonte Springs, 866-227-7863; Gainesville, 866-362-7666; St. Petersburg, 800-528-5386; Satellite Beach, 800-423-4490. Founded: 1996. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, FSLA.

Braishfield Associates, Inc.

2966 Commerce Park Dr., #350

Orlando, FL 32819

407-825-9911; 888-335-6616

Fax: 888-335-6615


Specialties: "WRAP Around Programs: Condo Association, Apartment Complex, Homeowners Association, Lessor's Risk; Mobile Home Parks/ RV Parks, Difference-in-Condition, Commercial GL, Commercial Property (including or excluding wind), Non-Profit D&O Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Workers' Compensation (including 'if any' for associations), Artisan Contractor Liability, MPL, 24-hour Gas station/Convenience store program, Corporate Identity Theft, EPL." Business Mix: 100% Commercial. Binding Authority: Property, Liability, Professional, Liquor, Workers' Compensation. Founded: 1984. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FSLA, FAIA.

Burns & Wilcox Ltd.

18302 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy, Ste. 300

Tampa, FL 33647

813-558-9560; 800-282-5675

Fax: 813-971-0441


Specialties: "Celebrating 40 years! Focus products include Commercial Property/GL, Commercial Auto and Garage, Umbrellas, High-Value Homeowners, Vacant Buildings, Professional/E&O Liability, Environmental, various Specialty Medical. We can place largest and toughest accounts." Business Mix: 75% Commercial Property & Liability, Commercial Auto, Professional/E&O & D&O, Inland Marine, Excess Umbrellas, etc. 25% Personal Lines including High-Value Homeowners, Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Personal Umbrella, Personal articles floaters, etc. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Garage. Principal: Michael Franzese, CPCU, CIC, CRM, ASLI, CPA; 813-558-9560 or 800-282-5675, ext. 2206; e-mail Branch Offices: 38 branch offices nationwide; including Daytona Beach. Founded: 1969. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, FSLA, FAIA.

Burns & Wilcox Ltd.

444 Seabreeze Blvd., Ste. #850

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

386-255-1361; 800-342-5621

Fax: 386-252-7529


Specialties: "Celebrating 40 years! Focus products include Commercial Property/GL, Commercial Auto and Garage, Umbrellas, High-Value Homeowners, Vacant Buildings, Professional/E&O Liability, Environmental, various Specialty Medical. We can place largest and toughest accounts." Business Mix: 75% Commercial Property & Liability, Commercial Auto, Professional/E&O & D&O, Inland Marine, Excess Umbrellas, etc. 25% Personal Lines including High-Value Homeowners, Homeowners and Dwelling Fire, Personal Umbrella, Personal articles floaters, etc. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Garage. Principal: Michael Franzese, CPCU, CIC, CRM, ASLI, CPA, 813-558-9560 or 800-282-5675, Ext. 2206; Branch Offices: 38 Branch offices nationwide; including Tampa. Founded: 1969. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FSLA, FAIA.

Chelsea Surplus Underwriters Inc.

756 Lake Baldwin Lane

Orlando, FL 32809

407-896-8222; 800-432-2689

Fax: 407-894-0004


Specialties: "GL and Umbrella markets, Garage Liability/D.O.L./GKLL are our specialties. We have three online programs paying great commissions! More to come! We have Great Property markets, Inland Marine, MTC, Commercial Auto Physical Damage, Contractors Auto Liability. (Vehicles under 45,000GVW)." Binding Authority: As above. Principal: Russell Shepherd, President. Branch Offices: St. Augustine, 888-449-4170. Founded: 1988. Affiliations: FLSA, NAPSLO, Central FL Independent Insurance Agents, Florida Independent Insurance Agents of North FL.

Clearwater Underwriters Inc.

50 South Belcher Rd., Ste. 101

Clearwater, FL 33765

727-791-6030; 800-741-4873

Fax: 727-791-4763


Specialties: "Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Excess Flood, Vacant Properties w/wind, Builder's Risk, Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Excess Liability & Umbrella, Liquor Liability, Professional Liability." Business Mix: 50% Personal Lines (20% HOs/30% Excess Flood); 50% Commercial Lines. Binding Authority: Presently all lines. Principals: Donald E. Waters, President; Guy Waters, Sr. VP. Founded: 1991. Affiliations: PAIA, FAIA, NAPSLO, AAMGA, FSLA.

CRC Insurance Services, Inc.

7700 West Camino, Ste. 201

Boca Raton, FL 33433

561-395-0711; 888-450-7590

Fax: 561-395-2916


Specialties: "Wholesale Surplus Lines Insurance Brokers." Business Mix: Property and Casualty, both admitted and non-admitted, primarily commercial lines. Binding Authority: Various for GL and Property. Principal: David Ross. Founded: 1982. Affiliations: NAPSLO, FSLA.

Crump Insurance Services of Florida Inc.

1211 State Road 436, Ste. 227

Casselberry, FL 32707

407-678-4552; 877-247-9772

Fax: 407-678-4678


Specialties: "Commercial P&C, High-Valued Homeowners, Residential Excess Flood, Commercial Transportation, Professional Liability, Commercial/Personal Umbrellas." Business Mix: 36% Commercial MGA; 36% Commercial Brokerage; 11% Commercial Auto; 14% Homeowners, 3% Professional. Binding Authority: Commercial P&C, Homeowners, Excess Flood, Commercial Transportation. Principal: Gary L. Sanborn, CEO. Founded: 1975. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FSLA, FAIA.

Enright & Wilson

5555 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 200

Hollywood, FL 33021

954-962-0555; 800-428-7966

Fax: 954-989-5537

Specialties: "Commercial Property and GL, including Professional Liability, Excess & Umbrella, and Commercial Inland Marine." Business Mix: 45% GL; 45% Commercial Property; 5% Professional Liability; 5% Excess-Umbrellas. Binding Authority: Commercial Property and GL. Principal: Tom Enright. Branch Office: Titusville. Founded: 1987. Affiliations: FSLA, NAPSLO, AAMGA, FSLSO, FAIA.

Gabor Insurance Services, Inc.

7270 NW 12th Street, Ste. 700

Miami, FL 33126


Fax: 786-924-7080


Specialties: "Commercial Property, including wind, on mid- to high-rise Office Buildings and Mercantile; GL on most all including Contractors, Condos, Apartments, Daycare, tough products. Also, Small Business Package for most risks, Dwelling Fire, Homeowners and Ranch Owners available." Business Mix: Commercial Property, High-Valued Homeowners, Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Personal Umbrella, GL, Products, Liquor Liability, Commercial Umbrella. Binding Authority: We have extensive in-house facilities (some exclusive) for Commercial Property & Packages; Small-Restaurant Program, Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Inland Marine, Personal Umbrella, GL, Products, Liquor Liability. Principal: Ron Gabor. Contact: Steve Finver, Founded: 1992. Branch Offices: Sebastian and Boca Raton. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, PLUS, FSLA, FAIA, NAIW.

Gresham & Associates

10151 Deerwood Blvd, Bldg 100, Ste. 200

Jacksonville, FL 32256

904-996-0007; 800-529-7505

Fax: 904-996-0002;


Specialties: "Commercial Property, Casualty, Garage, Inland/Ocean Marine, Professional, Umbrella, Liquor Liability Underwriters and Brokers, large or small--we write them all." Business Mix: 45% Property, 30% GL, 15% Professional, 10% all other. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Umbrella/ Excess, Inland Marine, Garage, Liquor Liability. Principal: James V. Gresham. Contact: Betty Porter, VP-Branch Manager. Founded: 1979. Branch Offices: West Palm Beach, Orlando. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPLSO, FLSA.

Gresham & Associates

360 Columbia Dr., Ste 105

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

561-682-3100; 800-345-2709

Fax: 561-682-3222


Specialties: "Commercial Property and Casualty Specialists, writing large and small property schedules, hard-to-place GL accounts, Umbrella and Excess, Garages (service & dealers); Inland/Ocean Marine; Liquor Liability and others." Business Mix: 55% Commercial GL; 35% Commercial Prop and Marine; 5% Commercial Umbrella/ Excess; 5% all other. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Umbrella/ Excess, Inland Marine, Garage, Liquor Liability. Principal: James V. Gresham. Contact: Debbie Sizer, VP/Branch Manager. Founded: 1979. Branch Offices: Jacksonville and Orlando. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPLSO, FLSA.

Gresham & Associates

11315 Corporate Blvd., Ste 300

Orlando, FL 32817

407-541-5000; 888-551-3766

Fax: 407-541-5029


Specialties: "Commercial Property and Casualty Specialists, writing large and small property schedules, hard-to-place GL accounts, Umbrella and Excess, Garages (service & dealers); Inland/ Ocean Marine; Liquor Liability and others." Business Mix: 55% Commercial Property and Marine; 35% Commercial GL; 5% Commercial Umbrella/ Excess; 5% all other. Binding Authority: Property, GL, Umbrella/Excess, Inland Marine, Garage, Liquor Liability. Principal: James V. Gresham. Contact: Andy Packard, VP/Branch Manager. Founded: 1979. Branch Offices: Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPLSO, FLSA.

Hull & Company Inc.

2150 S. Andrews Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

954-527-4855; 800-678-4855

Fax: 866-449-8449


Specialties: "Hull & Company is a full-service Excess & Surplus broker that offers competitive programs in Personal, Commercial, Marine and Professional Liability. Admitted and Surplus Lines markets, all Best's 'A-rated' or better." Business Mix: Multiple classes in Personal Lines, GL, Commercial Property, Professional Liability, Marine, Excess/Umbrella, Garage. Binding Authority: All the above. Principal: Carl Barlotti, CPCU, CIC, VP and Branch Mgr. Branch Offices: Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg, Jacksonville. Founded: 1962. Affiliations: FAIA, LAAIA, FSLSO, IIADC, AAMGA, NAPSLO, IIABC, PIA.

Hull & Company Inc.--Tampa Bay/St. Pete

800 Carillion Parkway, Suite 150

St. Petersburg, FL 33716

727-561-4855; 800-727-4855

Fax: 866-449-8219


Specialties: "We specialize in middle market classes of business handling multiple lines of insurance as a wholesale broker, including Property/Casualty, Commercial Transportation, Commercial Marine & Yachts, Aviation & Personal Lines." Business Mix: 65% Commercial Property/Casualty; 20% Personal Lines; 8% Commercial Transportation, 7% Marine. Binding Authority: Property, Package, Inland Marine, GL, Liquor Liability, Personal Lines, Commercial Auto & Garage Liability. Principal: Larry Beller. Branch Offices: Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville. Founded: 1980. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FSLA.

Hull & Company Inc.

8381 Dix Ellis Trail

Jacksonville, FL 32256

904-538-0909; 888-809-4855

Fax: 904-538-9838


Specialties: "Commercial Property & Casualty; Restaurants, Habitational, Lessor's Risk Only; Builders Risk; Inland Marine; Vacant Buildings; Contractors including General Contractors; Binding Authority & Brokerage; Misc. Professional; Umbrellas; Excess; Monoline Wind and Hail." Business Mix: 60% Commercial Property, 40% Commercial Casualty including Misc. Professional. Binding Authority: Commercial Property, Casualty, Excess and Inland Marine. Principal: Susan R. Hall, VP, Branch Mgr. Branch Offices: Tampa Bay, Ft. Lauderdale. Founded: 1962-this office 1998. Affiliations: FAIA, FSLSO, AAMGA, NAPSLO.

I.B. Green & Associates, Inc.

26600 Ace Avenue

Leesburg, FL 34748

352-638-9400; 877-424-7336

Fax: 352-638-9498


Specialties: Personal Lines including Mobile Home. Commercial Lines Packages and GL--Artisan Contractors, including Roofing; Restaurants, Retail, LRO classes and Strip Shopping Centers. Online quoting in most programs." Business Mix: 30% Personal Lines; 35% Commercial GL; 25% Commercial Property; 10% Commercial Packages. Binding Authority: All lines binding authority. Principal: Donald Nicholson. Contact: Tom Johnston. Branch Offices: Orlando. Founded: 1935. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FAIA, PIA, IAMI, NAGA, FSLA and Manufactured Homes Association.

John Handel & Associates, Inc.

635 93rd Ave N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33742

727-576-1536; 800-282-7729

Fax: 727-577-6673


Specialties: "Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, Commercial Umbrellas, Professional Liability, Liquor Liability, Homeowners up to $25 million including and excluding Wind/Hail, Commercial and Residential Excess Flood, Personal Umbrellas including Target/Celebrity classes. Vacant/Unoccupied/Model Leasebacks and Personal Article Floaters." Business Mix: 60% Commercial Lines; 40% Personal Lines. Binding Authority: for all classes. Principal: John K. Handel. Contact: Lorna W. Palmer. Founded: 1983. Affiliations: FSLA, NAPSLO, FAIA, local agent associations.

LIG Marine Managers

9600 Koger Blvd., Ste. 2225

St. Petersburg, FL 33702


Fax: 727-578-9977


Specialties: "The leading provider of Commercial Marine and Longshore insurance throughout the U.S.; specializing in Marine WC/Longshore, Maritime Employers Liability, Hull. Protection &Indemnity, Umbrella/XS, Cargo with unique programs for Marine Contractors and Commercial Diving Accounts." Business Mix: 55% Workers' Compensation; 45% Other (Commercial Marine). Binding Authority: Various. Principal: Ian Greenway. Contact: Karen Tischler. Branch Offices: London. Founded: 1989. Affiliations: MIASF, FAIA, CIC, NAIW, Ft. Lauderdale Mariners Club, Tampa Bay Mariners Club.

M. J. Kelly Company

13144 Park Blvd., Ste. C

Seminole, FL 33776

727-392-8400; 877-655-3559

Fax: 727-397-3002


Specialties: "M.J. Kelly is a Surplus Lines wholesaler servicing Florida retail agents. Provides 'A-rated' markets for: Property, Package, BOP, Inland Marine, GL, Liquor Liability, Product Liability, Umbrella/ Excess, Professional Liability, E&O, D&O, EPLI, Environmental, Marine, Contractors Equipment, Logging, Garage Service/Dealers, etc." Business Mix: 30% Property/Package/BOP, 45% GL/Products, 10% Professional/E&O, D&O, EPLI, 10% Inland Marine/Logging, 5% Other. Binding Authority: Property, Package, BOP, Inland Marine, GL, Liquor Liability, Product Liability, Umbrella/ Excess, Contractors Equipment, Garage Service/Dealers, Physical Damage, Cargo, Fine Arts, EDP, Medical Equipment. Principal: Ken O'Neill, Branch Manager. Founded: 1983. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FAIA.

Morstan General Agency

Brandon, FL



Margate, FL



Daytona, FL



Specialties: "Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Night Clubs, Adult Entertainment, Contractors, Habitational, Liquor Liability, Garage Liability (dealers and non-dealers), Valet Parking, Professional Liability, Marine Contractors Mold/Pollution Liability, Workers' Compensation, Homeowners, Property (including wind)." Business Mix: 5% Commercial Auto; 43% GL; 35% Commercial Property; 10% Excess/Umbrellas; 5% Professional Liability; 2% Workers' Compensation. Binding Authority: Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, Umbrellas, Professional Liability, Garage Liability, Inland Marine, D&O Liability, Workers' Compensation. Branch Offices: Brandon--Carl Cohen, ext. 205, direct fax: 516-302-8936; Margate--Pat Woodard, ext. 201, direct fax: 516-302-8951; Daytona--Jim Burt, ext 11, direct fax: 516-708-2757. Founded: 1968. Associations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, FAIA, LAAIA.

National Specialty Underwriters, Inc.

1 Boca Place

2255 Glades Road, Ste 111E

Boca Raton, FL 33431


Fax 561-995-7521


Specialties: "Tough-to-place commercial properties, especially those with catastrophic exposure to wind and flood. Accommodate from single locations to multi-state schedules, all types of construction. Offer proprietary flood for condo associations that competes with NFIP." Business Mix: 100% Commercial. Binding Authority: Not given. Principal: Chris Randall, CEO. Contacts: Hospitality--Kurt Meister, VP; Medical Professional--Ben Newman, VP; Property--Todd Markel, VP; Casualty Excess--Jim Maggiacomo, VP. Home Office: Bellevue, WA Founded: 1995. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AH&LA, FAIA, FSLA.

National Surplus Lines Brokers

5379 Lyons Rd., Ste. 177

Coconut Creek, FL 33073


Fax: 954-481-6657


Specialties: "NSLB is a full-service brokerage offering many commercial property and liability classes including Windstorm, Professional Liability, E&O, D&O, EPLI and Products Liability, Homeowners and dwelling policies. We specialize in large commercial property accounts and hard-to-place risks." Business Mix: 40% Commercial Packages, 20% Commercial Property, 20% Commercial Liability, 10% Homeowners, 10% Professional Liability/ Products Liability. Binding Authority: Commercial Property; Commercial Liability; Inland Marine, Special Events, Vacant Property, Crime, Equipment Breakdown. Principal: Robert Briggs. Founded: 2007. Affiliations: IIABC, IIADC, LAAIA, FSLSO.

N-Surance Outlets

520 E. Tarpon Ave

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

727-942-6780; 800-492-6162

Fax: 727-937-0505


Specialties: "Small-to-medium-size Commercial accounts including Retail, Restaurants including Liquor, Contractors (small GCs and Artisan), Apartments, Daycare. Online rating programs include Vacant Building & Builders Risk, Daycare, Artisan Contractors (comparison-based rater), Special Events." Business Mix: 100% Commercial: 30% Property; 35% GL & Umbrella, 25% Garage, 10% Other including E&O. Binding Authority: Property, GL & Liquor Liability, Garage (both Service & Used Car Dealers). Principal: Greg Murrey, (President-GA) Contact: Jason Murrey. Founded: 1985. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA.

Program Underwriters Inc.

1300 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, Suite 250

Sunrise, FL 33323

954-845-2600; 800-432-8185

Fax: 954-845-2605

E-mail: Donna Buto,;

Steve Buto,

Specialties: "Binding and Brokerage Markets focusing on small to very large Property and Casualty risks. Target industries include Habitational, Hospitality, Retail-Wholesale Distributors, Real Estate Properties, Builders' Risk, Shopping Centers/LRO, Warehouses, Vacant Properties, Condo-Conversions, Contractors (Artisan and GCs)." Business Mix: 65% Property; 3% Umbrellas; 30% GL/Liquor; 2% Other. Binding Authority: Not given. Principals: Donna Buto, Steve Buto. Contact: As above. Founded: 1979. Affiliations: AAMGA, NAPSLO, FLSA, FAIA, PIA.

Quaker Special Risk

224 Datura Street, Ste. 715

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


Fax: 561-833-6616


Specialties: "Personal Lines: High-Value Coastal Homes, Builders Risk, PC9/PC10, Excess Flood, Personal Umbrella, High-Risk/Celebrity, Yachts, Kidnap & Ransom; Commercial GL: Gen Contractors, Roofers, Excavators, Swimming Pool Installation, EIFS. Professional: High-Risk MedMal, Clinics, Surgicenters, MRI/Diagnostic Labs, Home Healthcare, Misc. Medical." Business Mix: 80% Commercial, 20% Personal. Binding Authority: Homeowners, Contractors. Principal: Frank M. Walsh. Founded: 1960. Affiliations: NAPSLO, PLUS.

Regency Insurance Brokerage

Services, Inc.

PO Box 190

Hallandale, FL 33008

954-458-6323; 800-982-1895

Fax: 954-454-5862


Business Mix: Property, GL, Packages, Inland Marine, Workers' Compensation, Professional Liability, EPLI, Errors & Omissions, Homeowners High Value, Special Events, Personal Articles Floater, Fine Art Policies, Builders Risk, OCP. Binding Authority: Property, General Liability, Packages. Principal: Stephen L. Riemer. Contact: David M. Hershberger. Founded: 1986. Affiliations: NAPSLO, FSLA, FAIA.

Roehrig & MacDuff aka Hull & Company

800 Carillon Parkway, Suite 150

St. Petersburg, FL 33716


Fax: 727-823-4488


Specialties: "Commercial Lines property/casualty; many markets for small binding authority to larger transactional brokerage. Special facilities for Vacant Property, Monocline Liquor Liability, Contractors and Restaurants." Business Mix: 20% Professional Liability, 30% Property, 40% Casualty, 10% Personal Lines. Binding Authority: All classes for Property/Casualty, Monoline Liquor Liability, Vacant Property Package, Wind-Only Facilities, Miscellaneous Professional Liability. Principal: Kathy Colangelo. Branch Offices: not given. Founded: 1993. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, FSLA, PIA, PLUS.

SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc.

1035 Greenwood Blvd., Ste. 419

Lake Mary, FL 32746

407-333-7400; 800-777-4693

Fax: 407-942-0090


Specialties: "We offer a broad range of property and casualty products for commercial and personal lines, and represent more than 50 companies, both admitted and surplus lines carriers." Business Mix: Multiple Lines with Admitted & Non-Admitted Carriers. Binding Authority Lines: Personal & Commercial Property, Liability & Umbrella; Commercial Auto & Garage. Principal: R.C. Chaffin. Contact: Leslie Hammersand. Branch Office: Coral Gables. Founded: 1996. Affiliations: AAMGA, FAIA, FSLA, PIA.

Shelly, Middlebrooks & O'Leary, Inc.

PO Box 2909

Jacksonville, FL 32203-2909

904-354-7711; 800-342-2498

Fax: 904-355-7611


Specialties: "We specialize in writing difficult or unique risks for Commercial and Personal Property and Casualty lines of business, written either on an admitted or non-admitted basis." Business Mix: 40% Transportation, 20% GL, 20% Personal Lines, 20% Professional Liability. Binding Authority: All Lines Property & Casualty. Principal: Daniel C. O'Leary, III. Contacts: Erin O'Leary, Jacksonville; Kathy Stasko, St. Petersburg, 888-989-0255, Branch Offices: St. Petersburg. Founded: 1954. Affiliations: FAIA, NAPSLO, FSLA, PIA, AAMGA.

Southern Cross

5301 Blue Lagoon Dr., Ste 510

Miami, FL 33126

305-262-7001; 877-559-3722

Fax: 800-694-7208


Specialties: "Commercial Property (including apartments, condos, office buildings, shopping centers and more); GL for all classes, General Contractors, Garage Liability, Glass, Products Liability, Medical Risks, Commercial Umbrella/Excess, Liquor Liability, Inland Marine and more." Business Mix: 50% Commercial GL, 40% Property & Packages, 10% Umbrella/Excess, Garage Liability, Professional Liability. Binding Authority: Monoline Property, Monoline GL, Packages, Garage Liability, Special Events, Liquor Liability. Principals: Preston Gough, Steve Alvarez. Contact: Steve Alvarez. Founded: 1976. Affiliations: NAPSLO, FSLA, FAIA, IIADC, LAAIA.

St. James Insurance Group

Westwood Center Three

6675 Westwood Blvd., Ste. 360

Orlando, FL 32821

407-248-1554; 888-868-7544

Fax: 407-248-9656; toll-free fax: 888-876-7544


Specialties: "St. James Insurance Group is dedicated to Personal Lines residential homeowners. St. James underwrites and manages programs for homes and condominiums, valued from the $100,000 to multiple millions, subject to certain restrictions, including and excluding wind." Business Mix: 100% personal lines. Binding Authority: HO-3, HO-6, DP. Principals: James J. McCahill, Chairman; Robert P. Lucas, President; Edward Falzarano, CFO. Contact: Neil Biscuiti, SVP, Director of Marketing. Founded: 1984. Affiliations: FAIA, PIA, NAPSLO.

Strickland General Agency of Florida, Inc.

15950 Bay Vista Dr., Ste. 235

Clearwater, FL 33760

727-669-8886; 877-669-8886

Fax: 727-669-8916

E-mail: or

Specialties: "Independent Wholesale Brokerage and Managing General Agency for over 45 years specializing in Property, Casualty, Professional Liability, Transportation, Workers' Compensation, and Entertainment Business." Business Mix: 20% Commercial Auto; 35% GL; 25% Professional Liability; 10% Excess/Umbrellas; 5% Workers' Compensation; 5% Commercial Property. Binding Authority: Commercial Auto; GL; Commercial Property. Principal: Neil A. Strickland. Contact: Gerry Whitt, VP/Branch Mgr. Founded: 1997 as Knott Limited; 2002 as Strickland General Agency of FL, Inc. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, PLUS, FSLA, FAIA, IAAPA, WWA.

TAPCO Underwriters, Inc.

PO Box 17069

Clearwater, FL 33762

727-572-5354; 800-41-TAPCO

Fax: 727-572-7909


Specialties: "TAPCO specializes in Commercial GL and Package Programs. Telephone quotes & binders instantly e-mailed to you 'live-time;' including all forms needed. We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff, fast policy turnaround, and quick claims handling." Business Mix: 30% Personal Lines, 40% Commercial GL, 25% Commercial Property, 5% Misc. Professional, Umbrella & Excess Coverage. Binding Authority: Personal Lines: HO8, DP1, Personal Liability; Commercial Lines including Commercial GL on everything from Artisan Contractors to Special Events, and Commercial Property/Package on most classes from Apartments through Vacant Properties. Principal: Tap Johnson III. Contact: Virginia C. Phillips, ASLI. Founded: 1982. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, Lloyds, London Correspondents.

Tri-City Brokerage

199 Water Street, 28th Floor

New York, NY

212-732-1360; 877-247-9772

Fax: 212-619-5202


Specialties: "Property, General Liability, Umbrella & Excess, Commercial Auto/Transportation, Professional Liability, Environmental." Business Mix: 27.7% Casualty, 23.2% Property, 13.8% Professional Liability, 13.4% Commercial Auto, 12.8% Excess, 4.5% Workers' Compensation, 3.5% Special Risks, 0.6% Personal Lines, 0.6% Other. Binding Authority: All types of lines. Principal: John Jennings. Contact: Cathy Perry. Founded: 1985. Affiliations: NAPSLO, AAMGA, PLUS.


801 International Parkway, 5th Floor

Lake Mary, FL 32746


Fax: 407-585-2054


Specialties: "Property: coastal and non-coastal, large capacity, all classes. Casualty: primary and excess, all classes including Contracting. Professional and Executive Liability: D&O, E&O, Medical Professional, Agri-business: Property and Casualty Lines. Transportation: all classes." Business Mix: 50% Property, 50% Casualty. Binding Authority Lines: None, open market brokerage. Contact: Jim Gantt. Branch Offices: Brandon, Jacksonville. Founded: 1992. Affiliations: NAPSLO.

Westrope Insurance Managers

of Florida LLC

510 Vonderburg Dr., Ste 214

Brandon, Fl 33511

813-315-3020 866-684-2379

Fax: 813-315-3039


Specialties: "Habitational; Hospitality including Hotels/Motels, Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs; Lessor's risks, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Contractors--Artisan & GCs; Products Liability; Ocean & Inland Marine; Wind & Hail buybacks, Umbrellas." Business Mix: 50% Property; 50% Casualty. Binding Authority Lines: Property with Wind or ex-wind, Inland marine, General Liability, Umbrellas. Principals: Alan Goldfarb, Paul Burger and George Jacobbe. Contact: Alan Goldfarb, agoldfarb@westrope. com. Branch Offices: Lady Mary, Jacksonville. Founded: 1992. Affiliations: NAPSLO, FAIA.
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Publication:Florida Underwriter
Article Type:Directory
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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