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2009 Resource Guide Corrections.

* Page 51: Learning Disabilities Association; Sheila Buckley, Executive Director.

* Page 66: International WAGR Syndrome Association; Annie Prusakiewicz, Chairperson; 313-381-4302, telephone.

* Page 12: PACER Center; 952-838-9000, telephone.

* Page 121: Community Enrichment Program; Melissa Degenhardt, contact person;, email; 780-497-5121, telephone.

* Page 127: Lupus Foundation of Ontario; Patricia Leece, contact person; lupusont@, email.

* Page 49: the listing for the International Hyperbarics Association was inadvertently placed under the heading for Hydranencephaly. Hyperbarics should have been listed under its own heading in alphabetical order where it would have appeared in column four on that page. A representative from the International Hydranencephaly Support Group, Lynette Trease, wrote to EP and commented "hyperbaric treatment is not recommended for children with hydranencephaly."

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Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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