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2009 International Home + Housewares Show.

Byline: Jennifer Strailey

Wusthof to Launch Blackwood Line Nationwide

Wusthof will officially launch its Ikon Series knives featuring African ebony handles at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago this month. The knives, which have been a Williams-Sonoma exclusive for the last two years, will be available to retailers nationwide beginning April 1, 2009. Made from Grenadill, an African ebony wood that is also used to craft the mouthpieces of wind instruments, the hand-finished knife handles in this series are extremely dense, minimally porous and feature a high resin content that makes them insensitive to moisture. Precision-forged from high-carbon, no-stain steel from Solingen, Germany, the blades feature a mirror polish that gives the knives the feel of being 50 percent sharper thanks to their smooth-slicing lack of resistance. The edge retention on a mirror-polish finish is also 30 percent greater than non-mirror-polish edges. The MSRP of the line will range between $79 and $200, depending on the knife. For more information, visit

New Pronto Knife Sharpener From Chef'sChoice

The new Chef'sChoice[R] Pronto™ Manual Diamond Hone Sharpener 464 quickly puts a razor-sharp edge on both straight-edge and serrated knives. Featuring Chef'sChoice Criss-Cross™ technology, this two-stage sharpener offers 100 percent diamond abrasives and precise bevel angle control. Stage one sharpens the edge and sets the initial bevel using larger diamonds. Stage two, featuring micron-sized diamonds, completes the second bevel and delivers an ultra-sharp, long-lasting arch-shaped edge. Stage two also resharpens serrated knives. The Chef'sChoice[R] Pronto features an ergonomic handle for an easy, secure grip and rubber feet for additional stability. Safe for all straight-edge and serrated knives, it is small and compact. The MSRP is $39.99. For more information, call 800-342-3255 or visit

Swissmar Makes Kitchen Prep Easy

These extremely sharp Swiss-made peelers with scalpel blades from Swissmar make prep work quick and easy. Using new proprietary technology from Switzerland, these peelers feature stainless steel blades for scalpel-edge cutting, julienne prep and serrated peeling. The blades can be turned to accommodate left- or right-handed use, and include a protective cover. The peelers are available in a variety of colors, including turquoise, green, spice and curry, red, white, blue and black. Now available in a Swiss Duo Set, which includes a red serrated blade and a white scalpel. MSRP is $10. For more information, visit

Built for Fishnet

Built NY, Inc. debuts the one- and two-bottle Fishnet Wine Totes (MSRP: $13.99 & $16.99), the second generation of the Original Wine Tote. The slices in the neoprene give a sneak peek of what you're carrying, and create a new design each time a bottle is placed in the tote. These slinky totes are sure to turn heads whether you're toting a bubbly prosecco or a Chianti Classico. The Fishnet Wine Totes expand to carry and protect one or two 750ml-1l bottles, and are available in Black, Ski Patrol Red, and Nolita Stripe. For more information, visit

Microplane[R] Presents the Parmesan Rotary Grater

The new Parmesan Rotary Grater from Microplane[R] allows users to easily and safely grate Parmesan cheese, thanks to its razor-sharp, patented stainless fine blade with a patent-pending "star" pattern that makes fast work of producing a mass of fluffy grated cheese. Featuring the same advanced blade engineering as Microplane[R] graters, the new Parmesan Rotary Grater is engineered for long-lasting use without dulling. An extra-large hopper conveniently allows you to grate a generous amount of hard cheese at one time. The entire tool is dishwasher-safe. Fashioned in classic black, the MSRP is $19.95. It will be available nationwide in May 2009. For more information, call 800-555-2767 or visit

Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

Perk up your morning routine with the new Capresso 4-cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine from Jura-Capresso. This user-friendly steam/boiler model makes it easy to prepare espressos, cappuccinos and lattes at home. The high-tech machine features an exclusive coffee/steam selector that makes it simple to control both brewing and steaming, while allowing the user to adjust coffee strength to personal taste. It produces two to four cappuccinos or lattes in less than five minutes, and its innovative swivel frother steams or froths milk in seconds. Available for shipment April 2009, the machine has an actual retail price of $59.99. For more information, call 800-767-3554 or visit

Liivia Unveils the Fruit Ripener

Enhance the fresh fruit experience with the new Liivia[R] Fruit Ripener. This countertop product, which ripens fruit as needed, marries a stunning fruit bowl design with patented technology that allows the user to control the ripening process - selecting some fruit for faster ripening, while keeping ripe fruit close at hand. When unripe fruit is placed inside the Fruit Ripener, it evenly circulates ethylene, the fruit's natural ripening gas. This completely natural process speeds the ripening process while allowing the fruit to retain moisture. For more information, call 323-988-1263 or visit

Adjustable Slicer From Cuisipro

The new Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer is a 9-inch hand tool that glides over most block cheeses with ease, cutting even, consistent slices. The roller on the 3.2-inch-wide slicer with a stainless steel blade is rounded to sit flush on the cheese, so it glides without dragging or catching. The ergonomic, easy-to-turn knob adjusts to thin and thick slices. This new slicer is dishwasher-safe (top shelf) and backed by a 25-year warranty. It retails for $15. For more information, call 302-326-4802 or visit

Le Creuset Honey Pot

Honey is an ancient sweetener that's all the rage in the modern age. When honey is stored properly, it has a shelf life of more than two years. However, that life span is shortened when it is exposed to light. So what's the long-term solution? Le Creuset 's new Honey Pot has a tightly fitting lid and looks great on any countertop. Made from the same high-quality stoneware as all Le Creuset products, this honey pot comes with a Silicone Honey Dipper. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and it doesn't absorb odors or flavors. Available in April 2009, this honey pot has a 16-ounce capacity and a suggested retail price of $25. For more information, visit

Mario Batali Italian Grilling

Grilling is one of the many ways Mario Batali brings his passion for Italian cuisine to mainstream America. Alla Piastra means cooking on a flat griddle over a hot fire. The new Copco Piastra is a grilling stone crafted from a unique type of solid granite that conducts heat much the same as cast iron and will not rust. Great for grilling seafood, vegetables and more, the Piastra measures 10" x 14" providing a generous cooking area without occupying the entire grill. The Piastra from Copco (a Wilton Products Company) is double-sided with a griddle on one side and a grill on the other if grill marks are desired. For more information about Mario Batali, The Italian Kitchen by Copco, visit

The Unbreakable Lunch Date

WMF presents the isoBottle from Alfi in a variety of youthful designs. While this stainless steel thermos is unbreakable, the equine-themed model featured here is sure to break some hearts with its pretty design. The thermos, which keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, comes in two sizes: 2.75 cups and four-cups. It is also available in two color-schemes - pink for girls and blue for boys. For more information, visit

More Logic from Lodge

Continuing its 113-year history of producing sustainable cookware, the family-owned Lodge Cast Iron is introducing a 5-inch skillet and 5-inch cover to its Logic line of foundry seasoned items. The lid also fits the Lodge Country Kettle, another example of the versatility of America's Original Cookware. Introduced in 2002, Lodge Logic includes over 100 cast iron items, including skillets, Dutch Ovens, Camp Dutch Ovens, Griddles and Reversible Griddles. For more information, visit

Recycled Kitchen Necessities

Lamson & Goodnow Mfg. presents GoodNow™ Recycled Kitchen Necessities, a collection of professional- quality kitchen tools made from recycled materials. The handles are made from 100 percent post consumer recycled paper and the head/tang for each tool is made from 90 percent recycled steel. The collection of six popular tools is made in the Lamson & Goodnow factory in Shelburne Falls, Mass. The tools are made from hardened and tempered high-carbon, cutlery grade steel, and feature a full tang that runs the entire length of each tool rather than just half way through the handle. The new collection includes a chef's slotted turner, 3 x 8-inch perforated turner, 3 x 5-inch turner, 2 x 4-inch slotted turner, 2.5 x 2.5-inch mini turner, and a mini masher. The collection, which retails for between $23.99 to $34.99, is dishwasher-safe and backed by a lifetime warranty. For more information, please call 800-872-6564.

Smart Paper Products

These colorful new eco-friendly Have a Drink! beverage coasters from Sisson Imports feature a collection of festive beer stein images. The coasters are made from recycled card stock that is 100 percent post-consumable paper printed with vegetable-base dyes. The coasters can be recycled after use. Each pack comes with 12 coasters. Other designs are available. The MSRP is between $5 and $6 for the 12-pack. For more information, visit

Revol Goes Green - and Yellow

While Revol has been a French family-owned company for 220 years, it remains relatively new in the U.S. Now the 11th generation of the family is moving forward with new designs and taking the company green. Revol recently expanded its Grands Classiques Collection to include a small white poultry dish, featured here, and a sunny yellow large poultry dish. On the environmental side, Revol plant manager Bernard Lacan says the company's efforts are being channeled into two main areas: "managing and recycling the water we use in our production process, and trying to find 'cleaner' packaging for our porcelain ware." In terms of recycled water, Revol uses a large-scale system to save nearly 2,000 cubic metres of water each year. Other efforts include recycling all of the raw materials up to the firing process; the use of wind power; recycled paper in its packaging; and heating the factory from the heat generated by the kilns. For more information, visit
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