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2007 Editors' Choice Top Products.

One of our most popular exclusives--the annual "Editors' Choice: Top Product Picks"--offers 100 solutions to ensure that your facilities and your staff are working at their peak. In April, thousands of products and services were reviewed by the Buildings editorial staff; the result is this elite group of 100, selected using a number of parameters: aesthetics (when applicable), ease of use, durability/life-cycle, efficiency or applicability, universal appeal, sustainable/green elements (when applicable), and more. Learn about the technologies and services that can help you achieve your performance, goals in the following pages, featuring both a description and editorial notes from the Buildings staff.

MATTING--First Appearances[R], a unique, three-step entryway system by Milliken, extends the life of your interior finishes. At the entrance, EZ-Scrub[TM] removes and captures dirt and water from foot traffic. Next, the durable BrushOff[TM] combines scraping technology with brushing action. CleanSweep[TM] is the final step, providing unmatched brushing action to make sure soil and moisture isn't tracked inside. First Appearances is also free of chlorine and PVCs, is 100-percent recyclable, and is made with 35-percent recycled content. First Appearances by Milliken Floor Covering (800-528-8453 or www.millikencar Circle 201.

"Did you know that just 1,500 people can remove 42 percent of your flooring finish if you don't have proper protection? This product is a rare combination of aesthetics and soil/ moisture protection, available in 11 colors and capable of capturing 95 percent of soil."


WASHROOMS--A new line of sensor-operated faucets--the HyTronic line from Chicago Faucets--handles heavy use over an extended period of time and features an efficient twin-beam system that provides quick response time and minimizes false activation. HyTronic is further enhanced with increasingly popular remote technology that allows the facilities staff to change or adjust between static and dynamic modes, monitor battery levels, and troubleshoot--all from a palm-enabled device. HyTronic electronic faucets by Chicago Faucets (800-323-5060 or Circle 202.

"These high-performance faucets may look extremely sophisticated, but they're also designed for simplicity and durability."


SOFTWARE--DProfiler modeler is a simple-to-use building information model (BIM) software solution that's utilized in planning and conceptual design phases to create an accurate cost estimate of a proposed design. It is easy to navigate and allows any user--regardless of experience--to rapidly and accurately assemble a building model. DProfiler bridges the gap between modeling and estimating, providing users with both in a time-efficient manner. DProfiler by Beck Technology/Div. The Beck Group (214-303-6810 or Circle 203.

"DProfiler modeler is an excellent, easy-to-navigate BIM solution: It even provides instant access to over 18,000 assembly cost definitions when integrated with RSMeans data."

ROOFING--WIP 300HT is a 40-mil, high tensile strength, rubberized asphalt underlayment designed to withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees F. It will not crack, dry out, or become brittle, even under the most extreme weather conditions. WIP 300HT also has self-sealing properties that allow it to seal around nails, staples, screws, or clips used during the roof installation. Water and Ice Protection (WIP) 300HT underlayment by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (800-527-7092 or www.carl Circle 204.

"The self-adhering capabilities of 300HT enable installation without primers, adhesives, or fasteners."

LAMPS--The Neolite T2 compact fluorescent lamp from Litetronics is an ENERGY STAR[R]-qualified lamp with a 10,000-hour life. It fits in more types of lighting fixtures and allows you to replace your incandescent lamps with energy-efficient fluorescents. Offered in three color temperatures--2,700K, 4,100K, and 5,000K--Neolite T2 lamps save energy and decrease greenhouse-gas emissions. Neolite by Litetronics Intl. Inc. (800-860-3392 or Circle 205.

"Containing only 1 milligram of mercury, this little lamp is safer for the environment when you're ready to dispose of it."


SOUNDMASKING--The low-voltage Oasis Qt[TM] soundmasking and distributed audio system uses a single control module and daisy-chained network of miniature speakers installed in the workspace to project direct-field soundmasking. The unobtrusive, airflow-like sound matches the frequency spectrum of the human voice for optimal masking of speech. This system is ideal for reducing distractions and improving productivity in workspaces. Oasis Qt by Cambridge Sound Management LLC (800-219-8199 or www.cambridgesoundmanage Circle 206.

"This system adapts to virtually any workspace; with the Qt Quietpage[TM] option, there's no need for a separate paging/music system."


WASHROOM ACCESSORIES--Bobrick Washroom's B-3944/B-3961 Recessed Convertible Folded Paper Towel/Touch-Free Universal Roll Towel Dispenser addresses the need for changing converted folded dispensers into roll-towel dispensers. In addition, four interchangeable modules can fit into a common recessed cabinet, allowing facilities professionals the freedom to convert from one towel type to another while retaining the original design of their stainless-steel equipment. B-3944/B-3961 Recessed Convertible Folded Paper Towel/Touch-Free Universal Roll Towel Dispenser by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. (800-553-1600 or Circle 207.

"No need to be tied into long-term proprietary agreements for your restroom disposables: These interchangeable towel-dispenser modules allow easy conversion and an economical solution when replacing damaged equipment."

WALLS--DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions make the most of modular interior construction by defining a more efficient footprint that supports employee comfort. Perfect for use in an existing building without the fear of compromising technology or design, the total solution is comprised of a low-profile access floor with plug-and-play cabling and power; a modular system of low, stacked, solid, or glass walls; and doors. Each element can be integrated with another, but is not dictated by specific parameters; the system's modularity allows a user to determine literally everything in a particular space. Agile Architectural Solutions by DIRTT (403-723-5000 or www. Circle 208.

"Flexibility equals agility--DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions let you and the user determine almost everything about a specific workspace."

CARPET BACKING--The only carpet tile with three thermoplastic layers and zero water-based components, Mohawk's Encycle allows complete recyclability back into itself without separation. This unique backing system also includes 35-percent pre-consumer recycled content by total product weight and utilizes 28-percent fewer virgin raw materials. Encycle's three "Es" (environmental, efficiency, and ergonomic features) make this carpet backing a "do-more-with-less" technology. Because of its weight difference when compared to traditional PVC carpet tile, Encycle also reduces shipping and fuel costs. Encycle backing system by The Mohawk Group (800-554-6637 or www.themohawkgroup. corn). Circle 209.

"When combined with the lifetime warranty against all forms of backing failure, Encycle proves that a sustainable product can be a high-performance product, too."


SEATING--Sittris has launched a component seating system designed exclusively for healthcare environments. The Sittris AL's shape allows for proper placement of catheters and IVs, and offers caregivers easier access to patients. Fabric options (silicone, upholstery, and non-PVC synthetic leather) are antimicrobial and impermeable to fluids; repel stains, soil, and liquid; and clean up with soap and water, offering unmatched performance for addressing infection-control issues. The product can be specified in a low- or mid-back design, along with a variety of arm and leg options, depending on how the chair will be used. Sittris AL by Sittris (877-701-4673 or Circle 210.

"With one in 10 patients acquiring an infection after being admitted to a hospital in North America, you can rest easy with the Sittris AL--it's armed with germ-fighting options, keeping patients safe."


DRYWALL--QuietRock 525 is a high-performance, fire-rated, soundproof, 5/8-inch-thick drywall from Quiet Solution. Offering Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings from 51 to 72 (compared to an STC rating of 34 with standard s/a-inch-thick gypsum drywall), QuietRock 525 is an easy way to achieve sound-code compliance. Installation is trouble-free and requires no special tools -just score, snap, and hang. QuietRock 525 by Quiet Solution (800-797-8159 or www. Circle 211.

"One panel of QuietRock 525 provides noise reduction comparable to eight layers of standard drywall, making it very cost-effective."

LIGHTING--Ciralight's SunTrackerOne uses a state-of-the-art, solar-powered control system to track the sun with an array of three mirrors that effectively reflect sunlight into a building. Light passes through a thermal barrier, a light well, and a bottom diffuser to spread the light. Compared to electric lighting, this system produces illumination equivalent to 800 watts of fluorescent lighting, or more than a 1,000-watt metal halide lamp. Since it does not draw any line voltage, electricity costs for lighting can drop to zero while SunTrackerOne reflects light indoors. SunTrackerOne by Ciralight Inc. (877-645-2728 or Circle 212.

"SunTrackerOne produces up to 9-times more light than a passive light and distributes light more evenly and over a wider area, making daylighting an even better source of illumination."


SERVICES--Creative Flooring Concepts' PROFORM program offers the capability to create a matting layout from your floorplan, enabling you to envision the results. It's as easy as sending a floorplan and a logo--PROFORM's graphic art coordinators take it from there, building a layout that not only looks great, but can be stored when not in use. The PROFORM program can help you achieve safety goals and maintain high standards. PROFORM by Creative Flooring Concepts (888-331-3100 or Circle 213.

"PROFORM design specialists create a seamless flow of professionally installed matting that reduces trip and fall risks, minimizes interior wear, and creates a custom appearance."


AEDS--ZOLL's new version of AED Plus[TM] with Real CPR Help[TM] complies with 2005 American Heart Association guidelines: the newly recommended compression-to-ventilation ratio of 30 compressions to two breaths with one defibrillating shock (if needed), followed by a 2-minute CPR interval. These enhancements help rescuers deliver more chest compressions while limiting interruptions. The unit also allows rescuers to see and hear how well they perform the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions for more effective CPR. AED Plus with Real CPR Help by ZOLL Medical Corp. (978-421-9655 or Circle 214.


"Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence. This AED provides clear, concise feedback to defuse high-stress situations."

FACADES & CURTAINWALL--Kalwall 100[TM], a 4-inch-thick, highly insulating, thermally broken sandwich panel, is super energy efficient and offers glare-free daylighting. The panels are utilized in wall systems and supported Skyroof[TM] systems in double or single pitch. The product offers U-values from 0.08 to 0.15 and meets demands of new building regulations for stiffer, stronger cladding materials. Kalwall 100 is made of fiber glass-reinforced translucent faces permanently bonded to a grid core of structural aluminum/composite, thermally broken I-beams. Kalwall 100 by Kalwall Corp. (800-258-9777 or www.kal Circle 215.

"An alternative to shades, curtains, and light shelves, Kalwall 100 offers daylighting even on overcast days--and on sunny days (without the glare)."

HVAC--Lennox Industries' S-Class[TM] 3- to 5-ton commercial split system product line offers high efficiency levels up to 16.5 SEER and 8.50 HSPF to help reduce energy usage and operating costs. Units are available with chlorine-free R-410A; factory options include 208/230V and 460V three-phase voltages for increased application flexibility. Each model has two operating stages: When the system shifts to a lower-capacity stage during mild days, the result is reduced temperature swings and better humidity control. S-Class Commercial Split System by Lennox Industries Inc. (800-9-LENNOX or Circle 216.

"Environmental initiatives take on a larger meaning with the life-cycle cost benefits of the S-Class product line."


WALLCOVERINGS--As a PVC-free company, Carnegie offers the antimicrobial Surface IQ, a wallcovering that uses only water-based inks and coatings, and is built on TPO technology. Other non-woven wallcoverings, while more environmentally sound than vinyl, couldn't match vinyl's rigorous performance characteristics--until now. Durability, cleanability, and longevity are all characteristics of Surface IQ, which meets (and surpasses) all Type II vinyl specifications. Surface IQ by Carnegie (516-578-6770 or Circle 217.

"In addition to exceeding Type II vinyl specifications, Surface IO also passes California 01350 criterion for indoor air quality, which to LEED points."


FIRE PROTECTION--The Bilco Co.'s Lumivent[TM] domed automatic fire vent provides natural daylight, energy efficiency, and the protection of automatic fire venting--all at a competitive price. Featuring translucent Lexan[R] Thermoclear[R] glazing by GE, the vent results in a sleeker look for roofs; its unique, multi-wall cover construction provides an increase of 40-plus percent in insulation performance when compared to traditional domes. Lumivent automatic fire vent by The Bilco Co. (203-934-6363 or Circle 218.

"The Lumivent offers enhanced performance at a lower cost--that's true value."


LIGHTING--CeeLite's one-of-a-kind Light Emitting Capacitor (LEO panels turn any surface into a light source (floors, walls, windows, countertops, etc.)--use them indoors or outdoors. Changing the definition of lighting, the panels are environmentally friendly and as thin as a sheet of paper, provide unblemished white surface illumination, use little power, and produce no heat. CeeLite LEC technology by CeeLite (610-834-4190 or Circle 219.

"With TIME naming CeeLite's LEC technology as one of its Best Inventions of 2006, this product may become as significant as the introduction of fluorescents, halogens, or LEDs."

INDOOR AIR QUALITY--The Anemostat Clean Environment Solution (ACES) is a portable air-cleansing device that both removes and kills many airborne pathogens to significantly improve air quality. Infection-control professionals in healthcare facilities can remedy problem areas or convert zones quickly, economically, and effectively with ACES. Its design combines state-of-the-art filtration and UV germicidal irradiation technologies. Anemostat Clean Environment Solution (ACES) by Anemostat (310-835-7500 or Circle 220.

"Unprecedented air-scrubbing performance, combined with portability, makes this unit the solution to you: IAQ concerns."

SOFTWARE--The ecologic3 ROI software package shows users the cost-benefit analysis of building green and offers project team members the opportunity to collaboratively develop a project in real time. Modules for all U.S. Green Building Council LEED Green Building Rating System[TM] programs are available, ecologic3 creates a path through the LEED system credit by credit, as if led by a virtual consultant, ecologic3 ROI software package by Greenlight Strategies (404-627-8241 or Circle 221.

"Finally--a way to truly quantify the economic return of a green building investment."


CARPET--Illuminaire, a new carpet from Bentley Prince Street, is offered in broadloom and carpet tile, and achieves new levels of luster and brightness. Manufactured with Antron[R] Glimmer nylon 6,6, Brilliance nylon 6,6, and Legacy nylon 6,6, innovation meets a fabulous combination of yarns. As a piece-dye product, Illuminaire is efficient in its manufacture and allows for low minimums to custom color. Illuminaire by Bentley Prince Street (800-423-4709 or www. Circle 222.

"Illuminaire is beautiful and sustainable: It's certified to the new environmental industry standard as Scientific Certification Systems' Sustainable Choice Gold/Environmentally Preferable Product under the new Sustainable Carpet Assessment Draft Standard NSF-140."

ROOFING--The new Non-Penetrating Vapor Retarder System by Firestone Building Products Co. combines a layer of MB Base SA with SA Primer applied to the seam and an approved substrate. It is cold-weather friendly and available in convenient, 300-square-foot rolls. The product provides a labor-saving installation option compared to traditional hot-mopped asphalt vapor retarder systems. Non-Penetrating Vapor Retarder System by Firestone Building Products Co. (800-428-4442 or Circle 223.

"Firestone's vapor retarder is a quick application solution for a wide range of roofing systems."

SEATING--Neutral Posture has developed a seating system for computer users that promotes a 40-inch fixed-height workstation environment and introduces the use of its Ntune[TM] conversion kit, which allows existing seating to be converted into a complete stool. Optional accessories include a fixed-height footrest (Nstep[TM]) and platform (Nposition[TM]) for the first Stand/Sift[TM] furniture system integrated with a Chair/Stool design. Ntune conversion kit by Neutral Posture Inc. 1979-778-0502 or www.igo Circle 224.

"True flexibility goes well beyond using the 'perfect' chair Now, the Ntune conversion kit offers optimal (and changeable) seating opportunities for any user."

MONITORING--AirVisual's innovative IntelliViewer[TM] product is a wireless video-monitoring platform and mobile command system. It provides real-time views as well as archived video playback from surveillance cameras, GPS tracking, and alarm monitoring using a map-and-floorplan interface. IntelliViewer can be implemented using virtually any mobile device on almost every wireless network. IntelliViewer by AirVisual Inc. (212-822-8851 or www.air Circle 225.

"Now you can remotely access, monitor, and control security systems from virtually any manufacturer using your computer, cell phone, or PDA."

ENERGY MANAGEMENT--Used primarily in hospitality environments, the Energex energy-management system (based on advanced passive infrared occupancy sensors) adjusts the temperature of each guestroom according to its occupancy status. If guests leave a room with the HVAC running, these sensors automatically reset the room temperature to a more energy-efficient stage. Upon a guest's return, the system automatically returns the room temperature to its original setpoint. Energex energy-management system by Energex Inc. (866-787-1836 or www.energexinc. com). Circle 226.

"In addition to the obvious energy savings, Energex's unique real-time occupancy feature enables staff to gather data via a central server. Now, housekeeping can be sent to unoccupied rooms for cleaning or service without disrupting guests with an annoying knock."

SEALANTS & COATINGS--ImmerSeal[R] Preformed Silicone Joint Sealant is ideal for many waterproofing applications. Its long-lasting, 100-percent silicone formulation is more economical than cutting out and resealing failed sealant joints, and has the ability to handle multi-directional movement (expansion, contraction, and shear). What really sets ImmerSeal apart from other sealing options is its higher movement capability (+200 percent/-75 percent). It is available in standard widths ranging from 1 to 12 inches with its standard 2-millimeter thickness. ImmerSeal by Sealex Inc. (231-348-5020 or Circle 227.

"Afraid to remove failed sealant because you're concerned about damaging the substrate? ImmerSeal is the answer!"


SOFTWARE--PowerCAD[R] SiteMaster[TM] lets anyone create 100-percent laser-precise digital building surveying and inspection drawings up to 10-times faster than traditional measuring-tape and paper methods. With simplicity and speed, construction, estimation, installation, inspection, and maintenance personnel can quickly create highly detailed floorplans and Excel[R]-compatible area, site, and asset reports. PowerCAD SiteMaster produces AutoCAD[R]-compatible, professionally finished drawings. PowerCAD SiteMaster Pro by GiveMePower Corp. (888-97-POWER or Circle 228.

"PowerCAD SiteMaster users can communicate, collaborate, and manage building information efficiently with up-to-date plans, reports, and digital blueprints throughout the entire life-cycle of a building."


FLOORING--The hip, urban flavor of Lonmetro UV, the latest offering in the Lonseal line of resilient flooring, fuses sassy color with intelligent functionality. A glossy finish and subtle texturing provide character. Designed for great durability with ease of maintenance, Lonmetro UV is a heterogeneous resilient sheet vinyl composed of 20-percent recycled vinyl and a factory-applied, 100-micron-thick, clear UV-cured urethane surface. This protective layer provides maximum resistance to foot traffic and most chemicals. Lonmetro UV by Lonseal Inc. (800-832-7111 or Circle 229.

"A great example of form and function, Lonmetro UV provides a playful design with durability and easy maintenance."


HVAC--DRI-STEEM's new insulated steam dispersion tubes reduce wasted energy by up to 85 percent while significantly reducing air-stream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production. These substantial improvements are achieved by reducing the thermal conductivity of dispersion tubes with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). The PVDF insulating material will not absorb water or support microbial growth, and it will not degrade when exposed to UVC germicidal light. Insulated steam dispersion tubes for humidification systems by DRI-STEEM Corp. (800-328-4447 or Circle 230.

"The real beauty of this energy- and cost-savings option is that it's available for both new systems and as a retrofit for existing installations."


EVACUATION EQUIPMENT--Safety Chairs[TM], a division of Concept Development Associates Inc., is helping prepare organizations and individuals for emergency response and evacuations through five new models of safety and emergency-evacuation devices: the Emergency Chair (Model 400) for multi-floored evacuations on paved surfaces; the First Response Chair (Model 440) with storage compartments for emergency medical-service evacuations; the eChair (Model 410) for any multi-floored evacuation, including transportation off paved surfaces; the Industrial Chair (Model 450) with puncture-resistant rubber solid-core tires for worksites; and the TranSport (Model 430), an athletic safety chair used to reduce trauma while transporting injured athletes off a court or field. Safety/emergency evacuation devices by Safety Chairs/Div. Concept Development Associates Inc. (877-379-2638 or Circle 231.

"This line is comprised of a safety chair for almost every situation. All are lightweight and cost effective, and offer the highest weight capacity to ensure fast evacuation of individuals."


LIGHTING--LiteByte[TM] from Lutron gives PC users control of their own fixtures from their desk without a need for a network connection between the PC and an EcoSystem light-control network. At the heart of the LiteByte system is Windows[R]-based control software and a USB-based device that transmits infrared signals to the EcoSystem IR receiver on the ceiling to control a pre-assigned group of light fixtures. LiteByte may also be used when handheld remote light controls are not an option. LiteByte by Lutron Electronics Corp. Inc. (888-LUTRON1 or Circle 232.

"Give users the lighting control they desire--and need--directly through their PCs."


SEATING--Expanding beyond conventional lounge seating, Arcadia's Avesa Modular Lounge Collection works in the most limited and most limitless spaces. The collection is available in a sculpted wood back and fully upholstered with chrome, metallic silver, satin black, or wood fixed leg-finish options. Lounge units and benches are offered individually or in modular combinations with (or without) accompanying tables. A variety of multi-functional accessories are also available, including 360-degree rotating tablets, cup holders, stationary table-ettes, and power trays. Avesa Modular Lounge Collection by Arcadia Contract (800-585-5957 or Circle 233.

"There's no end to where this seating collection can be used--it's currently being enjoyed in department stores, restaurants, health clubs, and airports."


HVAC--Kimberly-Clark Filtration Products offers its Interactive On-Line Calculator, featured on its website, that is designed to help users save money on HVAC operating costs. The calculator allows users to compare the energy consumption of two different filters by utilizing pressure drop, thus helping to understand life-cycle costs of filter media. Interactive On-Line Calculator by Kimberly-Clark Filtration Products (770-587-8000 or Circle 234.

"This interactive calculator allows buildings professionals to see how changing their HVAC filter media can reduce energy costs."

TOOLS/EQUIPMENT--Mega BRUTE[R] is purposely designed for high-capacity waste and recycling collection. Its 120-gallon capacity means fewer trips to emptying waste as you collect it. With the ability to pivot 360 degrees on its own axis, you can easily maneuver it through doorways, elevators, and other tight spaces. Tie off filled 55-gallon can liners, slide them to the center of the container, and insert a new liner--it's that easy. Mega BRUTE Mobile Waste Collector by Rubbermaid Commercial Products (540-667-8700 or www.rcpworksmarter. cam). Circle 235.

"No more struggling with a heavy, awkward waste collector around your facility. The Mega BRUTE makes it much, much easier!"


SURFACINGS--EnviroMODE[TM] terrazzo finishes--eco-friendly suffacings appropriate for wall and flooring applications--are now available from EnviroGLAS. Effortless to maintain, EnviroMODE is made from recycled porcelain (toilets, tubs, and sinks) and is durable and available in hundreds of colors. The product doesn't require sealing and will last the lifetime of your building, eliminating renovations. EnviroMODE by EnviroGLAS Products Inc. (888-523-7894 or Circle 236.

"In addition to being made from recycled porcelain, EnviroMODE is also VOC-free and nonporous. What more could you ask for from a floor (or wall)?"


FLOORING--noraplan[R] environcare[TM] 3.0 mm hides subfloor imperfections and offers the design and performance characteristics ideal for educational settings, including renovation projects. This product absorbs sound, thereby contributing to good classroom acoustics; it can withstand heavy traffic and indentations, and features the dirt-and stain-resistant nora cleanguard[R] plus. The floorcovering meets GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification for Children and Schools[TM]. A distinctive palette of 48 colors breaks new ground in design flexibility. noraplan environcare 3.0 mm by nora[R] rubber flooring/Div. Freudenberg Building Systems Inc. (800-332-NORA or www. Circle 237.

"noraplan environcare 3.0 mm is an excellent example of environmental sensitivity in a practical, long-wear product. And, even better, it performs well in a particularly heavy-use space: educational facilities."


FIRESTOPPING--Hilti has expanded its Facility Assurance Containment Team (FACT) program to help healthcare engineering professionals proactively manage penetrations in fire-rated assemblies in their buildings. New additions to the FACT program include the B.A.S.I.C. Interactive CD-Rom and the Firestop Installation Permit Program, including the FS 411 System Selector and Documentation Software. By providing a documentation process to assist with inspection, a proactive approach to training, and written standards and specifications to follow, FACT helps reduce the amount of rework for facility maintenance staff while helping professionals maintain compliance with codes and standards. Facility Assurance Containment Team (FACT) by Hilti Inc. (866-445-8827 or Circle 238.

"Take advantage of world-class research and product development, combined with an easy-to-follow training program, to ensure your firestop needs are addressed."


WINDOW ACCESSORIES--Bekaert's Panorama[R] Hilite window film keeps buildings cool while protecting people and property. Available in a variety of shades--from spectrally clear to tinted--these films help maintain ambient light levels while blocking both high levels of solar heat and 99 percent of UV light. By holding shards of broken glass together inside the pane, it protects people from injury during natural disaster and also impedes burglaries by slowing down ingress. Panorama Hilite window film by Bekaert Specialty Films (800-736-1836 or Circle 239.

"Add value to your building through improved aesthetics and performance with this window film, which also acts as a deterrent to occupant injuries and unsecured access."

LIGHTING--Optanium[R] 2.0 high-efficiency electronic ballasts incorporate exclusive True Performance Technology[SM] engineering for the best performance and great energy savings. These ballasts optimize lumen-per-watt performance and allow T8 lighting systems to reach their full potential. Programmed Start and Instant Start ballasts are available. Optanium 2.0 high-efficiency electronic ballasts by Advance (800-322-2086 or Circle 240.

"These ballasts can help you reduce energy consumption by over 45 percent relative to older systems using T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts, and are suitable for renovation and new construction projects."


ROOFING--GAF has made it possible to get the look of a standing seam metal roof by adding EverGuard[R] self-adhering Standing Seam Architectural Profiles to a TPO roof. These architectural profiles add the perfect touch to a TPO roof and achieve the look of metal at half the cost. They install easily, thanks to self-adhering technology, and do not require the use of messy adhesive or hot-air welders. EverGuard self-adhering Standing Seam Architectural Profiles by GAF Materials Corp. (973-528-3000 or Circle 241.

"Love the look of metal, but not the cost? GAF's EverGuard self-adhering Standing Seam Architectural Profiles are the answer."

FACADES & CURTAINWALL--Formawall[R] Graphix Series[TM] offers endless design opportunities. The insulated metal composite wall-panel system creates the effect of a multi-panel installation with a single panel. The effect is created by adding segmented joints that mimic panel joints. These can be placed at almost any location along the length of the panel. Graphix Series panels are available in lengths up to 20 feet, can be installed horizontally or vertically, and are offered in custom widths from 10 to 40 inches in 0.5-inch increments. Formawall Graphix Series by CENTRIA (800-759-7474 or Circle 242.

"These panels offer endless design opportunities and a popular grid appearance. Plus, they're thermally efficient."


MONITORING--The new i-Pro Series WVNS202 Color IP Dome Camera from Panai sonic Security Systems brings Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology to a networked platform. The camera's SDIII performance provides 128x dynamic range for superior image reproduction in virtually any lighting condition and MJPEG and MPEG4 dual streaming outputs to simultaneously monitor and record images at up to 30 fps. Additionally, the WV-NS202 delivers exceptional coverage capability with 22x optical zoom and progressive output with motion adaptive interlace conversion for superb color reproduction and smooth images. WV-NS202 Color IP Dome Camera by Panasonic Security Systems (866-726-2288 or www. Circle 243.

"This camera from Panasonic Security Systems even has a built-in SD memory slot for FTP back-up of high-resolution JPEG images."


ELEVATORS--ThyssenKrupp recently unveiled the first-of-its-kind panoramic TWIN elevator system, capable of operating two cabs independently in a single shaft. The TWIN elevators with Destination Dispatch[R] allow passengers to arrive at their destinations faster and more conveniently with fewer stops. In fact, TWIN uses less room than conventional elevators, freeing up valuable space for other uses while providing oversized cabs with the capability to transport up to 18 people at a time. A complete range of applications for modernization projects is also available. TWIN elevator system by ThyssenKrupp Elevator (877-230-0303 or Circle 244.

"TWIN provides an entirely new solution for the design of a building and the layout of elevator groups."


SECURITY--V'nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) is the first and only integrated and standardized network transmission solution designed specifically for security applications. With its unique open path, V'nes truly integrates IP and analog systems operations. It offers capabilities such as remote environmental-system monitoring with alert notification, scalability so you can grow in size and functionality, and more. V'nes by American Fibertek Inc. (732-302-0660 or www.americanfibertek. corn). Circle 245.

"Its unique open path makes V'nes truly versatile. It allows integration of products and software from any manufacturer."

SOFTWARE--Asset Suite 5.1 by Ventyx meets the challenge of tracking and managing dispersed assets that dynamically change location, owner, and status. It provides "deep asset management" for equipment and infrastructure, allowing you to manage information such as equipment model, serial number, vendor, purchase date, spare parts, services performed, recalls, and much more. This solution adds streamlined functionality to support service delivery management (SDM) processes. Asset Suite 5.1 by Ventyx (800-868-0497 or Circle 246.

"Ventyx's Asset Suite is a best-of-breed solution designed to help users manage the changing landscape of asset and service management."

SERVICES--Containing over 5,000 company listings organized into 470-plus categories, the 2007 Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory helps you locate crucial, hard-to-find recovery services throughout the United States and Canada. Featuring companies specializing in everything from dehumidification and drying to emergency rentals, you'll be provided with contact information and website addresses. The 2007 edition includes a brand new section: Safety, Health, and Security. 2007 Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory by Edwards Information LLC (800-990-9936 or Circle 247.

"Whether it's a hurricane, flood, fire, or tornado, this directory will help you save time and money when every moment counts."


FACADES & CURTAINWALL--Solar Shelf[TM], an architectural light shelf for use with Vistawall's CW-250 and Reliance[TM] curtainwall systems, deflects daylight deeper into a building to reduce artificial lighting and associated energy costs. Comprised of extruded aluminum struts with panels set between a wall mount and continuous cover, these light shelves are field-installed onto the exterior of a curtainwall and feature shear-block and screw-spline assembly. Solar Shelf by Vistawall Architectural Products (800-869-4567 or www.vistawall. com). Circle 248.

"Daylighting offers both worker productivity and energy benefits to any building. Now, this engineered solution makes this approach even easier."

HARDWARE--In the past, levers have offered more than grip and easy accessibility: They've created an opportunity for increased vandalism. By retrofitting the Vandlgard[R] option on existing Schlage[R] L-Series mortise locks or buying the product already equipped with this feature, however, exterior levers freely rotate down when locked. This proprietary feature prevents damage to internal lock components when subjected to excessive force. Vandlgard Option for Schlage L-Series mortise locks by Schlage, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (800-847-1854 or http://securitytechnologies. Circle 249.

"Facilities professionals who manage areas prone to vandalism can rest easy with Schlage L-Series mortise locks with the Vandlgard option--they're ideal for dealing with abuse. "


SOFTWARE--The newly released enhanced version of MGE UPS Systems' Enterprise Power Manager (EPM) software provides detailed control and monitoring for critical power infrastructure. It is designed for managing networked power devices (such as uninterruptible power supplies) more easily and at a lower cost than other network management system platforms. Enterprise Power Manager v2.0 by MGE UPS Systems (800-523-0142 or www.mgeups. com/us). Circle 250.

"MGE UPS Systems' EPM v2.0 even allows users to create their own customized electrical supervision diagrams with a Web browser"

MOVABLE WALLS--The Graphis sliding panels system, manufactured by Rimadesio-Italy, incorporates made-to-measure sliding panels. A structural profile in minimal-thickness aluminum holds a double glass with optimal soundproofing capability. These floating panels, with a maximum dimension of 6 by 10 feet, eliminate the need for hazardous floor tracks sliding on ceiling- or wall-mounted tracks. Graphis sliding panels system by Rimadesio-Italy, distributed by WTP Corp. (856-989-1111 or www. Circle 251.

"Define environments without dividing them with the Graphis sliding panels system."

EMERGENCY POWER--The Auxiliary Power Transfer Circuit (APTC) is designed to transfer generator or AC systems power to AC fluorescent lighting ballasts in the event of a utility power failure. Emergency illumination is provided to designated fluorescent fixtures by transferring back-up generator or inverter power to the AC ballast. The result: Full lumen output of the rated fixtures. Auxiliary Power Transfer Circuit by Chloride Systems (910-259-1000 or www. Circle 252.

"The designated emergency fixture can be locally switched and will provide full-rated light output when operating from emergency power"

LIGHTING--Install the Retropole Light-Lowering Conversion Kit onto existing parking-lot pole lights and you'll be able to lower them to the ground for maintenance (instead of raising the maintenance worker to the light head). Saving time and money, and increasing safety for service personnel, this product can also be color-matched to existing or new pole lights so that aesthetics aren't compromised. A tension-sensing fall break and de-energizing electrical contacts protect employees; a lockable box ensures that the handle isn't tampered with. Retropole Light-Lowering Conversion Kit by Retropole LLC (972-987-1542 or www. Circle 253.

"Turn a handle and lower the light head for easy lamp or ballast replacement. Once you're done, turn it the other way to raise it up again. Simple!"

POWER--Available in outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties, Honeywell Power Products offers its line of surge protected power supplies. These products provide 24VAC at 200VA to power heaters, blowers, and security cameras. Every unit provides three states of protection to redirect damaging voltages (lightning strikes, for example). Surge protected power supplies by Honeywell Power Products (203-484-7151 or Circle 254.

"Besides protecting the power supply from damage, these units protect connected video and data equipment, too."

SEATING--The three simplistic units (one-seat, two-seat, and curved-seat units) in Davis Furniture Industries' ZA Bench Series may be configured in circular, curved, or straight formations. The units join together with a connecting clamp that slides over the two end legs and locks with four supplied set screws. The three units are available in three oak finishes that work well for this type of bent plywood technology: Blanched Oak, Dark Oak, and Black Oak. Units may be upholstered to add color, texture, and pattern. ZA Bench Series by Davis Furniture Industries Inc. (336-889-2009 or www. Circle 255.

"This simple, distinctive bench design will add a stylish seating option to any lounge or public area. Mix and match the oak and upholstery options for a spectacular effect!"


ACCESS CONTROL--Specifically for the education market, PassagePoint EDU provides access control and visitor management in K-12 schools. With PassagePoint EDU, school staff can badge visitors and volunteers, and easily monitor who is authorized to be on campus and pick up students. It works seamlessly with TEMPbadge[TM] time-expiring school badges and is equipped with photo capture to provide instant verification. Additionally, the product gives users the ability to scan business cards, licenses, passports, and other forms of identification. PassagePoint EDU by STOPware Inc. (888-880-7627 or www. Circle 256.

"This visitor-management system was designed specifically for control of visitors in K12 schools. It also imports lists to keep an eye out for criminals and sex offenders."


COMMUNICATIONS--The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Office Network, developed by Office Media Network (OMN), uses high-definition, large-format LCD flat-screen panels in the public areas of office properties to deliver up-to-the-minute news from the four main sections of the WSJ. In addition, building owners and managers can create, upload, and manage building and safety messages to their screens using an easy-to-use, custom-built, Web-based portal, giving them the ability to communicate with their tenants in almost real time. The Wall Street Journal Office Network by Office Media Network (312-235-4800 or Circle 257.

"With the emergency override feature, property owners can instantly post emergency messages, warnings, and instructions during a life-threatening situation."


SERVICES--Building-specific safety and security information for tenants, employees, warden teams, and staff is available online through AK SafetyNet. Concise, efficient, effective, 15-minute programs reduce trainee downtime and increase retention of critical information. Customizable test questions about the material are presented after the training. In addition, training histories are logged, allowing managers to track training results or run reports. AK SafetyNet by AK Productions LLC (206-285-1851 or www. Circle 258.

"Knowing how to respond in an emergency is the single most important thing you can do to stay safe, and AK SafetyNet can help."

LIGHTING--enLux[TM] R-30 LED floodlights replace 45- to 65-watt incandescent floodlights and are available in three tones of white and in accent colors (red, green, blue, amber, or 18 custom colors). With a life of 50,000 hours, these floodlights last 25-times longer than an incandescent floodlight and are now available with the GU-24 pin base, designed to meet California Title 24 energy standards. These floodlights don't get hot, are safe to the touch, and won't shatter when dropped. R-30 LED floodlight with GU-24 pin base by enLux Lighting (480-733-8065 or Circle 259.

"The GU-24 pin base ensures that only energy-efficient lights can be used. It also meets California Title 22 requirements for hazardous waste--it doesn't contain toxic gases or hazardous materials."


SOFTWARE--New Programming Software for TOA Electronics' 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers is designed to provide fast and easy configuration from a Windows[R]-based PC. The software offers an alternative to programming the 9000 Series via front panel controls and display, and provides convenient access to all 9000 Series parameters, including module selection, parametric equalizer setting, matrix routing, and more. Programming Software for 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers by TOA Electronics Inc. (650-588-2538 or Circle 260.

"TOA Electronics' new software enables users to configure units off-site and upload to the 9000 Series unit after installation."


POWER--Architectural Wind, a product available from AeroVironment, generates clean, renewable electricity. Unlike other wind turbines, these turbines are designed for rooftop installations and low-aspect ratio buildings. Taking advantage of the acceleration of wind over a building, Architectural Wind turbines are best suited for concrete tilt-up construction, where they mount to the parapet wall (wind speeds above the parapet are 20- to 40-percent stronger). There are no cumbersome towers to install and no excessive noise or vibration to endure. Architectural Wind turbines by AeroVironment Inc. (626-357-9983 or Circle 261.

"These wind turbines offer complete flexibility. You can start with just one 6kW utility-grid-connected wind turbine system and add from there as your needs increase."

WINDOW ACCESSORIES--The GreenScreen[R] line of PVC-free solar-shading fabrics just got bigger. The new GreenScreen Platinum offers users a metalized backing, which helps reduce solar heat gain and glare. It also increases outward visibility. GreenScreen Platinum fabric is made of pre-stretched polyester that helps it maintain dimensional stability over large areas. Four colorways are available. GreenScreen Platinum by Nysan Solar Control/Div. Hunter Douglas Contract (800-727-8953 or control). Circle 262.

"Now you can install a PVC-free solar-shading system! Nysan has made it possible."


SOFTWARE--SiteStuff's Spend Management Platform gives you the tools you need to take complete control of your organization's operational spend. Its Bid Management Activity Report provides detailed insight into bidding activity across a portfolio or for a single property. Its Dashboard Report offers insight into bidding activity and top spend across a portfolio or for a single property. Once you start to rely on SiteStuff for record tracking, all the information you need will be just a few keystrokes away. Spend Management Platform by SiteStuff (877-778-7483 or Circle 263.

"With the ability to view reports on spending by G/L code, product, property, geography, or time period, you'll have your facilities in the palm of your hand."

EMERGENCY RESPONSE--The BSS Archangel[TM] operations and emergency-response system from Building Safety Solutions represents a first-of-its-kind, computer-based program to provide building professionals with detailed information on essential property systems. Ensure comprehensive, consistent training; enhance knowledge; and enable better preparedness and coordination in a crisis. The Archangel integrates the latest security technologies to ensure continuous updating of critical-system detail. BSS Archangel by Building Safety Solutions Inc. (800-315-5676 or www.buildingsafetysolutions. com). Circle 264.

"At a time of heightened security concerns, Archangel enables building professionals and first responders to be better prepared before an emergency ever takes place."

SERVICES--The Georgia Tech Building Construction Program offers an integrated facility management graduate degree that focuses on developing and fine-tuning the management skills necessary for success in the facility and property management industries. Endorsed by the Intl. Facility Management Association, the coursework, seminars, and hands-on learning exercises focus on real estate, financial analysis, safety and environmental issues, maintenance management, professional trends, project planning, management, and benchmarking. Integrated facility management graduate degree by Georgia Institute of Technology (404-894-4875 or Circle 265.

"Georgia Tech is one of only two universities in the United States to offer a graduate degree in facility management."

LIGHTING--Accessmount's Ladderless Recessed Downlight Fixtures allow maintenance staff to use a pole-mountable removal tool to safely and simply remove the subassembly in hard-to-reach areas without ever climbing a ladder. The system includes energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps; multiple sizes and lamp configurations are available. These revolutionary fixtures are great for placement in high ceilings, above stairways, or in high-traffic areas. Ladderless Recessed Downlight Fixtures by Accessmount LLC (330-487-0210 or www. Circle 266.

"The critical components of this lighting fixture can be changed out in under 10 seconds, and fixture maintenance can be performed with live circuits. Talk about saving time!"


POWER--Convia's Programmable Infrastructure is a modular, programmable electrical infrastructure that delivers plug-and-play power for an interior light, a security camera, a thermostat, a speaker, etc. anywhere within a commercial space without hardwiring of devices or switches. Now, building owners and tenants can reconfigure and create flexible environments that can be instantly modified or upgraded. Using the system's two-button wand, any off-the-shelf device plugged into Convia's system connectors can be programmed and grouped with each other: Simply point and click to change the power connection. Convia Programmable Infrastructure by Convia, a Herman Miller Co. (800-507-1124 or Circle 267.

"With this product, electrical reconfiguring is no longer expensive. Two configurations (an open-ceiling grid system and a plenum-rated system) meet the needs of any modern office."


SERVICES--It's simple for building owners and managers to find the subcontractors and suppliers they need for capital improvements, maintenance contracts, and unexpected emergencies--as long as they're using Once you've narrowed in on a specific organization, it's easy to connect--send an invitation to bid or a request for quote from thebluebook. com. Its BB-Bid Private Online Plan Room allows you to post plans and allows only invited vendors to view the documents (without ordering prints), by Contractors Register Inc. (800-431-2584 or Circle 268.

"This free system used feedback from owners, architects, and general contractors and enhanced its reporting features, providing 11 format options for tracking and managing projects throughout the bidding stage."

BUILDING CONTROLS--The Square D[R] Clipsal[R] Monochrome Touch Screen by Schneider Electric provides flexible lighting control with a simple, compact user interface for commercial applications. It's easy to install, customize, and use, and offers numerous configurations. It's a perfect alternative to multiple single-operation switches, on/off toggles, dimmers, and timers that clutter wall space, Monochrome Touch Screen by Schneider Electric (888-778-2733 or www.schneider-electric. com). Circle 269.

"A desktop model of this touch screen is available when wail space is limited, providing you with two options for lighting control."

AUDIOVISUAL--The KD-VP6 and KD-VP8 high-performance video processors accept Standard Definition (SDTV) 480i and PAL 576i composite, component, and S-Video, as well as Extended Definition (EDTV) 480p and 576p component analog sources, and output component video format with optional user-controlled de-interlacing capability. Both processors also have multiple paths for choosing an input to be sent to the display device. KD-VP6 and KD-VP8 by Key Digital Systems Inc. (914-667-9700 or Circle 270.

"These processors allow traditional video sources that only have a composite or S-Video output (like VCRs and camcorders) the potential quality of 480p component video performance."


LIGHTING--Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co.'s new Evolution Bulb compact fluorescent has the right shape, the right size, and the right fit. It's available in 11, 14, 20, and 25 watts, as well as in two color temperatures. Typical spiral compacts don't always work everywhere, but the Evolution Bulb fits in many fixtures and applications that don't accept compact fluorescents. Evolution Bulb compact fluorescent by Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. (800-955-2376 or www. Circle 271.

"Now, you have no excuse for not using energy efficiently. These lamps will fit where other compact fluorescents won't."

WALLS-ABET LAMINATI has introduced a Commercial Wall System that blends beauty, durability, affordability, ease of installation, and a patented tongue-and-groove-based fastening system. The major benefit of the installation is its simplicity. In addition, the wall system offers the full range of ABET's laminates, including solid colors and textures, wood grains, silk-screened designs, leather with semi-custom panel dimensions, and a variety of aluminum profiles for flexibility in function and design. Various accessories easily hook into the system's grooves. Commercial Wall System by ABET LAMINATI (800-228-2238 or www. Circle 272.

"The renowned beauty of ABET LAMINATI's finishes now melds with an innovative wall system for the best of all worlds in commercial interiors."

FIRE DETECTION--The intelligent Honeywell XLS3000 fire-alarm control panel is designed to improve emergency-system response time during a fire and ensure that buildings professionals comply with insurance, fire, and building code regulations. One feature of the system is a self-diagnostic tool--the System Maintenance Analysis and Reporting Tool (SMART)--that automatically tracks the testing and inspection requirements of fire-alarm devices like smoke detectors, pull stations, and output relay modules. XLS3000 fire-alarm control panel by Honeywell Building Solutions 1800-345-6770 x603 or com/buildingsolutions). Circle 273.

"In addition to its superior fire-detection capabilities, the XLS3000 offers users much more: self-diagnostics to promote peer-to peer communication while preventing equipment failure."


HVAC--The McQuay[R] air-cooled screw compressor chiller (model AGS, 110 to 500 tons) features an optional factory-installed pump package mounted on the chiller base that eliminates the need to install separate external pumps and connect them to the chiller. The result is a reduction in installation time and cost. In addition, the chiller's small footprint, including the pump package, requires less space in the chiller yard. Three levels of efficiency are available, meaning that this chiller line can meet your specific energy-savings requirements. McQuay air-cooled screw compressor chiller/ pump package (model AGS) by McQuay Intl. (800-432-1342 or Circle 274.

"Cant and space efficiencies, ultra-quiet performance, and easy integration make this comfort option an exceptional solution."

MONITORING--iSCSI combines the latest and greatest from the video storage and communications worlds--SCSI storage and the IP network, iSCSI is SCSI over IP. The iSCSI RAID devices can be used to add storage to a video-surveillance system by plugging them directly into the network. Because IP cameras and encoders communicate directly with the iSCSI RAID, there is no need for a Network Video Recorder (NVR) server or NVR software. The video goes directly from the IP camera or encoder to the hard disks, iSCSI RAID 5 Disk Array by Bosch Security Systems Inc. (800-289-0096 or Circle 275.

"The days of patches and virus updates are over--the Bosch Security Systems" iSCSI RAID solution has no NVR serves to manage."

ACCESS CONTROL--The ES520 Anti-Tailgate Device from Designed Security Inc. is both affordable and easy to install. It uses infrared beams to detect tailgating through any standard doorway and sets off an alarm when more than one person enters at a time. Now, tailgating is a security risk you no longer have to take. ES520 Anti-Tailgate Device by Designed Security Inc. (800-272-3555 or Circle 276.

"The ES520 is an ideal anti-tailgate solution; it's even compatible with most access-control systems and card-reader technologies!"

PLUMBING--Noveon's patented FlowGuard Gold[R] Bendable pipe, available at approximately half the cost of type "L" copper, is an easy-to-install CPVC/metal composite pipe for under-slab applications. The kink-resistant system allows long runs of potable water pipe to be bent and protrude through concrete with all joints made above grade; it combines the corrosion-resistant benefits of CPVC with the flexibility and strength of aluminum. FlowGuard Gold Bendable pipe by Noveon (888-234-2436 or www.flow Circle 277.

"Its combination of flexibility and rigidity makes FlowGuard Gold Bendable pipe an excellent choice in under-slab applications."


WASHROOMS--Relying on distance as a primary trigger, the Tripoint technology in Kohler Touchless electronic faucets provides highly accurate, dependable performance with reduced false activation. Two company models are currently available: a tall, sleek, gooseneck faucet and a low-profile lavatory faucet. The electronic faucets also feature a high-temperature limit stop for safety and a temperature-adjustment level on the side of the faucet, allowing users to regulate the temperature. Kohler Tripoint Faucets by Kohler Co. (800-4-KOHLER or www. Circle 278.

"Kohler revolutionizes the standard of current commercial sensor faucets with this new-generation solution that determines the true distance between the sensor and the object with clarity similar to an auto-focus camera."

ACCESS CONTROL--To dramatically simplify the process of tracking and ordering keys without compromising security or key control, DORMA Architectural Hardware has developed a new Serialized Key Control (SKC) program. It offers a national network of key cutters and a Web-based tracking system. The innovative program uses keys that are laser engraved with unique serial numbers. The Web-based tracking tool provides a secure database of the keys issued for each company. Serialized Key Control program by DORMA Architectural Hardware (800-523-8483 or www.dorma-usa. com). Circle 279.

"Stop worrying about tracking and ordering keys: DORMA has made it easy with its Serialized Key Control program."


SOFTWARE--Autodesk[R] FMDesktop[TM] helps employees access, integrate, and distribute important facility information through an intuitive interface built specifically for facilities professionals. The software allows facilities managers to perform their tasks efficiently, get accurate and real-time facility information, and respond to service requests and emergencies faster. Industry-standard platforms such as Auto CAD[R], DWF[TM], Microsofts Excel[R], Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007, and Autodesk Revit[R] Building 9.1 are compatible with Autodesk FMDesktop, effectively uniting professionals of all backgrounds and skill sets. Autodesk FMDesktop by Autodesk Inc. (415-507-5000 or http://usa.autodesk. cam). Circle 280.

"Manage your time and data better with FMDesktop--it puts reliable building information at your fingertips."


WINDOW ACCESSORIES--Viracon's new Solarscreen[TM] VRE-59 Insulating Glass combines a crisp, neutral appearance with a light transmittance of 59 percent. It's a coating that reduces solar heat gain; it's also the newest addition to the company's line of VRE (Viracon Radiant Low-El family of products. The VRE series provides a neutral exterior color and allows two-way vision under varying light conditions. The Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio for VRE-59 ranges from 1.53 to 1.6. Solarscreen VRE-59 Insulating Glass by Viracon Inc. (800-533-2080 or Circle 281.

"A great product that reduces solar heat gain and cuts energy costs, this coating can contribute to a LEED rating, too."


SEALANTS & COATINGS--OKON[R] Graffiti Barrier Coat and Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper are two solutions for graffiti protection and removal. The Graffiti Barrier Coat is a clear, non-yellowing, water-based product that forms an invisible protective barrier on interior/exterior painted and unpainted surfaces that makes graffiti easy to remove. Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper is a soy-based, eco-friendly product that quickly and completely removes paint, ink, crayons, marker, adhesive residue, and concrete sealer from sealed surfaces. OKON Graffiti Barrier Coat and Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper by Zinsser Co. Inc. (732-469-8100 or Circle 282.

"Keep interior and exterior surfaces free from graffiti with these two solutions from Zinsser."

FACADES CURTAINWALL--Get the look of natural stone with StoneLite[TM], a stone wall cladding that is faster, easier, and less expensive to install than dimensional stone. Panels can be made from virtually any natural stone, including granite, limestone, and marble. Panels exhibit extraordinary strength and can resist up to 60-times more impact than solid, 3-centimeter-thick granite. StoneLite weighs only 3.3 pounds per square foot (about the same as 0.25-inch-thick glass) and approximately 80-percent less than solid stone. StoneLite by Stone Panels Inc. (800-328-6275 or www. Circle 283.

"Design options are unlimited with StoneLite. Panels can even be flexed, making them ideal for seismic locations."

POWER--American Power Conversion's Smart-UPS[R] RT line now includes 6000VA and 8000VA models. Delivering high-performance power protection in a 3U rack height, the 6000VA model addresses needs for an online UPS that can deliver scalable runtime in a small U space, the products offer very tight voltage and frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction. Support power-hungry blade servers or heavily loaded equipment racks. Monitor and control the UPS and access environmental information remotely with the included PowerChute software. Smart-UPS lit line by American Power Conversion (877-272-2722 or Circle 284.

"Until the launch of the Smart-UPS RT 6000VA model, this level of power protection was only available in a 4U or 6U size."


FIRE PROTECTION--The Amerex Clean Agent Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System (CPS) eliminates the need to purchase flow-calculation software to determine pipe sizes and nozzle orifices for each system through its pre-configured, realistic piping parameters. The complete FM-200 system, including smoke detection with alarms, is modular to assure simple and trouble-free wiring. Innovative concepts in the design provide flexibility in tank and nozzle locations. A unique concept of the CPS incorporates an industry-first, dual-outlet clean agent system valve, enabling the protection of two spaces of different sizes with a pre-engineered system. CPS by Amerex Corp. (205-655-3271 or Circle 285.

"CPS was developed to make system design simple and installation quick. The result is affordable waterless fire protection for the small- to medium-sized business."


SEATING--An innovative and environmentally conscious stacking chair--Cinto--now fills a gap for ergonomically designed seating in the low- to mid-priced category. Cinto provides all-day comfort by flexing and bending with the body. Spanish for "belt," Cinto features a backrest that is attached to the chair's frame via a flexible belt, allowing the backrest to move with the body to provide ample recline and automatic lumbar support for the vast majority of users. Cinto stacking chair by Humanscale (800-400-0625 or Circle 286.

"Cinto's novel and patent pending design and manufacturing innovations set a new bar for value-priced, ergonomic, non-task seating."


INDOOR AIR QUALITY--A new mobile decontamination unit equipped with multi-patented, high-output UVC technology--the Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS) from Steril-Aire--provides an effective way to decontaminate surfaces infested with mold, viruses, and bacteria. Users wheel the RIDS unit into an affected area, leave the room, and remotely turn it on, allowing the energy from UVC Emitters[TM] to decontaminate walls, tabletops, and other surfaces. A 12- by 12-foot area can typically be decontaminated in approximately 24 hours. Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS) by Steril-Aire Inc. (800-278-3745 or Circle 287.

"Although UVC lights installed in air-handling systems can be an effective control method for mold and microbes, this totally portable unit takes UVC technology to a new dimension."


UPS SYSTEMS--Pentadyne Power Corp.'s 190kW flywheel power system delivers 50-percent more power with the same cost and footprint as its previous system. Making use of a unique, high-speed, carbon-fiber composite flywheel to provide dependable DC voltage for critical power applications, it's a cost-effective substitute or supplement for battery-based UPSs. The product protects against 99.5 percent of power disturbances while consuming only 300 watts. 190kW flywheel power system by Pentadyne Power Corp. (818-350-0370 or www.pen Circle 288.

"This flywheel power system doesn't emit harmful gases or liquids, and doesn't require air-conditioning, meaning that your UPS can be green,"

FACADES & CURTAINWALL--System 5500 Curtainwall is designed to provide superior thermal performance, long term i value, and sustainability EFCO E-Struts[TM] create a thermal cavity between aluminum extrusions, which improves the thermal efficiency of the framing System 5500 can be glazed in a controlled environment for greater product performance System 5500 Curtainwall by EFCO Corp. (800-221-4169 or Circle 289.

"System 5500 is a high-performance curtainwall designed for simple, versatile, and economical installation."

LIGHTING--Designed to hold up to a lifetime of harsh environmental conditions, Entri Series wall luminaires feature six symmetrical, modular, architectural faceplate designs offering classic shapes that are at home indoors or outdoors. The luminaires are Dark Sky Compliant and offer numerous energy-efficient lamp/ballast combinations. Entri Series by Invue Lighting System/Div. Cooper Industries (770-486-4800 or www. Circle 290.

"The Invue Entri Series is available with luminous faceplate windows, which add a signature look and allow for custom color capability."


WINDOW ACCESSORIES--Reduce energy bills by controlling solar heat gain with SageGlass[R] Products, electronically tintable architectural glass. SageGlass actively controls daylighting, blocks glare, and prevents fading, all while preserving the view to the outdoors. It takes less energy to power 1,500 square feet of SageGlass than it does to power a 60-watt incandescent bulb per day. SageGlass is reliable and durable, even in extreme climates. SageGlass Products by SAGE Electrochromics Inc. (507-331-4848 or Circle 291.

"Darken glass land dial down energy) at the touch of a button with electronically tintable SageGlass."


FIRE PROTECTION--Fireaway's Stat-X offers a new fire-suppression technology designed for spot-area protection. Upon detection of a fire, Stat-X generators are activated manually or automatically from a releasing device to produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium-based aerosol. Virtually maintenance free, Stat-X generators have a shelf life of over 10 years. Stat-X aerosol generators by Fireaway LLC, distributed by Hyline Safety Co. (212-688-5600 or Circle 292.

"Unlike gaseous systems, Stat-X aerosol generators are very cost effective to install and maintain. A patented design, aerosol composition, and ultra-fine particle size make them a perfect choice."

ROOFING--The R-Mer[TM] Span family of architectural and structural standing seam roof and wall systems is a high-performance solution for the total building envelope. Available in ENERGY STAR[R]-qualified R-Mer Regal White CR, Sandstone CR, Natural Patina CR, Portland Stone, Sahara Tan, Sierra White CR, Heritage Red CR, Terra Cotta CR, and Taupe coatings for cool-roof efficiency. For even greater energy-cost reductions, R-Mer can be installed with self-adhering, lightweight, thin-film photovoltaic cells. R-Mer Span architectural and structural standing seam roof and wall systems by The Garland Co. Inc. (216-641-7500 or Circle 293.

"Garland's R-Met offers you the long life and durability of metal with curved and tapered design possibilities."


STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS--The new iLevel[TM] Trus Joist TimberStrand[R] LSL Beam allows contractors to drill larger holes without compromising the beam's structural capacity. The beam's design offers greater jobsite flexibility by being able to accommodate holes up to 45/8 inches (in a 14-inch-deep beam). In addition, the beam allows for drilling of multiple holes--the number of which is determined by the length of the beam and the size of the holes, iLevel Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL Beam by Weyerhaeuser Co. (888-iLeve18 or Circle 294.

"When contractors can run pipes, wires, or conduits through beams instead of around them, installation time (and cost) is saved."


LIGHTING--InfoTrace is a system that uses Remote Device Management (RDM) to control and manage DMX-controlled lighting devices, track light-burn hours, predict maintenance cycles, and offer remote access to the lighting system without a physical visit. Central to InfoTrace is its specialized software and hardware (InfoGate), which makes use of RDM to facilitate remote addressing and diagnostics for potentially every piece of equipment mounted on a rig. It automatically discovers and identifies installed devices, and offers status message reporting and alert warnings. InfoTrace Control and Management System by Wybron (800-624-0146 or Circle 295.

"Simplify your building's lighting-system installation: InfoTrace allows for remote maintenance and repair."

DESK ACESSORIES--Unlike inflexible, space-consuming docking stations, Innovative Office Products' EVO[TM] Tablet Arm creates a roomy, ergonomic workspace without forfeiting computer portability or requiring the purchase of a free-standing monitor. A gas spring arm "floats" the computer above the desk for comfortable viewing and is easily attached and released for work on the go. Adjustable clasps permit access to jacks, drives, and ports; the product folds flat when it's not in use. EVO Tablet Arm by Innovative Office Products Inc. (800-524-2744 or Circle 296,

"Knowledge workers will benefit from the EVO Tablet Arm, allowing full-time use of portable computers without sacrificing comfort or ergonomics."

ROOFING--Invinsa[TM] Roof Board, a light-weight roof board designed as a cover-board component of the roof system, optimizes roof-system performance in new, recover, and re-roof applications. It provides a protective layer for the insulation while adding stability to the membrane above to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Its low water-absorption characteristics and inorganic composition offer exceptional performance in diverse environments, and it will not foster mold growth. Invinsa Roof Board by Johns Manville (800-654-3103 or Circle 297.

"Owners love Invinsa because it helps protect the roof system from damage caused by hail, foot traffic, and normal roof maintenance."


POWER--E-Mon's addition of a wireless mesh communication system for automatic meter reading installs without power interruption and conveys energy-usage data to a central location for billing and analysis. Transmitting data wirelessly avoids costly cabling necessary with conventional metering systems. These E-Mon D-Mon Class 4100 meters are outfitted with self-configuring, peer-to-peer, multi-hopping wireless transceivers that route energy data between meters and the central data storage unit in the most efficient method. E-Mon D-Mon Class 4100 wireless electric meters by E-Mon (800-334-3666 or Circle 298.

"With E-Mon's wifeless meter reading system, you can monitor individual single-phase loads, generate utility bills for tenants/departments, and create load profiles and charts of energy-usage data."


FIRE ALARMS--Fire-Lite's newly released IPDACT is a communicator that enables the transmission of alarms generated by a fire-alarm control panel through any type of IP network. The IPDACT eliminates a fire system's need for two separate phone lines for alarm communications; instead, this simple add-on device is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide majority of Fire-Lite panels. IPDACT fire-alarm panel communicator by Fire-Lite Alarms/Div. Honeywell Life Safety Group (800-6273473 or Circle 299.

"Eliminating costly phone lines for alarm communications equals significant cost savings. And, IPDACT's network connection enables faster alarm transmissions."


MOISTURE MONITORING--Simple and cost effective, GE Sensing's HygroTrac[TM] takes moisture monitoring to the next level with the launch of the Protimeter HygroTrac, a wireless system for remotely monitoring environmental conditions in buildings. The system is ideal for long- and short-term monitoring in facilities at risk for moisture-related problems that can lead to property damage and mold growth. Small HygroTrac wireless sensors, installed throughout a building, monitor relative humidity, temperature, and moisture content and then transmit readings to a central location. HygroTrac by GE Sensing (800-833-9438 or www.gesensing. com). Circle 300.

"Ensure quality control when storing moisture-sensitive products and historical artifacts--HygroTrac takes the "guess' out of guesswork."

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