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2007 Alaska native regional corporations directory.


Ahtna Inc.
Ken Johns, President and CEO
Mile 115 Richardson Hwy.
Glennallen, AK 99588
Phone: 822-3476
Fax: 822-3495
Shareholders: 1,200
Alaska Employees: 209
Land Conveyed: 1,556,670 acres
2005 Revenue: $95,313,783
2006 Revenue: $110,059,714

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Service Contracts                                          $49,500,742
Construction and Equipment                                 $59,219,266
Real Estate                                                   $130,114
Other Natural Resources                                     $1,133,818
Investment Income                                              $75,774
TOTAL                                                     $110,059,714

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Service, Construction and 8(a)                    Ahtna Construction &
                                                Primary Products Corp.
                                               Ahtna Enterprises Corp.
                                                 Ahtna Contractors LLC
                                         Koht'ache Enterprises Co. LLC
                                        Ahtna Engineering Services LLC
Service Contract                               Ahtna Development Corp.
                                       Ahtna Government Services Corp.
Service Contracts and 8(a)               Ahtna Technical Services Inc.
                                            Ahtna Support and Training
                                        Ahtna Facilities Services Inc.

The Aleut Corp.
Troy Johnson, CEO
4000 Old Seward Hwy., Suite 300
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 561-4300
Fax: 563-4328
Shareholders: 3,249
Alaska Employees: 10
Land Conveyed: 1,638,000 acres
2005 Revenue: $96,046,000
2006 Revenue: $119,552,000

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Operations and Maintenance                                 $80,056,000
Trust and Agency Fees                                       $2,976,000
Rental Properties                                           $3,294,000
Fuel Sales                                                 $30,398,000
Section 7(i)                                                $1,913,000
Permanent Fund Earnings                                       $183,000
Gravel Sales                                                  $381,000
Water Utility                                                  $39,000
Other                                                         $312,000
TOTAL                                                     $119,552,000

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Base Operations-Defense                               Aleut Management
  Contractor                                              Services LLC
Fuel Operations at Adak and                Aleut Enterprise Corp. LLC,
  Cold Bay, Port Operations,                                 Anchorage
  Airport Services and
  Commercial Fisheries
Water Utility                        Midtown Estates Water Utility LLC
Property Rental                                  Aleut Real Estate LLC
Interest Entities                                         Alaska Trust

Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Bobbi Quintavell,
President and CEO
1230 Agvik St.
Barrow, AK 99723
Phone: 852-8633
Fax: 852-5733
Shareholders: 9,761
Alaska Employees: 3,943
Land Conveyed: 5,000,000 acres
2005 Revenue: $1,587,222,000
2006 Revenue: $1,751,292,000

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Contracting--Sales and Service                          $1,700,541,000
Natural Resource (Net of 7(i)                              $50,751,000
  Obligation and expenses)
TOTAL                                                   $1,751,292,000

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Government Contract Holding Co.           ASRC Federal Holding Co. LLC
Technical Services                                ASRC Aerospace Corp.
                                              ASRC Communications Ltd.
                                               ASRC Airfield and Range
                                                         Services Inc.
                                         ASRC Management Services Inc.
                                           Field Support Services Inc.
                                      Arctic Slope World Services Inc.
                                            ASRC Research & Technology
Petroleum, Refining and Marketing                      Petro Star Inc.
Energy Services                        ASRC Energy Services Inc. (AES)
Energy Services Operations                                 ASRC Energy
  and Maintenance                                 Services Alaska Inc.
Construction                                   AES-Pipeline, Power and
                                                   Communications Inc.
                                                    Omega Natchiq Inc.
                                                ASRC Constructors Inc.
                                               Arctic Slope Compliance
                                                     Technologies Inc.
                                         ASRC Construction Holding Co.
                                               ASRC Civil Construction
                                                           LLC, (ACCL)
                                          ASRC Energy Services-Houston
                                                  Contracting Co. Inc.
                                                      SKW Eskimos Inc.
Petroleum Engineering                       Tri Ocean Engineering Inc.
Engineering Services                               AES Engineering and
                                                       Technology Inc.
Retail Services                                           Eskimos Inc.
Accommodation Services                               Tundra Tours Inc.
Permitting                                              AES--LYNX Inc.
Management Services                           ASRC Service Center Inc.
Finance                                          Alaska Growth Capital
                                                          (Bidco Inc.)
                                           ASRC Wireless Services Inc.
Other                                                 Other Operations

Bering Straits Native Corp.
Tim Towarak, President and CEO
110 Front St., Suite 300
Nome, AK 99762
Phone: 443-5252
Fax: 443-2985
Shareholders: 6,334
Alaska Employees: 150
Land Conveyed: 2,300,000 acres
2005 Revenue: $21,692,769
2006 Revenue: $42,610,638

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Investment Income                                             $235,754
Gain on Investment Securities                                 $836,959
Resource Revenue/                                           $3,728,392
  Other Corporations
Natural Resources                                             $515,470
Rentals                                                     $3,764,629
Contract Revenue                                           $33,230,817
Other                                                         $298,617
TOTAL                                                      $42,610,638

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Real Estate Development                 Bering Straits Development Co.
Auto and Equipment Rentals                      Stampede Ventures Inc.
Quarry Stone                                     Cape Nome Products JV
Quarry Services                                      Sound Quarry Inc.
Facilities, Logistics                              Inuit Services Inc.
  and Supply Support
Electrical Contracting                              Eagle Electric LLC
                                        Eagle Eye Electric LLC--Nevada
8(a) Facilities Support Services                Bering Straits AKI LLC
Engineering, Technical and                              Bering Straits
  Training Support                                       Aerospace LLC
Mining and Services                                Golden Glacier Inc.
IT, Information Security                                Bering Straits
  and Communications                        Information Technology LLC

Bristol Bay Native Corp.
Hjalmar Olson, President and CEO
111 W. 16th Ave., Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 278-3602
Fax: 276-3924
Shareholders: 7,900
Alaska Employees: 475
Land Conveyed: 3,052,000 acres
2005 Revenue: $321,065,000
2006 Revenue: $762,414,000

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Petroleum Sales Operations                                $601,977,000
Investment Earnings                                        $18,631,000
Contract Services                                         $137,545,000
Natural Resources                                           $3,369,000
Other                                                         $892,000
TOTAL                                                     $762,414,000

* Fiscal year ended March 2007 with revenues
reaching more than a billion dollars.

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Design Services                                                   BBKP
Village Corporation Gifting                      Bristol Bay Corporate
  and Estate Services                                         Services
Environmental Remediation                        Bristol Environmental
  Design Services                       and Engineering Services Corp.
Oilfield Services and                                         CCI Inc.
  Construction Management
Corrosion Inspection Services                 Kakivik Asset Management
Card-Lock Fueling System                             PetroCard Systems
Environmental Services,
  Engineering and                                         SpecPro Inc.
  Technical Services
IT and Engineering Support                         Vista International
  Services                                                  Operations

Calista Corp.
Matthew Nicolai, President and CEO
301 Calista Ct., Suite A
Anchorage, AK 99518-3028
Phone: 279-5516
Fax: 272-5060
Shareholders: 13,000
Alaska Employees: 275
Land Coveyed: 6,500.00 acres
2005 Revenue: $56,865,445
2006 Revenue: $94,454,000
TOTAL $94,454,000

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Printing and Title Companies                    Ilikista Ventures Inc.
Holding company for Calista's
partial ownership in: Alaska
Newspaper Inc., Camai Printing
(f. 1996) is a full-service print
shop offering Web press and full-
sheet press services
Solstice Advertising is a full-
service advertising agency (est.
1997 and acquired by ANI in 2005)
specializing in corporate identity
development/logo and media design.
Via Ilikista, Calista owns 40
percent of Pacific Northwest Title
Co. of Alaska; Fairbanks Title
Agency; Title Agency of Juneau;
and Southcentral Title Agency of
JV with Nordic Well Servicing             Ookichista Drilling Services
  --Work Over, Completion and
  Coil-Tubing Services on North
  Slope, Prudhoe and Kuparuk
Professional and Technical            Yulista Management Services Inc.
  Services to Government Agencies
Camp Leasing/Management/Services/         Chiulista Camp Services Inc.
  Cooking/Housekeeping/Janitorial/                  Mayflower Catering
8(a) Company Non-ANSCA Commercial                         Tunista Inc.
  Property Management and

Chugach Alaska Corp.
Barney Uhart, President and CEO
560 E. 34th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 563-8866
Fax: 563-8402
Shareholders: 1,991
Alaska Employees:
Land Conveyed: 797,983 acres
2005 Revenue: $785,450,665
2006 Revenue: $890,401,7711

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Contract Revenues                                         $888,321,782
Resource Sales                                                 $94,840
Section (7i) Income                                         $1,985,098
TOTAL                                                     $890,401,771

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Facilities Maintenance and                                     Chugach
  General Construction                                 Industries Inc.
General Construction, Education                  Chugach McKinley Inc.
  Services and Environmental
Base Operating Services/Civil                       Chugach Management
  Engineering                                            Services Inc.
Base Operating Services/                      Chugach Support Services
Construction Management
Information Technology                     Chugach Systems Integration
Engineering, Housing Maintenance,                   Chugach Government
  Computer Facilities Management                         Services Inc.
  Services and other computer
  related services.
Not Active at time of publication          Chugach World Services Inc.

Cook Inlet Region Inc.
Margie Brown, President and CEO
2525 C Street, Suite 500
Anchorage, AK 99509-3330
Phone: 274-8638
Fax: 279-8836
Shareholders: 7,292
Alaska Employees: 68
Land Conveyed: 605,947 acres of
               surface estate
               1,344,427 acres
               of subsurface
2005 Revenue: $97,500,000
2006 Revenue: $207,922,000

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Real Estate                                                 $4,937,000
Construction Services                                      $17,162,000
Telecommunications                                          $9,069,000
Tourism                                                    $93,466,000
Natural Resources                                           $8,030,000
Other Managed Funds                                        $59,063,000
Discontinued Operations                                    $16,195,000
TOTAL                                                   $2,079,220,001

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Construction Services                        Peak Oilfield Service Co.
                                                     Alaska Interstate
                                                      Construction LLC
Telecommunications                          Cook Inlet VoiceStream PCS
Tourism                                       CIRI Alaska Tourism Inc.
Government Contracting                ANC Research and Development LLC
                                                             CIRAZ LLC

Doyon Limited
Orie Williams, President and CEO
1 Doyon Place, Suite 300
Fairbanks, AK 99701-2941
Phone: 459-2000
Fax: 459-2060
Shareholders: 14,000
Alaska Employees: 2,054
Land Conveyed: 9,831,818 acres
2005 Revenue: $172,034,962
2006 Revenue: $222,000,000
TOTAL $222,000,000

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Government Contracting Doyon
Development Corp., dba Doyon                          Government Group
Oil and Gas Drilling                               Doyon Drilling Inc.
Tourism                                             Doyon Tourism Inc.
                                                  Doyon Aramark Denali
                                                         National Park
                                                         Concession JV
Catering and Security                     Doyon Universal Services LLC
Process and Mechanical Engineering                       Doyon Emerald
  HSSE Management, Process Safety/
  Risk Management and Project
Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction,              Doyon Industrial Group
Civil General Contracting
Construction, Construction                       Doyon Properties Inc.
  Management and Maintenance

Koniag Inc.
William Anderson Jr.
104 Center Ave., Suite 205
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: 486-2530
Fax: 486-3325
Shareholders: 3,612
Alaska Employees: 32
Land Conveyed: 935,351 acres
2005 Revenue: $97,256,691
2006 Revenue: $148,250,753

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Contract and Sales Revenue                                $136,380,326
Earnings from Interests                                     $1,876,182
  in Affiliates
Investment Income                                           $3,422,988
Natural Resources                                           $3,157,794
Lease Income                                                $2,653,300
Other                                                         $884,745
TOTAL                                                     $148,250,753

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Aircraft Composite Parts                             Angeles Composite
                                                     Technologies Inc.
Fluid Reprocessing and                         Clarus Technologies LLC
  Environmental Services/
  Government Contracting
Telecom and Security                                  Frontier Systems
  Government Contracting                               Integrators LLC
Land and Natural Resource                            Karluk Wilderness
  Management and Sport                                      Adventures
  Hunting and Fishing
Holding Company                               Koniag Development Corp.
Information Sciences,                                  Koniag Services
  Government Contracting                                          Inc.
Telecom System Software,                        Professional Computing
  Government Contracting                                Resources Inc.
Government Contracting Consulting                Washington Management
Logistic Services                                            XMCO Inc.
Commercial Real Estate                               Nunat Holding LLC

NANA Regional Corp. Inc.
Marie N. Greene, President and CEO
P.O. Box 49
Kotzebue, AK 99752
Phone: 442-3301
Fax: 442-2866
Shareholders: 11,100
Alaska Employees: 1,500
Land Conveyed: 3,085,532 acres
2005 Revenue: $526,900,000
2006 Revenue: $805,759,360

2006 Revenue Sources                                      2006 Revenue
Business Operations                                       $783,012,844
Investment Income                                           $5,731,226
Natural Resources                                          $17,015,290
TOTAL                                                     $805,759,360

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Professional and Management                            NANA Management
  Services                                                Services LLC
                                             NANA Colt Engineering LLC
                                                    DOWL Engineers LLC
                                                         Worksafe Inc.
                                                             ASCG Inc.
Contracted Government Services                        Akima Management
                                                 Services Inc. (Akima)
                                     TKC Management Services LLC (TKC)
                                                           Ki LLC (Ki)
                                                     NANA Services LLC
                                                      NANA Pacific LLC
Oilfield and Mining Support                     NANA Oilfield Services
                                                           Inc. (NOSI)
                                             NANA Lynden Logistics LLC
                                               NANA Major Drilling LLC
Hospitality and Tourism                          Courtyard by Marriott
                                                  Springhill Suites by
                                                  Springhill Suites by
                                             Residence Inn by Marriott
                                                       Nullagvik Hotel
                                                    Arctic Caribou Inn

Sealaska Corp.
Chris E. McNeil Jr., President/CEO
One Sealaska Plaza, Suite 400
Juneau, AK 99801-1276
Phone: 586-1512
Fax: 586-2304
E-mail: todd.antioquia@
Shareholders: 17,600
Alaska Employees: 550
Land Conveyed: 289,800 acres of
               surface estate
               600,000 acres of
               subsurface estate
2005 Revenue: $144,300,000
2006 Revenue: $178,000,000
TOTAL $178,600,000

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Timber Development and Marketing                 Sealaska Timber Corp.
Forest Management and Silviculture                   Natural Resources
Managed Investment Portfolio                        Finance Department
Minority/Diversity/8(a)                  Office of Diversity Solutions
  Initiatives Rock,
  Sand and Gravel                            Alaska Coastal Aggregates
Injection Molding, Plastic                            Nypro Kanaak GDL
  and Manufacturing                                  Nypro Kanaak Iowa
Prototyping/New Product                           Synergy Systems Inc.
Injection Molding, Plastics                               Nypro Kanaak
  and Manufacturing                                            Alabama
Environmental Consulting                                      Sealaska
  and Remediation                               Environmental Services
Cultural Programs/Scholarship                        Sealaska Heritage
  Management                                                 Institute
Environmental Services                          Kingston Environmental
Prototyping and Fabrication                        Olympic Fabrication
Information Technology Outsourcing                    Managed Business

The 13th Regional Corp.
Jacqueline Rashleger, Pres.
1156 Industry Dr.
Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: 206-575-6229
Fax: 206-575-6283
Shareholders: 6,188
Alaska Employees: 0
Land Conveyed: 12.5
2005 Revenue: $9,125,800
2006 Revenue: $ Not available
  at time of publication
TOTAL $ Not available at time
  of publication

Business Activities:                                     Subsidiaries:
Government Contracting                  NW Business Services Group LLC
Land Development                        Cold Bay Land Development Inc.
Construction/Government Contracts                  M. Kennedy Co. Inc.
                                                 North Star Industrial
                                                       Contractors LLC
Government Contracting-Electrical                 Alindeska Electrical
                                                       Contractors LLC
Scholarships                                The 13th Regional Heritage
                                                Foundation (Nonprofit)
Holding Co.                                The Alindeska Companies LLC
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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