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2007 was good to Haas.

Haas Automation, Inc., of Oxnard, CA, reports 2007 as the most productive year in the company's history, with CNC machine tool production exceeding 13,755 units--up 10 percent from 2006--and a 19 percent increase in revenue, to more than $880 million. The 2007 numbers exceeded the company's record-setting year of 2006.

All Haas' products are built in the company's one million [ft.sup.2] manufacturing facility and distributed worldwide. In 2007, Haas opened more than 30 factory outlets, primarily in international markets. The company plans to open up to 40 more outlets around the world in 2008. More than half of all Haas CNC machine tools sold during the year went to international markets.

In Europe, Haas machine tool sales increased by 58 percent compared to 2006, and sales in China grew 65 percent. In Asia, excluding China, Haas sales expanded by 20 percent, and sales in Latin America increased by 17.5 percent.
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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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