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2006 literacy grants recipients.

Enhancing Literacy by Motivating Our Minds More

Anthony O. Edmonds

Ball State University

Phi Kappa Phi funds will add 120 books and forty Phi Kappa Phi book-bags to the existing library at a community-based, nonprofit after-school program targeting children in grades 1-8.

Born to Read*

Misty R. Clifton

Southeast Missouri University

The Born to Read program promotes early literacy through distribution of books to newborns at an area hospital. Phi Kappa Phi members, university administrators, and students hold special events to promote the program and prepare books for distribution by including a Phi Kappa Phi bookplate and letter about early reading with babies.

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 185 Volunteer Readers*

Danna M. Gibson

Columbus State University

Members of Chapter 185 will form teams of volunteer readers to go to one of the country's most at-risk elementary schools to read with children and engage them in activities pertaining to the stories that they have read. Pre-K students will be provided with their own books and activity materials to take home, and a video chronicle of the program will be shown at the fall induction ceremony. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase books and supplies, certificates, brochures, and a videotape, and will fund a concluding forum.

Baby Talk: Extending the Partnership*

Cynthia N. Fletcher

Iowa State University

Phi Kappa Phi funds will support Baby Talk, a research-based approach to fostering early literacy. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase 833 board books for distribution by pediatricians to children up to age five. The books will be distributed at wellchild checkups, and students and faculty will serve as volunteer readers.

Project One More Story*

Marie Katherine Duncan

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Project One More Story is a partnership with Chapter 202, Danville Ronald McDonald House, and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. This project targets children with serious illnesses and their families by creating a children's library and volunteer-based reader program at the Ronald McDonald House, which provides temporary care for families of seriously ill children.

First Books for Reading Partners

Donald D. Mowry

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

This project brings together two literacy programs to better serve the needs of young children who are learning English as a second language. Phi Kappa Phi funds will be used to purchase approximately nine hundred books along with supplies for two literacy events, an annual Literacy Renaissance Festival, and a recognition/reward event.

Literacy Unplugged

Paulette P. Harris

Augusta State University

This project supports both children and adults who participate in the Augusta State University Literacy Center. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase two computers and software for use by those preparing for the GED or for gaining workforce literacy. University students tutor children and adults each weekday.

Family Literacy Outreach

Judy L. Stiles

Missouri Southern State University

This project will include a family literacy PSA produced with the help of students at Missouri Southern State University. Student volunteers also will provide literacy packets to area literacy programs and be trained to work with children and families at area service agencies.

Youngstown State University English Festival 2007*

Sandra W. Stephan, Youngstown State University

Phi Kappa Phi funds will support Chapter 143's English Festival targeting middle and high school students. Approximately one thousand students from 160 schools will attend the three-day event and participate in writing and language activities.

Family Literacy and English Language Literacy as Cultural Competencies*

Davis W. Worley

Indiana State University

This project encompasses family literacy, safety literacy including fire-safety strategies, and cultural literacy. Phi Kappa Phi members will serve as story-time readers, facilitators, and discussion leaders for adults and children through the local library. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase bilingual texts for use by students and adults.

English as a Second Language Conversation/Civics Class

Catherine J. Kozlowicz

Carroll College

In partnership with Carroll College, the project will create an English as a Second Language Conversation/Civics class for non-English speakers in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase ESL curricular materials for students and tutors and support printing and postage costs for training and recruitment fliers, outcome tracking materials, and so forth.

Family Literacy Packs Project

Sonja V. Heeter

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

This project targets 460 pre-school children and their families who live in a rural area. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase books and some materials for literacy packs for distribution by teachers to children, parents, and caregivers.

The Write Place

Jennifer J. Ritter

University of Alaska Anchorage

In partnership with area schools and agencies, Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 253 will provide high school students one-on-one learning opportunities with a peer or university tutor. Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase reference books, tutor training books, and support materials.

Asian American Tutorial project

James A. Teng

University of Southern California

On Saturdays, volunteers from USC, UCLA, and Occidental College work to serve the educational needs of elementary-age children in the Los Angeles Chinatown community. Volunteers mentor and tutor those who have difficulty becoming proficient in English and who come from primarily immigrant and low-income families. Phi Kappa Phi funds will update the project's library.

Jardine Literacy and Language Corner

Mary K. Molt

Kansas State University

The Literacy Library and Language Corner will serve approximately two hundred children residing in a student-housing complex associated with Kansas State University. Seventy percent of the population of the housing complex is comprised of international students with limited communication skills for emergencies. Phi Kappa Phi funds will provide English language books, alternate language translation materials, and language acquisition tools to support volunteer reading events and individual check-in/check-out of materials.

Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Kits for Even Start Families*

Odena I. Harper

Indiana State University

Phi Kappa Phi funds will purchase books and materials for literacy kits that parents will develop during parenting classes provided by the Clay County, Indiana, Even Start Family Literacy Program. College members of Phi Kappa Phi also will develop and enhance kits with puppets, activities, and an evaluation form.

Past Study Abroad Grant recipients share their memories ...

This is a picture of me standing on Isla Popa getting ready to set-up quadrants to study the island's poison dart frogs.--Joshua Mastenbrook


Children of the Embera Drua Village, located on the Chagres River near Gamboa, Panama.--Joshua Mastenbrook


A stop by the former Dachau concentration camp was not the most pleasant but was one of the most memorable moments of our trip.--Chris Deal


Being a world traveler is tough, but someone has to do it.--Chris Deal


* Project also received Phi Kappa Phi literacy grant funding in 2005.
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