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2006 Order of the Dragon Program inductees.

The following individuals were inducted into the Order of the Dragon Program (OODP) in 2006. The OODP is designed to maintain and enhance the legacy of the Chemical Corps and to promote cohesiveness and esprit de corps in the Chemical Corps Regiment by recognizing individuals who have served the Corps with distinction. The OODP consists of three awards: the Ancient Order, the Honorable Order, and the Carol Ann Watson Spouse Award. Nominated personnel must meet the criteria established for each level of recognition. Information concerning the OODP is available on the Chemical Corps Regimental Association Web site <>.
Ancient Order of the Dragon

Master Sergeant Joseph M. Baker
Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Retired) Rodney Bennett
Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Robert B. Blackshear, Jr.
Major Dennis J. Butters
Mr. John W. Champion, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John D. Esce
Sergeant Major Gwendolyn N. Evans
Colonel (Retired) Ronald L. Evans
Major (Retired) Gary E. Harvey
Mr. Walter W. Hollis
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Paul James
Lieutenant Colonel Mark A. Lee
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John (Jack) Lombardi
Sergeant Major (Retired) Jimmie D. Mains
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Edward Marshall
First Sergeant (Retired) Gerald L. Mather
Sergeant First Class (Retired) Thomas Nard
Major General Stephen V. Reeves
Mr. Denny Seckinger
Colonel Jeffrey Alan Turner
Mrs. Belinda P. Wallace
First Sergeant Victor B. Whitehorn
First Sergeant (Retired) David Zapata

Honorable Order of the Dragon

Lieutenant Colonel (P) Mark T. Ahles
Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Ann Allen
Master Sergeant Gabriel S. Arnold
Sergeant First Class Kendall Atterbury
Sergeant First Class John G. Bates
Major Chadwick T. Bauld
Captain Steven P. Beaudoin
Major John Bettasso
Major John J. Billings
Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Allen Black
Sergeant First Class Kyle Brinkman
Sergeant First Class Steven T. Brown
Mr. Anthony L. Burdell
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph M. Burke
Master Sergeant Steven L. Cannon
Sergeant First Class Jose Cardozo
Master Sergeant Carol D. Cheley
Mr. David C. Chuber
Staff Sergeant Ryan P. Cole
Sergeant Major Michael Collins
Sergeant First Class Charles Edward Hall
Sergeant First Class Michael Hall
Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Lee Hansford
Captain James Harwell
Sergeant Major James A. Hill
Ms. Dorothy Horsley
Master Sergeant Don P. Hudgell, III
Master Sergeant James Micah Huling
First Sergeant Ray Ippolito
Master Sergeant Gregory P. Isidore
Captain Christopher J. Iwan
Major Edward M. Jagodzinski
Sergeant First Class Joe E. Johnson, Jr.
Staff Sergeant Robert S. Johnson
Second Lieutenant Craig L. Keller
First Sergeant Paul King
Colonel Donald Kotchman
Sergeant First Class Peiro Labib
Captain Mark J. Lavin
Sergeant First Class Kevin Leveille
Sergeant First Class Marvin K. Lewis
Mr. Timothy Lloyd
Captain Kurt Lumbert
Lieutenant Colonel David L. Lynch
Major Thamar A. Main
Sergeant First Class Shawn C. Mallet
Captain Isaac Manigault
Sergeant First Class Oscar A. Manners, Jr.
Master Sergeant Gregory Martin
Staff Sergeant Thomas M. Mathisen
Sergeant First Class Roger Amet Matthews
Sergeant First Class (Retired) John T. McCann
First Sergeant Sharon M. McCann
Mr. Walter Harold McCluskey
Colonel Elbert A. McCollum
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel McCormick
Second Lieutenant Clancy P. McKeever
Staff Sergeant Michael Metzger
Sergeant First Class Brian K. Mincey, Sr.
Second Lieutenant Kristy Ray Moore
Major Lewis M. Morgan
Sergeant First Class Norman David Morrison
First Lieutenant Christopher Mullin
Sergeant First Class Garland J. Murray
First Sergeant Joseph Conlon
Sergeant First Class Mark Coovert
Mr. Kevin Cox
Lieutenant Colonel Lisa K. Cramer
Sergeant First Class Michelle R. Custard
First Sergeant Richard E. Davidson
Sergeant First Class Curtis A. Davis
Master Sergeant Jon Dillin
First Sergeant Jesse Duran
Sergeant First Class Craig Warren Fields
Lieutenant Colonel George Frank
Sergeant First Class Gregory D. Freeman
Captain Alexander S. Fuerst
Sergeant First Class Ken Gardner
Mr. Tim Garrett
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Douglas Girone
Captain Matthew Graham
Sergeant First Class Paul M. Green
Master Sergeant Colin Greene
First Sergeant Nathan James Grubb
Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Obermuller
First Sergeant Kendall Owens II
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Marvin A. Owings
Sergeant First Class Zachary C. Palacios
Major (Retired) James H. Perkins
Command Sergeant Major John Perry
Major Michael Quinn
Sergeant First Class Louis Mack Ray, Jr.
Mr. Randy Reed
Sergeant First Class Jaime Reyes-Gonzalez
Sergeant Major Lewis Rivera
Sergeant First Class Yusef A. Roberson
Sergeant First Class Felicia Robinson
Staff Sergeant Michael W. Ryan
Sergeant First Class Edward Saddler, Jr.
Captain Roberto Salas
Specialist Roberto Salas
Captain James H. Scott, III
Sergeant First Class Alan E. Sedam
Mrs. Sandra R. Sexton
Major Connie R. Shank
Sergeant Stephen R. Sherman
Sergeant First Class Darrell T. Smith
Lieutenant Colonel Timothy M. Snider
Lieutenant Colonel Kent Soebbing
Master Sergeant Bronte Stewart
Master Sergeant Paul V. Swinton
Sergeant First Class Matthew Teal
Mr. Timothy Tharp
Mr. Hasso von Blucher
Mr. John R. Walters
Sergeant First Class Cory Walton
Captain Gary Ward
Lieutenant Colonel Terrie Sue Watts
Lieutenant Colonel Jesse White
Sergeant First Class Kevin White
Second Lieutenant LaTarsha C. Whitfield
Lieutenant Colonel David L. Wilcox
Sergeant First Class Lonnie B. Williams
Staff Sergeant Jerry F. Wilson
Captain Catrina Wright
Lieutenant Colonel Alan L. Wylie
Sergeant First Class Mickey E. Zaun

Carol Ann Watson Spouse Award

Mrs. Felicia Ashley Alston
Mrs. Rita C. Anderson
Mrs. Debbie Bolluyt
Mrs. Denise M. Doesburg
Mrs. Frances Dutchuk
Mrs. Linda D. Ertwine
Mrs. Audrey Friel
Mrs. Sarah Harvey
Mrs. Marisol Lin
Mrs. Christine Madere
Mrs. Colleen Newing
Mrs. Cindy G. Riley
Mrs. Vanedra Smith
Mrs. Kimberly R. Steele
Mrs. Katie N. Ward
Mrs. Kate Watterson
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