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2006 FSA Suppliers Expo & Conference Exhibitor Profiles.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- 2006 FSA Suppliers Expo & Conference takes place October 11 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. For in-depth information about the event, visit

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Below are profiles from FSA Suppliers Expo & Conference exhibitors.

Company: Analog Bits Inc.

Booth/Stand: 235

Media Contact: Mahesh Tirupattur

Phone: 650 314 -0200



Analog Bits, Inc. specializes in designing transistor level IP components fully customized for easy and reliable integration into digital chips designed on modern CMOS logic processes. Products include precision clocking IP macros such as PLLs, DLLs, programmable interconnect solutions such as multi-protocol SERDES/PMA, programmable I/Os and specialized memories such as high-speed SRAMs, T-CAMs. With over 500 designs from 0.35-um to 65-nm processes in mass production and hundreds of millions of parts shipped by our customers, Analog Bits is the premier clocking IP supplier with a flawless track record of "first time working silicon" at merchant foundries and prestigious IDM's.

Company: Aragio Solutions

Booth/Stand: 306

Media Contact: Les Veal

Investor Relations Contact: Glen Haas

Phone: 972-516-0999



Aragio Solutions specializes in custom digital and analog integrated circuit design, and has an excellent track record of silicon success by providing ESD protection solutions for I/O libraries used on numerous CMOS processes. ARAGIO has developed robust ESD protection and high latch-up immunity IP for System Interface Circuits enabling high performance operation for many emerging industry standard interfaces (including USB 2.0 and DDR), RF and Analog ESD protection circuitry, as well as other high speed interface peripherals. ARAGIO's innovative integrated circuit technology allows for silicon efficient I/O libraries found in many ASIC/SoC products. Contact ARAGIO at or 972-516-0999.

Company: ARC International

Booth/Stand: 313

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Symbol: ARK Exchange: LSE

Media Contact: Lee Flanagin

Investor Relations Contact: Charles Rendell

Phone: 1-408-437-3433



ARC International (LSE: ARK) is the world leader in patented configurable CPU/DSP processors and multimedia subsystems that enable customers to design products that give them a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace. Using ARC's configurable cores and subsystems, licensees can develop highly differentiated ARC-Based system-on-chips (SoCs) that consume less power, are less expensive to produce and provide protection from cloning - distinct advantages over non-configurable, "fixed architecture" alternatives.

Company: Blue Pearl Software, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 539

Media Contact: Bill Alexander

Investor Relations Contact: Ellis Smith

Phone: 408-961-0121



Blue Pearl Software's products automate the generation of timing constraints, validate existing timing constraints and check functional design issues early in the digital chip design flow. Blue Pearl's software is used by ASIC and FPGA designers on high-level functional or Register Transfer Level (RTL) design descriptions of an integrated circuit (IC) to develop higher quality RTL code and to automatically generate comprehensive and accurate timing constraints that significantly improve quality of results (QoR). Using Blue Pearl's products, designers can significantly reduce time to market, lower design costs, and make the design development schedule more predictable with faster timing closure.

Company: Entrepix, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 408

Media Contact: Amy Smith, Impress Public Relations

Phone: 401 369 9266



Entrepix, Inc. is a leading provider of Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) process outsourcing and equipment services. From its ISO9001:2000 certified foundry in Tempe, AZ, the company provides production, engineering and technology development services to clients in the semiconductor and related industries. Entrepix also supplies CMP and metrology equipment to support customers' internal processing requirements. The company's comprehensive processing and equipment capabilities provide complete CMP solutions, from initial integration and optimization, through pilot production and high volume manufacturing. Visit for more information.

Company: eSilicon Corporation

Booth/Stand: 238

Media Contact: Julie Seymour

Phone: +1 (408) 616-4655



eSilicon designs and manufactures custom integrated circuits for leading electronics companies. The company serves both system OEMs and fabless semiconductor companies who apply custom silicon to create innovative new products. eSilicon designs and ships custom chips for a wide variety of applications including high-volume MP3 players, home gateways, complex storage networks and high-speed communications devices.

Established in 2000 and led by a team of industry veterans, eSilicon is a pioneer and award-winning market leader, widely recognized for innovation and operational excellence. The company combines in-house design and manufacturing expertise to provide customers with a low-cost and lower-risk, path to best-in-class technology.

Company: FSA

Booth/Stand: 518

Media Contact: Vivian Pangburn

Phone: 972.866.7579 ext 140



FSA is the voice of the global fabless business model. Incorporated in 1994, FSA positively impacts the growth and return on invested capital of this business model to enhance the environment for innovation. It provides a platform for meaningful global collaboration between fabless companies and their partners; identifies and articulates opportunities and challenges to enable solutions; and provides research, resources, publications and survey information.

Company: IBM

Booth/Stand: 519/521

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: IBM

Media Contact: Rick Bause

Investor Relations Contact: Kory Liss

Phone: 845-892-5463



IBM Technology Collaboration Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of leading-edge process technologies, provides access to world-class research and development labs, award-winning semiconductor fabricators, a patent-rich intellectual property portfolio, leading-edge and industry standard CMOS, RFCMOS, SOI, Silicon Germanium BiCMOS and CMOS Image Sensor technologies.

Company: IC Interconnect

Booth/Stand: 341

Media Contact: Hank Carey

Phone: 719 533-1030 x37



IC Interconnect, a wafer bump operation certified under the ISO/TS 16949 quality system, is the semiconductor industry's service leader in electroless nickel under-bump metallurgy. With full die turnkey services including logistics support and supply chain management, ICI offers a complete flip-chip solution.

With the advent of the fabless model, we have developed the skills necessary to address everything touching the device in a role as your packaging department or complimentary to it. This might include backend foundry management, quality system development, subcon selection & qualification and packaging/assembly application notes & data sheets. We're here to get your product to market.

Company: IRCONA

Booth/Stand: 240

Media Contact: Jacqui Cruise

Phone: 011 353 1 811 5300



IRCONA provides outsourced design and development services for the complex reference platforms required in the semiconductor industry. We combine multi-disciplinary technical expertise with a proven, innovative design process that allows us to execute on-time and on-schedule.

The IRCONA team has been delivering complex innovative products to market since 1996 for major blue chip partner customers. Through these projects the IRCONA team have developed world class expertise in many market segments. We have the full range of capabilities internally complemented with relationships with specialist companies to deliver complete product from concept to volume ramp.

Company: Jazz Semiconductor

Booth/Stand: 414

Media Contact: Lauri Julian; (949) 715-3049;

Investor Relations Contact: Jessica McNaughton; (949) 435-8086;


Jazz Semiconductor is an independent wafer foundry primarily focused on specialty CMOS process technologies, including High Voltage CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS and RFCMOS for the manufacture of highly integrated analog and mixed-signal semiconductor devices. The company's specialty process technologies are designed for customers who seek to produce analog and mixed-signal semiconductor devices that are smaller and more highly integrated, power-efficient, feature-rich and cost-effective than those produced using standard process technologies. Jazz customers target the wireless and high-speed wireline communications, consumer electronics, automotive and industrial end markets. Jazz's executive offices and its U.S. wafer fabrication facilities are located in Newport Beach, CA.

Company: Lynxemi

Booth/Stand: 406

Media Contact: Paymon Rasekhy

Phone: +65 98368542



Lynxemi is a turnkey provider of foundry management for the fabless design companies.

We specialize in post-design services ranging from test program development, characterization, qualification, production management, warehousing and shipping. Additionally, we also manage customer returns and failure analysis.

In short, we take your GDSII database and devlier finished goods to you or dropship to your customers.

Company: N-Able Group International

Booth/Stand: 335

Phone: 408 872-1301



N-Able Group International was founded in 1996 and provides consulting and executive recruiting services to the semiconductor industry worldwide. N-Able's consulting services include operational assessment and improvement, IT system assessment and software selection and merger and acquisition support. NGi's recruiting practice focuses on C & VP level executives and mission critical managers and individual contributors.

N-Able's customers include fabless and IDM semiconductor companies, wafer foundries and SATS providers, equipment suppliers and material providers. NGi customers are around the globe in North America, Asia and Europe.

Company: Nano Measurements, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 216

Media Contact: Lloyd Haugen

Phone: 408-919-0219 X117



Nano Measurements, Inc. (ISO & DSCC Accredited) Reliability Qualification Services in the Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California) offers High-Power Burn-In on the MCC HPB-5B burn-in platform. These state-of-the-art systems include Individual Temperature Control For Each Device Under Test (to 150 Watts), 128 Digital I/O Channels Per board, 32M Vector Memory Depth, Individual Pattern Zone Per Board, ASIC Architecture For Per-Pin Timing, Testing, and Formatting, 800 Amps of DUT Power Available Per Board , and 11 Programmable Voltage Regulators Per Burn-in Board (8 regulators at 100 amps). Call now to discuss your next burn-in project.

Additionally, our Reliability Qualification Services include among other things HTOL over a broad spectrum of burn-in platforms (MCC, Incal Infinity, Incal MPU, ADEC, AEHR MAX III, Criteria V, etc.), HAST, TEMP CYCLE (Dynamic & Unbiased), LTOL, 85/85, PR

Company: NEC Electronics America

Booth/Stand: 436

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSE: 6723

Media Contact: (408) 588-5427

Investor Relations Contact: 81 (0) 44-435-5111

Phone: 800-366-9782



NEC Electronics America, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a leading provider of semiconductor products encompassing advanced technology solutions for the broadband and communications markets; system solutions for the mobile, PC, automotive and digital consumer markets; and platform solutions for a wide range of customer applications. NEC Electronics America offers a local manufacturing facility in Roseville, California, and the global manufacturing capabilities of its parent company. NEC Electronics America is also the North American marketing and sales channel.

Company: Novelics

Booth/Stand: 307

Media Contact: Farzad Zarrinfar

Phone: 925 292-1670



Novelics, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, supplies a portfolio of innovative embedded memory IPs for low power, and high performance ASICs, ASSPs, and SOC designs. Our compiler-driven 'Cool' and 'zero-leakage' Memory IPs include OTP, SRAM-1T, SRAM-6T, Multi-port Register files, high Speed Cache, ROM, Flash, CAMs and TLB.

These IPs are implemented with standard logic CMOS process with no additional masks or process steps to minimize cost, as well as maximize reliability and portability.

Our customers compete in low power consumer, industrial, wireless Applications, high speed computing and Networking. For more information, please visit

Company: Novocell Semiconductor, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 125/127

Media Contact: Holly Mantle

Investor Relations Contact: Charles Buenzli

Phone: 724-983-0600



Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. specializes in developing and delivering advanced memory IP to the semiconductor industry. Novocell provides advanced memory solutions and custom design services to meet its customers' complex design and engineering needs.

Novocell's newly developed NovoBlox OTP Memory IP is a non-volatile memory block which can be embedded in standard Logic CMOS without any additional process steps or post processing. NovoBlox has the ability to be programmed at the package, circuit or wafer level and is designed for the highest reliability.

"Simplifying Supply Chain Logistics Using OTP Memory", authored by Novocell's President, is featured in the September FSA Forum.

Company: QuantumThink Group, Inc (QThink, Inc)

Booth/Stand: 115

Media Contact: Joe Shah

Phone: 510 299 8585



QThink offers complete front to back ASIC and SoC design services to leading edge semiconductor companies involved in wired and wireless communications, high-speed networking, multimedia, high-speed computing, consumer electronics, medical and military applications. Services include: Design-flow engineering and implementation Co Micro architecture design Co Behavioral design and verification Co RTL design capture and verification Co Logic synthesis Co Design for test Co Timing analysis Co Formal verification Co Floorplanning and chip integration Co Physical design place and route Co Signal integrity analysis Co Physical verification Co Post tape-out manufacturing management Co Professional project management.

QThink currently has offices in San Diego, San Jose, Austin and Bangalore, India.

Company: Quik-Pak

Booth/Stand: 402

Media Contact: Jennifer Nunes

Investor Relations Contact: Jeanne Beacham

Phone: 510-576-2220



Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries, offers unlimited open cavity plastic IC package configurations. Quick-turn dicing, assembly and marking services improve time-to-market, reducing IC prototype assembly to as little as one day.

Company: Sarnoff Europe

Booth/Stand: 529/531

Media Contact: Henk De Blaere

Phone: +32 59 275 917


Web: /

Sarnoff is a diversified technologies and services company, with offices in USA (Princeton, NJ), Europe (Belgium), and India (Bangalore). Our customer list includes world leading consumer electronics systems and semiconductor suppliers. Sarnoff offers amongst others total ESD design solutions in an unmatched suite of value-add IP products and implementation design services. Integrated design tools and rules built on silicon proven proprietary IP guarantee full-chip ESD protection in most advanced or challenging processes and applications. Support & implementation services guarantee efficient, cost competitive first-time-right IO & IC ESD design implementation. In addition, Sarnoff also offers Custom Analog/Mixed Signal IC design services.

Company: Serus Corp.

Booth/Stand: 411

Media Contact: Dan Chmielewski

Phone: 714-832-8716



Silicon Valley-based Serus Corporation is a leader in the emerging category of Intelligent Operations Management. Serus provides a complete and comprehensive Web-based intelligent operations management (IOM) solution that helps companies of all sizes address multiple global outsourcing challenges. For organizations that outsource all or part of their manufacturing operations, Serus software solutions are an effective way to collect data from their network, plan changes to their network organization or processes, collaborate with network partners, and make smarter decisions through their network for efficiency. Contact Serus at

Company: Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3)

Booth/Stand: 301

Media Contact: Fiona D'Arcy

Phone: +353-87-2808828



S3 is a consumer electronics design company focused on the home entertainment, mobile multimedia and consumer healthcare markets. The company designs integrated circuits and embedded software solutions for its worldwide client base. S3's comprehensive portfolio of Mixed-Signal IP and design solutions delivers power-efficient single chip systems for clients developing SoCs at the 90nm and 65nm technology nodes. S3's clients achieve accelerated time-to-revenue and reduced design risk, benefiting from over twenty years of successful, leading-edge IC development. S3 has a reputation for expertly addressing the challenges of integrating Mixed Signal IP into leading edge SoC designs for Fabless clients and works with three of the top five Fabless companies and many fast growing innovators to deliver right first time silicon on time. For more information, please visit

Company: STATS ChipPAC Inc.

Booth/Stand: 336

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: stts

Media Contact:

Investor Relations Contact:

Phone: 510-979-8000



STATS ChipPAC Ltd. is a premier service provider of semiconductor packaging design, assembly, test and distribution solutions. The company is a leader in mixed signal testing and advanced packaging technology for semiconductors used in diverse end market applications including communications, power, digital consumer and computing.

STATS ChipPAC offers a distinct competitive advantage to customers through its global footprint, industry leading 3D technology, and full turnkey approach which encompasses wafer bump and sort, advanced packaging, final test, and supply chain management. Please visit for more information.

Company: Stratosphere Solutions, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 236

Media Contact: Nanette Collins; (617) 437-1822

Investor Relations Contact: Robert Smith; (650) 269-8780

Phone: (408) 701-1418



Stratosphere Solutions Inc. provides innovative silicon-proven yield improvement products to semiconductor companies. The company's StratoPro[TM] product delivers a unique combination of characterization IP and modeling applications that enable designers and manufacturers to accurately characterize within-die process variations for sub-100 nanometer processes. A key advantage of StratoPro is that it provides a very high density platform (10x to 100x over conventional approaches) coupled with the ability to achieve very high resolution analog measurements using industry standard parametric test and analysis platforms. Stratosphere Solutions' customer base includes leading semiconductor companies building products utilizing processes from 130nm down to 45nm.

Company: Syntricity

Booth/Stand: 309

Media Contact: Patrice Tremor

Phone: 858-552-4485 x175



Syntricity[R] is the pioneer in Enterprise Yield Management (EYM). Its EYM software and hosted solution, dataConductorEP[TM] and, provide an on-demand system to collect, analyze and report characterization and production yield data. Quick access and rapid reaction to manufacturing and engineering data enables fabless and integrated device manufacturers to increase profitability, speed time-to-market, and improve customer satisfaction.

Company: Tensoft, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 314 & 316

Media Contact: Caprice Murray

Phone: 888-450-4030 x406



Tensoft[TM] specializes in innovative, end-to-end ERP and supply chain solutions for the fabless semiconductor industry. The company's Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturing (FSM) product is a web-based solution, designed to support fabless manufacturing. A clear leader in its field, FSM supports the fabless industry's unique financial, manufacturing and supply chain needs for a reasonable investment and using a highly scaleable design. With customers from start-ups to one of the largest fabless semiconductor company in the world, Tensoft FSM delivers a comprehensive fabless solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. A FSA member since 2002, Tensoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Company: Toppan

Booth/Stand: 528/530

Media Contact:

Phone: 512.310.6500



Together, Toppan Printing, TCE and Toppan Photomasks provide a broad array of technology options to fit the imaging needs of any fabless, foundry or IDM company. Our global network of sales offices, data centers and manufacturing sites provide local service and support for every step of the photomask production process.

Company: Tower Semiconductor

Booth/Stand: 506/508

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSEM

Media Contact: Michael Axelrod

Investor Relations Contact: Ilanit Vudinsky

Phone: 408-330-6871



Tower Semiconductor Ltd. is a pure-play independent SPECIALTY FOUNDRY established in 1993. The company manufactures integrated circuits with geometries ranging from 1.0 to 0.13-micron; it also provides complementary technical services and design support. In addition to digital CMOS process technology, Tower offers advanced non-volatile embedded memory solutions, mixed-signal & RF, and CMOS image-sensor technologies. The company maintains two manufacturing facilities: Fab 1 manufactures 6" wafers in process technologies from 1.0 to 0.35-micron. Fab 2 manufactures 8" wafers in 0.18- and 0.13-micron, standard and specialized process technologies.

Company: VeriSilicon, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 212/214

Media Contact: Federico Arcelli

Phone: +33 4 93 18 73 47



Founded in 2001, VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. ("VeriSilicon"), a leading ASIC design foundry. VeriSilicon's services range from SoC design and verification platform, IP, front-end and back-end design services, software design service and turn-key service including manufacturing, packaging, testing, and delivery. Verisilicon also provides a number of market-ready platform solutions in the areas of voice, multimedia, and wireless, to accelerate your time to market. VeriSilicon has operation centers in Shanghai, China, Silicon Valley, US, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, and Nice, France to service worldwide customers.

Company: Virage Logic

Virage Logic is a technology and market leader providing advanced embedded memory IP for the design of complex ICs, and is a global leader in semiconductor IP platforms comprising embedded memories, logic and I/Os. The company pioneered Silicon Aware IP[TM], integrating Physical IP with embedded test, diagnostic and repair capabilities of Infrastructure IP, to help ensure manufacturability and optimized yield at advanced process nodes. Virage Logic's highly differentiated product portfolio provides higher performance, lower power, higher density and optimal yield to foundries, IDMs and fabless customers developing products for consumer, communications and networking, hand-held and portable, computer and graphics markets.

Company: Wipro Technologies

Booth/Stand: 442

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE:WIT

Media Contact: Sanjeeth (

Investor Relations Contact: Sridhar Ramasubbu

Phone: +91-80-28520408



Wipro is the first PCMM Level:5 and SEI-CMM Level:5 certified IT Services Company globally. Wipro provides comprehensive IT solutions and services, including systems-integration, Information Systems outsourcing, package-implementation, software application development and maintenance, and R&D services.

As one of the largest independent 3rd-party design services providers in the world, Wipro's 1600+ member VLSI/System Design Group provides complete product engineering solutions, meeting critical time-to-market demands with reliability and scalability. This group handles projects across the entire design chain from architecture to end-product realization including high-end ASIC development, complex FPGA, PCB design and core technology IP blocks.

For further information, please visit

Company: Zarlink Semiconductor

Booth/Stand: 404

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ZL: NYSE/TSX

Media Contact: Edward Goffin

Investor Relations Contact: Mike McGinn

Phone: 613-592-0200



Zarlink's Analog Foundry provides end-to-end foundry services, from design expertise and engineering support to leading bipolar, CMOS and customized processes, for the performance analog and power management markets. Zarlink's Analog Foundry provides its customers with a system cost advantage, through silicon solutions with the smallest die and highest yielding wafers, functional integration and operating frequency at high voltage.

Using state-of-the art 150 mm technology, Zarlink Analog Foundry is a premier provider of performance analog silicon and foundry services for fab-lite and fabless semiconductor partners, as well as leading worldwide integrated device manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers.

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