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2005 IEEE MTT-S technical program.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2005

8:00 TO 9:40 AM


Chair: E. Rezek * Co-chair: D. Novak

This session is devoted to new technologies and capabilities that will enable the realization of radio-over-fiber communications. In particular, papers describe new devices and techniques to improve system performance.

TU1A-1: Bi-directional 60 GHz Radio-on-fiber Systems Using Cascaded SOA-EAM Frequency Up/Down Converters

J. Seo, C. Choi, W. Choi, Y. Kang, Y. Jung, J. Kim

TU1A-2: Linearity Enhancement of a Directly Modulated Uncooled DFB Laser in a Multi-channel Wireless-over-fibre Systems

T. Ismail, J.E. Mitchell, A.J. Seeds

TU1A-3: Radio-on-fiber Downlink Transmission Systems Based on Optically Controlled InP/InGaAs HPT Oscillators

C. Choi, J. Seo, W. Choi, H. Kamitsuna, M. Ida, K. Kurishima

TU1A-4: A Predistortion Type Equi-path Linearizer Designed for Radio-on-fiber System

S. Tanaka, N. Taguchi, Y. Atsumi, T. Kimura

TU1A-5: Simultaneous All-optical Frequency Upconversion for WDM Radio over Fiber Applications

H.J. Song, J.S. Lee, J.I. Song

TU1A-6: Relative-intensity-noise Reduction Technique for Frequency-converted Radio-on-fiber System

N. Taguchi, S. Tanaka, Y. Atsumi, T. Kimura

TU1A-7: Photonic Vector Modulation Tx/Rx Architecture for Generation, Remote Delivery and Detection of M-QAM Signals

M.A. Piqueras, B. Vidal, J. L. Corral, V. Polo, H. Pfrommer, A. Martinez, J. Marti


Chair: L. Reynolds * Co-chair: F. Schindler

This session includes state-of-the-art developments in RF and microwave mixers, multipliers and switches.

TU1B-1: A Subharmonic CMOS Mixer Based on Threshold Voltage Modulation

B.G. Perumana, G. Lee, J. Laskar, S. Chakraborty

TU1B-2: A 6-30 GHz Image-rejection Distributed Resistive MMIC Mixer in a Low Cost Surface Mount Package

K. Fujii, H. Morkner

TU1B-3: An Ultra Compact and Broadband 15-75 GHz BPSK Modulator Using 0.13 [micro]m CMOS Process

H. Chang, P. Wu, T. Huang, H. Wang, Y. Tsai, C. Chen

TU1B-4: Low-voltage and Broadband V-band InP HEMT Frequency Doubler MMIC

K. Nishikawa, T. Enoki, S. Sugitani, T. Kosugi, M. Tokumitsu, I. Toyoda, K. Tsunekawa

TU1B-5: Low Power 71 GHz Static Frequency Divider in SiGe: C HBT Technology

L. Wang, G. Wang, J. Borngraeber, A. Thiede

TU1B-6: A Millimeter-wave Wideband SPDT Switch with Traveling-wave Concept Using 0.13 [micro]m CMOS Process

M. Yeh, Z. Tsai, K. Lin, H. Wang, C. Sut, C. Chao


Chair: D. Yang * Co-chair: L. Perregrini

The most difficult microwave problems yield only to numerical electromagnetics. However, problem solutions can be slow in applied situations. This session explores techniques to solve some of the most difficult problems as efficiently as possible. Several papers explore waveguide discontinuities including arbitrary dielectric structures and posts, including loss. Characteristics of multi-conductor transmission lines and quasi-periodic strutures round out the session with enhanced approaches to these.

TU1C-1: Rapid 3D Electromagnetic Simulation of Quasi-periodic Structures

S.J. Cooke, B. Levush

TU1C-2: A Surface Integral Equation Formulation for Dielectric Post Structures in Waveguides

F. Arndt, V. Catina, J. Brandt

TU1C-3: Efficient CAD of Optimal Multi-port Junctions Loaded with Partial-height Cylindrical Posts Using the 3D BI-RME Method

A.A. San-Blas, F. Mira, V.E. Boria, B. Gimeno, M. Bressan, G. Conciauro, P. Arcioni

TU1C-4: On the Rigorous Calculation of All Ohmic Losses in Rectangular Waveguide Multi-Port Junctions

M. Taroncher, S. Cogollos, V.E. Boria, A. Vidal, J. Hueso, B. Gimeno, I. Hidalgo

TU1C-5: On the Definition and the Derivation of the Characteristic Parameters of Coupled Lines and Application to MoM Analysis

M. Farina, A. Morini, T. Rozzi


Chair: T. Tokumitsu * Co-chair: D.E. Meharry

Amplifiers and mixers incorporating a variety of devices such as CMOS, SiGe, pHEMT and new GaAsSb-based DHBT will be presented. Each circuit contains a new circuit topology for: low distortion, miniature die size, extremely low power dissipation, high integration, or dual functions.

TU1D-1: Intermodulation Reduction Concept for Cascode RF Amplifiers

Z.M. Nosal

TU1D-2: Attenuation Compensation Techniques in Distributed SiGe HBT Amplifiers Using Highly Lossy Thin Film Microstrip Lines

C. Schick, T. Feger, E. Soenmez, K.B. Schad, A. Trasser, H. Schumacher

TU1D-3: Micro-power Amplifiers for Wireless PAN Applications

B.G. Perumana, C. Lee, J. Laskar, S. Chakraborty

TU1D-4: Highly-integrated Low-power WCDMA SiGe Transceiver for Mobile Terminals

H. Shih, T. Fu, Y. Chen, J. Liu, P. Su, K. Juang, T. Yang

TU1D-5: One Single Traveling-wave MMIC for Highly Linear Broadband Mixers and Variable Gain Amplifiers

I. Kallfass, H. Schumacher, T. Purtova, A. Brokmeier, W. Ludwig

TU1D-6: First Demonstration of Low Power Monolithic Transimpedance Amplifier Using InP/GaAsSb/InP DHBTs

X. Zhu, J. Wang, D. Pavlidis, S. Hsu


Chair: M. Yu * Co-chair: S. Kanamaluru

The session presents new ideals and latest progresses in microwave filter theory and synthesis techniques.

TU1E-1: Cascaded Singlets Realized by Node Insertions

H.C. Bell

TU1E-2: Direct-coupled Realizations for Microwave Bandstop Filters

R.J. Cameron, Y. Wang, M. Yu

TU1E-3: A Design Technique for Symmetric Dualband Filters

G. Macchiarella, S. Tamiazzo

TU1E-4: Coupling Matrix Synthesis for a New Class of Microwave Filter Configuration

F. Seyfert, R.J. Cameron, J.C. Faugere

TU1E-5: Inhomogeneous Stepped-impedance Corrugated Waveguide Low-pass Filters

R. Levy

10:10 AM


LBCC Grand Ballroom

1:20 TO 3:00 PM


Chair: I. Gresham * Co-chair: G. Hopkins

Remote sensor applications, RFID and tracking.

TU3A-1: Location Tracking with Directional Antennas in Wireless Sensor Networks

C. Yang, S. Bagchi, W.J. Chappell

TU3A-2: Environmental Effects on RFID Tag Antennas

D.M. Dobkin, S.M. Weigand

TU3A-3: RF Barcodes Using Multiple Frequency Bands

I. Jalaly, I.D. Robertson

TU3A-4: A Conformal 10 GHz Rectenna for Wireless Powering of Piezoelectric Sensor Electronics

C. Walsh, S. Rondineau, M. Jankovic, Z. Popovic, G. Zhao

TU3A-5: A Novel Small Tapered Slot Antenna for Passive Imaging Sensors

M. Sato, T. Hirose

TU3A-6: Cement Kiln Temperature Measurements Using Microwave Radiometry

K.D. Stephan, E. Ryza, J.A. Pearce, L. Wang


Chair: H.C. Huang * Co-chair: Z. Bardai

Hot carrier effects become an important consideration as device dimensions shrink to address higher frequency of operation. SiGe mixers have increasing importance due to potential for high level of integration and low cost. This session addresses the hot carrier effects in both GaAs and silicon circuits, 5 GHz mixer development, as well as tunable elements and isolation issues for insulating and silicon substrates.

TU3B-1: Distortion Free Varactor Diode Topologies for RF Adaptivity

K. Buisman, L.C. de Vreede, M. Spirito, A. Akhnoukh, T.L. Scholtes, L.K. Nanver, L.E. Larson

TU3B-2: Impact of Hot Carrier Stress on RF Power Characteristics of MOSFETs

S. Huang, D. Yang, C. Chang, K. Chen, G. Huang, V. Liang, H. Tseng

TU3B-3: Hot Carrier Effect on Power Performance in CaAs PHEMT MMIC Power Amplifiers

Y. Chou, R. Grundbacher, R. Lai, B. Allen, B. Osgood, A. Sharma, Q. Kan, D. Leung, D. Eng, P. Chin, T. Block, A. Oki

TU3B-4: Isolation Issues in Multifunctional Si/SiGe ICs at 24 GHz

E. Sonmez, S. Chartier, A. Trasser, H. Schumacher

TU3B-5: A Fully Integrated 5.2 GHz SiGe HBT Upconversion Micromixer Using Lumped Balun and LC Current Combiner

T. Wu, C. Meng, T. Wu, G. Huang

TU3B-6: A 5.8 GHz SiGe HBT Direct-conversion I/Q-channel Sub-harmonic Mixer for Low Power and Simplified Receiver Architecture

B.G. Choi, C.S. Park


Chair: L. Roselli * Co-chair: M. Celuch

Microwave and millimetre wave technology improvements generate an increasing demand for sophisticated and efficient analysis and design tools.

TU3C-1: Transfer Function Representation of Passive Electromagnetic Structures

Y. Kuznetsov, A. Baev, T. Shevgunov, M. Zedler, P. Russer

TU3C-2: State Space System Representation of Time Domain Responses from Electromagnetic Simulations

K. Naishadham, J.E. Piou

TU3C-3: Domain Decomposition FDTD Algorithm Combining with Numerical TL Calibration Technique for Parameter Extraction of Substrate Integrated Circuits

F. Xu, K. Wu

TU3C-4: Low Reflection Macromodels for a Stable FDTD Scheme Operating with Highly Refined Local Meshes

P. Sypek, L. Kulas, M. Mrozowski

TU3C-5: A Novel Wave Separation Scheme for the Extraction of S-parameters in Non-TEM Waveguides for the FVTD Method

D. Baumann, C. Fumeaux, R. Vahldieck

TU3C-6: A Multigrid-enhanced Iterative ADI Method

S. Wang, J. Chen


Chair: R. Weigel * Co-chair: C. Ruppel

BAW/FBAR technology has recently emerged as a preferred technology for the realization of miniaturized high performance RF filters and duplexers for wireless applications like cellular phones for US PCS application. In US PCS CDMA systems due to the small frequency separation of only 20 MHz between transmit and receive bands, duplexer filters with steep skirts, a narrow roll-off band and strong nearby selectivity are required. In addition, the duplexer filters are expected to satisfy the more general requirements of low insertion attenuation of typically 3 to 3.5 dB, and a high power durability for the TX duplexer filter. These requirements may be met by bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and/or film bulk acoustic wave resonator (FBAR) filters. In this session design, fabrication and application of BAW/FBAR filters will be highlighted.

TU3D-1: Invited: High-Q Resonators Using FBAR/SAW Technology and Their Applications

M. Ueda, T. Nishihara, J. Tsutsumi, S. Taniguchi, T. Yokoyama, S. Inoue, Y. Satoh, T. Miyashita

TU3D-2: Invited: Ultra-miniature Monolithic FBAR Filters for Wireless Applications

D. Shim, Y. Park, K. Nam, S. Yun, D. Kim, B. Ha, I. Song

TU3D-3: Invited: The Effect of Perimeter Geometry on FBAR Electrical Performance

R. Ruby, J. Larson

TU3D-4: Invited: A Tunable Bandpass BAW Filter Architecture and Its Application to WCDMA Filter

J.F. Carpentier, C. Tilhac, G. Caruyer, P. Ancey, F. Dumont, G. Parat

TU3D-5: Invited: Energy Loss Mechanisms in SMR-type BAW Devices

R. Thalhammer, R. Aigner

TU3D-6: Invited: Comparison of Mode-conversion, Energy-trapping and Lateral Acoustic Coupling in FBAR and SBAR

R.F. Milsom, H-P. Lobl, F. Vanhelmont, A.B.M. Jansman, J-W. Lobeek, A. Tuinhout

TU3D-7: Invited: Design Flow and Methodology on the Design of BAW Components

E. Schmidhammer, B. Bader, W. Sauer, M. Schmiedgen, H. Heinze, C. Eggs, T. Metzger

TU3D-8: Invited: Simulation of Transverse Effects in FBAR Devices

A. Reinhardt, V. Laude, S. Ballandras

3:30 TO 5:10 PM


Chair: H-W. Yao * Co-chair: J. Modelski

The session presents new ideals and latest progresses in planar microwave filter design and implementation.

TU4A-1: Symmetrical Realization for Predistorted Microwave Filters

M. Yu, R.J. Cameron, D.J. Smith, V. Dokas, Y. Wang

TU4A-2: LTCC Wide-band Canonical Ridge Waveguide Filters

M.M. Fahmi, K.A. Zaki, J.A. Ruiz-Cruz, A.J. Piloto

TU4A-3: Parallel Coupled Line Notch Filter with Wide Spurious-Free Passbands

R.V. Snyder, S. Shin

TU4A-4: A 26 GHz Band Dielectric Waveguide Diplexer with Flange Interfaces

K. Sano, K. Ito

TU4A-5: Embedded Dielectric Resonator Filter in Layered Polymer Packaging

W. She, E.E. Hoppenjans, W.J. Chappell

TU4A-6: Discrete Tunable Dielectric Resonator for Microwave Applications

G. Panaitov, R. Ott, N. Klein

TU4A-7: Rectangular Waveguide Elliptic Filters with Capacitive and Inductive Irises and Integrated Coaxial Excitation

J.A. Ruiz-Cruz, J.R. Montejo-Garai, J.M. Rebollar, K.A. Zaki

TU4A-8: Novel Waveguide Filters with Multiple Attenuation Poles Using Frequency Selective Surfaces

M. Ohira, H. Deguchi, M. Tsuji, H. Shigesawa


Chair: C.P. Wen * Co-chair: D. Hornbuckle

Issues critical to microwave component miniaturization, performance optimization, manufacturing cost reduction and some of the emerging technologies are discussed in this session. Included are high density silicon based RFICs, GaN MMICs and carbon nano-tube circuits.

TU4B-1: CMOS Antenna Tuning Unit for 2.4 GHz ISM Band

P. Sjblom, H. Sjland

TU4B-2: 800 MHz-2.5 GHz Miniaturized Multilayer Symmetrical Stacked Baluns for Silicon Based RF ICs

K. Ma, J. Ma, L. Jia, B. Ong, K. Yeo, M. Do

TU4B-3: Very High Density RF MIM Capacitor Compatible with VLSI

K. Chiang, C. Lai, H. Kao, A. Chin, S. McAlister

TU4B-4: Impact of Design on High Frequency Performances of Advanced MIM Capacitors Using SiN Dielectric Layers

J. Piquet, C. Bermond, T. Lacrevaz, B. Blampey, B. Flechet, G. Angenieux, M. Thomas, A. Farcy, J. Torres

TU4B-5: Low Noise and High Gain RF MOSFETs on Plastic Substrates

H. Kao, B. Hung, K. Chiang, Z. Lai, G. Samudra, A. Chin, S. McAlister

TU4B-6: A K-band AlGaN/GaN HFET MMIC Amplifier on Sapphire Using Novel Superlattice Cap Layer

M. Nishijima, T. Murata, Y. Hirose, M. Hikita, N. Negoro, H. Sakai, Y. Uemoto, K. Inoue, T. Tanaka, D. Ueda

TU4B-7: A Poly-Si Gate Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor for High Frequency Applications

S. Kim, L. Rabieirad, J. Jeon, S. Mohammadi, T. Choi, M. Shim


Chair: M.M. Tentzeris * Co-chair: W.J.R. Hoefer

This session deals with new applications of time domain methods as well as technical problems associated with combined electromagnetic, solid-state and acoustic simulations. The first group of papers shows results for SAW filters (combined EM and acoustic simulations) computed in time-domain, the development and modeling of 3D metamaterials with negative refractive index and simulation results for slow-wave structures. The last papers deal with the modeling of gyro-magnetic materials and the fast simulation of pin-diode switches.

TU4C-1: Analysis of the Frequency Response of SAW Filters Using Finite-difference Time-domain Method

K. Wong, W. Tam

TU4C-2: Topology and Design of Wideband 3D Metamaterials Made of Periodically Loaded Transmission Line Arrays

W.J. Hoefer, P.P. So, D. Thompson, M.M. Tentzeris

TU4C-3: Efficient Finite-difference Time-domain (FDTD) Modeling of Periodic Leakywave Structures

T. Kokkinos, C.D. Sarris, G.V. Eleftheriades

TU4C-4: Transient Modeling of Gyromagnetic Materials with the TLM Inter-cell Network Concept

H. Du, P.P. So, W.J. Hoefer

TU4C-5: Efficient Modeling of PIN Diode Switches Employing Time-domain Electromagnetic-physics-based Simulators

Y.A. Hussein, S.M. El-Ghazaly, S.M. Goodnick


Chair: D. Adam * Co-chair: B. El-sharawy

This session comprises seven papers covering recent developments in ferrite phase shifters, lumped element circulators, left-handed ferrite waveguides, microwave inductors and magnetostatic wave (MSW) oscillators.

TU4D-1: Stress Related Insertion Loss in Longitudinal Field Ferrite Devices

C.R. Boyd, Jr.

TU4D-2: Left-handed Rectangular Waveguides Periodically Filled with Ferrite

T. Ueda, M. Tsutsumi

TU4D-3: Low Loss Two-port Lumped Element Isolator Using Improved Gyrator Circuit

T. Hasegawa, T. Makino, S. Hino, K. Ohira, T. Okada

TU4D-4: Design Optimization of Lumped Element Circulator Based on Inductance Eigenvalue Evaluation

T. Miura

TU4D-5: Duplexing Ferrite Reciprocal Phase Shifters

C.R. Boyd, Jr.

TU4D-6: Ferromagnetic RF Integrated Inductor with Closed Magnetic Circuit Structure

M. Yamaguchi, S. Bae, K. Kim, K. Tan, T. Kusumi, K. Yamakawa

TU4D-7: Tunable and Simple Microwave Detector Using MSW Oscillator

K. Horikawa, T. Kodera


Chair: B. Spielman * Co-chair: T. Kemerley

This focused session will deal with emerging technologies and applications involving a large number of distributed, extremely small sensors that independently collect information, possibly interpret that information, and communicate a response to the other sensors as an ad hoc network and/or a central location to effect a collective objective. These technologies have potential for impacting: defense applications, medical applications, agricultural management, structure and earthquake monitoring, industrial controls, machinery condition monitoring, transportation and shipping, power grid monitoring and management, fire fighting and rescue operations, home automation, and interactive toys. The presenters will be asked to, when possible, address issues relating to chip and sensor integration and packaging, software/middleware (including self-organizing and self-repairing networking protocols and security issues), and operating systems. The session will focus on applications involving MOTES, MEMS and RF sensors.

TU4E-1: Invited: A Vision for Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Horton

TU4E-2: Invited: The Intel Mote Platform: Bluetooth-based Sensor Networks and Applications

R.M. Kling

TU4E-3: Invited: Defense Applications for Large Numbers of Distributed Small Sensors

R. Parker, B. Schott

TU4E-4: Invited: Networked Informechanical Systems (NIMS): Next Generation Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring

W. J. Kaiser

TU4E-5: Invited: Fine Grained Composition of Distributed Sensor System Infrastructure

V. Subramonian, C. Gill


8:00 TO 9:40 AM


Chair: R.Y. Miyamoto * Co-chair: J. Navarro

Beam-steering systems are advantageous due to the capability of fast steering and robustness in mobile communications. This session presents recent advances in phased arrays and retro-directive systems.

WE1A-1: Transmit Receive Module for Space Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) and Unified S-band (USB) Satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT & C) and Comm.

S. Bharj, M. Thaduri, N. Patel, L. Qu, P. Oleski, R.W. Patton

WE1A-2: A Broadband Millimeter-wave Dual Polarized Phased Array for Radar Front End Applications

L. Schulwitz, A. Mortazawi

WE1A-3: Design of MMIC Based Electronically Steerable RF Multi-beamformer for 3D Radars

S. P. A. K. Singh, M.R. Y. C. S

WE1A-4: A Retrodirective Array with Interference Rejection Capability

D.S. Goshi, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh

WE1A-5: Adaptive Power Controllable Retrodirective Array System for Portable Battery Operated Applications

S. Lim, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh

WE1A-6: A Combined Distributed Amplifier/True-time Delay Phase Shifter for Broadband Self-steering Arrays

G.S. Shiroma, R.Y. Miyamoto, W.A. Shiroma


Chair: C. Ruppel * Co-chair: R. Weigel

This session deals with bulk and surface acoustic wave (SAW and BAW) devices. It addresses the newest development trends and results in the fields of film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) components, acoustic charge transport (ACT) devices and theoretical results for SAW components fabricated from high-coupling substrate materials.

WE1B-1: Spurious Mode Supression in Coupled Resonator Filters

G.G. Fattinger, M.R. Fattinger, K. Diefenbeck, P. Moller, R. Aigner

WE1B-2: High-tone Bulk Acoustic Resonator Integrated with FBAR Filter on a Single Chip

W. Pang, H. Zhang, J. Kim, H. Yu, E. Kim

WE1B-3: Simulation of Stressed FBAR Thanks to a Perturbation Method

J. Masson, A. Reinhardt, S. Ballandras

WE1B-4: Study on Photo-induced Acoustic Charge Transport Effect in GaN Film

K. Hohkawa, C. Kaneshiro, K. Koh, K. Nishimura, N. Shigekawa

WE1B-5: Theoretical and Experimental Results of Ultra Wide Band and Arbitrary Band Width Ladder Type SAW Filters Using Ultra-high Coupling Zero TCF SiO2/Y-X LiNbO3 Substrates

K. Yamanouchi, Y. Satoh, H. Isono, D. Kawasaki

WE1B-6: Behavior of BAW Devices at High Power Levels

R. Aigner, N. Huynh, M. Handtmann, S. Marksteiner


Chair: E. Bryerton * Co-chair: L. Samoska

This session contains papers describing developments in multipliers, filters, detectors, receivers and enabling technologies from 180 GHz to 2.5 THz. These papers address the THz technology gap, helping to exploit many new and exciting applications in this underutilized frequency range.

WE1C-1: Integrated THz Receivers Based on NbN HEB Mixers and InP MMIC IF Amplifiers

F. Rodriguez-Morales, S. Yngvesson

WE1C-2: Development of a Multi-layer SU-8 Process for Terahertz Frequency Waveguide Blocks

C. H. Smith, H. Xu, N. S. Barker

WE1C-3: High Efficiency Heterostructure Barrier Varactor Frequency Triplers Using AlN Substrates

Q. Xiao, J.L. Hesler, T.W. Crowe, R.M. Weikle, Y. Duan, B.S. Deaver

WE1C-4: Semimetal Semiconductor Junctions for Low Noise Zero-bias Rectifiers

A.C. Young, J.D. Zimmerman, E.R. Brown, A.C. Gossard

WE1C-5: Design and Characterization of 180 GHz Filters in Photoimageable Thick-film Technology

D. Stephens, P.R. Young, I.D. Robertson


Chair: Y. Tajima

This session on non-linear device modeling encompasses large-signal power device models and contemporary neural net models representing techniqus suitable for state-of-the-art circuit dsign and characterization.

WE1D-1: Large Signal Modeling of High Voltage GaAs Power HBTs

M. Rudolph, R. Doerner

WE1D-2: Design of Power FETs Based on Coupled Electro-Thermal-Electromagnetic Modeling

D. Denis, I.C. Hunter, C.M. Snowden

WE1D-3: Improvement of PHEMT Intermodulation Prediction Through the Accurate Modeling of Low Frequency Dispersion Effects

A. Raffo, G. Vannini, A. Santarelli, P. Traverso, F. Filicori, M. Pagani, F. Palomba, F. Scappaviva

WE1D-4: Nonlinear HEMT Modeling Using Artificial Neural Network Technique

J. Gao, L. Zhang, J. Xu, Q. Zhang

WE1D-5: Efficient PA Modeling Using Neural Network and Measurement Set-up for Memory Effect Characterization in the Power Device

A.M. Ahmed, E.R. Srinidhi, G. Kompa

WE1D-6: A State-space Modeling Approach for Dynamic Nonlinear Microwave System Based on Large Signal Time Domain Measurements

A. Cidronali, C. Accillaro, G. Manes, M. Myslinski, D. Schreurs


Chair: A. Platzker * Co-chair: J.L. Heaton

New state of the art power and efficiency results are documented for high power GaN HFETs in this session. New passivation schemes and dynamic gate bias technique are described, together with an experimental dispersion investigation and very high temperature operation.

WE1E-1: 150 W GaN-on-Si RF Power Transistors

W. Nagy, S. Singhal, R. Borges, W. Johnson, J. Brown, R. Therrien, A. Chaudhari, A. Hanson, J. Riddle, S. Booth, P. Rajagopal, E. Piner, K. Linthicum

WE1E-2: High Power, High Efficiency, AlGaN/GaN HEMT Technology for Wireless Base Station Applications

R. Vetury, Y. Wei, D. Green, S. Gibb, T. Mercier, K. Leverich, P. Garber, M. Poulton, J.B. Shealy

WE1E-3: C-band Single-chip GaN-FET Power Amplifiers with 60 W Output Power

Y. Okamoto, A. Wakejima, Y. Ando, T. Nakayama, K. Matsunaga, H. Miyamoto

WE1E-4: A C-band AlGaN/GaN HEMT with CAT-CVD SiN Passivation Developed for an Over 100 W Operation

Y. Kamo, T. Kuniim H. Takeuchi, Y. Yamamoto, M. Totsuka, T. Shiga, H. Minami, T. Kitano, S. Miyakuni, T. Oku, A. Inoue, T. Nanjo, Y. Tsuyama, R. Shirahana, K. Iyomasa, K. Yamanaka, T. Ishikawa, T. Takagi, K. Marumoto, Y. Matsuda

WE1E-5: Dynamic Gate Bias Technique for Improved Linearity of GaN HFET Power Amplifiers

A.M. Conway, Y. Zhao, P.M. Asbeck, M. Micovic, J.S. Moon

WE1E-6: Experimental Investigation of DC-RF Dispersion in AlGaN/GaN HFET GaAs Using Pulsed I-V and Time-domain Waveform Measurements

P. McGovern, P. Tasker

WE1E-7: High Temperature Operation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT

N. Adachi, Y. Tateno, S. Mizuno, A. Kawano, J. Nikaido, S. Sano


Chair: I. Hunter

This session will present recent advances in the synthesis and implementation of band reject filters. The presentations will include absorptive and dual mode bandstop filters and recent advances in high performance dual resonator filters.

WE1F-1: Compact, Frequency-agile, Absorptive Bandstop Filters

D.R. Jachowski

WE1F-2: Perfectly Matched Bandstop Filters Using Lossy Resonators

A.C. Guyette, I.C. Hunter, R.D. Pollard, D.R. Jachowski

WE1F-3: High Rejection Multilayer C-band DBR Planar Filter

Y. Clavet, E. Rius, C. Quendo, C. Person, J. Favennec, C. Zanchi, P. Moroni, J. Cayrou, J. Cazaux

WE1F-4: Ku-band Microstrip Diplexer Based on Dual Behavior Resonator Filter

A. Manchec, E. Rius, C. Quendo, C. Person, J. Favennec, P. Moroni, J. Cayrou, J. Cazaux

WE1F-5: Miniaturized High Rejection C-band Planar Band-pass Filter for a Spatial Application

E. Rius, C. Quendo, Y. Clavet, A. Manchec, C. Person, J. Favennec, P. Moroni, J. Cayrou, J. Cazaux

WE1F-6: Dual-band Filters for WLAN Applications on Liquid Crystal Polymer Technology

R. Bairavasubramanian, S. Pinel, J. Papapolymerou, J. Laskar, C. Quendo, E. Rius, A. Manchec, C. Person


Chair: J. Taub * Co-chair: C. Buntschuh

This session features advances in balun design including a second order lattice circuit, compact multilayer structures, ultra wide band bandwidth and operation at millimeter-wave lengths. The session also features a novel right/left-handed transmission structure applicable to new miniature bandpass filters.

WE1G-1: Is the Second Order Lattice Balun a Good Solution in MMICs? A Comparison with a Direct Coupled Transformer Balun

D.U. Kuylenstierna, P. Linner, B. Hansson

WE1G-2: Analysis and Design of Compact Wideband Baluns on Multilayer Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Based Substrates

V. Govind, W. Yun, V. Sundaram, M. Swaminathan, S. Dalmia, G. White

WE1G-3: Wideband, Low Loss and Compact 3D LTCC Balun with Asymmetric Structure for Millimeter-wave Applications

N. Kidera, S. Watanabe, K. Watanabe, S. Pinel, J. Laskar

WE1G-4: An Ultra-wideband Microwave Balun Using a Tapered Coaxial Coil Structure Working from kHz Range to Beyond 26.5 GHz

G. A. Hofbauer

WE1G-5: Narrow Passband Response of Unbalanced CRLH Transmission Line Structure Composed of Capacitively Coupled Dielectric Resonators

Y. Horii, C. Caloz, T. Itoh

10:10 TO 10:50 AM


Chair: A. Mortazawi * Co-chair: W. Shiroma

The cost of a conventional phased array depends mainly on the cost of phase-shifting elements. In this session, several papers on various beam steering techniques as well as techniques for optimizing phased array performance are presented.

WE2A-1: A Phase and Amplitude Control Front End Chip in SiGe for Phased-Array C-band Radar Applications

H. Thiesies, H. Berg

WE2A-2: Ka-band 32 GHz Planar Integrated Switched-beam Smart Antenna

A. Liu, C.C. Tzuang, R. Wu, H. Wu

WE2A-3: A Uni-planar Fed 2-D Slot Array for Digital Beamforming

S. Kim, Y.E. Wang

WE2A-4: Wideband Reflective Array Based on Loaded Metal Rings

A.E. Martynyuk, J.I. Martinez Lopez, J. Rodriguez Cuevas, Y.K. Sydoruk

WE2A-5: Reduction of Mutual Coupling in Active Antenna Arrays by Optimized Interfacing between Antennas and Amplifiers

T.M. Brauner, R. Vogt, W. Bachtold

WE2A-6: A New Beam Direction Finding Circuit Based on Six Port Technology

S.O. Tatu, T.A. Denidni


Chair: B. York * Co-chair: S. Gevorgian

Tunable dielectric materials show promise for low-cost frequency-agile and reconfigurable RF applications. This session explores emerging materials such as BST and BZN, methods for RF characterization of vertical and planar integrated capacitors using these materials, and integration in RF circuits using thin-film and thick-film techniques. Low-cost HTCC-compatible and LTCC-compatible phase-shifter circuits are presented, along with tunable matching networks for dynamic impedance control and tunable filters. Intermodulation distortion of such tunable filters is also explored under high-power operation. A mm-wave beam-steering lens is presented with a high figure of merit of 124[degrees]/dB.

WE2B-1: Demonstration of 124[degrees]/dB Phase Tuning at 30 GHz for a Bulk Ferroelectric Beam Steering Device

O. Tageman, S. Gevorgian, L. Carlsson, D. Iddles, P. Filhol, V.O. Sherman, A.K. Tagantsev

WE2B-2: Cost Effective Ferroelectric Thick Film Phase Shifter Based on Screen Printing Technology

W. Hu, D. Zhang, M.J. Lancaster, K. Yeo, T.W. Button, B. Su

WE2B-3: A Tunable Combline Bandpass Filter Using Barium Strontium Titanate Interdigital Varactors on an Alumina Substrate

J. Nath, D. Ghosh, W.M. Fathelbab, J. Maria, A.I. Kingon, P.D. Franzon, M.B. Steer

WE2B-4: LTCC Compartible Ferroelectric Phase Shifters

A.N. Deleniv, S.S. Gevorgian, H. Jantunnen, T. Hu

WE2B-5: Continuously Tunable Impedance Matching Network Using Ferroelectric Varactors

P. Scheele, F. Goelden, A. Giere, S. Mueller, R. Jakoby

WE2B-6: Microwave Planar Capacitors Employing Low Loss, High-K and Tunable BZN Thin Films

J. Park, J. Lu, S. Stemmer, R.A. York

WE2B-7: Characterization of Thin Film BST Tunable Capacitors Using a Simple Two Port Measurement Technique

X. Zhu, D. Chen, Z. Jin, J.D. Phillips, A. Mortazawi

WE2B-8: Intermodulation Distortion in Wide-band Dual-mode Bulk Ferroelectric Bandpass Filters

T. Chakraborty, I. Hunter, R. Kurchania, A. Bell, S. Chakraborty


Chair: P. Siegel * Co-chair: K. Mizuno

This special focused session highlights both traditional and novel applications of THz Imaging; from space science to agriculture to biology and medicine. Five distinguished invited speakers will summarize their work in this very interesting and rapidly expanding field.

WE2C-1: Invited: Terahertz Space Applications and Technology

P. De Maagt, J. Charlton

WE2C-2: Invited: Terahertz Imaging Appl. in Spectroscopy of Biomolecules

E. Brundermann, U. Heugen, A. Bergner, R. Schiwon, B. Born, G.W. Schwaab, M. Heyden, M. Kruger, I. Kopf, G. Wollny, J. Samson, S. Ebbinghaus, K. Schrock, M. Havenith, D.R. Chamberlin, E.E. Haller

WE2C-3: Invited: New Applications of Millimeter-wave Incoherent Imaging

K. Mizuno, H. Matono, Y. Wagatsuma, S. Miyanaga, H. Warashina, H. Sato, Y. Yamanaka

WE2C-4: Invited: Terahertz Surface and Interface Characterization

T. Loffler, K.J. Siebert, T. Hahn, G. Loata, R. Wipf, M. Kress, M. Thomson, H.G. Roskos, N. Hasegawa

WE2C-5: Invited: Development of a Hand-held TPI System for Medical Applications

V.P. Wallace, A.J. Fitzgerald, B. Robertson, B. Cole, E. Pickwell


Chair: D. McQuiddy * Co-chair: J. Horton


Chair: P. Zampardi * Co-chair: A-V. Pham

This session presents a variety of power amplifier designs for wireless applications. The first papers discuss high performance W-LAN PAs. Then, several papers focusing on tunable/reconfigurable PAs are presented. The session concludes with a novel GaAs HFET cascode amplifier.

WE2E-1: Wideband Envelope Elimination and Restoration Power Amplifier with High Efficiency Wideband Envelope Amplifier for WLAN 802.11g Applications

F. Wang, D. Kimball, J. Popp, A. Yang, D.Y. Lie, P. Asbeck, L. Larson

WE2E-2: Enhanced Linearity and Efficiency of HBT Power Amplifiers for 5 GHz Wireless-LANs

T. Oka, M. Hasegawa, K. Fujita, M. Yamashita, M. Hirata, H. Kawamura, K. Sakuno

WE2E-3: CDMA Handset Power Amplifier with Diode Load Modulator

S. Kim, K. Lee, B. Kim, P.J. Zampardi

WE2E-4: A 900/1500/2000 MHz Triple-band Reconfigurable Power Amplifier Employing RF-MEMS Switches

A. Fukuda, H. Okazaki, S. Narahashi, Y. Yamao, T. Hirota

WE2E-5: A Novel Tunable Broadband Power Amplifier Module Operating from 0.8 GHz to 2.0 GHz

H. Zhang, H. Gao, G. Li

WE2E-6: Switch Less Impedance Matching Type W-CDMA Power Amplifier with Improved Efficiency and Linearity under Low Power Operation

T. Tanoue, M. Ohnishi, H. Matsumoto

WE2E-7: A High Efficiency, High Voltage, Balanced Cascode FET

A. Inoue, S. Goto, T. Kunii, T. Ishikawa, Y. Matsuda


Chair: Q.R. Chen

New ultra-wideband applications require specialized bandpass filters. Many systems also require filters with an extended stopband. These filters are realized in many different technologies including: broadside coupled microstrip, modified ground-plane and coplanar strips.

WE2F-1: An Ultra-wideband Bandpass Filter Using Broadside-coupled Microstrip-coplanar Waveguide Structure

K. Li, D. Kurita, T. Matsui

WE2F-2: Microstrip Bandpass Filters for Ultra-wideband (UWB) Wireless Communications

C. Hsu, F. Hsu, J. Kuo

WE2F-3: Microstrip Bandpass Filters with Ultra-broad Rejection Band Using Stepped Impedance Resonator and High-impedance Transformer

H. Wang, L. Zhu

WE2F-4: Parallel-coupled Microstrip Filters with Over-coupled Stages for Multispurious Suppression

J. Kuo, M. Jiang, M. Wu

WE2F-5: Miniature Microstrip Parallel-coupled Bandpass Filters Based on Lumped-distributed Coupled-line Sections

Y. Lin, H. Yang, C. Chen

WE2F-6: Serially-connected-series-stub Resonators and Their Applications in Coplanar Stripline Bandpass Filter Design

N. Yang, Z. Chen, X. Qing, Y. Guo


Chair: J. Owens * Co-chair: C. Nguyen

This session looks at five novel passive components. The first paper concerns a high performance 3-D inductors for applications with CMOS devices.

The second paper covers large 3-D toroidal inductor implemented on a silicon substrate. Next, a ring resonator using a right/left-handed transmission line is described. Then an integrated balanced filter with enhanced out-of-band rejection characterisitcs will be presented. Finally, an ultra-wideband bandpass filter embeded in an antenna will be described.

WE2G-1: High Performance Micro-machined Inductors on CMOS Substrate

D. Weon, J. Kim, J. Jeon, S. Mohammadi, L. P. Katehi

WE2G-2: Design of Toroidal Inductors Using Stressed Metal Technology

J. Kim, D. Weon, J. Jeon, S. Mohammadi, L.P. Katehi

WE2G-3: Design of Ring Resonator Mode Spacing and Bandwidth Using the Phase Response of Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Lines

C.A. Allen, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh

WE2G-4: An Integrated RF Balanced-filter with Enhanced Rejection Characteristics

L.K. Yeung, K. Wu

WE2G-5: Ultra-wideband Differential Mode Bandpass Filters Embedded in Self-complementary Antennas

A. Saitou, K. Sato, T. Koyama, K. Watanabe, H. Aoki, N. Satomi, K. Honjo

1:20 TO 3:00 PM


Chair: J. Lin * Co-chair: O. Boric-Lubecke

This session focuses on RF subsystems including transceiver architecture, module and IC integration techniques, and their applications in wireless communications. Five papers covering the topic of interference cancellation, pulse-width modulation, dual-band LTCC diplexers, and highly integrated transceivers in SiGe and CMOS, will be presented in this session.

WE3A-1: An Active Interference Canceller for Multistandard Collocated Radio

A. Raghavan, M.M. Tentzeris, J. Laskar, E. Gebara

WE3A-2: Novel High-rejection LTCC Diplexers for Dual-band WLAN Application

D. Orlenko, K. Markov, S. Royak, A. Gordiyenko, O. Chernyakov, T. Kerssenbrock, G. Sevskiy, P. Heide

WE3A-3: Bandpass Pulse-width Modulation (BP-PWM)

S. Rosnell, J. Varis

WE3A-4: A Single Chip SiGe BiCMOS Transceiver and SiGe Power Amplifier for 5.8 GHz WDCT Applications

R. Reimann, G. Krimmer, W. Bischof, S. Gerlach

WE3A-5: A Highly Integrated Dual Band Receiver IC for DAB

Y.H. Chen, S.F. Chen, C.F. Lee, K.C. Juang, Y.L. Yu, T.Y. Yang


Chair: B. Pillans * Co-chair: D. Peroulis

This session covers a wide range of device technology issues, including fabrication, failure analysis, architecture and packaging.

WE3B-1: Miniature RF MEMS Switched Capacitors

D. Mercier, K. Van Caekenberghe, G. Rebeiz

WE3B-2: A High-Q Low Voltage HARPSS Tunable Capacitor

P. Monajemi, F. Ayazi

WE3B-3: Modeling and Characterization of Dielectric Charging Effects in RF MEMS Capacitive Switches

X. Yuan, J.C. Hwang, D. Forehand, C.L. Goldsmith

WE3B-4: Modeling of the Dielectric Charging Kinetic for Capacitive RF-MEMS

S. Melle, D. De Conto, L. Mazenq, D. Dubuc, K. Grenier, L. Bary, R. Plana, O. Vendier, J. Muraro, J. Cazaux

WE3B-5: On the Dielectric Polarization Effects in Capacitive RF-MEMS Switches

G. Papaioannou, M. Exarchos, V. Theonas, G. Wang, J. Papapolymerou

WE3B-6: Wide-band Low-loss MEMS Packaging Technology

J.B. Muldavin, C. Bozler, S. Rabe, C. Keast


Chair: P. Blondy

This session presents the latest developments in electronically adjustable filters. Methods of tuning the center frequency and or bandwidth are presented. Tuning technologies include varactors, transistors and MEMs switches.

WE3C-1: Tunable Planar Combline Filter with Multiple Source/Load Coupling

M. Sanchez-Renedo, J.I. Alonso

WE3C-2: Novel Tunable Lowpass Filters Using Folded Slots Etched in the Ground Plane

R. Zhang, R.R. Mansour

WE3C-3: Single Switch Reconfigurable Bandpass Filter with Variable Bandwidth Using a Dual-mode Triangular Patch Resonator

C.A. Lugo, J. Papapolymerou

WE3C-4: Antenna Impedance Mismatch Measurement and Correction for Adaptive CDMA Transceivers

D. Qiao, Y. Zhao, T. Hung, D. Kimball, M. Li, P. M. Asbeck, D. Choi, D. Kelly

WE3C-5: New MMIC Approach for Low Noise High Order Active Filters

L. Darcel, P. Dueme, R. Funck, G. Alquie

WE3C-6: Active Impedance Profile Technique for Selective Tunable Active Filter with Gain

S. Dardillac, L. Billonnet, B. Jarry


Chair: A. Suarez * Co-chair: V. Rizzoli

This session presents a number of novel algorithmic and computational concepts and their application to the simulation of nonlinear microwave circuits and systems.

WE3D-1: Accurate and Efficient InCorp. of Frequency-domain Data within Linear and Non-linear Time-domain Transient Simulation

T. Brazil

WE3D-2: Simulation of Nonlinear RF Circuits Driven By Multi-carrier Modulated Signals

N.B. Carvalho, J.C. Pedro, W. Jang, M.B. Steer

WE3D-3: Harmonic-balance Technique for the Shortening of the Initial Transient of Microwave Oscillators

F. Ramerez, A. Suarez

WE3D-4: Large-signal Stability Analysis of Microwave Amplifiers under Complex Modulated Signals with Time-varying Envelope

A. Collado, A. Suarez, J.M. Collantes

WE3D-5: Circuit-level Nonlinear/Electromagnetic Co-simulation of an Entire Microwave Link

V. Rizzoli, A. Costanzo, D. Masotti, P. Spadoni

WE3D-6: Inferring Nonlinear Distortion Performance of Power Amplifiers Subject to Telecommunications Signals from Two Tone Measurements

J.C. Pedro, N.B. Carvalho


Chair: C. Weitzel * Co-chair: P. Asbeck

This session presents advances in power transistors that achieve higher output power, efficiency and reliability at frequencies ranging from L-band to W-band. It also covers advances in circuit technology, particularly in baseband power combining and quasi-optical techniques, that achieve new milestones in performance.

WE3E-1: A 28 V Over 300 W GaAs Heterojunction FET with Dual Field-modulating Plates for W-CDMA Base Stations

K. Ishikura, I. Takenaka, H. Takahashi, M. Kanamori, K. Hasegawa, K. Asano

WE3E-2: Distributed Effects in High Power RF LDMOS Transistors

K. Goverdhanam, W. Dai, M. Frei, D. Farrell, J. Bude, H. Safar, M. Mastrapasqua, T. Bambridge

WE3E-3: A High Power Density TaN/Au T-gate pHEMT with High Humidity Resistance for Ka-band Applications

H. Amasuga, S. Goto, T. Shiga, M. Totsuka, T. Kunii, T. Oku, T. Ishikawa, Y. Matsuda

WE3E-4: A Broadband Power Amplifier Design Based on the Extended Resonance Power Combining Technique

X. Jiang, A. Mortazawi

WE3E-5: Power and Spectral Regrowth Performance of 10 W and 16 W Ka-band Power Amps with Single-chip Output Stages

M.P. DeLisio, B.C. Deckman, C. Cheung, S.C. Martin, C.J. Rollison, J.J. Rosenberg, J. Eisenberg, G. Smith

WE3E-6: W-band Metamorphic HEMT with 267 mW Output Power

K.J. Herrick, K.W. Brown, F.A. Rose, C.S. Whelan, J. Kotce, J.R. Laroche, Y. Zhang


Chair: B. Kopp * Co-chair: K. Goverdhanam

This session will address packaging topics covering advanced materials and applications. Topics include noise reduction with electromagnetic bandgap structures, broad-band via architectures for multi-layer PCBs, the use of liquid crystal polymer packaging, an-isotropic conductive adhesives, and the use of structural porosity to realize variable ceramic dielectric constants.

WE3F-1: Noise Reduction and Design Methodology in Mixed Signal Systems with Alternating Impedance Electromagnetic Bandgap (AI-EBG) Structure

J. Choi, V. Govind, R. Mandrekar, M. Swaminathan, S. Janagama

WE3F-2: Broadband Dual-Via Architectures for Multilayer PCB Signal Injection and Intra-layer Transition

C. Metz, A. Lyons, T. Baras

WE3F-3: RF Characteristics of Thin Film Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Packages for RF MEMS and MMIC Integration

D. Thompson, N. Kingsley, G. Wang, M.M. Tentzeris, J. Papapolymerou

WE3F-4: Magnetically Aligned Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive for High Frequency Interconnects

Y. Huang, X. Gong, W.J. Chappell, T. Bruemmer, S.K. Khanna

WE3F-5: Variable Dielectric Constants by Structured Porosity for Passive Ceramic Components

W. She, W.J. Chappell, Z.N. Wing, J.W. Halloran


Chair: V. Krozer * Co-chair: J. Roychowdhury

This session covers the progress in linear and nonlinear analysis methods for coupled oscillators and oscillator coupling in array systems. It will also discuss stability analysis of oscillator arrays. The first two papers describe successful methods for coupled oscillator analyses. The following two papers focus on the trade-off between phase accuracy and phase-noise. The last two papers deal with harmonic-balance phase-noise analysis of unforced and injection locked coupled oscillator arrays.

WE3G-1: Invited: Fast and Accurate Simulation of Coupled Oscillators Using Nonlinear Phase Macromodels

X. Lai, J. Roychowdhury

WE3G-2: Invited: Oscillator Dynamics

M. Odyniec

WE3G-3: Invited: Phase Noise and Phase Accuracy in Multiphase LC Oscillators

C. Samori

WE3G-4: Invited: Trade-off Between Phase-noise and Signal Quadrature in Unilaterally Coupled Oscillators

T. Djurhuus, V. Krozer, J. Vidkjoer, T.K. Johansen

WE3G-5: Invited: Harmonic-balance Techniques for the Design of Coupled-oscillator Systems in Both Unforced and Injection-locked Operation

A. Suarez, A. Collado, F. Ramirez

WE3G-6: Invited: Low Phase Noise Oscillator Modeling in a System Environment

R. Quere, J.C. Nallatamby, A. Layec, M. Prigent

3:30 TO 5:10 PM


Chair: J. Horton * Co-Chair: T. Lee

This session includes the status of development of five technology areas that could provide improved enhanced system performances in the applications of microwave and millimeter wave technology to systems applications. Technologies being investigated include carbon nanotube devices, devices developed on diamond substrate, MEMS applications in microwave systems, photonic devices for direct modulation and new circuit designs for future systems.

WE4A-1: Invited: Carbon Nanotube Devices for GHz to THz Applications

P.J. Burke

WE4A-2: Invited: Diamond for High Power Electronics

E. Kohn, A. Denisenko

WE4A-3: Invited: MEMS for Future Microwaves Systems

H.J. De Los Santos, S. Rassoulian, J. Maciel

WE4A-4: Invited: Directly Modulated Photonic Devices for Microwave Applications

R.V. Penty, I.H. White, P. Hartmann, J.D. Ingham, X. Qian

WE4A-5: Invited: Circuit and System Design for Future Microwave Systems

L.E. Larson


Chair: J. Hayden

Co-chair: B. Lakshminarayanan

Papers in this session address the state-of-the-art in RF MEMS tunable and dynamically re-configurable components. Points of interest include W-band operation, power handling, reliability and new limits of circuit complexity.

WE4B-1: 6-15 GHz RF MEMS Tunable Filters

B.W. Pillans, A. Malczewski, R. Allison, J. Brank

WE4B-2: W-band RF MEMS Double and Triple-stub Impedance Tuners

G. Rebeiz, T. Vaha-Heikkila, J. Varis, J. Tuovinen

WE4B-3: A Novel MEMS Impedance Tuner Simultaneously Optimized for Maximum Impedance Range and Power Handling

Y. Lu, L.P. Katehi, D. Peroulis

WE4B-4: A Single-pole 6 Throw (SP6T) Antenna Switch Using Metal Contact RF MEMS Switches for Multi-band Applications

J. Lee, C. Je, S. Kang, C. Choi

WE4B-5: Multi-port RF MEMS Waveguide Switch

M. Daneshmand, R.R. Mansour


Chair: V.E. Boria

This session includes various types of dual mode filters. The first two papers will present bandpass and banstop filters using triangular microstrip resonators. Next is a dual mode filter realized in substrate integrated waveguide (SIW). Another SIW bandpass filter and a transversal filter complete this session.

WE4C-1: New Triangular Microstrip Lopp Resonators For Bandpass Dual-mode Filter Applications

R. Wu, S. Amari

WE4C-2: Microstrip Dual-mode Band Reject Filter

J. Hong

WE4C-3: Planar Asymmetric Dual-mode Filters Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW)

X. Chen, Z. Hao, W. Hong, T. Cui

WE4C-4: LTCC Technology for 40 GHz Bandpass Waveguide Filter

R. Valois, D. Baillargeat, S. Verdeyme, M. Lahti, T. Jaakola

WE4C-5: Two Simple Implementations of Transversal Filters with Coupling Between Non-resonant Nodes

D. Caoete-Rebenaque, F. Quesada-Pereria, J.G. Tornero, J.P. Garcia, A.A. Melcon


Chair: K. Remley * Co-chair: P. Draxler

This session presents recent advances in nonlinear behavioral modeling of microwave circuits and systems.

WE4D-1: RF Power Amplifier Behavioral Modeling Using Volterra Expansion with Laguerre Functions

A. Zhu, T.J. Brazil

WE4D-2: Detailed Analysis of IMD in an LDMOS RF Power Amplifier

J.P. Aikio, T.E. Rahkonen

WE4D-3: New Method for Phase Characterization of Nonlinear Distortion Products

J.C. Pedro, J.P. Martins, P.M. Cabral

WE4D-4: Behavioral Modeling of RF and Microwave Circuit Blocs for Hierarchical Simulation of Modern Transceivers

A. Soury, E. Ngoya, J. Rousset

WE4D-5: A New PA Behavioral Model Based on the Linearization of Multivariable Nonlinearities and Interpolation

Y. Shen, J. Tauritz


Chair: A. Fathy * Co-chair: M.D. Abouzahra

Extensive studies have been carried out to develop, improve, and invent new coupling and dividing structures. In this session we will report on a generalized synthesis technique for a two-way splitter, then discuss different technologies for a wideband coupler manufacturing, followed by a design procedure for a broadband high power branch-line coupler and a novel N-port series divider that utilizes composite right/left-handed transmission lines.

WE4E-1: Synthesis of a Compound T-junction for a Two Way Splitter with Arbitrary Power Ratio

S. Yang, A.E. Fathy

WE4E-2: A Broadband Surface Micromachined 15-45 GHz Microstrip Coupler

B. Pan, Y. Yoon, Y. Zhao, J. Papapolymerou, M.M. Tentzeris, M. Allen

WE4E-3: A Novel 20 to 40 GHz Monolithic Passive Differential Coupler for MMICs Applications

K.W. Hamed, A.P. Freundorfer, Y.M. Antar

WE4E-4: Design of a Compact Broadband Branch-line Hybrid

Y. Chun, J. Hong

WE4E-5: A Novel N-port Series Divider Using Infinite Wavelength Phenomena

A. Lai, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh


Chair: W. Heinrich * Co-chair: R.F. Drayton

These papers in this session address flip-chip packaging approaches in W-band, SiP concepts in V- and X-band, and a unique substrate solution for high-power transistors.

WE4F-1: W-band Flip-chip VCO in Thin-film Environment

F.J. Schmockle, F. Lenk, M. Hutter, M. Klein, M. Topper, K. Riepe, W. Heinrich, H. Oppermann, G. Engelmann

WE4F-2: The Flip-chip Mounted MMIC Technology Using the Modified MCM-D Substrate for Compact and Low Cost W-band Transceiver

S. Song, S. Kim, S. Yeon, S. Park, J. Lee, S. Lee, W. Choi, Y. Kwon, K. Seo

WE4F-3: Monolithic LTCC SiP Transmitter for 60 GHz Wireless Communication Terminals

Y. Lee, W. Chang, C. Park

WE4F-4: An X-band System-in-package Active Antenna Module

N. Khandelwal, R. W. Jackson

WE4F-5: An Improved Packaging Technology for RF Power Transistors

S. McCarthy, P. Smith, J. L. Walker


Chair: J. Whelehan * Co-chair: F. Danneville

Advances in the state-of-the art, from W-band low-noise amplifiers to low power SiGe amplifiers, are presented. In addition, an advanced concept for a Ka-band radiometer is reported. Finally, modeling of intrinsic noise sources in MOSFETs is described.

WE4G-1: An Ultra-low Power InAs/AISb HEMT W-band Low Noise Amplifier

J. Hacker, J. Bergman, G. Nagy, G. Sullivan, B. Brar, C. Kadow, H. Lin, A. Gossard, M. Rodwell

WE4G-2: A Lattice Matched InP Chip Set for a Ka-band Radiometer

D. Kettle, N. Roddis, R. Sloan

WE4G-3: Ka-band (35 GHz) 3-stage SiGe HBT Low Noise Amplifier

P.J. Riemer, B.R. Buhrow, J.D. Coker, B.A. Randall, R.W. Techentin, B.K. Gilbert, E.S. Daniel

WE4G-4: A Very Low Power SiGe LNA for UWB Application

Y. Park, C. Lee, J.D. Cressler, J. Laskar, A. Joseph

WE4G-5: The Extraction and Modeling of Intrinsic RF Noise Sources in 0.13 [micro]m MOSFETs

S. Venkataraman, B. Banerjee, C. Lee, J. D. Cressler, J. Laskar, J. Papapolymerou, A.J. Joseph, S.L. Sweeney

1:30 TO 4:30 PM


Chair: J.J. De Los Santos * Co-chair: R.L. Eisenhart

WEPA-1: A Frequency-differential Representation of Losses to Express Quality Factor in Terms of Reactance-slope Parameters for Three-dimensional, Arbitrarily-shaped Resonators

B.E. Spielman

WEPA-2: Multipactor Breakdown Prediction in Rectangular Waveguide-based Components

C. Vicente, B. Mottet, H.L. Hartnagel, M. Mattes, J. Mosig, D. Wolk, D. Raboso

WEPA-3: Waveguide Dielectric Phase Shifter with Fast Piezoelectric Control

V. Kazmirenko, Y. Poplavko, M. Jeong, S. Baik

WEPA-4: Realization Concepts for Compact Microstrip Antennas with Periodically Loaded Lines

M. Schealer, C. Damm, J. Freese, R. Jakoby

WEPA-5: Accurate Modal Representation of Arbitrarily Shaped Multiconductor Transmission Lines Enclosed in Homogeneous Waveguides

E. Taron-Taron, P. Soto-Pacheco, V.E. Boria-Esbert

WEPA-6: Analysis of Truncated 2D Periodic Structures

A.N. Deleniv

WEPA-7: High-Q Dielectric Resonator with Operated Slit (Tunability, Thermal Stability, Film Measurements)

A. Eremenko, D. Shmigin, V. Pashkov, V. Molchanov, Y. Poplavko

WEPA-8: Photonic Crystal Non-radiative Dielectric Waveguide

S. Tse, P.R. Young

WEPA-9: Method of Discrete Singularities in the Accurate Modeling of a Reflector Beam Waveguide

A.A. Nosich, Y.V. Gandel

WEPA-10: Characterization of Stripline Circuit by Planar Circuit/Equivalent Network and Demonstration of its Validity by 1D, 2D and 3D Analysis for Practical Structures

J. Hsu, T. Hiraoka, T. Ogawa

WEPB-1: A Congruent Compact Cell Approach for Global EM Analysis of Multi-scale Integrated Circuits

S. Wane, H. Baudrand, D. Bajon

WEPB-2: Solution of Homogeneous Electromagnetic Problems via the Tracking of the Matrix Eigenvalues: Application to the Analysis of NRD Components

M. Bozzi, S. Germani, L. Perregrini, D. Li, K. Wu

WEPC-1: Analysis of Distributed Multi-finger High-power Transistors Using the FDTD Method

G.F. Formicone, W. Burger, B. Pryor

WEPC-2: Circuit Modeling of Resonant Modes in MMIC Packages Using Time Domain Methods

B. Neuhaus, A. Beyer, T. Bolz

WEPC-3: Analysis of Multiconductor Transmission Lines with Frequency-dependent Parameters and Incident Electromagnetic Fields

G.S. Shinh, N. Nakhla, R. Achar, M. Nakhla, I. Erdin

WEPC-4: Time-domain Techniques for Computation and Reconstruction of One-dimensional Profiles

M. Rahman, R. Marklein

WEPC-5: High Throughput Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) System in Grid Environment for Microwave Design, Analysis and Optimizations

P. Lorenz, J.V. Vital, B. Biscontini, P. Russer

WEPC-6: The Complex Envelope (CE) ADI-FDTD Method

C. Ma, Z.D. Chen

WEPC-7: Haar-MRTD Time and Space Adaptive Grid Techniques for Practical RF Structures

N. Bushyager, M.M. Tentzeris

WEPD-1: A Space Mapping Method Allowing Models with Different Parameter Rank and Physical Meanings for Coarse and Fine Model

H. Bilzer, F. Frank, W. Menzel

WEPD-2: Restoration of Passivity in S-parameter Data of Microwave Measurements

D. Saraswat, R. Achar, M. Nakhla

WEPD-3: Modular Configuration Rprop/SF-ANN for Microwave Waveguide on EBG Structures Modeling

E.Q. Fernandes, P.F. Silva, M.B. Melo, A.G. D'Assuncao

WEPE-1: Implementable Space Mapping Approach to Enhancement of Microwave Device Models

J.W. Bandler, Q.S. Cheng, S. Koziel

WEPE-2: Empirical Model Generation Techniques for Planar Microwave Components Using Electromagnetic Linear Regression Models

J. Hinojosa, G. Domenech, J. Martonez, J. Garrigos

WEPF-1: New Interpolation and Smoothing Techniques for Nonlinear Models

R. Follmann, D. Koether, I. Wolff

WEPF-2: An Electro-thermal HBV Model

M. Ingvarson, J. Vukusic, A. Olsen, A. Emadi, J. Stake

WEPF-3: Large-signal PHEMT Switch Model which Accurately Predicts Harmonics and Two Tone Intermodulation Distortion

C. Wei, A. Klimashov, Y. Zhu, E. Lawrence, G. Tkachenko, C. Zhang

WEPF-4: A General Procedure for Extraction of Bias Dependent Dynamic Self Heating Model Parameters

K. Andersson, C. Fager, J.C. Pedro

WEPF-5: A Verilog-based Temperature-dependent BSIM4 Model for RF Power LD-MOSFETs

M.N. Marbell, J. Hwang, W. Dai, M. Frei, A. Shibib

WEPF-6: Large Signal HBT Model with Measurement-based Charge Formulations

S. Cheon, J. Lim, D. Park, J. Park

WEPG-1: Ultra Low Noise Low Cost Ultra Wideband N-Push VCO

U.L. Rohde, A.K. Poddar

WEPG-2: A Ka-band Direct Oscillation HBT VCO MMIC with Parallel Negative Resistor Circuit

K. Choumei, T. Matsuzuka, S. Suzuki, N. Ogawa, M. Komaru, Y. Matsuda, S. Hamano, K. Kawakami

WEPG-3: High Temperature Performance of a SiC MESFET Based Oscillator

Z.D. Schwartz, G.E. Ponchak

WEPG-4: Spurious Suppression Scheme by Phase Difference Control For Delta-Sigma Fractional-N PLL Synthesizer with Analog PD

K. Tajima, R. Hayashi, T. Takagi

WEPG-5: Linear Analysis of Ring-type Coupled ILO Array

C. Hsiao, T. Chu

WEPG-6: On Orbit Programmable Frequency Generation System for JCSAT 9 Spacecraft

L. Dayaratna, L. G. Ramos, M. Hirokawa, S. Valenti

WEPG-7: Power Efficient RF Pulse Compression Through Switched Resonators

S. Kim, X. Xu, Y.E. Wang

WEPH-1: Compact Colinear End-launcher for Rectangular Waveguides

M. Simeoni, C. Coman, I.E. Lager

WEPH-2: Novel Integrated Coaxial Line to Cylindrical Waveguide Directive Couplers in Pipelines for Process Monitoring Applications

A. Penirschke, J. Freese, R. Jakoby, B. Allenberg, J. Biebel

WEPI-1: A New Planar Marchand Balun

Z. Zhang, Y. Guo, L. Ong, M. Chia

WEPI-2: Miniaturization and Harmonic Suppression of Branch-line and Rat-race Hybrid Coupler Using Compensated Spiral Compact Microstrip Resonant Cell

J. Gu, C. Wang, X. Sun

WEPI-3: Design of Dual-band Waveguide Transformers

U. Rosenberg, J. Bornemann, S. Amari

WEPI-4: Ridge Waveguide Branch-line Directional Couplers for Wideband Applications and LTCC Technology

J.A. Ruiz-Cruz, J.M. Rebollar, Y. Zhang, K.A. Zaki, A.J. Piloto

WEPI-5: Matched Symmetrical Six-port Microstrip Coupler

Y. Chen, S.P. Yeo

WEPI-6: Compact Top-wall Hybrid/Coupler Design for Extreme Broad Bandwidth Applications

R. Beyer, U. Rosenberg

WEPI-7: Design of Novel Attenuator Structure with Quad Spiral Shaped Defected Ground Structure

Y. Jeong, D. Ahn

WEPI-8: Size Reduction of Coupled-microstrip 3 dB Forward Couplers by Loading with Periodic Shunt Capacitive Stubs

T. Fujii, I. Ohta

WEPI-9: A Novel Design of High Directivity CPW Directional Coupler Design by Using DGS

D. Kim, Y. Jeong, J. Kang, J. Kim, D. Ahn, C. Kim

WEPI-10: Dev. of a Low-loss Multilayered Broadband Balun Using Twin-thickness Thin-film

A.C. Chen, A.H. Pham, R.E. Leoni

WEPI-11: Design of Broadband Semi-lumped and Lumped Element Quadrature Hybrids

J. Yamasaki, I. Ohta, T. Kawai, Y. Kokubo

WEPJ-1: Folded-waveguide Resonator Filters

J. Hong

WEPJ-2: Modular Design of Dual-mode Filters Using Elliptic Cavities

S. Amari, Royal U. Rosenberg

WEPJ-3: Waveguide Filters with Ridged and Unequal Width Resonators

N. Yildirim, A. Hizal

WEPJ-4: An Efficient Optimization Design of a Manifold Multiplexer Using an Accurate Equivalent Circuit Model of Coupling Irises of Channel Filters

M. Uhm, J. Lee, J. Park, J. Kim

WEPK-2: A 20 GHz MOD-made BST Thin Film Tunable Phase Shifter for Phase Adjustment of Digital 360[degrees] PHEMT Phase Shifter

M. Noda, D. Popovivi, M. Okuyama, Y. Sasaki, M. Komaru

WEPK-3: Thickness Dependences on Microwave Tunable Properties for (Ba, Sr) Ti03 Thin Films in Planar Capacitor Structure

K. Kageyama, A. Sakurai, A. Ando, Y. Sakabe

WEPK-4: Wide Piezoelectric Tuning of LTCC Bandpass Filters

M. Al-Ahmad, R. Maenner, R. Matz, P. Russer

WEPK-5: Electrically Tunable and Temperature Compensated FBAR

W. Pang, H. Yu, H. Zhang, E. Kim

WEPL-1: Accurate In-situ Monitoring of Q-factor and BER Using Adaptive Sampling in a 10 Gb/s CMOS Optical Receiver IC

Y. Chang, S. Killmeyer, B. Gomatam

WEPL-2: A 1 GHz Continuous-time Sigma-Delta A/D Converter in 90 nm Standard CMOS

R. Schoofs, M. Steyaert, W. Sansen

WEPL-3: Design Rules for Mode Conversion Reduction in High-speed On-chip Interconnects

Y. Quere, T. Le Gouguec, P. Martin, D. Le Berre, F. Huret

WEPM-1: A 50 W LDMOS Current Mode 1800 MHz Class-D Power Amplifier

J. Kim, S. Stapleton, D. Han, J. Kim

WEPO-1: A Novel Process-controlled-monitor Structure Suitable for RF CMOS Characterization

C. Chiu, G. Huang, D. Chiu, K. Chen, M. Cho, S. Wang

WEPO-2: A Novel Multiresolution High-dynamic Ultra-broadband Time-domain EMI Measurement System

S. M. Braun, A. Alt, P. Russer

WEPO-3: Unified Parasitic De-Embedding Methodology of On-wafer Multi-port Device Characterization

M. Cho, G. Huang, C. Chiu, K. Chen

WEPO-4: Active Harmonic Load-pull for Characterizing Highly Mismatched High Power Transistors

Z. E. Aboush, J. Lees, J. Benedikt, P. Tasker

WEPO-5: A Signal Model to Extract Intrinsic Parameters of High-Q Dielectric Resonators from Noisy Measurements

K. Naishadham, J.E. Piou

WEPP-1: Application of the Multiplicative Regularized Contrast Source Inversion Method to Real Biological Data

A. Abubakar, S.Y. Semenov, V.G. Posukh, P.M. van den Berg

WEPP-2: The Scaled SAM Models and SAR for Handset Exposure at 835 MHz

A. Lee, H. Choi, J. Choi, J. Pack

WEPP-3: Influence of the Ear's Morphology on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Induced in a Child Head Using Two Source Models

A. Hadjem, C. Dale, M. Wong, J. Wiart, D. Lautru, V. Fouad Hanna, N. Gadi, I. Bloch

WEPQ-1: Detection of Moving Targets by Ground Bistatic Radar

G.A. Andreyev, A.V. Zhuravlev

WEPQ-2: Radar Imaging Using Noncoherent Sensors

F.B. Helmbrecht, E.M. Biebl

WEPQ-3: Robust Passive Shaping Network for Impulse Radio and UWB Signal Generator

A. Mollfulleda, J. Mateu, P. Miskovsky


8:00 TO 9:40 AM


Chair: T. Ruttan * Co-chair: J. Papaplymerou

Application of new or novel technologies to signal generation designs provide opportunities for improved performance and advancement of the state-of-the-art development. This session will present some novel signal generation technologies and report on the advances made in oscillator performance. These technologies include improvements to high power GaN oscillators with optimized field-plate HEMT structures, the use of active inductive feedback for improved wideband VCO design, a reconfigurable MEMS enabled LC tank circuit for multi-band CMOS oscillators, high-Q on-chip inductors used on a CMOS VCO, a low DC power InP VCO IC using resonant tunnel diode technology and a self-sustained oscillator using soliton pulse wave train.

TH1A-1: High Power GaN Oscillators Using Field-plated HEMT Structure

H. Xu, C. Sanabria, S. Heikman, S. Keller, U.K. Mishra, R.A. York

TH1A-2: Active-Inductor-based Low-power Broadband Harmonic VCO in SiGe Technology for Wideband and Multi-standard Applications

R. Mukhopadhyay, Y. Park, S. Yoon, C. Lee, J.D. Cressler, J. Laskar, S. Nuttinck

TH1A-3: Reconfigurable MEMS-enabled LC-tank for Multi-band CMOS Oscillator

R. Gaddi, A. Gnudi, E. Franchi, D. Guermandi, P. Tortori, B. Margesin, F. Giacomozzi

TH1A-4: A CMOS Voltage-controlled Oscillator Using High-Q On-chip Inductor Implemented in a Wafer-level Package

S. Yoon, S. Pinel, J. Laskar

TH1A-5: Low DC-power Ku-band RTD VCO-based on an InP Monolithic RTD/HBT Technology

S. Choi, Y. Jeong, K. Yang

TH1A-6: A Self-sustained Electrical Soliton Oscillator

D. S. Ricketts, X. Li, M. DePetro, D. Ham


Chair: J. Komiak * Co-chair: F. Sechi

This session describes advances in high power amplifiers. Coverage includes millimeter-wave SSPAs at V-band and Ka-/Q-band, a space X-band SSPA and a WCDMA Doherty SSPA.

TH1B-1: A V-band Eight-way Combined Solid-state Power Amplifier with 12.8 W Output Power

K. Ngo-Wah, J. Goel, Y. Chou, R. Grundbacher, R. Lai, G. Nassour, E. Divish, G. Schreyer, K. Whitney, A. Oki

TH1B-2: A Highly Efficiency and Linear Integrated PA for Ka-/Q-bands

A. Katz, R. Gray, J. Matsuoka

TH1B-3: X-band, 17 W, Solid State Power Amplifier for Space Applications

W.R. Boger, R.G. Honda, D.H. Burgess, C.R. Nuckolls

TH1B-4: 60 W Doherty Amplifiers Using High Gain 2-stage Hybrid Amplifier Modules

E.J. Crescenzi, Jr., R.S. Pengelly, S.M. Wood, R.E. Buss

TH1B-5: Linearity Optimization of a High Power Doherty Amplifier

K. Cho, S.P. Stapleton, I. Hwang, J. Kim


Chair: R. Emrick * Co-chair: G. Brehm

A number of novel and enabling technologies will be discussed that cover fundamental component areas including switches, antennas, multipliers, filters and waveguide devices. Each of these component types is important in enabling emerging higher frequency applications.

TH1C-1: DC to 135 GHz SPST and 15 to 135 GHz SPDT Traveling Wave Switches Using FET-integrated CPW Line Structure

Z. Tsai, M. Yeh, M. Lei, H. Chang, C. Lin, H. Wang

TH1C-2: Low-loss Quasi-optical Filters with Thick Silicon Substrates for Sub-mm Wave Frequency Multipliers

S. Biber, O. Guenther, L.P. Schmidt, M. Bozzi, L. Perregrini

TH1C-3: Opto Controlled Substrate Losses in a Coplanar Waveguide on HR-Si

G. Poesen, G. Koers, J. Stiens, R. Vounckx, G. Carchon, W. De Raedt

TH1C-4: Novel Microstrip Antenna Employing Stacked Rings on Multi-layer Ceramic Substrate for mm-wave Applications

T. Seki, N. Honma, K. Nishikawa, K. Tsunekawa

TH1C-5: Surface Mounted Millimeter Waveguide Devices Based on Metallized Dielectric Foam or Plastic Materials

D. Lohinetong, P. Minard, C. Nicolas, A. Louzir, J. Thevenard, J. Coupez, C. Person

TH1C-6: A 60 GHz Stripline BPF for LTCC System-in-package Applications

Y. Lee, C. Park


Chair: B. Jackson * Co-chair: A. Weisshaar

This session includes two papers on advanced linear modeling of noise and small signals in FETs. Two papers are presented on macro-modeling of interconnects. Lastly, two papers on efficient evaluation of capacitance between planar conductors; one paper on closed form expressions for capacitive coupling on multilayer films, and one paper that improves the efficiency of boundary-element-method-based capacitance extraction techniques.

TH1D-1: Verification of p-equivalent Circuit-based Microwave Noise Model on AIIIBV HBTs with Emphasis on HICUM

J. Herricht, P. Sakalas, M. Schroter, Y. Zimmermann, P. Zampardi, F. Korndorfer, A. Simukovic

TH1D-2: A New Parameter Extraction Method for GaN-based HEMT Small Signal Model

TH1D-3: Delay-Extraction Based Sensitivity Analysis of Multiconductor Transmission Lines with Nonlinear Terminations

N.M. Nakhla, M.S. Nakhla, R. Achar, A. Dounavis

TH1D-4: Guaranteed Passive Coupled-microstrip Interconnect Modeling Using Finite Element Method

S. You, E.F. Kuester

TH1D-5: Analytic Approximations for Multilayer Substrate Coplanar-plate Capacitors

S. Abadei, S. Gevorgian

TH1D-6: A Linear Time Implicit Congruence Sparsification Technique for BEM Capacitance Extraction

R. Jiang, C. Chen


Chair: H. van Bezouwen * Co-chair: J. Horton

This session was presented at the EuRAD Conference held in Amsterdam in October 2004 under the same title. For IMS 2005, the session was expanded into two sessions to include additional papers on space-based applications of electronically scanned phased arrays. This session, Part I, includes four airborne applications and a ground based application. Each application is analyzed to define technology advancements needed to meet the application requirements, e.g., space, power, efficiency and cost. This session includes four airborne applications and one mobile ground based application.

TH1E-1: Invited: Progress in Phased-array Radar Applications

U. Nickel, J. Ender, H. Wilden, R. Klemm, A. Brenner, T. Eibert, D. Nuessler

TH1E-2: Invited: Current Status of Airborne Active Phased Array (AESA) Radar Systems and Future Trends

H. Hommel, H.P. Feldle

TH1E-3: Invited: Status of a UAV SAR Designed for Repeat Pass Interferometry for Deformation Measurements

S. Hensley, K. Wheeler, G. Sadowy, T. Miller, Y. Lou, R. Muellerschoen, S. Madsen, P. Rosen, H. Zebker

TH1E-4: Invited: Naval Radar in a Littoral Environment

R. de Jongh

TH1E-5: Invited: Advanced Ground-based ESCAN Radars

U. Fuchs, W. Sieprath


Chair: D. Swanson * Co-chair: R. Mansour

This session includes a super-conducting filter design and a technique for tuning superconducting filters. Left handed transmission lines, aperture coupled filters and monolithic mm-wave filters are also presented in this session.

TH1F-1: High-order Superconducting Filter with Group Delay Equalization

J. Hong, E.P. McErlean, B. Karyamapudi

TH1F-2: Tuning Fork Filter Design for Hand Scribe Tuning

G. Tsuzuki, M.P. Hernandez, B.A. Willemsen

TH1F-3: A Novel Quasi Lumped-element Resonator Using a Left-handed Transmission Line Section

H. Salehi, R.R. Mansour

TH1F-4: Compact Bandpass Filters Using Defected Ground Structure (DGS) Coupled Resonators

A.B. Abdel-Rahman, A.R. Ali, A.S. Omar, S. Amari

TH1F-5: Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter-based on Defected Ground Structure and Compensated Microstrip Line

J. Li, J. Wang, Q. Xue, J. Chen

TH1F-6: A New Two-layer Bandpass Filter Using Stepped Impedance Hairpin Resonators for Wireless Applications

A. Djaiz, T. Denidni

TH1F-7: Design of Narrow Bandpass Filters for Millimeter-wave Applications up to 220 GHz

G. Prigent, E. Rius, K. Blary, H. Happy, S. Lepilliet, G. Dambrine, A. Cappy


Chair: A. Ferrero * Co-chair: J. Martens

The session covers RF and microwave large signal and active device measurements from component level characterization to load pull and system level testing.

TH1G-1: Mixer-based, Vector-corrected, Vector Signal/Network Analyzer Offering 300 kHz-20 GHz Bandwidth and Traceable Phase Response

P.S. Blockley, J.B. Scott, D.B. Gunyan

TH1G-2: An Improved Broadband Conversion Scheme for the Large Signal Network Analyzer

W. Van Moer, Y. Rolain

TH1G-3: Phase Characterization of Two-tone Intermodulation Distortion

C. Crespo-Cadenas, J. Reina-Tosina, M.J. Madero-Ayora

TH1G-4: Experimental Evaluation of an Active Envelope Load Pull Architecture for High Speed Device Characterization

T. Williams, J. Benedikt, P.J. Tasker

TH1G-5: Production Test Method for Evaluating the Effect of Narrow-band Interference on Data Errors in Ultra-wide-band (UWB) Receivers

S. Bhattacharya, R. Senguttuvan, A. Chatterjee

10:10 TO 11:50 AM


Chair: D. Elad * Co-chair: P. Khanna

Application of new or novel technologies to signal generation designs provide opportunities for improved performance and advancement of the state-of-the-art development. This session will present some novel signal generation technologies and report on the advances made in oscillator performance. These technologies include improvements to high power GaN oscillators with optimized field-plate HEMT structures, the use of active inductive feed-back for improved wideband VCO design, a reconfigurable MEMS enabled LC tank circuit for multi-band CMOS oscillators, high-Q on-chip inductors used on a CMOS VCO, a low DC power InP VCO IC using resonant tunnel diode technology and a self-sustained oscillator using soliton pulse wave train.

TH2A-1: Accurate Design of HBT VCOs with Flicker Noise Up-conversion Minimization, Using an Advanced Low-frequency Cyclostationary Noise Model

C. Gourdon, D. Baglieri, M. Camiade, J. Nallatamby, M. Prigent, J. Obregon

TH2A-2: A Fully Integrated 70 GHz SiGe Low Phase Noise Push-push Oscillator

R. Wanner, G. Olbrich, P. Russer, H. Schoufer, R. Lachner

TH2A-3: Low Phase Noise X-band Push-push Oscillator with Frequency Divider

M. Schott, F. Lenk, C. Meliani, W. Heinrich

TH2A-4: Design of Push-push Oscillators for Reducing 1/f Noise Upconversion

J. Choi, A. Mortazawi

TH2A-5: A Low Power, Low Phase Noise Local Oscillator for Chip-scale Atomic Clocks

A.S. Brannon, J. Breitbarth, Z. Popovic

TH2A-6: Low Power and Low Phase Noise 5.7 GHz LC VCO in OOK Transmitter for Neurosensory Application

P. Upadhyaya, M. Rajashekhraiah, D. Heo, D.M. Rector, Y.E. Chen


Chair: J. Staudinger * Co-chair: A. Katz

High linearity is a necessary requirement for the majority of new high power amplifier designs. This session reports on a variety of novel techniques for providing enhanced amplifier linearity. Topics include DSP linearization, memory effect correction, predistortion, feedforward and adaptive techniques.

TH2B-1: A Predistortion Linearization System for High Power Amplifiers with Low Frequency Envelope Memory Effects

W. Woo, J.S. Kenney

TH2B-2: Memory Effect Evaluation and Predistortion of Power Amplifiers

P.J. Draxler, J. Deng, D. Kimball, I. Langmore, P.M. Asbeck

TH2B-3: EDGE Transmitter with Commercial GSM Power Amplifier Using Polar Modulation with Memory Predistortion

G.J. Seegerer, G. Ulbricht

TH2B-4: Closed-loop Digital Pre-distortion with Memory Effects Using Genetic Algorithms

R. Sperlich, J.S. Kenney, J.A. Sills

TH2B-5: Positive Feedback Pilot Generation and Detection for Use in Feedforward Loop Control

R.N. Braithwaite

TH2B-6: The 3rd and 5th Order Base-band Component Injection for Linearization of Power Amplifier in Cellular Phone

N. Mizusawa, S. Kusunoki


Chair: D. Choudhury * Co-chair: P. Saunier

Recent advancement of device technologies enabled the development of monolithic transceiver components at millimeter wave frequencies. Several transceiver components including transmitters, amplifiers and diode chipsets are presented in this session using different semiconductor technologies.

TH2C-1: A 77 GHz Monolithic IMPATT Transmitter in Standard CMOS Technology

T. Al-Attar, A. Hassibi, T.H. Lee

TH2C-2: A 44 GHz High-linearity MMIC Medium Power Amplifier with a Low-loss Built-in Linearizer

J. Tsai, H. Chang, P. Wu, T. Huang, H. Wang

TH2C-3: Metamorphic 94 GHz Power Amp. MMICs

A. Tessmann, A. Leuther, H. Massler, M. Kuri, C. Schwoerer, M. Schlechtweg, G. Weimann

TH2C-4: Medium Power Amplifiers Covering 90-130 GHz for the ALMA Telescope Local Oscillators

L.A. Samoska, D. Pukala, A. Peralta, E. Bryerton, M. Morgan, D. Thacker, K. Saini, T. Boyd, M. Hu, A. Schmitz

TH2C-5: A mm-wave Diode-MMIC Chipset for Local Osc. Generation in the ALMA Telescope

M. Morgan, E. Bryerton, T. Boyd, D. Thacker, K. Saini, P. Cesarano, S. Weinreb

TH2C-6: InP/InGaAs-DHBT Distributed Amplifier MMICs Exceeding 80 GHz Bandwidth

K. Schneider, R. Driad, R.E. Makon, A. Tessmann, R. Aidam, R. Quay, M. Schlechtweg, G. Weimann


Chair: Q.J. Zhang * Co-chair: K.C. Gupta

This session presents recent breakthroughs in automated modeling and design of microwave circuits. Novel neural network formulations are developed for transient EM modeling, and for direct incorporation into EM simulations to speed up EM design. Integration of human design knowledge into microwave tuning is achieved using fuzzy logic. New milestones in space mapping are presented with advanced surrogate modeling and multi-modeling methodologies.

TH2D-1: Transient Electromagnetic Modeling Using Recurrent Neural Networks

H. Sharma, Q.J. Zhang

TH2D-2: A Neural Network Method for the Analysis of Multilayered Shielded Microwave Circuits

J. Pascual-Garcia, F.D. Quesada-Pereira, D. Caete-Rebenaque, J.L. Gomez-Tornero, A. Alvarez-Melcon

TH2D-3: Tuning of Microwave Filters by Extracting Human Experience Using Fuzzy Logic

V. Miraftab, R. Mansour

TH2D-4: Enhanced Surrogate Models for Stat. Design Exploiting Space Mapping Tech.

S. Koziel, J.W. Bandler, A.S. Mohamed, K. Madsen

TH2D-5: New Multimodel Aggressive Space Mapping Technique for the Efficient Design of Complex Microwave Circuits

H. Esteban, V. Boria, C. Bachiller, J. Morro, A. Coves


Chair: J. Horton * Co-chair: A. Moussessian

This session includes two papers generated from the EuRAD Conference held in October 2004 under the same title. Additional papers were added to cover development work in the US on similar applications. Each application is analyzed to define technology advancements needed to meet the application requirements, e.g., space, power, efficiency and cost. This session includes four spaceborne applications.

TH2E-1: Invited: Status and Trends for Space-borne Phased Array Radar

M. Ludwig, C. Buck, M. Suess, F. Coromina

TH2E-2: Invited: System Concepts and Technologies for High Orbit SAR

A. Moussessian, W. Edelstein, C. Chen, S. Madsen

TH2E-3: Invited: Digital Beam Forming Synthetic Aperture Radar

C. Heer, P.F. Shutie

TH2E-4: Invited: Design Considerations for Space-based Radar Phased Arrays

J.S. Herd, A.J. Fenn


Chair: M.S. Gupta * Co-chair: P. Russer

This session presents CPW, microstrip and rectangular waveguide synthetic transmission lines that leads to circuit miniaturization, enhance the range of characteristic impedance and bandwidth, and enable tunable propagation characteristics. The applications of these lines are demonstrated with different examples.

TH2F-1: Reconfigurable MEMS Transmission Lines with Independent ZO- and beta-tuning

B. Lakshminaryanan, T. Weller

TH2F-2: A Novel Feeding Technique for Antipodal Linearly Tapered Slot Array Antenna

H. ZhangCheng, H. Wei, C. JixIn, C. XiaoPing, W. Ke

TH2F-3: Design and Measurement of a Smart Tunable Periodic Material

L. Mercier, M. Thovenot, A. Crunteanu, B. Jecko, P. Blondy, J. Orlianges, C. Champeaux, A. Catherinot

TH2F-4: Propagation Characteristics of Wide Synthetic Quasi-TEM Transmission Line

S. Wang, C.K. Tzuang, H.S. Wu

TH2F-5: Experimentally Investigating Slow-wave Transmission Lines and Filters Based on Conductor-backed CPW Periodic Cells

K. Ma, J. Ma, M. Do, K. Yeo


Chair: L. Hayden * Co-chair: R. Henderson

This session spans advances in millimeter-wave probe fixturing, multiport measurement and statisical analysis of measurement errors. Additionally, characterization of thin dielectric samples, a probe array for biological samples and measurement of electro-textiles will be presented.

TH2G-1: A 220 GHz Wafer Probe Tip with Reduced Stray Fields

R.L. Campbell, M. Andrews, L. Bui

TH2G-2: A New Multiport Measurement-method Using a Two-port Network Analyzer

F. Lenk, R. Doerner

TH2G-3: Statistical Analysis of Random Errors from Calibration Standards

X. Chen

TH2G-4: New Methods for the Characterization of Thin Dielectric Samples at Low Frequencies

D. Koether, J. Berben, A. Bettray

TH2G-5: A Novel MEMS Probe Array for the Biological Measurement

J. Kim, C. Baek, J. Cho, Y. Kwon, Y. Kim, D. Oh, C. Cheon

TH2G-6: Measurement of Electrotextiles for High Frequency Applications

Y. Ouyang, W.J. Chappell

1:20 TO 3:00 PM


Chair: H.J. Kuno * Co-chair: S. Wetenkamp

This session represents recent advances in microwave and millimeter-wave signal generation techniques. The papers includes a triple tuned VCO at C- to Ku-band, a 60 GHz band sub-harmonically injection locked MMIC VCO, frequency-sweep lineralization for FMCW sensors, a tunable ring filter VCO with 25% bandwidth, a 38-43 GHz QVCO on 90 nm VLSI CMOS and a new 12 GHz HBT push-push VCO.

TH3A-1: Triply Wideband VCO with Triple Tuned Circuits in C-/Ku-band

M. Tsuru, K. Kawakami, K. Tajima, K. Miyamoto, M. Nakane, M. Miyazaki, T. Takagi

TH3A-2: A 60 GHz-band Subharmonically Injection Locked VCO MMIC Operating over Wide Temperature Range

S. Kishimoto, K. Maruhashi, M. Ito, T. Morimoto, Y. Hamada, K. Ohata

TH3A-3: Frequency Sweep Linearization for FMCW Sensors with High Measurement Rate

M. Pichler, A. Stelzer, P. Gulden, C. Seisenberger, M. Vossiek

TH3A-4: Design and Analysis of VCO with Tunable Ring Filter

H. Ishida, K. Araki

TH3A-5: 38-43 GHz Quadrature VCO on 90 nm VLSI CMOS with Feedback Frequency Tuning

F. Ellinger, H. Jaeckel

TH3A-6: A 12 GHz GaInP/GaAs HBT VCO Based on Push-push Output Extraction from Capacitive Common-node

J. Kim, N. Kim, H. Shin, S. Jeon, S. Moon


Chair: G. Heiter * Co-chair: K. Breuer

The specialization of radar systems to respond to new or expanded applications continues to prompt developments across diverse areas. The first paper of this session shows how a large, lightweight L-band antenna system can be built for deployment in space. Small, low-cost 24 GHz sensors integrated into automotive designs are described next, followed by a discussion of fast acquisition of targets using multiple antennas at X-band frequencies. The fourth paper concentrates on resolution improvements using time reversal techniques at 2 GHz. The final paper describes Kalman-filter signal-processing techniques applied to a 5 GHz system.

TH3B-1: An Active Membrane Phased Array Radar

A. Moussessian, L. Del Castillo, J. Huang, G. Sadowy, J. P. Hoffman, P. Smith, T. Hatake, C.G. Derksen, B.C. Lopez, E. Caro

TH3B-2: A Multilayer Front-end for an Imaging Radar Sensor

M. Leib, W. Mayer, H. Bilzer, W. Menzel

TH3B-3: Retrodirective Noise-correlating Radar at X-Band: First Demonstration of Small Target Detection

E.B. Brown, E.R. Brown

TH3B-4: Single Antenna Microwave Nulling Using Time-Reversal Techniques

A.G. Cepni, D.D. Stancil

TH3B-5: Compensation of the Doppler Shift for a Local Position Measurement System by Using a Kalman Filter

K. Pourvoyeur, A. Stelzer, A. Fischer


Chair: A.A. Oliner * Co-chair: N. Engheta

New meta-material-based waveguiding structures are investigated. Their applications are explored and novel phenomena are explained. Transmission properties and dispersion characteristics are studied based on field theory and new equivalent circuit models.

TH3C-1: Compact Leaky-wave Components Using Metamaterials

A. Aloe, N. Engheta, F. Bilotti, L. Vegni

TH3C-2: Experimental Verification of Surface Waves of Metamaterials

A. Sanada, I. Matsuda

TH3C-3: New Interpretation of Wave Propagation in High Impedance Surfaces

R. Ramprasad, M. Petras

TH3C-4: Evanescent Rectangular Waveguide with Corrugated Walls: A Composite Right/Left-handed Metaguide

I.A. Eshrah, A.A. Kishk, A.B. Yakovlev, A.W. Glisson

TH3C-5: Left Handed Behavior of Transmission Lines Based on SRR Filled Waveguides

J. Carbonell, L.J. Rogloa, V.E. Boria

TH3C-6: Propagation of Resonance Cones in Truncated Hyperbolic Transmission-Line Grids Over Ground

O.F. Siddiqui, K.G. Balmain, G.V. Eleftheriades

TH3C-7: Waves in Anisotropic Metamaterials Comprised of Finite L-C Meshes

E.P. Brennan, A. Gardiner, A. Schuchinsky, V. Fusco


Chair: A. Sharma * Co-chair: N. Buris

This session will present Method-of-Moment (MoM) based novel CAD procedures for multi-layer planar structures and embedded passive. The use of these techniques for practical LTCC circuits will be included. Generation of closed-form expressions and investigation of Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques for large high speed interconnect network, and their parametric macro models will be also described.

TH3D-1: Efficient Planar Electromagnetic Analysis by Impedance Matrix Interpolation

M. Mongiardo, R. Sorrentino, C. Tomassoni

TH3D-2: Enhanced PEEC Modeling for Embedded RF Passives of Irregular Shapes

M. Hu, J. Wang, K. Wu

TH3D-3: Accelerated Optical Topography Inspection Using Parameterized Model Order Reduction

J. Lee, D. Vasilyev, A. Vithayathil, L. Daniel, J. White

TH3D-4: Efficient Generation of Multi-parameter Closed-form Expressions for High Speed Transmission Line Networks

A. Jerome, N. Rodrigues, P. Gunupudi, M. Nakhla, R. Khazaka

TH3D-5: Passive Model Order Reduction for Interconnect Networks with Large Number of Ports

M. Ma, R. Khazaka

TH3D-6: An Adjoint-based Approach to Computing the Time-domain Sensitivity of Systems Described by Reduced-order Models

T. Ahmed, E. Gad, M. Yagoub


Chair: A. Omar * Co-chair: A. Vander Vorst

The concentration of the accepted papers lies in two areas: 1. Diagnostic and therapeutic applications and, 2. Simulations and experiments in assessing the interaction of microwaves and biological tissues.

TH3E-1: Tissue Sensing Adaptive Radar for Breast Cancer Detection: Preliminary Experimental Results

J.M. Sill, E.C. Fear

TH3E-2: Design and Modeling of a Specific Microwave Applicator for Treatment of Snoring

P. Cresson, C. Ricard, N. Bernardin, L. Dubois, J.P. Pribetich

TH3E-3: Advances in Microwave Hyperthermia of Large Superficial Tumors

P.F. Maccarini

TH3E-4: Electromagnetic Interactions between Biological Tissues and Implantable Biotelemetry Systems

J. Kim, Y. Rahmat-Samii

TH3E-5: Thermal Steady State in Human Head under Continuous EM Exposure

W. Kim, J. Yook

TH3E-6: Permittivity Measurement for Biological Application Using Micromachined Probe

J. Kim, J. Cho, Y. Kwon, Y. Kim, D. Oh, C. Cheon, J. Park

TH3E-7: Microwave Sterilization by the Catalyst Coated with Metal Thin Film

H. Wang, Y. Miyakawa, Y. Kanno


Chair: G.E. Ponchak * Co-chair: C-K.C. Tzuang

This session presents two papers present low loss transmission lines on silicon substrates up to 110 GHz. One paper presents a novel termination without via holes for microstrip circuits, and two papers present the application of liquid crystals.

TH3F-1: On the mm-wave Characteristics and Model of On-chip Interconnect Transmission Lines Up to 110 GHz

M.T. Yang, P.C. Ho, T.J. Yeh, Y.J. Wang, D. Kuo, C.W. Kuo, S.C. Yang, S. Liu, A. Mangan, S. Voinigescu

TH3F-2: Q Enhancement with Cross-connected Coplanar Waveguides in Thick Dual Damascene Cu

W.D. van Noort, C. Detcheverry, G. Verheijden, P. Bancken, R. Daamen, L. Tiemeijer, R. Havens

TH3F-3: High Quality Microstrip Termination for MMIC and Millimeter-wave Applications

R.R. Monje, V.V. Vassilev, A. Pavolotsky, V. Belitsky

TH3F-4: Increasing the Speed of Microstrip Line-type PDLC Devices

Y. Utsumi, T. Kamei, K. Saito, H. Moritake

TH3F-5: Influence of Design Liquid Crystal-based Devices on the Agility Capability

N. Martin, P. Laurent, C. Person, P. Gelin, F. Hiret


Chair: S. Marsh * Co-chair: H. Boss

Circuits and techniques for multi Gb/s transmission have been advancing rapidly due to high bandwidth needs and technology improvements. In this session we present papers on equalization, high-bandwidth transmission and sampling ICs, and jitter estimation. Specifically, the papers include: a technique for estimating data-dependence jitter from step response, a 10 Gb/s CMOS equalizer for over 500 m multimode fiber transmission, a pre-emphasis equalization for multi-GHz parallel busses, an optimized 40Gb/s DFF-Driver IC implemented with InP DHBTs, a 40 Gb/s distributed amplifier implemented with GaAs HBTs, a 40 GS/s sampling technique and circuit for non-repetitive signals.

TH3G-1: Estimating Data-dependent Jitter of a General LTI System from Step Response

B. Analui, J. Buckwalter, A. Hajimiri

TH3G-2: A Fully Integrated 0.18 [micro]m CMOS Equalizer with an Active Inductance Peaking Delay Line for 10 Gbps Data Throughput over 500 m Multimode Fiber

M. Maeng, Y. Hur, S. Chandramouli, H. Kim, C. Chun, J. Laskar, F. Bien, E. Gebara

TH3G-3: Performance Analysis of Multi-Gigahertz Parallel Bus with Transmit Pre-emphasis Equalization

W.T. Beyene, N. Cheng, J. Feng, H. Shi, D. Oh, C. Yuan

TH3G-4: EAM DFF-driver Optimization for 40 Gb/s Transmitter

A. Konczykowska, F. Jorge, C. Kazmierski, F. Blache, J. Godin

TH3G-5: A 40 Gbps GaAs-HBT Distributed Amplifier with an Over-fT Cut-off Frequency: Analytical and Experimental Study

C. Meliani, M. Rudolph, W. Heinrich

TH3G-6: Design of a Fully HBT 40 GS/s Sampling Circuit for Very Large Bandwidth Non-repetitive Signal Analysis

H. El Aabbaoui, N. Rolland, A. Benlarbi-Delai, P. Rolland, N. Fel, V. Allouche, B. Riondet

3:30 TO 5:10 PM


Chair: R. Knoechel * Co-chair: G. Lyons

In this session seven papers on wideband communication systems will be presented. These papers deal with systems or subsystems covering more than 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. An HDTV-Signal transmission system at 60 GHz is described based on multi-chip modules and LTCC-technology. Ultra-wideband (UWB) front-end implementation for multi-band OFDM is also addressed using LTCC-technology. An innovative antenna manufacturing technology at 60 GHz utilizes laminated multi layer ceramic resonator structures. In a twin-feedhorn, corrugation structures prevent the crosstalk between the antenna feeds. A conformal beam-steering array combines a wideband spiral antenna with switched surface-waveguide elements. Phase synchronization in ultra-wideband receivers is achieved with sampling phase detectors. Finally, the impact of filter group-delay dispersion is discussed, which is an issue in impulse radio systems.

TH4B-1: Wireless Uncompressed-HDTV-Signal Transmission System Utilizing Compact 60 GHz Band Transmitter and Receiver

K. Maruhashi, S. Kishimoto, M. Ito, K. Ohata, Y. Hamada, T. Morimoto, H. Shimawaki

TH4B-2: Ultra-wideband (UWB) RF Front-end Module Implementation for Multi-band OFDM System

Y. Park, R. Mukhopadhyay, K. Lim, C. Lee, J. Laskar, A. Wakejima

TH4B-3: Novel Circular Polarized Antenna Array Substrates for 60 GHz Band

H. Uchimura, N. Shino, K. Miyazato

TH4B-4: Development of a Twin-feedhorn for Dual Linear DBS Reflector Antennas

S. Lee, L. Schmieder, A.E. Fathy, S.M. El-Ghazaly, G. Rodeffer, B. Zihlman

TH4B-5: Broadband/Multiband Conformal Circular Beam-steering Array

J.J. Wang, D.J. Triplett, C.J. Stevens

TH4B-6: Phase-synchronization in UWB Receivers with Sampling Phase Detectors

A. Reisenzahn, T. Buchegger, G. Kaineder, C.G. Diskus

TH4B-7: Impact of Group Delay in RF BPF on Impulse Radio Systems

S. Myoung, J. Yook


Chair: J. Zehentner * Co-chair: D. Jackson

This session will focus on high-frequency excitation and propagation in waveguiding structures. High-frequency effects are examined, and novel waveguiding structures with improved performance are proposed and modelled.

TH4C-1: High Frequency Excitation of a Microstrip Line by a Probe

R. Rodroguez-Berral, F. Mesa, D.R. Jackson

TH4C-2: Transmission Characteristics of the First Higher Mode in a Strip Line at Millimeter-wavelength

F. Kuroki, K. Miyamoto, S. Nishida

TH4C-3: Simulation of Subterahertz Attenuation in Coplanar Waveguides

J. Zhang, T.Y. Hsiang

TH4C-4: Flat Waveguide with a Longitudinal Slot

J. Zehentner, J. Mrkvica, J. Machac

TH4C-5: Analysis of Printed Periodic Structures on a Grounded Substrate: A New Brillouin Dispersion Diagram

P. Baccarelli, S. Paulotto, D.R. Jackson, A.A. Oliner

TH4C-6: Modeling of Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Band-gap Structures

N. Bottari, F. Frezza, L. Pajewski, G. Schettini


Chair: R. Caverly * Co-chair: M. Eron

Advances in the efficiency, linearity and miniaturization of HF, VHF and UHF high power amplifiers are reported. A novel method of RF channelization based on a biological processing model is also presented.

TH4E-1: Improved LINC Power Transmission Using a Quadrature Outphasing Technique

G.M. Hegazi, T.T. Chu, R.A. Groshong, M.T. Durkin

TH4E-2: A 2.7 kW, 29 MHz Class-E/F Odd Amplifier with a Distributed Active Transformer

S. Jeon, D.B. Rutledge

TH4E-3: A Novel Surface-mount RF Delay Filter for Feedforward LPAs

W.H. Cantrell, D.R. Anderson, W.R. Meszko

TH4E-4: A Mammalian Cochlea-based RF Channelizing Filter

C.J. Galbraith, G.M. Rebeiz, R.D. White, K. Grosh


Chair: K. Wu * Co-chair: W. Gwarek

This session presents new structures that yield left handed propagation characteristics on CPW and coaxial transmission lines. One paper uses a left handed transmission line for a wide band microstrip to CPS transition, and one paper uses nonlinear left handed transmission lines for an arbitrary waveform generator.

TH4F-1: A New Realization of Left-handed Transmission Lines Employing A Coaxial Waveguide Structure

H. Salehi, R.R. Mansour

TH4F-2: Fourier Synthesizer Using Left-handed Transmission Lines

H. Kim, A.B. Kozyrev, S. Ho, D.W. van der Weide

TH4F-3: A Broadband Microstrip-to-CPS Transition Using Composite Right-/Left-handed Transmission Lines with an Antenna Application

C. Lee, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh

TH4F-4: Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Symmetric Composite Right-/Left-handed Coplanar Waveguides

S. Mao, M. Wu

TH4F-5: Left-handed Coplanar Waveguide

J. Machac, M. Hudlicka, J. Zehentner, N. Spiliotis, A. Omar

1:30 TO 4:30 PM


Chair: H.J. De Los Santos * Co-chair: J. Goel

THPA-1: Estimation of In-band Distortion in Digital Communication System

K.G. Gard, M.B. Steer, K.M. Gharaibeh

THPA-2: Nonlinear Behavioral Modeling of Power Amplifiers Using Radial-Basis Function Neural Networks

M. Isaksson, D. Ronnow, D. Wisell

THPA-3: Extending Static Models by Using Time Series to Identify the Dynamical Behavior

J. Wood, J. Horn, D. Root

THPA-4: Broadband, Multi-harmonic Frequency Domain Behavioral Models from Automated Large-signal Vectorial Network Measurements

J. Verspecht, J. Verspecht, D.E. Root, J. Wood, A. Cognata

THPA-5: Behavioral Modeling of Power Amplifiers Using Fully Recurrent Neural Networks

D. Luongvinh, Y. Kwon

THPA-6: Behavior Modeling Procedure of Wideband RF Transmitters Exhibiting Memory Effects

T. Liu, S. Boumaiza, M. Helaoui, H. Ben Nasr, F.M. Ghannouchi

THPA-7: Macro-Modeling of Non-linear Pre-emphasis Differential Driver Circuits

B.M. Mutnury, M. Swaminathan, M. Cases, N. Pham, D. de Araujo, E. Matoglu

THPB-1: A 60 GHz MMIC Dual-quadrature Mixer in pHEMT Technology for Ultra Wideband IF Signals and High LO to RF Isolation

S. Gunnarsson, H. Zirath

THPB-2: Double-balanced, Hybrid Mixer with Multi-decade Bandwidth

D.B. Gunyan

THPB-3: Digital Predistortion of Frequency Multiplier for Dual band Wireless LAN Transmitter

J. Choi, S. Kang, K. Koo

THPB-4: Compact Tunable Periodically LC Loaded Microstrip Line for Phase Shifting Applications

C. Damm, M. Schoaler, M. Oertel, R. Jakoby

THPB-5: MMIC HEMT Switch for Switch Matrix of Satellite Communication System

K. Ryu, D. Shin, I. Yom, J. Park, S. Lee, M. Lee

THPB-6: Development of a Low Cost 5 Bit Kuband Phase Shifter Using HJ-FET Packaged Devices for DBS Mobile Reception

S. Yang, A.E. Fathy

THPB-7: A Miniaturized Wideband 4 X 4 Switch Matrix IC Using Four InP-HEMT SP4T Switches

H. Kamitsuna, Y. Yamane, M. Tokumitsu, H. Sugahara, M. Muraguchi

THPB-8: A Subharmonic Self-oscillating Mixer Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity for Millimeter-wave Application

J. Xu, K. Wu

THPC-1: Class-F Power Amplifier Using a Multi-frequency Composite Right-/Left-handed Transmission Line Harmonic Tuner

A. Dupuy, K.M. Leong, T. Itoh

THPC-2: Prediction of Error Vector Magnitude Using AM/AM, AM/PM Distortion of RF Power Amplifier for High Order Modulation OFDM System

J. Kim, J. Jung, K. Lee, ETRI, C. Park

THPC-3: Comparison of X-band MESFET and HBT Class-E Power Amplifiers for EER Transmitters

S. Pajic, N. Wang, Z. Popovic

THPC-4: First Demonstration of 4H-SiC RF Bipolar Junction Transistors on a Semi-insulating Substrate with fT/fMAX of 7/5.2 GHz

F. Zhao, I. Perez-Wurfl, C. Huang, J. Torvik, B. Van Zeghbroeck

THPC-5: An X-band Hybrid MIC Feedforward Amplifier for Low Residual Noise Operation

V. Sokolov, J.N. Kruchowski, M.E. Vickberg, B. Buhrow, S. Schuster, J. Bublitz, B.K. Gilbert, E.S. Daniel

THPC-6: Digitally Controlled RF Predistortion with Digital Predictor for Feedforward Delay Compensation

I. Teikari, J. Vankka, K. Halonen

THPC-7: Nonlinear System Performance of Shared Amplifiers based on 3-way Microstrip Phase Combiners

T. Baras, C. Metz

THPC-8: High Pass Output Matching Technique with Enhanced Third Harmonic Rejection for CDMA Power Amplifiers

Y. Yang

THPD-1: Digital Memory-based Predistortion

S.M. McBeath, D.T. Pinckley

THPD-2: Efficiency Euhancement Method for High-power Amplifiers Using a Dynamic Load Adaptation Technique

H. Jeong, H. Lee, I. Chang, C. Kim

THPD-3: Linearity Improvement for Power MESFET Devices Using Source Inductive Feedback and Input Impedance Mismatch

C. Meng

THPE-1: Layout Effects on Design Optimization of CMOS LNA and Mixer

W. Wu, M. Chan

THPE-2: A Miniature Dual-band Low-noise Amplifier Module for IEEE 802.11b/g/a WLAN Applications

Y.H. Chow, T.C. Chong, Z. Hasan-Abrar, C.C. Loh, T.L. Tan, E.C. Chew

THPE-3: Prototype Development of a Geostationary Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometer (GeoSTAR)

P. Kangaslahti, A. Tanner, W. Wilson, B. Lambrigtsen, S. Dinardo

THPF-1: Complex Permittivity Measurements of dielectrics and Semiconductors at Millimeter-waves with High Power Sources

M.N. Afsar, K.A. Korolev, L. Subramanian, I.I. Tkachov

THPF-2: LTCC Reduced-size Bandpass Filters Based on Capacitively Loaded Cavities for Q-band Application

P. Ferrand, D. Baillargeat, S. Verdeyme, J. Puech, M. Lahti, T. Jaakola

THPF-3: A 60 GHz Band Dielectric Waveguide Filter Made of Crystalline Quartz

K. Ito, K. Sano

THPF-4: A Compact-sized NRD Guide Single Mixer Using Band-pass Filters at 60 GHz

F. Kuroki, M. Kimura, Y. Murata, T. Yoneyama

THPF-5: 77 GHz Band Antenna Array Substrate for Short Range Car Radar

N. Shino, H. Uchimura, K. Miyazato

THPF-6: Fully Integrated Distributed Amplifier Design on InP HBT Technology for Optoelectronics Application

L. Robin, M. Regis, H. Cam, A. Perennec, D. Herve, D. Le Berre, A. Peden, H. Yano, S. Furudate, S. Yaegassi

THPF-7: Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy of Crushed Wheat Grain

H. Chua, A.D. Haigh, A.A. Gibson, J. Obradovic, P.C. Upadhya, O. Hirch, D. Crawley, L.F. Gladden, E.H. Linfield

THPF-8: Millimeter-wave Microstrip-to-waveguide Transition Operating over Broad Frequency Bandwidth

Y. Deguchi, K. Sakakibara, N. Kikuma, H. Hirayama

THPF-9: A 77 GHz Automotive Radar MMIC Chip Set Fabricated by a 0.15 [micro]m MHEMT Tech.

D. Kang, J. Hong, J. Shim, J. Lee, H. Yoon, K. Lee

THPF-10: Integration of Silicon Etched Waveguides with MCM-D for V- and W-band

I. Ocket, B. Nauwelaers, G.J. Carchon, A. Jourdain, W. De Raedt

THPG-1: Crosstalk Improved Three Channel Receiver Module for 10 Gb/s Parallel Optical Interconnect Application

S. Park, C. Park

THPG-2: Electromagnetic Simulation of Photonic Mixing in Ultra-Wideband TWPDs

I. Jaeger, D. Pasalic, R. Vahldieck

THPG-3: Implementation of the Phased-lock Loop Clock Recovery Module for 40 Gb/s Optical Receivers

C. Park, D. Woo, T. Kim, K.W. Kim, S. Lim

THPG-4: Suppression of Optical Beat Interference in WDM-SCMA Networks Using Modulated Optical Combs

H. Jung. Y. Won, S. Han

THPH-1: Determination of Intermodulation Distortion in a MEMS Microswitch

J. Johnson, G.G. Adams, N.E. McGruer

THPH-2: Widely Tunable High-Q Evanescent-mode Resonators Using Flexible Polymer Substrates

S. Hajela, X. Gong, W.J. Chappell

THPH-3: Skin Effect Aggregated Heating in RF MEMS Suspended Structures

L.L. Chow, Z. Wang, B.D. Jensen, K. Saitou, K. Kurabayashi, J.L. Volakis

THPH-4: Fabrication and Measurements Using Ultra-tall Near-field Coaxial Tips

Y. Wang, C.A. Paulson, G. Ning, D.W. van der Weide

THPI-1: Conductor Roughness Reduced Low-loss Coplanar Waveguides on Low Resistivity Silicon by Employing Magnetorheological Finishing

S. Lee, J. Yook, S. Park, J. Lee, Y. Kim, S. Lee

THPI-2: Crosstalk Attenuation with Ground Plane Structures in Three-dimensionally Integrated Mixed Signal Systems

S.K. Kim, C.C. Liu, S. Tiwari, L. Xue

THPI-3: Ultrawideband Characterisation of Photoimageable Thick Film Materials for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Design

K. Samanta, I.D. Robertson, D. Stephens

THPI-4: Is Hermitic Encapsulation of GaAs MMIC Still Required for Space Applications?

P. Monfrair, J. Monsarrat, J. Muraro, C. Drecon, J. Cazaux, S. Dareys, M. Billot

THPI-5: Wideband Organic Solutions for MMIC Packaging

T. Barbier, D. Caban-Chastas, V. Rananjason, P. Kertesz

THPJ-1: Improvement of Gain Compression in Microwave Lumped and Transversal Bandpass Filters

W.W. Choi, K.W. Tam, R.P. Martins

THPJ-2: Microstrip Dual-mode Bandpass Filter Design with Simultaneous Size Reduction and Spurious Response Suppression

S. Fok, P. Cheong, K. Tam, R.P. Martins

THPJ-3: New Coupled Microstrip SIR Bandpass Filters with Transmission Zeros

H. Gan, D. Yang

THPJ-4: A Design of a Ring Bandpass Filters with Wide Rejection Band Using DGS and Spur-line Coupling Structures

C. Kim, D. Ahn, K. Leong, T. Ito

THPJ-5: Novel Dual-band Planar Resonator and Admittance Inverter for Filter Design and Applications

A.H. Yim, K.M. Cheng

THPJ-6: Transmission Line Filter Design with Fully Controllable Second Passband

C. Tsai, H. Lee, C. Tsai

THPJ-7: Coupling Dispersion of Parallel-coupled Microstrip Lines for Dual-band Filters with Controllable Fractional Pass Bandwidths

S. Sun, L. Zhu

THPJ-8: Synthesis and Diagnosis of RF Filters in Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Substrate

S. Mukherjee, M. Swaminathan, S.S. Dalmia

THPJ-9: Wideband, High Rejection and Miniaturized Fifth Order Bandpass Filter on LCP Low Cost Organic Substrate

C. Quendo, E. Rius, C. Person, J. Favennec, Y. Clavet, A. Manchec, A. Bairavasubramanian, S. Pinel, J. Papapolymerou, J. Laskar

THPJ-10: Analysis of a Novel Active Capacitance Circuit Using BJT and Its Application to RF Bandpass Filters

I. Kim, S. Yun, Y. Chun

THPJ-11: GaAs Varactor Tuned Filter For Low Power Applications

A. Eriksson, A. Deleniv, S. Gevorgian, B. Lumetzberger, N. Billstrem

THPJ-12: Flat Time Delay Low Pass Filters Using Two CPW Topologies

S. Khireddine, M. Drissi, R. Soares

THPJ-13: Dual-band Bandpass Filter in LTCC

Y. Guo, L. Ong, M. Chia

THPJ-14: Design Method of Closed Loop Resonator Filter Using Parallel Capacitor to Reduce Size

H.J. Hong, D.C. Park

THPJ-15: Miniaturization of Lowpass Filter by Using Artificial Transmission Lines

J.W. Park, G.N. Kim, J.P. Kim

THPK-1: A Metamorphic GaAs HEMT Distributed Amplifier with 50 GHz Bandwidth and Low Noise for 40 Gbits/s

G. Wolf, H. Happy, G. Dambrine, S. Demichel, R. Leblanc, F. Blache, R. Lefevre

THPK-2: Microwave VCO Susceptibility to Substrate Noise in a Fully-integrated 150 GHz SiGe HBT BiCMOS Technology

J.P. Comeau, J.D. Cressler

THPK-3: The High Frequency and Power Performance of SiGe HBTs with SIC Structure at Cryogenic Temperature

M. Hsieh, Y. Chan, K. Liang, C. Lee, D. Tang, G. Chen

THPK-4: Low Power 23 GHz and 27 GHz Distributed Cascode Amplifiers in a Standard 130 nm SOI CMOS Process

C. Pavageau, A. Siligaris, L. Picheta, F. Danneville, M. Si Moussa, J. Raskin, D. Vanhoenacker-Janvier, J. Russat, N. Fel

THPL-1: Dual-band Butler Matrix for WLAN Systems

C. Collado, A. Grau, F. De Flaviis

THPL-2: Understanding and Analyzing the Performance of MIMO Systems from the Microwave Perspective

M.E. Bialkowski, S. Durrani, K. Bialkowski, P. Uthansakul

THPL-3: Miniaturized Rx Front-end Modules for Digital Beam Forming Arrays

C. Person, J. Coupez, E. Goron, Y. Toutain, H. Lattard, F. Perrot

THPM-1: A Novel 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Dual Band Transmitter Using Microstrip Defected Ground Structure

S. Kang, J. Choi, K. Koo

Measurements for Millimeter-wave Applications

Friday, June 17 * Renaissance Hotel

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7:00 AM-8:00 AM      Continental Breakfast
7:00 AM-8:00 AM      Speakers' Breakfast
8:00 AM-9:45 AM      Technical Session 1
9:45 AM-10:30 AM     Exhibition/Poster Session
10:30 AM-12:00 NOON  Technical Session 2
12:00 NOON-1:15 PM   Luncheon
1:15 PM-3:00 PM      Technical Session 3
3:00 PM-3:45 PM      Exhibition/Poster Session
3:45 PM-5:00 PM      Technical Session 4


Tuesday, June 14, 9:00 to 9:40 AM

SiGe BiCMOS Transceiver and SiGe Power Amplifier for 5.8 GHz WDCT Applications, Reimann, Krimmer, Boschof, Gerlach; A 5-6 GHz High Gain SiGe Power Amplifier, Bischof, Gerlach

9:40 AM TO 12:00 PM

IMS Plenary Session (above Exhibit Hall)

12:00 TO 1:40 PM

Transient Protection of MMIC Amplifiers, M. Mordkovich; PA Plus, S. Martin; AlGaAs PIN Diode Switches, Curcio, Brogle, Hoag; Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits, T. Boles; Very High Power MMICs Using 24V HVMSAG GaAs Process, E. Griffin; High Linearity HBT Driver Amplifiers, McIntosh, Dalton, Fax, Rizzi; Automotive Applications for GaAs MMIC Amplifiers, G. Delaval, P. Labasse

1:40 TO 4:30 PM

Dual-band Filtered GPS Low-noise Amplifier, W.E. Gordon; Low Phase Noise for Crystal Oscillators, Davis, Painter; A New High Q Microwave Resonator Tech for Oscillator and Filter Applications, Bates, Zaloglu; Miniature LTCC Passive VHF and UHF Components, Dorahelm, Radha, Setty; LTCC Mixer Amplifiers Provide S-of-A Performance, Dariong Ji, Setty; RFID Readers, Reynolds, Weigand; New Chipscale Small-Footprint PIN Diodes, Brogle, Carcio, Bukowski; High Performance Multi-Throw Switches for Handset Applications, G. Samiotes; Optical Micro-Resonator Microwave or Optical Filters, D. Fung; Low Cost Power Amplifiers for WLAN/PHS Applications, Dalton, Fax, McIntosh, Rizzi; Low Cost Power Amplifiers for Cordless Applications, Studtmann, Zhao, McIntosh, Rizzi; Difference Between CMOS and GaAs Switch Performance, R. Baker; Power Amplifiers, E. Maalouf

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 9:00 AM TO 1:20 PM

CAD and Modeling Products and Techniques, C. Emson; Mixer Synthesis, R. Ehrich; IE3D EM Simulation and Optimization Package Ver. 11, J-X. Zheng; Accurate Models Accelerate Reference Designs for RFIC Amplifiers, Capwell, Clausen, Weller, Dunleavy; FEKO EM Structure Simulator, M. O'Brien; Time Gated Statistical Analysis of Power, R. Theiss; Innovative Methods in Remeom Inc. Simulation Software, Luebbers, Langdon, Carpenter; A Novel Software System for Hybrid Electromagnetic-thermodynamic Simulation, Malgorzata, Celuch; WASP-NET Fast Microwave Component and Antenna Design and Optimization, F. Arndt; WaveWizard CAD Solution for Passive Waveguide Components, R. Beyer; EMPiCASSO, EMLouge and EMTerrano: CAD Tools for EM Modeling, K. Sabet; Neural Based Modeling of EM Structures and Microwave Devices, Q.J. Zhang

1:20 TO 4:50 PM

Schematic-driven EM Extraction, M. Heimlich; Millimeter-wave Imaging-TADAR, D. Vizard, J. Franco; ELVA-1 Family of Broadband mm-wave Radios, D. Korneev; Enhanced Thin Film Technology for High Density Integration, D. Kagi; Conductor Surface Profile (Rrms) on Total Circuit Attenuation in Microstrip, Normyle, McCarthy, Wynants; Ultra Stable Tuner, V. Mallette; Multi-purpose Tuner, C. Tsironis; High Power High Speed 100 MHz Mechanical Tuner, R. Meierer; High Performance Silicon Based Passive Modulators, R. Houlilan; R-Pak High Power RF & Microwave Liquid Crystal Polymer Packages, J. Roman; Integrating Thermal Management Solutions in PWBs, Johnson, McMaster; Organic Laminate Alternative to LTCC, J. Chamberlin; Microwave Digital Receiver Design Technique, Yi, Yang

THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 9:00 TO 10:00 AM

Millimeter-wave Measurement of Complex Permittivity, H. Suzuki; Advances in LoadPull Based Device Characterization, G. Simpson; Modern VNA Measurement Techniques for Mixers and Amplifiers, D. Savage

10:00 TO 11:40 AM

Electroless and Electrolytic Au Plating for RoHS Compliant Packaging, Patel, Dye; Miniature Low Loss High Selectivity Microwave Planar Filters, Bates, Zagloglu; Frequency Converters, T. Liu; Direct Quadrature Modulator, S. Martin; 45W/90W/180W GaN HEMT for Base Station Applications, S. Nakajima; 200 kW RF Power Amplifier Using LDMOS Transistors, S.K. Leong
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Date:May 1, 2005
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