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2004 connector, cable and cable assembly survey: this is the second survey of connectors, cables and cable assemblies sponsored by Microwave Journal. We plan to update it annually with continued industry support and participation.

We are very pleased to offer this updated survey of companies providing connectors, cables and cable assemblies. Fifty-six companies responded to our request for information this year, which is an increase from the 43 companies in last year's survey. Many of last year's participants have updated their information as well, so this survey represents the latest information on the industry.

There is clearly a large overlap of similar products being produced by the 56 companies included in the survey. On the face of it, it would appear that the market is over-saturated to the point where there must be some fallout. However, careful examination of the information shows that virtually all of the companies have at least one unique, proprietary or patented product that addresses some niche market and which forms the core of their business, as well as customized products to meet specific requirements. These special products and services seem to be the principal reason for the diversity of suppliers. In addition, some companies specialize in different markets such as Hi-Rel, military and base stations as opposed to low cost commercial and consumer. There are also suppliers that specialize in computer back-planes and related PCB products that are only available from a limited number of companies. Thus, in reality, the overlap is not as great as it seems.

As a sign of the times, every manufacturer provided an address for its Web site. Most of these sites contain either full catalog information or selected data sheets. We have also provided phone and e-mail points of contact for each company where available.

I would like to thank the many people who responded to our request for information. Because of limited space, we were not able to use some detailed information that was sent in addition to the specific survey answers, however, we were able to use some of that information to expand on the brief answers to the questions. The data are presented in table format on the following pages. Readers are encouraged to use the Web information and contact points to gain additional insight on the products, services and capabilities of a company of interest.

Aeroflex/Weinschel   Planar Crown[R] and Planar    Planar Crown[TM] and
                     Blind-mate[R] systems,        Planar Blind-mate
                     which are compatible with N,  allow connector
                     TNC, GPC-7, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm   interfaces to be
                     and 2.4 mm series             changed for custom
                                                   applications or for
                                                   damage replacement
Amphenol RF          MMCX, AMC, MCX, SMB, SMC,     SMP, AFI, QMA, FAKRA,
                     SMA, 1.0/2.3, QMA, FAKRA,     AMC
                     BNC, TNC, Mini BNC, Twin
                     BNC, Triax, UHF, Mini UHF,
                     N. F. 7/16
Anritsu              K series (2.92 mm), V series  Over 300 special or
                     (1.85 mm), W1 Connector       custom designed
                     (1 mm)                        connectors
Applied Engineering  SMA, SMB, SMC, SLB, SSMB,     Water-proof and
Products             SSMC, SSLB, SSMA, MCX, 75     weather-tight,
                     [ohm] MCX, MMCX, 75 [ohm]     special leg
                     Snap-on, 75 [ohm] Screw-on,   configurations for
                     BNC, TNC, N, Adapters         PCBs special plating
                     between series and over 100   and finishes, custom
                     styles of MIL-PRF-39102 QPL   contact
                     Connectors                    configurations,
                                                   special cable types,
                                                   connectors with
                                                   internal functions
                                                   like switches, unique
                                                   captivation, reverse
                                                   polarity, special
Astrolab Inc.        N, SMA, SMP, SMPM, TNC,       SMA designs up to
                     ATNC, 3.5 mm, 2.9 mm, 2.4     27.5 GHz, SSMA
                     mm, 1.85 mm, BNC, 7 mm,       designs up to 40 GHz,
                     7/16, BMA, TK, SC, HN,        low IM space
                     M39029 coax contacts--in      qualified TNC.
                     various forms such as         multipaction
                     straight, right angle, swept  resistant designs,
                     bend, bulkhead and flanged    Flouraloy dielectric,
                                                   M39029 contacts up to
                                                   12 GHz, phase shifter
                                                   /line stretchers up
                                                   to 26.5 GHz, HF
                                                   hermetically sealed
Belden Inc.          Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
                     connectors                    connectors
BTC Electronics      BMB, BNC, C, G874, GHV, HN,   Special connector
Inc.                 LC/LT, MCX, MHV, M MCX, MQD,  configurations to
                     N, QDS, QMA, SC, SMA, SMB,    customer's drawing
                     SMC, TNC, TPS, TRB, TW34,
                     TWBNC, UHF, 1.0/2.3, 7/16
CE Precision         No standard connector         Special designs for
Assemblies Inc.      products                      specific customer
                                                   problems such as a
                                                   600 W version of the
                                                   SMP connector. The
                                                   company also builds
                                                   radiation hardened
                                                   connectors, high
                                                   temperature and high
                                                   power connectors as
                                                   well as low IM and
                                                   waveguide connectors
Compel Group         N, 7/16, SMA, SMB, SMC,       Special designs are
                     1.0/2.3 (50 or 75 [ohm]),     available using a
                     DIN inserts, MCX, BMA,        wide variety of
                     1.6/5.6 (75 [ohm]), BT43,     materials and
                     SMP, MMCX                     processes
Corning Gilbert      GPO (DC to 26.5 GHz), GPPO    Custom versions of
Inc.                 (DC to 65 GHz), GMS (DC to    the GPO, GPPO and GMS
                     23 GHz)                       designs for backplane
                                                   mounting, waveguide
                                                   launches and group
                                                   mating configurations
Delta Electronics    N, QDS, SC, MMCX, MCX, BNC,   QDS, slide-on, BMA,
Mfg. Corp.           75 [ohm] BNC, C, G874, GHV,   pressmounts, Mini
                     HN, LC/LT, MHV, SMA, BMA,     QDS, G874
                     SMB/SMC, TNC, TPS, TRB,
                     TW34, TWBNC, UHF, 7/16
Deutsch Advanced     DPP series of connectors in   Custom connectors for
Interconnect         N and SMA configurations      special environmental
                     with push-pull coupling,      interfaces
                     7/16, circular multi-pin,
                     blind mate, environmental
                     power connectors, fiber
Dynawave Inc.        SMA, SSMA, SMB, SMC, MCX,     Custom designs for
                     MMCX, BMA, BMA Miniature,     cables, field
                     SMP, SMPM, SMPSM, SMT, 2.4    replaceable, PCB
                     mm, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, 7 mm,    mount, edge mount,
                     N, TXC, SC, HN, BNC, 7/16     hermetic connectors
                                                   and seals, tabbed
                                                   contact, adapters
ESM Cable Corp.      Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
                     connectors                    connectors
EZ Form Cable Corp.  MCX, MMCX, BMA, SMA, SMB,     EZ Quick-Connect[TM]
                     SMC, N, TNC, BNC, SSMA,       Plug (SMA
                     SSMB, 7/16, DSB               compatible), standard
                                                   series to stripline
                                                   and mierostrip
                                                   transitions, standard
                                                   series for low loss
                                                   and eustom cables
Flexco Mierowave     LC, LT, GPO, BNC, EIA, HN,    Special connectors
Inc.                 precision N, precision SMA,   for use on cable
                     SC SMC and TNC                assemblies such as
                                                   GPPO, SSMA and ZMA
Florida RF Labs      Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
Inc.                 connectors                    connectors
Florida RS           SMA, TNC and N with special   Special SMAs in plug,
Technology           strain relief                 jack and bulkhead
W. L. Gore &         7/16, N, TNC, TNCA, SMA,      Special board mount
Associates Inc.      precision N, 7 mm, 3.5 mm,    footprints, eustom
                     2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm,     cable connectors
                     MVX, MMCX, BMA, BMMA, #8,
                     #12, SMP, SMPM, adapters
                     between series, blind mate
                     adapters, PCB mount
Harbour Industries   Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
                     connectors                    connectors
Huber + Suhner       SMA, SMB, SMC, SMS, B307/16,  Custom MMBX, SUHXER
                     BMA, BNC, TXC, BNT, BNO,      QUICK-FIT, ARC series
                     SHV, MHV, PC 7, PC 3.5, PC    for automotive
                     2.4, QLA, QMA, MCX, MMDX,     applications, quick
                     MMCX, QN/QMA, PC3.5/SK, plus  lock connectors and
                     adapters B19                  adapters, phase
IMS Connector        SMA, SMB, SMC, SMS, SSMB      Customer specific
Systems GmbH         nano, SMP, SMM, MMCX, MCX,    designs are available
                     coaxial inserts DIN 41612,
                     coaxial inserts sub-D. high
                     power inserts, high voltage
                     inserts, FME, BNC, TNC, N,
                     7/16, 1.6/5.6, SMBA (FAKRA
Insulated Wire Inc.  SMA, TNC, N, SC, 1.85 mm,     Custom designs
                     2.4 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.5 mm, 7 mm  including MIL 38999
                     2.4 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.5 mm, 7 mm  multi-pin contacts,
                                                   enstom flange mounts,
                                                   special interface
Jyebao Co.           SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX.     Custom designs can be
                     TNC, BNC, N, MHV, SHV, C and  made--minimum
                     reverse polarity versions     quantity 1000 pc,
                                                   delivery 8 to 10
M/A-COM (Tyco)       SMP, 2.4 mm, SSMA, 2.92 mm,   MTNC--A multipactor
                     3.5 mm, SMA, TR, TNC, ETNC,   free variant of TNC
                     N, 7 mm, SC, C, 7/16 IEC,     for high power space
                     HN, LC, LT, MLT, 7/8 EIA, 1   applications, size 8
                     5/8 EIA (types N, TNC and     and 12 contacts for
                     7/16 IEC available with low   low loss, low VSWR,
                     PIM)                          high frequency
                                                   performance for
                                                   MIL-C-87104 and
                                                   MIL-T-81490 in
                                                   standard MIL-C-38999
                                                   housings, SL family
                                                   of connectors
MegaPhase Inc.       Do not manufacture            Special adapters for
                     connectors                    test applications
Micro-Coax Inc.      Mannfacture connectors to     Special connectors
                     support in-house cable        for multi-paction
                     assembly business only        sensitive
                                                   applications and low
                                                   PIM requirements
Micro-Mode Inc.      MSMA compatible to SMA 2.92.  Special applications
                     MBM B compatible to BMB,      with interface to
                     MMSP compatible to SMP, MSSP  SSMA, BMA, 2.4, SMC
                     compatible to MSMP, MSSS[TM]  and TNC as well as
                                                   customer interfaces
Microstock Inc.      SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX. MMCX,     Special SMAs for low
(Distributor)        MMBX, 3.5 mm, 2.9 mm, 2.4     loss 0.047 diam.
                     mm, 1.85 mm, BMA, qma, SHV,   semi-rigid cables
                     mhv, N, 7/16, 1.0/2.3,        such as UT-47-LL and
                     1.6/5.6, 4.1/9.5, TNC, BNC,   UT-47-LL-TP, special
                     UHF, plus between series      SMA for 25 [ohm]
                     adapters                      0.090 diam. cables
                                                   such as UT-90-25 and
Microwave            SMA, SMB, SMC, CMS, SSMA,     Special and custom
Distributors Co.     SSMB, SSMC, MMCX, N, UHF,     products with
(Midisco)            C, HN, 7/16 and others        reasonable minimum
                                                   lot sizes of cable
                                                   from other
Midwest Microwave    SMA, SSMA, SMM, BMA, N,       Engineering and
                     TNC, BNC, 3.5 mm, 7 mm,       design support for
                     adapters                      specials
Molex Inc.           MMCX, MCX, SMB, SMA, SMA      Catalog derivative
                     field replaceable, SMP,       for special
                     2.92, BNC, TNC, F, Fakra,     requirements such
                     N, 7/16, between series       as: solderless edge
                     adapters                      mount, 45 degree SMB
                                                   plugs, MCX enstom
                                                   coaxial headers
RF Industries Inc.   3.5 mm (DC to 34 GHz), MHV,   Unique interface
                     reverse polarity N, BNC,      connectors to satisfy
                     TNC, SMA, SMB, SSMB, MMCX,    FCC Part 15 including
                     (FCC Part 15 compliant),      reverse polarity,
                     reverse thread N, TNC, SMA    reverse thread,
                     (FCC Part 15 compliant),      metric thread of
                     7/16 DIN, 75 [ohm] BNC, TNC,  modified body
                     Mini-SMB and SMB. F. FME,     connectors, Panel
                     mini-bayonet, MCXMMCX, N,     mount N, SMA, TNC
                     NEC P300, RCA, SMA, SMB,      with extended
                     TNC, UHF, mini-UHF, unidapt,  dielectic and
                     1.0/2.3                       contacts, custom
                                                   PCB connectors
RF TEC Mfg. Inc.     SMA, TNC, MCX, MMCX, 7/16.    Snap-on SMA, Push-on
                     long sleeve thumbnut SMA      N, M18 male and
                     plug, double contact F        female, 50/75 [ohm]
                     receptacle for satellites     TNC, thumbnut SMA
                                                   plug for #195 cable,
                                                   long sleeve thumbnut
                                                   SMA male-TNC male
                                                   adapter, SMA male-F
                                                   female adapter,
                                                   connectors for 1.32
                                                   mm double shield and
                                                   0.8 mm single shield
                                                   for hirose U.FL
Rhophase Microwave   No standard connector         Custom connectors for
Ltd.                 products                      special applications
                                                   such as SMA 10 [ohm]
                                                   for a laser
Rosenberger          SSMB, SSMC, SMP, mini-SMP,    SMCC for
Hochfrequenztechnik  MCX, 1.0-2.3, coax inserts    surface-mount, custom
GmbH & Co.           for mini-coax, D-sub coax,    products on request
                     DIN 41626, high voltage
                     inserts, DIN 41626 power
                     inserts, SMB, SMG, SMC,
                     QLR-A, FME (SAP), 1.6-5.6,
                     BNC, TNC, UHF, mini-UHF, N,
                     7/16, microdot, F, high
                     voltage SHV-SHV-NIM, high
                     voltage 4-10, IEC antenna,
                     C. high voltage HN, twinax,
                     3.5-12/CATV, BNC-twinax,
                     adapters, RF-FAKRA, RPC-N,
                     R-TNC, RPC-7, RT-SP, GHz
                     RPC-3.5, RCP-2.92, RCP-1.85,
                     RCP-1.0, RCP-2.4
San-tron Inc.        N. 7/16, SMA, BNC, TNC, C,    Extended insulators
                     HN, LC, MHV, SC, SHV, UHF,    and contacts, custom
                     1.0/2.3 and adapters          flanges, custom cable
                                                   sizes, custom designs
                                                   based on standard
                                                   interface designs
S.G. McGeary Co.     1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.9 mm,      Custom designs are
                     3.5 mm, PGM, SSMA, SMA,       available on request
                     TNC, N, 7 mm
Sabritee Inc.        SCX, Micro-D, SMP, SMPM,      Custom designs are
                     high frequency D-sub size 8   available on request
                     coax contacts
Semflex Inc.         MCX, SMA, BMA, 3.5 mm, 2.9    High power/high
                     mm, 2.4 mm, BCN, TNC, ETNG,   temperature,
                     N, 7 mm, SC, HN, 7/16 DIN,    environmental sealed.
                     7/8 EIA, 1.3/8 EIA, 15/8 EIA  custom interfaces,
                                                   phase trimmers
Southwest Microwave  SMA, enhanced high            Custom designs are
Inc.                 temperature SMA, N, TNC,      available on request.
                     SSMA, OPS/BMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4   Wave guide launchers,
                     mm, adapters between series,  mechanical switch
                     end-launch adapters, field    connectors, special
                     repleaceable accessories,     flanges, 50% of
                     new SSMA to 40 GHz and        shipments are
                     SSMA-to-2.4 mm adapters       non-catalog specials
                     to 50 GHz
Special Hermetic     Heremetic SMP (MIL-STD-348)   Modified SMPs for
Products                                           special interface
Spectrum             1.4/4.4 mm, 1.8/5.6 mm,       SPM (Spectrum power
Elektrotechnik GmbH  2/5.5 mm, 1.85 mm (V), 2.4    minature), push-ous
                     mm, 2.92 mm (K), 3.5 mm, 7    for 7/16, N, TNC, SMA
                     mm, 7/16, BMA, BNC, C, HN,    and SMA reverse sex,
                     N, SC, SMA, SMP, SPPO         SBX (Spectrum
                     (SSMP), TNC and TNX           blind-mate X), SBY
                                                   Spectrum sub sub
                                                   miniature push-on)
Spinner GmbH         7/16 (low PIM), N (low PIM),  Custom 7/16 panel
                     4.1-9.5 (low PIM), TNC, BNC,  mount and EIA
                     N, HN, 1.6-5.6 EIA, between   connectors with a
                     series adapters               coupling nut
SRC Cables Inc.      Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
                     connectors                    connectors
SRI Connector Inc.   1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.5  Superites SMA right
                     mm 7 mm, N, SMA, TNC, ZMA     angle connectors with
                     and between series adapters   high performance,
                                                   proprietary custom
SSI Cable Corp.      Do not manufacture            Stainless steel
                     connectors                    connectors made to
                                                   their specifications
                                                   and specials at
                                                   customer request
Storm Products Inc.  SMA, TNC, N, precision N.     Custom designs for
                     3.5 mm, 2.4 mm, GPO, GPPO,    specific customer
                     GMS, 2.9 mm, 2.4 NMD          requirements
SV Microwave Inc.    SMA, SMA slide on, SSMA,      Custom designs
                     SSMA high frequency, BMA,     including space
                     BMMA, BMZ, BZ, BZ high        qualified
                     power, ZMA, ZMA high power
                     and frequency, TNC,
                     precision TNC, N, N high
                     frequency, 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm,
                     2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, 7 mm, SMB,
                     SMC, C
Telegartner Inc.     BNC, TNC, UHF, mini-UHF, N,   Custom designs as
                     7/16 DIN 1.6/5.6 DIN, FME,    well as surge
                     SMA, SMB, SMC, SMS, SSMB,     protectors (both gas
                     MCX, MMCX, ASMB               and stub) for N and
                                                   7/16, low PIM types,
                                                   special connectors
                                                   for corrugated and
                                                   non-standard cables
Tensolite Inc.       SMA, SSMA, SMP, SSMP, SSMT    HF connectors to 65
                     BMA, 2.92 mm, 1.85 mm, MCX,   GHz, integrated
                     N, TNC, 7 mm, TK              connector block
                                                   interface assemblies,
                                                   custom angle designs
Thermax/CDT          Do not manufacture            Do not manufacture
                     connectors                    connectors
Times Microwave      N, TNC, BNC, SMA, UHF         Reverse polarity,
Systems Inc.         mini-UHF, 1.0/2.3 DIN, 7/16   self-locking, phase
                     DIN, 7/8 EIA, 7 mm, 3.5 mm,   trimmed, non-solder
                     reverse polarity              (EZ)
Trompeter            BNC, TNC, N (all 50 or 75     Pateching and
Electronics Inc.     [ohm]), SMZ, F. mini-BNC      distribution panels,
                     (75 [ohm]), WECO and          custom designs,
                     mini-WECO, TPS, TRB, TRT,     hermetic, radiation
                     TRS, TTM, TRC, TRN, TWBNC     resistant, space
                                                   rated to NASA Srec
TRU Corp.            2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, MCX, 7 mm,   Customer specific
                     7/16, BMA, BNC, C, EIA, F,    designs, quick-
                     HN, LC, LT, MMCX, N, SC,      disconnect, high
                     SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, triax     voltage, high power,
                                                   low PIM, O-ring and
                                                   hermetic, QDM, QDS,
                                                   SQS, adapter series
Vitelec Co.          BNC (50 & 75 [ohm]),          Modifications of
                     insulated BNC, twin BNC,      standard product as
                     TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX,      well as eustom
                     MMCX, N, N (high frequency),  designs
                     twinax, UHF, mini-UHF, FME,
                     F, entro, adapters


Aeroflex/Weinschel   Do not manufacture cable      Do not manufacture
                                                   cable assemblies
Amphenol RF          Yes, please visit             Flexible, semi-rigid,
                                                   harnesses, phased
                                                   matched, time delay
Anritsu              Do not manufacture cable      Cable assemblies with
                                                   APC, N, K, V, and W1
                                                   connectors, mostly
                                                   semi-rigid. Test
                                                   cables both armored,
                                                   semi-rigid and
Applied Engineering  Do not manufacture cable      Flexible, conformable
Products                                           semi-rigid, phase
                                                   matched and delay
Astrolab Inc.        0.041 to 0.310 diameter from  Mini-bend flexible,
                     70% VP to 82% VP, semi-rigid  convoluted semi-rigid
                     to highly flexible with       for superconducting
                     capability up to 90 GHz       temperatures down to
                                                   4[degrees] K, high
                                                   flexcables for
                                                   gimbles and phase
                                                   stable cables up to
                                                   60 GHz
Belden Inc.          Mil-Spec RG Type coax for     Do not manufacture
                     high frequency applications   cable assemblies
                     as well as 50 [ohm] antenna
                     coax for wireless
                     communications applications
                     including base stations,
                     wireless lans and other
                     in-building wireless
BTC Electronics      Do not manufacture cable      Do not manufacture
Inc.                                               cable assemblies
CE Precision         Semi-rigid and special        A wide range of
Assemblies Inc.      cables                        custom cable
                                                   assemblies including
                                                   build-to-print and
                                                   custom standard and
                                                   low loss assemblies
                                                   from DC to 65 GHz
                                                   with limited
                                                   capability to 110
                                                   GHz, Cable
                                                   assemblies are
                                                   available from
                                                   commercial grade to
                                                   space qualified,
                                                   radiation hardened
Compel Group         Do not manufacture cable      Coaxial, multi-pin,
                                                   fiber optic, semi-
                                                   rigid, conformable,
                                                   corrugated, flexible,
                                                   multi-strand for
                                                   commercial, military,
                                                   laboratory and
                                                   medical applications
Corning Gilbert      Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test,
Inc.                                               general purpose,
                                                   semi-rigid, flexible
Delta Electronics    Do not manufacture cable      Do not make cable
Mfg. Corp.                                         assemblies
Deutsch Advanced     Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test
Interconnect                                       for push-pull N and
                                                   SMA, assemblies to
                                                   customer specs,
                                                   test jumper cables
                                                   with DPP on both ends
Dynawave Inc.        Semi-rigid and flexible as    Instrumentation,
                     well as custom designs        laboratory and test,
                                                   semi-rigid, formable,
                                                   flexible, delay
                                                   lines, phase stable,
                                                   phase matched, low
                                                   IM, high power, rigid
ESM Cable Corp.      Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test,
                                                   general purpose,
                                                   flexible, rigid,
                                                   semi-rigid, phase
                                                   stable, phase
                                                   matched, high
EZ Form Cable Corp.  Semi-rigid cable from 0.020   Custom cable
                     to 0.325 inch in copper or    assemblies using all
                     aluminum at impedances from   of the EZ Form cables
                     25 to 100 [ohm]. Custom
                     cables from special
                     materials, flexible cable
                     such as EZConformable in
                     diameters from 0.034 to
                     0.250 inch at 50 and 75
                     [ohm], EZFlex 401, 402 and
                     405 flex
Flexco Mierowave     Custom cable is manufactured  Cable assemblies
Inc.                 for use in Flexco cable       using Flexco cable
                     assemblies                    for commercial, test
                                                   and military with
                                                   emphasis on
                                                   assemblies with very
                                                   low phase and
                                                   amplitude changes
                                                   during flexure.
Florida RF Labs      Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test,
Inc.                                               general purpose,
                                                   flexible, semi-rigid,
                                                   hand formable, phase
                                                   stable, phase
                                                   matched, high
                                                   temperature, space
                                                   level and custom
Florida RS           Do not manufacture cable      40 GHz test cables,
Technology                                         low loss assemblies,
                                                   configurations, Flex
                                                   cables both standard
                                                   and armored, sizes
                                                   from 0.019 to 2
                                                   inches in diameter
W. L. Gore &         Broad capabilities including  Flexible, laboratory
Associates Inc.      coaxial, RF/microwave, round  and test, phase and
                     planar, ribbon, triaxial,     amplitude stable,
                     and hybrid constructions      performance options
                                                   through 67 GHz,
                                                   ruggedized, general
                                                   purpose, phase
                                                   matched, high
                                                   temperature, low
                                                   loss, long length,
                                                   high power,
                                                   spaceflight, high
                                                   density, airframe/
                                                   vapor sealed
Harbour Industries   20 types of MIL-C-17 QPL      Source of cable for
                     approved RG cables, strip     many cable assembly
                     braid, communication          houses
                     network, low loss spiral
                     strip, sureform, high
                     performance foam, high
                     strength, triaxial, low
                     noise, plenum
Huber + Suhner       Standard RG types (58, 174    Flexible RF, form
                     etc.). low loss RF cables,    stable, semi-rigid,
                     high temperature and          hand formable,
                     flame-retardant, low noise    flexible MW
                     for test applications,
                     triaxial, twisted pair,
                     multiple cables in the same
                     jacket, radiation hardened
IMS Connector        Do not manufacture cable      Semi-rigid,
Systems GmbH                                       semi-flexible,
                                                   flexible, corrugated,
                                                   coilcord, GPS cable,
                                                   GSM cable
Insulated Wire Inc.  Over 150 types ranging in     Low loss cable
                     size from 0.050 to 0.500      assemblies up to 65
                     with impedances from 10 to    GHz, general purpose
                     125 [ohm]. A wide variety of  and laboratory,
                     outer braids, shields and     medical and military
                     jacket materials. Multiple    applications
                     cables in common jackets and
                     armored types as well as
                     semi-rigid and reflex cables
Jyebao Co.           Semi-rigid and flexible,      RG types, Japanese
                     0.034, 0.047, 0.085 and       types, semi-rigid,
                     0.141 with various platings   handbendable, low
                                                   loss, phase matched
M/A-COM (Tyco)       Hundreds of cable types from  Laboratory, general
                     0.05 to 0.98 with a variety   purpose, airborne EW,
                     of materials                  phase stable, phase
                                                   and amplitude
                                                   matched, small
                                                   diameter, radiation
                                                   resistant, cable sets
                                                   with interchangeable
                                                   ends and replaceable
MegaPhase Inc.       Groove Tube[TM] coaxial       Flexible and
                     cable but do not sell raw     semi-rigid assemblies
                     cable                         for test and system
                                                   cable applications
                                                   from 2 to 65 GHz.
                                                   There are 5 product
                                                   lines for test and
                                                   measurement and 8
                                                   product lines for
                                                   system and general
                                                   purpose cables
Micro-Coax Inc.      Semi-rigid, aluminum          Test, general
                     jacketed, hand-formable-tin   purpose, flexible,
                     dipped, low loss and          semi-rigid, phase
                     ultra-low loss flexible,      stable, phase
                     miniature low loss,           matched, high
                     ultralight flexible           temperature, low
                                                   loss, ultralight,
                                                   space qualified
Micro-Mode Inc.      Do not manufacture cable      Flexible, semi-rigid
                                                   and rigid phase
                                                   matched assemblies
Microstock Inc.      Do not manufacture cable,     Laboratory and test,
(Distributor)        but do distribute it          general purpose,
                                                   flexible RG,
                                                   semi-rigid formed to
                                                   specification, phase
                                                   stable, low loss
                                                   rigid assemblies
Microwave            Semi-rigid (SNAKE and         Standard RG cables,
Distributors Co.     hand-formable)                LMR,[TM] semi-rigid,
(Midisco)            (Ultra-Flex) as well as       ultra-flex, and phase
                     distribution                  stable assemblies
Midwest Microwave    Do not manufacture cable      Test and measurement,
                                                   general purpose,
                                                   applications, low
                                                   loss, std, RG-type
                                                   patch cords,
                                                   semi-rigid and
                                                   semi-flex, phase
                                                   matched, delay lines
Molex Inc.           Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory, test and
                                                   general purpose
                                                   applications using
                                                   flexible, semi-rigid
                                                   and triax cable
RF Industries Inc.   Do not manufacture cable      General purpose, WiFi
                                                   and antenna pigtails,
                                                   wire harness,
                                                   flexible, semi-rigid,
                                                   phase matched,
                                                   pull/tensile tested,
                                                   HI pot, sweep tested
RF TEC Mfg. Inc.     Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test,
                                                   general purpose,
                                                   flexible, semi-rigid,
                                                   rigid, phase stable,
                                                   phase matched
Rhophase Microwave   Do not manufacture cable but  Laboratory and test
Ltd.                 are UK agents for Insulated   to 50 GHz, medical,
                     Wire Inc., Harbour            defense, general
                     Industries Corp., Haverhill   purpose, flexible,
                     Cable and Manufacturing       semi-rigid, phase
                     Corp.                         stable, phase matched
Rosenberger          Do not manufacture cable      Flexible,
Hochfrequenztechnik                                semi-flexible,
GmbH & Co.                                         semi-rigid,
                                                   corrugated, UTIFLEX
                                                   cable assemblies,
                                                   test cables
San-tron Inc.        Do not manufacture cable      Do not manufacture
                                                   cable assemblies
S.G. McGeary Co.     Do not manufacture cable      Do not manufacture
                                                   cable assemblies
Sabritee Inc.        Do not manufacture cable      RG-316 flexible coax,
                                                   RG-178 flexible coax,
                                                   RG-405 semi-rigid,
                                                   RG-402 semi-rigid,
                                                   RG-58 flexible coax,
                                                   SR.047 semi-rigid
Semflex Inc.         High performance 50 [ohm],    Test and measurement,
                     low loss, high power, low     phase or delay
                     density PTFE dielectries, RG  matched, semi-rigid
                     cable types, communications   and conformable,
                     cable, custom cable           rigid air/dielectric
                                                   assemblies, custom
                                                   splitters and power
                                                   dividers, 1553
                                                   databus, custom
                                                   harnesses and
                                                   corrugated jumpers
Southwest Microwave  Do not manufacture cable      Semi-rigid and
Inc.                                               semi-flexible/
                                                   conformable, field
                                                   connectors, Hi-REL
Special Hermetic     Do not manufacture cable      Do not manufacture
Products                                           cable assemblies
Spectrum             0.141 semi-rigid cable using  Flexible test and
Elcktrotechnik GmbH  a seamless convoluted         measurement,
                     stainless steel copper        ruggedized, military,
                     composite tubing              interconnect systems,
                                                   power, commercial,
                                                   phase stable, hand
                                                   formable, semi-rigid
                                                   (0.034 to 0.50
Spinner GmbH         Do not manufacture cable      Corrugated cables for
                                                   base stations and low
                                                   IM test, braided
                                                   general purpose,
                                                   semi-rigid, phase
                                                   stable, phase matched
SRC Cables Inc.      Do not make their own cable,  All types of cable
                     custom designed cables are    assemblies
                     made for them
SRI Connector Inc.   Do not manufacture cable      Do not make cable
SSI Cable Corp.      0.093, 0.145, and 0.240       Semi-rigid (copper,
                     stainless steel cable in      stainless steel,
                     regular and low loss types    aluminum), flexible,
                     as well as stainless steel    conformable, phase
                     jacket over copper outer      matched, delay lines,
                     conductor, RTFE or medium     medium and low loss,
                     loss dielectric               wireless preps, wire
                                                   harnesses, test,
                                                   general purpose and
Storm Products Inc.  Semi-rigid, flexible, solid   Semi-rigid, flexible,
                     PTFE, low loss low density    general purpose,
                     PTFE, microporous and         laboratory and test,
                     expanded PTFE, ePTFE tape     military,
                     and foil wrapping, flat and   communieations,
                     round wire braiding, textile  miniature low loss,
                     braiding, low and high        phase stable,
                     temperature extrusion,        high-rel, thermal
                     semi-rigid die sizing         pre-conditioned
SV Microwave Inc.    Do not maunfacture cable      All types built to
                                                   customer requirements
Telegartner Inc.     Do not manufacture cable      Laboratory and test,
                                                   general purpose,
                                                   semi-rigid, low loss,
                                                   high power
                                                   multi-core coax
Tensolite Inc.       Netflight[R] high             Flexible, semi-
                     performance cable,            flexible, high
                     ACCULITE[TM] miniature        density assemblies,
                     coaxial, balanced line,       test and measurement,
                     twisted pair multiconductor,  precision harnesses,
                     low loss flexible cables      semi-rigid, delay
                                                   lines, phase matched
Thermax/CDT          MIL-C-17 cables, MaxForm      Do not manufacture
                     hand formable, MaxFlex        cable assemblies
                     cables, high temperature,
                     low loss cables with air
                     expanded PTFE, seamless wrap
                     PTFE tape dielectric cables
Times Microwave      Commercial, aerospace and     Laboratory and test,
Systems Inc.         shipboard high reliability    general purpose,
                     RF & microwave                flexible, semi-rigid,
                                                   phase stable, phase
                                                   matched, high
Trompeter            Do not manufacture cable      1553 data buss and
Electronics Inc.                                   ground suport,
                                                   broadcast head-end
                                                   patching, Telco
                                                   central office,
                                                   medical MRI test,
                                                   laboratory and test
TRU Corp.            Do not manufacture cable      High power and high
                                                   general purpose
                                                   (RG-58,142), custom
                                                   semi-rigid (0.250,
                                                   0.141, 0.085), high
                                                   corrugated, flexible
Vitelec Co.          Do not manufacture cable      Semi-rigid, flexible
                                                   (with or without data
                                                   for telecoms,
                                                   datacoms, wireless,


Aeroflex/Weinschel   US and International patents  www.aeroflex-
                     on both Planar Crown[R]
                     and Planar Blind-Mate[R]      Technical: Jimmy
                     systems                       Dholoo, Sales: Thomas
Amphenol RF          AFI Interface to compensate
                     for axial and radial          Technical: Tom Aubin
                     misalignment, which is        203-796-2059,
                     available in both 50 and 75   taubin@amphenolrf.
                     [ohm]                         com. Sales: Greg
                                                   Straiton 203-796-
Anritsu              The new W1 connector, which
                     can be used up to             1-800-Anritsu
                     250[degrees]C, VP series
                     Blind Mate up to 65 GHz
Applied Engineering  SLB/SA patented self,
Products             aligning PCB to PCB system    Technical: Dave
                                                   Critelli at
                                                   Sales: Dennis
                                                   Flanders at
                                                   General: sales@aep.
Astrolab Inc.        Mini-bend cable assemblies,
                     ever-flex cable and the       Mary Ceres 732-560-
                     Cobra-flex line               9570
Belden Inc.          Conformable[TM] coax for
                     semi-flexible replacement     Technical Support:
                     of rigid-coax                 1-800-beldenl
BTC Electronics      Special configurations and    www.btcelectronics.
Inc.                 quick samples                 com Technical: Robert
                                                   Barnett at rbarnett@
                                                   Sales: Audra Starling
                                                   at astarling@
CE Precision         All products are unique
Assemblies Inc.      to the individual             Technical: Henry
                     customer's requirements.      Richards 480-940-0740
                     Many are not available        x222, hrichards@
                     for export without   Sales:
                     government permission         Kathy Kennard x219,
Compel Group         Patented plastic flange 7/16 or www.
                     (available in pms colors)
                                                   Americas: Peter
                                                   Afano at
                                                   Europe: Mauro
                                                   Colleoni at mauro.
                                                   Asia: Antonella
                                                   Colombo at antonella.
Corning Gilbert      The GPO and GPPO push-on
Inc.                 interconnects were created    corninggilbert
                     by Gilbert and are patented   Technical and
                                                   Customer Service:
                                                   (US and Canada) 800-
                                                   (International) (01)
Delta Electronics    Heli-grip, QDS, mini QDS,
Mfg. Corp.           G874                          Corinne Rose
                                                   Specialist) crose@
                                          and Terry
                                                   Hannan thannan@
Deutsch Advanced     PP series is unique as it
Interconnect         does not require a special    Chief Engineer is
                     receptacle                    Bryan Harrington,
                                                   Customer Service
                                                   Manager is Clyde
                                                   Farren, Sales &
                                                   Marketing is Ted
                                                   Linder 909-791-2600,
                                                   Fax 909-791-2611
Dynawave Inc.        Internal R & D      
                                                   Brian Nothum 978-469
                                                   -0555, bnothum@
ESM Cable Corp.      Specializing in RF and high
                     frequency                     Greg Garno or David
                                                   Doo at 209-892-3347
EZ Form Cable Corp.  EZ Quick-Connect[TM] is
                     patented                      Technical: Tom Ricard
                                                   Sales: Jeff Buccitti
                                                   at jbuccitti@ezform.
Flexco Mierowave     Flexco's cable assemblies
Inc.                 are unique due to a           Bill Bright, Larry
                     combination of connectors     Cagno and Dan Beene
                     and special cables with a     at 908-850-5800 or
                     wide range of jackets,
                     braids and protective
                     armoring. These are
                     extremely rugged, while
                     providing excellent phase
                     and amplitude stability
Florida RF Labs      Lab-Flex[TM] cables DC to 46
Inc.                 GHz with 2.4 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.5  Jim Walker 772-286-
                     mm SMA, precision type N &    9300 or jwalker@
                     TNC as well as low cost
                     assemblies for specific
                     frequency ranges with 40%
                     lower loss and shielding
                     greater than 90 dB
Florida RS           Many of our assemblies are
Technology           made on patented production   Technical: Tim Spacek
                     equipment                     & Al Ragl, Sales:
                                                   Sandy Struthers, 772
W. L. Gore &         Performance to 67 GHz,
Associates Inc.      precision test adapter,       electronies 800-445-
                     phase and amplitude           4673 or 302-292-5100
                     stability, low loss/long
                     length assemblies
Harbour Industries   Many of the specialty cables
                     incorporate proprietary       John D. Palasciano
                     materials and processes       at jpalaseiano@
Huber + Suhner       MMBX board-to-board,
                     Sucoflex,[TM] LSFH (low       Local sales
                     smoke halogen free),          offices in 60
                     enviroflex cables, low noise  countries
                     cables. triaxial, twisted
                     pair (up to 100 [ohm])
IMS Connector        Press-fit and press-in as
Systems GmbH         well as MIM manufacturing     Technical: Roland
                     technology                    Baumgartner +49-7654
                                                   com Sales: Christian
                                                   Bitzer +49-7654-901-
Insulated Wire Inc.  Proprietary dielectric of
                     laminated, expanded or full   Cable assemblies: 203
                     density PTFE. Dielectric      -791-1999 or iwsales@
                     constant can be tailored Raw
                     anywhere from 1.3 to 2.0.     cable: 631-981-7424
                     Patented connector design     or
                     for full captivation on
                     large cables up to 18 GHz
Jyebao Co.           Almost the only manufacturer
                     of semi-rigid cable in        Jyebao Sales at
                     Southeast Asia      
M/A-COM (Tyco)       All products designed and
                     produced in-house             Technical: Ray
                                                   Schwartz at 978-442-
                                                   5487 or Gorden
                                                   Robertson at 978-442
                                                   -5486 Sales:
                                                   (Americas) 800-366-
                                                   2266, (Europe, Middle
                                                   East, Africa) 44
                                                   (1908) 574200.
                                                   (Asia/Pacific) 81-44
MegaPhase Inc.       GrooveTube[TM] is unique
                     to MegaPhase                  Joe Carbonara at 570
                                                   -424-8400 sales@
Micro-Coax Inc.      Flexible Ultralight UTiFLEX
                     cable assemblies using        Sales: Bruce Ash at
                     DuPont's ARACON[TM] metal     610-495-4225
                     clad fibers                   Technical: John Lewis
                                                   at 610-495-4326
Micro-Mode Inc.      MSSS[TM] series, which is
                     20% smaller than MSMP and     Technical: Mark Perry
                     40% smaller than SMP. Over    619-449-3844 x25
                     500,000 parts produced
                                                   Sales: Brian Peckham
                                                   619-449-3844 x46 &
                                                   Ray Benitez 619-449-
                                                   3844 x26
Microstock Inc.      No unique products  
(Distributor)                                      Technical contact:
                                                   Dr. Bob Schafer,
                                                   Sales: Scott Frobese,
                                                   com, 215-699-0355
Microwave            Unique configurations         www.
Distributors Co.     and combinations              microwavedistributors
(Midisco)            supported by a large          /
                     inventory                     Technical: John
                                                   Summerville, Sales:
                                                   Mark Laurenti,
Midwest Microwave    Flexform I and Flexform       www.midwest-microwave
                     II are proprictary cable      .com Contact: Ruth
                     designs                       Fawson, fawson@
                                                   781-894-8787 or
                                         , 734-
Molex Inc.           Solder-less edge mount is
                     a patented Molex design.      Technical: Don Could,
                     Supplied in panels up to 30   Dwaine Robison Sales:
                     BNC receptacles               Roger Kauffman 317-
RF Industries Inc.   Unidapt adapters, pigtails,   www.rfcoaxconnectors.
                     adapter kits, quick           com,
                     disconnect BNC, F, mini-UHF,
                     N, RCA, SMA and TNC, MB and   Technical: Connie
                     mini-bayonet, cellular        Jones, Dave
                     interface adapters and        McReynolds, Ronnie
                     connectors                    Rice Sales: Rosa
                                                   Reynolds, Rob Lieby
                                                   all at rfi@
RF TEC Mfg. Inc.     Snap-on and push-on SMA,
                     push-on N up to 14 GHz,       Kiyoshi Endo 770-251
                     long sleeve thumbnut SMA,     -2235 or k4st@rftec.
                     connectors for 1.32 mm and    com
                     0.8 mm cables for hirose
                     U.FL connectors and cable
Rhophase Microwave   No unique products  
Ltd.                                               Technical: Byron Putt
                                                   & Nick Lewis, Sales:
                                                   Jodie Di-Orio & Bob
Rosenberger          QLR-A (Quick Lock   
Hochfrequenztechnik  Rosenberger-SMA), SMCC-       US: Kevin LaRue 717-
GmbH & Co.           surface-mount coaxial         290-8000 info@
                     connector is patented coax
                     to planar technology          Europe: Harry Rausch
                                                   (+49 8684-180) info@
San-tron Inc.        Reverse polarity types and
                     unique 15 product line to     Technical: Fred Hull
                     meet FCC Part 15.203          978-356-1585, fred@
                                         , Sales:
                                                   Chris Sanders chris@
S.G. McGeary Co.     Swept right angle bends in
                     all series plus the PGM       Technical: Larry
                     series, which is              Herring Sales: Steve
                     intermateable with SSMA       McGeary 321-409-0509,
                     connectors up to 50 GHz and   Fax 321-409-0510
                     uses an air-dielectric
                     interface. New 1.0 mm series
                     extends the capability to
                     110 GHz
Sabritee Inc.        SCX-Air dielectric interface
                                                   Technical: Mike
                                                   Pohorecki at mpoho@
                                                   Cardino at tcardino@
                                                   Uhlack at juhlack@
                                                   Glenn Piper (West
                                                   Coast) at gpiper@
                                                   Baynes (East Coast)
                                                   at pbaynes@sabritec.
Semflex Inc.         High power KW series cable,
                     light-weight R[G.sub.+]       Robert Thiele, Stan
                     series cable, rigid air       Hardin, Don Gerbis
                     dielectric electroform        Tom Barber, VP Sales
                     assemblies                    at tom.barber@
Southwest Microwave  All connectors are thermal    www.
Inc.                 tested, space qualified       southwestmierowave.
                     materials, high-rel, high     com Technical: Dusty
                     temperature performance, lot  Leavitt 480-783-0201
                     control and material          x391 dusty@
                     traceability, lead-free       southwestmicrowave.
                     solder processing             com Sales: Sandy
                                                   Feeney 480-783-0201
Special Hermetic     Robust series for aluminum
Products             and kovar as well as other    Technical: Jack
                     housing materials are         Pollock jack@shp-
                     covered by US patents or Sales:
                     patents pending               Wendy Cheney wendy@
                                                   603-654-2002 Fax
Spectrum             CNCA-700 cable cutting and
Elektrotechnik GmbH  stripping machinc, push-on    Peter Von Nordheim +
                     7/16, N, SMA, TNC and SNX,    +49-89-3548-040
                     SBY, SSPO and SPM are unique  pvnordheim@
Spinner GmbH         Jumper cables for corrugated
                     copper cables       
SRC Cables Inc.      Proprietary coax types
                     SRC-316, SRC-402SF &          President. Dan
                     SRC-405SF                     Hirschnitz, Dan@src-
                                                   Coordinator: Kathy
                                                   Badger, Kathy@src-
SRI Connector Inc.   Superite series               www.sriconnectorgage.
                                                   com Mark Hiser
                                                   321-259-9688 hiser@
SSI Cable Corp.      Stainless steel cables are
                     unique to SSI                 Contacts: Bill Smith
                                                   and Brek Sowers
Storm Products Inc.  Phase Master[R] --            www.stormproducts.
                     exceptional phase stability   com/microwave
                     with temperature, True        Inside sales
                     Blue[R]--low loss with        888-347-8676
                     durability and value. Storm
                     Flex[TM] -- superior
                     electrical performance,
                     trouble free, durable,
                     compact, Accu-Test[TM] --
                     calibration accuracy,
                     repeatable phase
                     measurement with flex
SV Microwave Inc.                        
                                                   Sales & technical
Telegartner Inc.     SimFIX Plus[TM] connectors
                     and low PIM telealloy         Technical: Allen
                     plating                       Ehredt Sales: Jim
                                                   Ziebka 630-616-7600
Tensolite Inc.       QBC series for blind mating
                     with standard series,
                     Netflight[TM] cables,         or 877-890-7483
                     UCCULITE[TM] cables,
                     Q-Flex,[R] Semi-Flex[R]
                     and Workhorse[R] cable
                     assemblies, high density
                     application cable assemblies
                     such as HDSI[R] and
Thermax/CDT          Thermas LTE expanded PTFE
                     dielectric is proprietary as  Maria Neclerio
                     is seamless wrap PTFE         203-284-9610
                     dielectric and jackets
Times Microwave      Miltech, blindmate, T-flex,   www.timesmicrowave
Systems Inc.         stripflex, T-com, nu-trac,    .com Technical: Joe
                     FlexRAD, testmate,            Lanoue jlanoue@
                     phasetrack, LLSB, LSSB, and
                     LMR cable and cable           Sales: Sue Reynolds
                     assemblies                    sreynolds@
Trompeter            Separable BNC connectors for
Electronics Inc.     PC mount. miniature normal-   Technical: Mark
                     through patch jacks with      Borton 818-865-6534
                     true 75 [ohm] for HDTV        mark.borton@
                     performance          VP
                                                   Sales, Tom Barber,
                                                   818-865-6557, tom.
TRU Corp.            Quick-disconnect line,        www.trucorporation.
                     special coupling nut          com Technical: Doug
                     designs, solderless right     Snader, Tony
                     angle designs                 Martiniello Sales:
                                                   Brenda Wheeler, Roger
                                                   Cook 978-532-0775
Vitelec Co.          Gigaflex[TM] cable  
                                                   -44 (0) 1420 488661


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