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2004 Distinguished Science Communicator: Dr. Nicholas R. Natale.


Dr. Nicholas R. Natale was awarded the Idaho Academy Distinguished Science Communicator award for 2004. Dr. Natalie was born in Philadelphia in 1953. After receiving both a B.S. (1976) and Ph.D. (1979) from Drexel, he moved on to a postdoctoral position at Colorado State University under the guidance of Dr. A.I. Meyers. In 1981 he began as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Idaho. He is currently a Professor of chemistry. He won the Alumni Award for Faculty Excellent in 1987 and received Academic Research Enhancement Awards from National Institutes of Health, 1989-93 and 1999-2006.


Dr. Natale's research focus is organic medicinal chemistry. His publications, published abstracts, invited lectures and presentations at scientific meetings total over 300. He has articles in Current Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Innovation and Journal of Chemical Education. He also holds a patient on hydroxamic acid crown ethers.

Early in his career he became convinced that teaching and research are synergistic. One of the things he is most proud of is that six of his research students have continued on with the tradition of teaching.

Dr. Natale was elected to membership in Phi Lambda Upsilon, the Honorary Chemical Society (1975), and Sigma Xi (1981). A life member of the Idaho Academy of Science, he served on the executive committee as trustee from 1992-8. He has been a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for over twenty-five years, and currently serves the National ACS on the Joint Board Council Committee on Publications (appointment to 2006), as well as wearing several hats for the Washington Idaho Border section (WIBS), including National chemistry Week Coordination (1995-present) and Student Affiliate Liaison (1999-preent). His WIBS outreach activities, including programs such as "The Chemistry of Winning Teams" and "A Periodic Table of the Moles" focus on explaining the chemistry of everyday experience to the public, and have brought National recognition to the WIBS Local section. To date, these include a Phoenix Award (1997), and three Chemluminary Awards (2002), four consecutive commendable citations to the Student Affiliates (1999-2002), and a SA Honorable Mention in 2005. He was recognized for his ten years as WIBS National Chemistry Week Coordinator with the ACS Salute to Excellence in 2004.

During Dr. Natalie's time at Drexel, he lettered in cross country. He also has completed three marathons (42nd in the Philadelphia marathon in 1972). While in Colorado he turned his attention to mountaineering, and his ascents included the Northcutt-Carter route on the north wall of Hallett Peak, Kor's flake on Sundance Buttress, and Devil's Tower Durrance Crack. He is also certified by USA Hockey as a coach through the Advanced level, served as faculty advisor to the Ice Hockey Club at University of Idaho from 1994-2003, and as a founding member of the Palouse Ice Rink Association. He once claimed a share in the ownership of a red Zamboni (since donated back to PIRA). A checking forward who lacks both speed and size, he celebrated his 41st birthday with an assist in a college club game. When not at Renfrew Hall, he can be found playing recreational ice hockey, or gardening.

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Publication:Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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