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2003 marks the 31st Annual Signal Regimental Symposium.

Dec. 1-5 are the dates of the 31st Annual Signal Regimental Symposium, and this year's event is shaping up to be the largest ever. The symposium generates the second highest amount of revenue to the Augusta area, exceeded only by the Masters Golf Tournament. From the local military perspective it is the most informative and significant event that the Signal Regiment has each year.

The theme for 2003's symposium is, "Meeting Today's Challenges, Getting the Future Right."

"Our theme represents current efforts in the Signal community to bridge the gap between capabilities that we must provide today to support Army and joint operations, including emerging requirements from Operation Eduring Freedon and Operation Iraqi Freedom lessons learned, and positioning ourselves to provide what our warfighters will need down the road," said COL Bernie Kulifay, chief of staff for the U.S. Army Signal Center.

CPT Stifling West and SGM Mark S. Stroh are planning this year's event. "We have a really exciting agenda planned for this year, we are focusing on the transformation that our Signal Regiment is undertaking in forming the objective force," said CPT West. SGM Stroh added, "We have had a very informative year with scores of lessons learned in the conflicts that we have participated in while in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

The symposium allows us the forum, as a regiment, to gather and discuss these lessons and update or change our doctrine as needed. That alone is a very exciting and profitable factor of the symposium each year."

However, that is only one factor of this multifaceted event.

One of the most visited events each year is the exhibit tent that the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association sponsors. This year's tent will be the largest ever covering approximately 53 thousand square feet of the parking lot in front of The Signal Towers on Chamberlain Avenue. This exhibit allows commercial vendors the opportunity to show their products to the soldiers and receive first-hand feedback from our warrior force on what works and what doesn't.

This priceless feedback is collected and used by the industries' design departments to produce items for our services that are truly the best in the world.

"The feedback provided by our soldiers is the voice of experience. Their knowledge and ideas are where the rubber meets the road to improve these companies' products to better serve their users," said Bryan Tuschen local Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association representative and head coordinator for the exhibit tent.

Workshops are a large part of the symposium. This year's informative workshops will provide a productive exchange of information that is integral in determining where the Signal Regiment is going and how it will take advantage of today's technology. The Signal Corps is on the cutting edge of the technology transformation taking place that allows our world to communicate quicker and more efficiently than ever.

The regiment is not only staying on the cutting edge, but they are developing the equipment that will outfit our objective force of the future. One important aspect of this year's event is to determine the best path to transform our current military from where we stand right now with the equipment we have in our motor pools and shops to the objective future force of 2008. This transformation is based partly upon concepts that are still being designed on the drawing boards today as we speak.

"We know the capabilities are out there and we have to plan and prepare for these evolutionary developments that are taking place so rapidly in the communication field. It is an exciting and fast paced time in the Signal Corps right now," said Regimental Command Sergeant Major CSM Michel Terry.

This year's Signal Regimental Symposium definitely promises to be an exciting event, and the knowledge gathered will serve as a platform to continue the professional performance that the Signal Corps provides by "Meeting Today's Challenges, Getting the Future Right" for our service and this great country. We as a corps are looking forward to this awesome event and we hope that everyone makes plans to attend.
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Date:Sep 22, 2003
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