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2003 best in the business list of submissions.

The following personnel were submitted for Corrections Today's annual Best in the Business issue. Many thanks to the correctional agencies and American Correctional Association chapters and affiliates for nominating staff members this year.

Alabama -- Faye Ethridge, coordinator of volunteers, Department of Youth Services-Chalkville Campus

Alaska -- Frances Macon, volunteer/foster parent. McLaughlin Youth Center: Jeff Rigo, unit leader-detention, Fairbanks Youth Facility

Arkansas -- Sarah McQuilliams, warden, DOC-North Central Unit

Arizona -- Brian Bylbie, parole officer, DOC, Community Corrections Division; Phillip Elliott, captain, Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC)-Safford; Jason Mess, correction officer II, DOC-Cheyenne; Maria Molina, correctional officer II, ASPC-Yuma Complex. Dakota Unit; Donald Morrison, correctional officer II, ASPC-Safford, Graham Unit; Eugene Mummert, captain, ASPC-Lewis; Robert Kevin Reardon, officer, ASPC-Yuma Complex; Mickay Rivera, correctional officer II, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Cocopah Unit; John Stutzman, correctional officer III, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Dakota, Unit; Tracy Wilson, sergeant, ASPC-Yuma Complex, Cheyenne Unit

California -- Steven R. Amason Sr., correctional officer, California Institution for Men-Chino: Michael A.R. Beekman, sergeant (reserve) Orange County Sheriff's Department Juvenile Services Bureau; Ken Grady, correctional sergeant, Calipatria State Prison; Andrew Johnson, correctional sergeant, CDC Statewide Transportation Unit, California Institution for Men-Chino; M. Kim Mercer, police officer, San Francisco Police Department, Juvenile and Family Services Division; Forrest Tucker, correctional sergeant, McCain Valley Conservation Camp #21; Steven G. Vlasis, deputy sheriff III, Fresno County Sheriff's Department

Florida -- Patricia Alexis, Orange County Corrections Department (OCCD); Joel Ashe, OCCD; Kent Bazan, OCCD; Jill Bessette, superintendent, Aluchua Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Richard L. Braxton, sergeant/correctional officer, Holmes Correctional Institution; Dwayne Brown, OCCD; Joel Brown, OCCD; David Bynum, OCCD; Ramon Caban, OCCD; Steven Camacho, OCCD; Emily Carrasquillo, OCCD; Kenneth Demmo, OCCD; Isaiah Dennard, OCCD; Michael Feeney, OCCD; Tamera L. Fogleman, CPSO, DOC-02-0; Dixie D. Fosler, superintendent, Marion Regional Detention Center; Ronnie Fryer, regional director-detention, South Region Detention Services; William E. Groves, correctional officer, Polk Correctional Institution; Jay Gruner, OCCD; Julia A. Hartley, academic teacher, Avon Park Correctional Institution; Anthony Herring, OCCD; Christopher Holmes, OCCD; Ronald Hunter, correctional probation officer, Probation and Parole Services-Tallahassee; Jabari Jackson, OCCD; Steven Jusino, OCCD; Hubert "Buddy" Kent, assistant warden for programs, DOC-Region I; John Kirby, OCCD; Richard Lachiusa, correctional officer, Daytona Beach Work Release Center; Jason Lichtenwald, OCCD; Edwin Maldonado, OCCD; James Meade, OCCD, LaTonya Oats, psychological specialist, Lowell Correctional Institution; Dana Reuter, volunteer, Pasco Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Franklin Sever, OCCD; James Sevigny, OCCD; David Springsteen, correctional officer, Avon Park Correctional Institution; Gary M. Thomas, warden, Okaloosa Correctional Institution; John Thompson, OCCD; Jose Torre, OCCD; Bishop Wenze, OCCD; Barry White, OCCD; Karen White, OCCD; Gary Wiley Jr., OCCD; George Wynn, OCCD; Yvonne Zinnermon, OCCD

Georgia -- Arnie Oliver, correctional officer, Georgia State Prison

Illinois -- John Castro, deputy chief (retired), DOC, Program Services

Kansas -- Gerald Jenisch, Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility

Kentucky -- James L. Wagner Jr., district supervisor, DOC, Division of Probation and Parole; John Weyers Jr., supervisor-(retired), DOC, Probation and Parole, District 1

Louisiana -- Sam Adams sergeant, Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP)-Angola; Lisa Ard, dental assistant 2, Washington Correctional Institution (WCI); Cyrus Bergeron, lieutenant, WCI; Sandra Bordelon, RN, LSP-Angola; Reginald Brock, major, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC); Jimmy Brumfield, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Anson "Brad" Carpenter, major, DSPC-EHCC; Chad Darbonne, captain, LSP-Angola; James Dauzat, lieutenant, LSP-Angola; Kenneth Davis, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Timothy Delaney, colonel, LSP-Angola; Anthony Dessele, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Reginald Escue, major, EHCC; Marco Franklin, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Charles Dudley Freeman, master sergeant, WCI; Ronnie Fruge, major, LSP-Angola; Evans Gaspard, cadet, LSP-Angola; Kenneth Gintz, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Patricia Goodlow, procurement specialist, EHCC; Deloris Gullage, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Robert Y. Henderson deputy warden 2, C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center; Nelda Holiday, sergeant LSP-Angola; Helen Horton, director, food service, EHCC; Angie Huff, assistant warden 3, David Wade Correctional Center; Harold Johnson, maintenance director, EHCC; Juvenile Reception and Diagnostic Center (JRDC) and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Correctional Center for Youth, Juvenile Corrections Program (group award); Alvin Lavalais, LSP-Angola; Susan Lindsey, regional director, DPSC-Probation and Parole; Wiley Magee, chaplain, LSP-Angola; Patrick McCann, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Kathleen M. McGinnis, RN, assistant warden, WCI; Chad Menzina, colonel, LSP-Angola; Joe Norwood, captain, LSP-Angola; Jeffrey Osborne, master sergeant, EHCC; Troy Poret, major, LSP-Angola; Joney Primus, master sergeant, EHCC Howard Prince, assistant warden, LSP-Angola; Sabrina Scott, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Debbie Scriber, corrections facility director of nursing 4, David Wade Correctional Center; Stephen Sibley, RN, LSP-Angola; Sam Smith, colonel, LSP-Angola; Sonya Suggs, ACA coordinator, EHCC; Vincent Thomas, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Robert Tycer, lieutenant, LSP-Angola; Mikel Vannoy, lieutenant, LSP-Angola; Murray Warnock, master sergeant, LSP-Angola; Demetrius Webb, sergeant, LSP-Angola; Danny Williams, mental health director, EHCC; Craig White, major, EHCC; Harold Wood, sergeant, LSP-Angola

Maryland -- Susan Grimes, captain, correctional officer, DPSCS-Division of Correction Headquarters; James Kiracofe, major, correctional officer, Roxbury Correctional Institution

Massachusetts -- Kenneth W. Nelson, superintendent, DOC-Bridgewater State Hospital

Michigan -- Edward F. Wiest, administrative law examiner/hearing officer, DOC-Central Office; Jim Penix, corrections officer, Newberry Correctional Facility

Minnesota -- Jill Barickman, corrections agent, DOC-Freeborn County; Laraine LeKander, case manager, Minnesota Correctional Facility-Moose Lake; Chuck Ness, corrections agent, DOC-Pipestone; Dan Storkamp, director, Statewide Supervision System, DOC

Mississippi -- Rick McCarty, deputy commissioner, DOC, Administration and Finance; Emmitt Sparkman, deputy commissioner, DOC

Missouri -- Eva Barrick, chief of custody, Chillicothe Correctional Center (CCC); Tony Booker, corrections classification assistant, Ozark Correctional Center (OCC); Mike Cargill, correctional supervisor I, OCC; Joe Crowe, food service manager, Algoa Correctional Center (ACC); Terry Dees, correctional officer I, OCC; Larry Denney, corrections supervisor II, Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center (WRDCC); Rose Derrickson, functional unit manager, CCC; Gary Downs, correctional officer II, OCC; John Dudley, correctional officer I, OCC; Bill Elgie, plant maintenance engineer, OCC; Jodi Ellis, correctional services trainee, Maryville Treatment Center; Mike Hayes, functional unit manager, Tipton Correctional Center; Bill Johnson, labor crew supervisor, OCC; Deborah Kraft, office support assistant, Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center; Michele Lietch, office support assistant, OCC; Rex Marriott, correction officer I, ACC; Dennis Mayberry, corrections supervisor I, Potosi Correctional Center; Jim McCleary, correction officer I, OCC; Stephen McLane, safety manager, ACC; Paul Michaels, lieutenant, WRDCC; David Milburn, chief of custody, ACC; Leland Miller, plant maintenance engineer III, South Central Correctional Center; Greg Petruczenko, unit supervisor, Probation and Parole, WRDCC; Daria Spencer, records officer I, South Central Correctional Center; Transportation Unit, DOC; Ron Polodna, correctional officer I, OCC; Denise (Schuler) Reynolds, area treatment coordinator, DOC-Northwest Region; James Michael Rhodes, correction officer II, Northeast Correctional Center; Angela Sedgwick, office support assistant-keyboard, WRDCC; Ron Stirpwalt, correction officer I, OCC; Larry Sutton, executive II-business manager, South Central Correctional Center; Van Tavenner, recreation officer I, OCC; Guy Thomas, records officer II, Moberly Correctional Center; Kirk Thomas, corrections classification assistant, WRDCC; Shannon Thompson, maintenance supervisor I, ACC; Janet Ward, corrections officer I, Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center; Paul and Colleen Wilson, volunteers, Moberly Correctional Center; Don Woodman, laundry manager, OCC

Nebraska -- Fred Britten, warden, Tecumseh State Correctional Institutional (TSCI); Richard Elliott, M.D., health care coordinator, Nebraska State Penitentiary; Jim Erickson, safety and sanitation officer, TSCI; Dallen Johnson, captain, Nebraska State Penitentiary; Curt Jordan, administrative assistant, Nebraska Correctional Youth Facilities; Jan Lehmkuhl, material administrator, Department of Correctional Services (DCS)-Central Office; Becky Mencl, human resources manager, TSCI; Karen Michaelson, human resources manager, DCS-Central Office; Sara Nelson, victim services coordinator, DCS-Central Office; Kyle Poppert, sergeant, Community Corrections Center-Lincoln; Sean Runge, lieutenant, TSCI; Renee Uldrich, nursery coordinator, DCS-Nebraska Correctional Center for Women; Richard VanGerpen, unit case manager, Community Correctional Center-Omaha; Joe Yosten, corporal, Community Corrections Center-Lincoln

Nevada -- Chris Stoecklin, lieutenant, DOC-Transportation

New Hampshire -- Jackie Kramer, teacher, Youth Development Center, Division for Juvenile Justice Services

New Jersey -- Brian Bozik, senior correction officer, Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center (ADTC); Jerome Brown, sergeant, ADTC; Thomas C. Costley, senior correction officer, DOC, Stabilization and Reintegration Program; Christian Dietz, senior correction officer, Riverfront State Prison; John Flaherty, officer, ADTC; Kimberly Flood, administrative analyst 2 DP, DOC-OIT; Peter Gallione, substance abuse administrator, Juvenile Justice Commission--Johnstone Campus; David Miterko, senior correction officer, ADTC; Tony Morse, DP programmer 2, DOC-OIT; Adalbert Moyer, officer, ADTC; Lasandra Orange, secretarial assistant 3, Riverfront State Prison; Jean Richardson, teacher 1, New Jersey State Prison; George O. Robinson Jr., administrator, DOC-Mid-State; Jose Rodriguez, senior correction officer, Eastern Jersey State Prison; Susan Rushmore, ADTC; Alfred Whittaker, senior correction officer, DOC-Central Reception

New Mexico -- Brenda Deloris, correctional officer, New Mexico State Penitentiary, Special Control Unit; Barbara Dominguez, detail officer, New Mexico State Penitentiary, Special Control Unit; Claudia Rodriguez, correctional officer I, Western New Mexico Correctional Facility; James R. White, major, Central New Mexico Correctional Facility

New York City -- Karlene Gordon, probation officer, Red Hook Community Court; Virgil Mitchell, probation officer, Department of New York City Probation and Correction, BSMART

Ohio -- Karin J. Ho, administrator, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Office of Victim Services; John (Jack) R. Reil, deputy director, Ohio Department of Youth Services

Oklahoma -- Leona Allwhite, secretary II, Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center (DEWCC); Delbert Appleton, information systems network management specialist III, Oklahoma State Penitentiary (OSP); Kenneth Arnett, correctional case manager II, Lexington Assessment and Reception Center (LARC); Kelly Austin, probation and parole officer II, Tulsa County District Community Corrections (TCDCC); Orie T. Baker, correctional security officer IV, Jess Dunn Correctional Center (JDCC); Gary L. Bankston Jr., correctional security officer IV, R.B. "Dick" Conner Correctional Center (RBCCC); Connie Barnes, food service manager II, Jackie Brannon Correctional Center (JBCC); Elvin Baum, employee rights and relations manager, DOC, Employee Rights and Relations; Carl Bear, food service manager III, Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR); Steve Beck, warden, Mack Alford Correctional Center (MACC); Carmen Bell-Bowlin, contracting and acquisitions agent I, DOC, Purchasing Unit; Karen D. Bowling, correctional security officer IV, Enid Community Corrections Center; Pat Bracken, information applications specialist IV, DOC, Purchasing Unit; Thomas W. Bradt, correctional security officer III, William S. Key Correctional Center (WSKCC); Todd Brown, correctional security manager I, JDCC; Edward M. Bruce, correctional security manager I, Howard McLeod Correctional Center (HMCC); Donna K. Bullard, probation and parole officer II, Northeast District Community Corrections (NEDCC); Lisa Burlingame, community sentencing specialist, DOC, Community Sentencing, Eastern Region; Ron Burns, medical assistant, MACC; JoBeth Campbell, human resources management specialist II, NEDCC; Dennis M. Cantrell, construction and maintenance administrator II, OSP; James Wayne Carver, correctional security officer IV, James Crabtree Correctional Center (JCCC); Lee A. Clayton, correctional case manager II, TCDCC; Terry L. Cody, correctional security manager I, DOC-OSR; Glenn Cook, institutional farms manager III, MACC; Randy Cook, deputy warden II, RBCCC; William Cooper, staff physician II, MACC; Gina M. Cosden, probation and parole officer II, DOC-Northwest District Community Center (NWDCC); Gary W. Cowan, correctional security officer IV, JBCC, Classification and Programs; Malcolm Darrough, institutional farms manager III, John H. Lilley Correctional Center (JHLCC); Danny Delay, business manager III, MACC; Robert K. Denton, correctional security manager I, JCCC; Keith DeWitt, correctional case manager I, MACC; Robert Dibble, training manager, DOC Employee Training and Development Center; Kathy Duvall, probation and parole officer III, Tulsa County District Community Corrections; Billy Eischen, correctional security officer III, Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center (CEJCC); Debbie Elledge, executive secretary, DOC-Medical Services Administration; Jerry Elrod, correctional case managers, DOC-MACC; Derrel Epperly, correctional case managers, MACC; Lura Fabian, accountant III, DOC-Administration Unit; Tommy J. Fitch, correctional security manager I, Joseph Harp Correctional Center; Jeromey Gaster, correctional security officer III, WSKCC; Debi Gomez, nursing manager, Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center (SWDCC), Office of Juvenile Affairs; Terry Goodall, correctional training officer II, DOC Employee Training and Development Center; Charles Goree, correctional security officer IV, WSKCC; Sherry L. Goucher, correctional training officer II, NWDCC; Jeffrey M. Greg, correctional security officer III, JCCC; Robert Gunn, correctional records officer I, NEDCC; Barbara Gunter, probation and parole district III, Southeast District Community Corrections (SEDCC); Buffy Guthrie, correctional case manager II, JDCC; Jeff Haines, correctional security officer IV, MACC; Tony Halferty, business manager II, OCCC, Residential Services; Justin D. Hall, correctional security officer III, DEWCC; Kim Hardcastle, probation and parole officer II, SEDCC; Shawn Harvanek, construction and maintenance tech II, MACC; Lance Harzman, correctional case manager II, CEJCC; Angela Hearrell, probation and parole officer III, SWDCC; James Hearrell, senior probation and parole officer II, Southwest District Community Corrections; Roy Henry, correctional security officer IV, MACC; Guyla Hill, secretary V, MACC; Jill Hinkston, human resources management specialist II, OCCC, Residential Services; Clint J. Holland, correctional security officer IV, Howard McLeod Correctional Center; Kenny Holloway, information technology project coordinator, CCA; Kathleen Horgan, correctional case manager II, DOC, Classification and Programs; Bob H. Huie Jr., correctional security officer II, OSP; Jim Hunt, accountant III, DOC, Finance and Accounting Unit; Richard Hurlocker, volunteer, John E. Hamilton Correctional Center (JEHCC); Jimmy L. Janway, construction and maintenance administrator II, JEHCC; Billie W. Johnson, administrative programs officer I, SWDCC; Terasina L. Johnson, correctional security officer IV, Clara Waters Community Corrections Center; Ewina Johnston, secretary III, JEHCC; DeWayne C. Jones, correctional security manager I, RBCCC; Samuel D. Jones, correctional security manager I, CEJCC; Winford E. Kenyon Jr., correctional security manager I, MACC; Thomas Killion, correctional counselor I, RBCCC; Johnny L. King, correctional security officer IV, RBCCC; Sandra Kralovetz, accounting technician II, SEDCC; Lester LaRue, safety consultant III, DOC, Environmental Health and Occupational Safety; LaDonna Laskey, correctional security officer III, Kate Barnard Community Corrections Center; Lewis A. Layton, correctional security officer IV, MACC; Jack Lemmons, construction/maintenance administrator I, RBCCC; John Lewis, correctional activities officer II, WSKCC; Ted Limke, contract monitor specialist, DOC-Private Prison Administration; Steve Longmire, correctional security officer III, Sayre Community Work Center; Diania Maggia, licensed practical nurse II, MACC; Blais Margagliano, construction and maintenance technician, LARC; Chester Mason, correctional health services administrator III, OSP; Richard Mason, correctional security officer III, MACC; Alice Mattson, probation and parole officer I, TCDCC; Gary McClary, correctional security officer III, RBCCC; Sam McGinty, correctional security officer IV, MACC; William Patrick McKenzie, internal affairs special investigator II, DOC, Security and Investigations Unit; Donovan V. Michie, correctional security officer IV, Clara Waters Community Corrections Center; Kim Moon, secretary V, DOC, Legal Services Administration; Ira J. Moore, correctional security officer IV, Kate Bernard Community Corrections Center; Mary Beth Morris, business manager II, CEJCC; Cathy M. Morton, correctional training officer II, DOC-HMCC; Joseph L. Moss, correctional security manager I, NEOCC; Mike Murry, correctional chief of security II, DEWCC; Gail A. Noblin, correctional security officer III, NEOCC; Billy Nosler, correctional security officer III, WSKCC; Danny Owens, business manager II, WSKCC; Kent Peck, unit manager I, LARC; Jasen Pettus, correctional security manager I, CEJCC; Kristie Phillips, probation and parole officer III, CDCC; Lynn Pierce, correctional security officer III, MACC; Laura Pittman, psychologist, MBCC; John C. Pollard, correctional security officer III, OSP; Eldon L. Potts, correctional security manager I, JEHCC; Deborah A. Powell, correctional security officer III, JBCC; Susan Quigley, probation and parole officer I, CDCC; Patricia J. Raspberry, correctional counselor I, DOC-LARC; Rodney Redman, unit manager I, JCCC; Barbara A. Reinbold, human resources assistant I, JHCC; Kenneth D. Richie, correctional security officer IV, JEHCC; Cathy D. Riley, correctional case manager II, SWDCC; Celestia Riley, correctional counselor I, RBCCC; Wesley L. Ritter, institutional farms manager I, NEOCC; William F. Robb III, correctional security manager I, LARC; William J. Robertson, correctional security manager I, JEHCC; Eric Rohrer, correctional security officer IV, CEJCC; Misty Rohrer, registered nurse III, CEJCC; Nail Sakmari, Correctional Security Officer IV, OSR; Christine Savage, correctional case manager I, RBCCC; Ann Sierson, correctional chief of security III, MBCC; Sheri Simpson, correctional security officer IV, MBCC; Gary C. Skeen, correctional security officer III, Earl A. Davis Community Work Center; Alton Smith, probation and parole officer II, CDCC; Danny L. Smith, correctional security manager I, WSKCC; Terri G. Smith, correctional security officer IV, LARC; Billy F. Steele, correctional security officer IV, JHLCC; Janet Stephenson, registered nurse III, RBCCC; Shirley M. Stone, food service manager II, NEOCC; Mauri Thomas, dentist, MACC; Christine Triplett, registered nurse III, MACC; Melvin A. Walters, correctional security officer IV, MCCC; Maurice Warrior, unit manager I, JDCC; Donald Watkins, correctional security manager II, NWDCC; Mark J. Weidman, correctional security officer IV, JHCC; Carol Wekar, administrative programs officer I, DOC, Human Resources Unit; Dobie Welcher, information systems network management specialist III, JHLCC; Robert L. "Bob" Wilkerson, administrative programs officer II, DOC, Finance and Accounting Unit; Cindy Wilkett, business manager III, DOC, Community Corrections; Danny Williams, correctional counselor I, JBCC; Terry Wills, correctional security officer IV, WSKCC; Robert E. Womack, correctional security manager I, JBCC; Joe Wortman, construction maintenance administrator, JHCC

Group Nominations: Oklahoma -- First Aid Program Improvement and Vendor Selection Team--Connie J. Barwick, Pat Al Collins, Robert G. Copeland, Robert F. Dibble, Willie Dumas, Gary L. Elliott, Terry Goodall, Darlene Hoyt, Michael R. Jackson, Ron J. Judd, Jim S. Wilson, DOC Employee Training and Development Center; Historical Artifact Committee--Donna Brannon, Carrie Bridges, Rick Cullin, Joe Eike, Billy Henry, Larisa Howell, William S. Key Correctional Center; Human Resources Unit--Felicia Adams, Debbie Bonenfant, Tom Naughton, Rhonda Orange, Fummi Togun, human resources management specialists III, Ingrid Bennett, human resources management specialist IV, and Samuel Terry, personnel manager; Key to Life Substance Abuse Treatment Program--Carrie Bridges, Dallas Bourassa, Martin G. Conway, Allen Everett, Perry F. Lansdale, Billy Nosler, Larry K. Sunderland, Kenneth A. Townsend, James L. Trenton, Denise C. Walker, Ronald Whiteneck, Tina M. Winn, DOC-William S. Key Correctional Center; Second Chance Project--Father Bruce Brosnahan, Rick Haskins, Frank Hudson, Joe Keene, Chuck Shedd, Tammy Sweeden, Glen Waldon, Tina Waller, R.B. "Dick" Conner Correctional Center.

Pennsylvania -- Holly Cardarelli, youth development aide, Loysville Secure Treatment Unit; Mary Elizabeth Davis, clerk-typist 3, New Castle Youth Development (NCYD) center complex David Dickson, youth development manager, NCYD center complex; Charles Lee Earnhart, director 1, NCYD center complex; Stephen Jaworski, youth development manager, NCYD center complex; Richard B. Koch, youth development counselor manager, North Central Secure Treatment Unit; Phil Mosoline, corrections officer 2, State Correctional Institution-Waymart; Charles Neff, Loysville Youth Development Center; Nicholas Pihiou, youth development counselor supervisor, NCYD; Andrew Snyder, program specialist, Office of Children, Youth and Familes, Bureau of State Children and Youth Programs; Roseann Tomochek, nurse, NCYD center complex

Tennessee -- David Barnes, correctional officer, Northeast Correctional Complex; Virginia Kaye Butler, counselor II, Middle Tennessee Correctional Complex; Shannon Clark, sergeant, Northeast Correctional Complex; James Fortner, correctional captain, Lois M. Deberry Special Needs Facility; Walter Vines, correctional officer, Northeast Correctional Complex; Ed Walker, corporal, Northeast Correctional Complex

Texas -- David Standlee, manager, Department of Criminal Justice-Executive Support; Pastor David Valentine, volunteer, Department of Criminal Justice-Huntsville

Virginia -- Henry P. Jordan Jr., volunteer, Beaumont Juvenile Correction Center

Washington -- William Stutz, victim witness program manager, DOC-Olympia

Federal Bureau of Prisons -- Joel R. Bailey, correctional officer, U.S. Penitentiary-Leavenworth; Linda Wines Smith, chief, Office of Public Affairs, Information, Policy and Public Affairs Division-Washington, D.C.

Canada -- Serge Demers, parole officer, La Macaza Institution; Pat Germscheid, volunteer, Mountain Institution; Jocelyn Greene, volunteer, Stella Burry Community Services; Dianne Livesey, unit manager, Ferndale Institution; Robert Thomas, correctional officer II, Drumheller Institution; Brooke Weeks, institutional parole officer, Matsqui Institution

Chapter Affiliates

American Correctional Food Service Association -- Paul P. Benitez, assistant chief sheriff/food service, San Diego Sheriff's Department; Bud Chambers, correctional sales, CAMBRO manufacturing company; Barbara Holly, CDM, CCFP, CFPP, food service administrator Alabama DOC; Franklin Spielman, CFP, (retired), International Association of Food Service Professionals; Gail Wood-Toulmin, CFPM, assistant food service supervisor, Collin County Sheriff's Office.

Cornell Companies -- Kimberly Crouse, Danville Center for Adolescent Females; Rocky Higgins, treatment supervisor, South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit; Derek Hondorf, educational liaison, South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit; Denise Polhill, counselor, South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit

Indiana Correctional Association -- Sally A. Ankony, juvenile magistrate, Laporte County; David Ray Barker, correctional officer, Westville Correctional Facility; Dana Blank, superintendent, Indiana Women's Prison; Thomas J. Brink, correctional manager, Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village; Michael Craig, substance abuse professional, Plainfield Correctional Facility; Tom Ferrara, educator, South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility; Nicole Lynn Fry, lieutenant, jailer, Noble Count Jail; Ruth Garriott, juvenile probation officer, Porter County Juvenile Probation Department; Gateway Therapeutic Community, correctional program, Westville Correctional Facility; Dine Gunnell, key staffer, Tech Services Department, Indiana DOC; Robert A. Hanaway, adult probation officer, Porter County Probation Department; Deanna Hodges, parole officer, South Bend Parole District; Mary Ridisics Harper, judge, Porter Circuit Court; Mary S. Leffler, volunteer, Volunteers of America; Stephanie Tyler Ruggles, correctional counselor, Hamilton County Community Corrections; John Schilling, food service worker, Plainfield Correctional Facility; Dianne E. Schwarzkoph, key staffer, Wells County Probation Department; Gail Wood-Toulmin, CFPM, assistant food service supervisor, Collin County Sheriff's Office

Minnesota Corrections Association -- Louise Wolfgramm, president, Amias

National Correctional Industries Association Inc. -- Terry Lischka, industries supervisor, Badger State Industries; Robert Martin, prison industries supervisor II, Silver State Industries; Paul Petit, past director, Rhode Island Correctional Industries; Sherrie Schachle, correctional industries plant manager, Tricor; Helen Smith, garment shop manager, Mississippi Prison Industries Corp.; David Ziegler, production manager, Pennsylvania Correctional Industries

North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents -- Burl Cain, warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary

Wisconsin Correctional Association -- Joel Adams, security director, Department of Juvenile Justice, Ethan Allen School; Carol Briones, offender status consultant, Records Office Staff, Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel; Wayne "Sarge" Schwantes, sergeant, correctional officer, Division of Community Corrections, Region 5; Antonia A. Vann, chief executive officer and founder of Asha Family Services Inc.
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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