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2003 Honda Accord Coupe. (Cars Worth Noting).

The automotive press is full of bests. There's every car magazine's ten best of something -- best sedans, best engines, best interiors, etc.

If they gave away an award for best seats, the 2003 Accord Coupe would win hands down.

Honda went for a complete redesign of the 2003 Accord seats, starting with the seat base. As they explained it the stable foundation keeps the hips planted firmly in the seat, and the rear portion of the seat has been angled down, taking the stress off of the lower back and moving it up throughout the five lumbar zones that have been built into the seat back. Basically what all of this chiropractic double speak is saying is that you get what equates to a back massage while you drive.

The side bolsters not only keep you front and center but also house side airbags.

EX models have a special Shukra type adjustable lumber support mechanism for even more comfort, and the new seat folds farther forward for easier access to the back seat.

Of course these new seats are attached to a fine handling, good looking, automobile.

Tokyo Seat puts all of the pieces together and ships them to a holding warehouse in Ohio, where they are shipped in sequence to the Marysville assembly plant.

Maybe I could get them to ship a couple my way. I could bolt them to a swivel base and put them in front of my TV set.

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Author:Peter, John
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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