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2002-03 ADAA officers & board.

Inaugurated President for the 2002-2003 term was Karen Waide, CDA, EFDA of Newburg, Oregon. Ms. Waide has served ADAA as 10th District Trustee, national Vice President and national Secretary and is an educator in the dental assisting program at Portland (OR).

Karen Waide was educated at Portland State University, Portland Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology. Professionally she has participated in the development of a workbook for Delmar Publishing's Dental Assisting Learning System, and is an administrative staff member of the Western Regional Examining Board for Dental Licensure. She has also served as national co-chairman of the ADAA's Council on Member Services and chaired the student newsletter and international conference sub-committees of ADAA.

She has been President of the Oregon Dental Assistants Association and the Portland Dental Assistants Society.

President-Elect is Kay Mosley, CDA of Oklahoma City, OK. Ms. Mosley is an executive with the Oklahoma Dental Association and has served the ADAA as Ninth District Trustee and national Secretary and Vice President in addition to having filled many offices at the state and local level for the Oklahoma Dental Assistants Association.

Elected Vice President was Kathy J. Roberts, FADAA, CDA, EFDA, COA, CDPMA, AGS of Bloomington, IN. Ms. Roberts is employed in the practice of J. Keith Roberts, DDS, of Bloomington as office manager. She was educated at Professional Careers Institute and Indiana University and is a speaker for the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Ms. Roberts has been a DANB director and served on the ADAA Foundation Board. She has held several offices in tthe Indiana and South Central (IN) Dental Assistants Association.

National Secretary is Natalie Kaweckyj, FADAA, CDA, RDA, CDPMA, COMSA. She is a clinical assistant in the practice of Erickson, Lande & DiAngelis, Minneapolis.

Ms. Kaweckyj was educated at Concorde Career Institute, University of Minnesota, University of California and is currently enrolled in Metro State University. She holds a BA in biology.

Active in local, state and national dental assisting associations she has served as President and Director of the Minnesota Dental Assistants Association and the North Suburban (Minneapolis) Dental Assistants Society. Nationally, she is a past director of the ADAA Foundation and has served on the ADAA Finance and Education Councils and authored the ADAA course on Geriatric Dentistry.


After elections, the 2002-2003 roster of District Trustees is as follows:

First District: Sue-Ellen M. Casey, CDA, Center Harbor, NH continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2004.

Second District: Sarah L. Gresko, CDA, RDA, Lincoln Park, NJ. Elected to a term expiring 2005.

Third District: Robin M. Caplan, CDA, QDT, DRT, Baltimore, MD. Elected to a term expiring 2005.

Fourth District: Bettie S. Rogers, CDA, Hodges, SC, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2004.

Fifth District: Kimberly G. Bland, CDA, EFDA, EFOA, Bradenton, FL, elected to a term expiring 2005.

Sixth District: Angie M. Swatts, CDA, EFDA, Indianapolis, IN, elected to a term expiring 2005.

Seventh District: Debra Von Alman, CDA, RDA, Richfield, MN, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2003.

Eighth District: Shelley Douglas, Prairie Village, KS, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2004.

Ninth District: Marthann Dafft, Dallas, TX. Elected to a term expiring 2005.

Tenth District: Linda L. Kihs, FADAA, CDA, Salem, OR, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2004.

Eleventh District: Sheryl Stuewe, CDA, Farmington, UT, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2004.

Twelfth District: Kristy Borquez, FADAA, CDA, RDAEF, Granada Hills, CA, continues as Trustee. Term expiring 2003.
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