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2002 T-Eddy awards: congratulations and salutations to the notable nobilities of 2002. even the losers are winners here at the mag.

Rookies of the Year

P J Ladd, Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez

Trends that Still Don't Sell

Girls, midgets, the '70s, God

Video of the Year


Shop Vid Shocker

P J Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life

Best Underground Video


Dude, Where's my Camera?

Minnick and Hand


Maple, Deca, New Deal

Tour Video Recipe

Fireworks, strippers, bunk skating, hotel alarms, security morons

Who Figured?

Butcher, 3rd at Koston SKATE invitational

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mike Maldonado

Trick of the Year--Street

Darrell Stanton, backside noseblunt Clipper

Trick of the Year--Vert

TNT--Indy 540, no pads

Who The/What The Fuck?!

Bobby Rodriguez inward heelflip Santa Monica triple set

Pro Ride

Caddies and SUVs

Am Ride

Filmer's Civic

Martha Stewart

Andy MacDonald

I'll Take the Stairs


Most Anticipated Video

Yeah Right!

The Albatross

Frank Hirata

Flip In

Billy Marks

Flip Out

Lavar McBride

Most Confusing Company Name


Job Security (I'm glad I kickflipped Wallenberg)

Frank Gerwer

Hair Don'ts

Toy Machine

Mustache Press

Barry Zaritzky

Ice Capades

Boo-Boo Suck Jam

Sacto Smooth

Stefan Janoski

Most Curious Accessorization

Hair on Koston

Color me Badd

Brian Sumner


Sheffey, Mariano, Baptista

World Domination


No Show


Mute Button

Johnny Rotten


Duffs campaign

Rippin' the L Ron Hubba

Steve Berra


Austin Seaholm and Ryan Sheckler

Back in the Day


Popular Tricks of the Year

kickflip shifty, nollie crooks

Best Names

Torey Pudwill, Jason Wussler

Easy Rider

Matt Mumford

Willy Santos

Kerry Getz

Most Punk Pool Trick

Hewitt, padless frontside 5

Bail Guns

Baldy Loop

Flying Salami

Harold Hunter



Shoe of the Year

Killer Kicks

It's Curtains for Certain

Jack Curtin


Tre flip


Frontside flip


Pressure flip

Gone Fishin'

Marc Johnson

Burnt Bridges

Anthony Mosley

Black Arm, Grey Matter

Scott Bourne


Lance Dalgart

Hot Spot


Not Spot


Spare Us

20-page staff Sightings

Holy Jihad

Fuck BMX

Child Endangerment


Rail of the Year

Ben Gilley--Berkeley

Circus Circus

Rodney Mullen

Andrew WK

Tony Trujillo

Brain Dead

California helmet laws

Mr Morton

Jamie Telsch

Girls Ad of the Year

Jessie Van Backpack

Most Shifty Ads in One Year

Kenny Reed

Never a Dull Moment

Peter Hewitt

Always A Dull Moment

Televised vert comps

Anger Management


Misfit No More

Chris Cole

Where Art Thou?

Dave Maywho?

Pier 7

Vagabond Pool

Manual Labor

Joey Brezinski

Weird Beard

Aaron Suski

Man Am

Eric J

Back Street Boyce


It Lives

Dave Duncan


City Stars

Don King

Weiss Side Management

Nude Dude

Brewce Martin

Meg Ryan

Tosh Townend


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Date:May 1, 2003
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