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2002 Paper & Board Division Award winners.

James Ishmael, president and owner of Ishmael Associates, Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, received the 2002 TAPPI Paper and Board Division Leadership and Service Award during the group's conference in March 2002.

Ishmael holds a bachelor of science degree in paper science and engineering from Western Michigan University. His career began at Diamond National Corp. in Middletown, Ohio. After two years, Ishmael joined Dunn Paper Company in Port Huron, Michigan, where he held a variety of technical and production positions. He was also vice president of manufacturing at Plainwell Paper Company, Hopper Division; manager for Georgia-Pacific in Taylorville, Illinois; and general manager of Ivex in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan.

He has been a TAPPI member for over 36 years and has served as chairman, vice chairman and secretary of the paper and board division papermakers committee. He was a member of the paper and board division steering committee and currently serves as chair of the scholarship committee. In 1999, he received a Special Certificate of Appreciation from the Paper and Board division.

Werner J. Auhorn, a semi-retired vice president and head of the European paper chemicals business unit at BASF AG in Ludwigshafen, Germany, received the 2002 TAPPI Paper and Board Division Technical Award and the Harris O. Ware Prize at the group's conference in March 2002.

Auhorn went to school in Schongau and Landsberg, Germany, and served an apprenticeship as a papermaker with the Haindl Company in Schongau. He then studied cellulose and papermaking at the Oskar-von-Miller-Polytechnic, which is today dm Munich University of Applied Science, Paper Science and Technology. He served internships with Zellstoffabrik Waldhof, Wangen site, Germany; Holmlen Bruks, Norrkoping, Sweden; and Reed and Smith, Watchet, United Kingdom.

Auhorn began his career at BASF in 1 961, initially working as specialist for paper coating technology before moving into the then-new area of retention aids and flocculants. He also held positions as group leader for retention aids stuffs and process chemicals, director, head of the application technology sub-department with world wide responsibility, head of the papermaking market sector, head of marketing of paper chemicals Europe, and finally head of the business unit for paper chemicals Europe.

Widely acknowledged as an expert in how wet end chemicals are to be used in papermaking and underlining the multitude of interactions in the wet end together with the synergies between the papermaking and the papercoating process. Auhorn is a prolific author who has published dozens of articles in industry journals around the world and holds numerous patents. Auhorn has been a TAPPI member since 1979 and has served as a presenter at the TAPPI Papermakers conference. He was an active member of the 1998 team "TAPPI Futurists project-The World in 2015." In 1998 he was honored by the German ZELLCHEMING with the Georg Jayme Commemorative Medal.
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Title Annotation:TAPPI division award winners
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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