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2002 IEEE MTT-S Exhibition Guide. (J-N).

JCA Technology, a NEW FOCUS company 2204

Camarillo, CA

G. Wasylewski, D. Chogollan

JCA Technology, acquired by NEW FOCUS, is relocating to San Jose with uninterrupted support and service of our full line of RF and microwave amplifiers from 30 kHz to 30 GHz.


JFW Industries Inc. 606

Indianapolis, IN

Johanson Manufacturing Corp. 2310

Boonton, NJ

J. McMahon, Y. Ko

We now offer an extensive line of dielectric resonators, RF connectors and ceramic packages in addition to our variable capacitors and tuning elements.

Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

Johanson Technology Inc. 1515

Camarillo, CA

S. Horton, W. Wong, J. Petrenic, D. O'Toole, P. Vliss

New high frequency ceramic solutions include chip antennas and band pass filters operating at 2.4 and 5.5 GHz, plus low ESR capacitors, high Q inductors and broadband single layer capacitors.


Johnson Components/Cambridge prod. 1904

Waseca, MN

Johnstech International Corp. 1034

Minneapolis, MN

J. O'Sullivan

Johnstech International manufactures and distributes high performance test contactors for leaded, ball, edge and pad devices as well as other packages requiring superior electrical and mechanical performance.

Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Jye Bao Co. Ltd. 426

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

P. Heyns

Jye Bao manufactures coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and microwave components. We satisfy small and large orders at a competitive price. Please check our Web site at

Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Power Dividers

K&L Microwave Inc. 1800

Salisburs, MD

S. Alwine

K&L Microwave Inc., a subsidiary of the Dover Corp., is recognized by companies such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Ericsson and Motorola as a world leader in the design and manufacture of RF and microwave filters, duplexers and sub-assemblies.

Filters, Systems and Subsystems, Tubes, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Kaman Instrumentation Operations 2230

Colorado Springs, CO

J. Foreman

KI offers both metal Jacketed stable cable and high performance flexible microwave cable. KI products are used in missiles, satellites, medical devices, EW platforms and high energy physics.


Keithley Instruments Inc. 2034

Solon, OH

W. Strickler, B. Green, J. Janesch, Q. Wang, J. Yang, A. Armutat

Keithley's 7090 Optical Switch card and System 40 RF/Microwave Signal Routing System provide hybrid switching solutions. Model 7711 and 7712 RF switch modules support up to 3.5 GHz switching in Keithley's Integra Systems.

Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Kemac Technology Inc. 1328

Irwindale, CA

Kevlin Corp. 622

Wilmington, MA

R. Lambrecht, M. Tortora

Kevlin Corp. is the leading designer, manufacturer and refurbisher of RF rotary joints for ground, shipboard, submarine, avionics, commercial and space applications.

Couplers, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Knowledge*on Inc. 458

Iksan, Junbook, South Korea

Y. Kim

Six-inch InGap HBT foundry service. High power HBT model that is ideal to make PA of GMS/DCS/WLAN/base stations. Amplifiers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Millimeter-wave Components, MMICs, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, RFICs, Services

Korea Sangshin Electric Co. Ltd. 231

Yunkikun, Choongnam, South Korea

Krytar Inc. 354

Sunnyvale, CA

Couplers, Hybrids, Millimeter-wave Components, Porter Dividers, Terminations, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

KW Microwave Corp. 835

Carlsbad, CA

S. Tantod, D. Tantod, O. Rodriguez

Manufacturer of RF/microwave components and subsystems: filters, multiplexers, switches, switch filters, PIN diode control switches, active/passive multipliers, ferrite circulators/isolators; GPS products: fillers, diplexers, low noise amplifiers and RF preamplifiers.

Filters, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Kyocera America Inc. 626

San Diego CA

Kyocera America Inc. designs, manufactures and assembles a broad range of microelectronic packaging solutions for the telecommunications, wireless, optoelectronic, semiconductor and specialty products markets based on advanced ceramic and plastic material technologies, Our packages and assembly services support many applications including broadband telecommunications, mobile and satellite communications, surveillance systems, sensors, automotive electronics, medical devices, microprocessors and consumer electronics.

Antennas/Radomes, Hybrids, Materials, Millimeter-wave Components, MMICs, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Services, Systems ant/Subsystems

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp. 630

Somerset, NJ

F. Roginski, C. Johnson

GPS chip antennas, GPS patch antennas, Bluetooth chip antennas, dielectric ceramic resonators, high dielectric substrates, HDC, sapphire, thick and thin film substrates, ferrites, pressed and extruded insulators.

Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics

Labtech Ltd. 332

Presteigne, Powys, UK

R. Lowther, B. Mazonas

MIC assembly service launch.

Antennas/Radomes, MMICs, Printed Circuit Boards, Services

Lamina Ceramics Inc. 875

Westampton, NJ

T. Adair, J. Mazzochette, D. Frederickson, B. Thaler, E. Tormey, J. DeMarco

High power surface-mount packages, low loss power dividers and foundry services all using low temperature co-fired ceramic on metal (LTCC-M) technology.

Couplers, Fillers, Hybrids, Millimeter-wave Components, Optoelectronics Components/Fiber Optics, Power Dividers, Printed Circuits Boards

Lark Engineering 160

San Joan Capistrano, CA

D. Sherman, P. Cassidy


Laser Processing Technology Inc. 456

C. Callow

Provides [CO.sub.2] laser machining, scribing and drilling on ceramic substrates, AIN, BeO, metals, plastics and other exotic materials. LPT is capable of providing quick turnaround on prototype quantities in addition to processing high volume requirements.


Laser Services Inc. 153

Westford, MA

T. Gilbert, G. Adams

Over 23 years of experience with laser cutting, drilling, scribing, engraving, marking, welding, resistor trimming and field repair of [CO.sub.2] and YAG laser; ISO 9001: 2000 registered.

Materials, Services

Litron Inc. 1351

Springfield, MA

R. Lalli, B. Duda, L. Lalli

Laser Hermetic Sealing System utilizing a Trumph pulsed YAG laser, GE Fanuc controller, multiple oven MBraun glove-box and contract Laser JobShop Services.


Logus Microwave Corp. 1238

West Palm Beach, FL

N. Yerkes, B. O'Connell

Manufacturers of coaxial, ridgeguide, waveguide and dual switching devices: Ku-, C- and tri-band combiners and microwave switching subsystems.

Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Lorch Microwave 1912

Salisbury MD

M. Oluvic, B. Holland, K. Bernstein

Lorch Microwave, an ISO 9001 certified company, designs and manufactures custom ceramic, waveguide, cavity and discrete filters, diplexers and sub-assemblies to 40 GHz for commercial, wireless and military applications.

Filters, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Phase Shifters, Systems and Subsystems, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

LPKF Laser & Electronics 924

Wilsonville, OR

J. Johnson, S. Schmidt

The LPKF ProtoMat C100/HF is specifically designed to provide the best available quality and accuracy for in-house RF and microwave circuit prototypes. Rapid PCB prototyping for RF and microwave circuits are now equipped with a large working surface area.

Printed Circuit Boards, Software, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Lucas/Signatone Corp. 127

Gilroy, CA

R. Dickson

Semiconductor probing equipment: analytical sub-micron and microwave probe stations. Fully and semi-automatic probe systems for step and repeat data collection. Hot, cold and triaxial chucks, lasers, microscopes and camera systems.

Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Lucix Corp. 1333

Camarillo, CA

B. Aiken, D. Sullivan

Amplifiers, Oscillators

M/A-COM 1731

Lowell, MA

D. Pierro

M/A-COM Inc. is a leading supplier of radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter-wave solutions to the wireless telecommunications and defense-related industries. More information about M/A-COM can be found on the Web at

Amplifiers, Antennas/Radomes, Attenuators, Couplers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Materials, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, MMICs, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Oplics, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, RFICs. Switches, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

M2 Global Technology Ltd. 636

San Antonio. TX

D. Carlberg, P. Cowell, J. Goebel, J. McCollum, A. Wohlfohrt

M2 Global, a veteran-owned, ISO 9001 registered company, manufactures isolators and circulators in coax, waveguide, drop-in and surface-mount configurations covering frequencies of 300 MHz to 40GHz. These devices are backed by a 10-year warranty. The company also offers contract manufacturing, capabilities range from CNC machining, brazing, waveguide fabrication, metal finishing, cable/harness assembly to product assembly and test.

Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Isolators/Circulators, Power Dividers, Services, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Marconi Applied Technologies 149

Elmsford, NY

E. Jones, M. Hobbs, M. Usman

Complimenting our extensive product portfolio, our Gunn diode voltage controlled oscillator is the smallest assembly, friendly, surface-mount packaged oscillator available for use in adaptive cruise control systems.

Amplifiers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Oscillators, Systems and Subsystems, Tubes

Maryatt Technologies Inc. 436

Fremont, CA

Maury Microwave Corp. 1610

Ontario, CA

M. Maury, G. Maury, J. Adamson, S. Bali, R. Zohrabian, G. Simpson, D. Poulin, B. Wolf

Total solutions for RF device characterization including high power mechanical tuners, fast electronic tuners and active high matching range tuner systems. Also, calibration kits for all popular VNA/PNA, and coaxial and waveguide adapters and components.

Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Millimeter-wave Components, Software, Terminations, Test and Manufacturing Equipment, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

MCE Technologies (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. 1631

MCE Technologies Inc. 1631

Ann Arbor, MI

J. Smucker, S. Shpock, G. Smith, N. Hansen, R. Skopas

MCE Technologies designs and manufactures a broad range of microwave/RF devices, components and subsystems for mobile and fixed wireless applications including cellular/PCS, GSM, WCDMA, satellite, WLL and broadband access systems. MCE Technologies' business units and operations in North America, Europe and China include DML Microwave, Inmet, KDI-Integrated Products, KDI-Resistor Products, Metelics, MCE Technologies (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. and Weinschel.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Terminations, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

MCE/DML Microwave Ltd. 1631

Southend On Sea, Essex, UK

M. Huggan, D. O'Connell

Drop-in and coaxial isolators and circulators for mobile communications infrastructure applications. LNAs and high power amplifiers from 500 MHz to 18 GHz, intermodulation testing amplifiers and application specific active subsystems.

Amplifiers, Couplers, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

MCE/Inmet Corp. 1631

Ann Arbor, MI

T. Solomon, J. Berard, C. Lindberg, B. Garvey, J. Lovins, D. Saunders

Coaxial fixed attenuators in a wide variety of connector configurations up to 50 GHz and 300 W, DC blocks and bias tees. Coaxial terminations and between series adapters for low cost and precision requirements; standard and custom designed fixed and adjustable gain equalizers.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Millimeter-wave Components, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Power Dividers, Terminations

MCE/KDI-Integrated Products 1631

Whippany, NJ

M. Snyder, C. Schraufnagl, L. Silverman, L. Miciak

Base station solutions and enhancements including switch matrices, power dividers and combiners, BTS RF diagnostics, vector modulators and surface-mount phase shifters, switches and voltage variable attenuators. Multi-function sub-assemblies including LNAs, cavity filters, delay line filters and integrated subsystems for wireless and military applications.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Millimeter-wave Components, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Systems and Subsystems, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

MCE/KDI-Resistor Products 1631

Whippany, NJ

R. Hathaway. H. Shinn

Aluminum nitride or beryllium oxide chip and flange mounted, high and low power fixed attenuators, 50 and 100 W resistors, terminations, custom thick and thin film devices, and cable load assemblies.

Attenuators, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Terminations

MCE/Metelics Corp. 1631

Sunnyvale, CA

F. Kwan, J. Godbout, B. Quinn, C. McAllister

Diodes, ultralinear HBT amplifiers and MIS capacitors for wireless, space and military applications. Schottky, PIN, tunnel, SRD/varactor diodes in chip and beam lead configurations for mixers, limiters, sampling bridges, switches and phase shifter applications. High performance InGaP HBT amplifiers where linearity, PAE and output power are required to meet demanding system requirements.

Amplifiers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Hybrids, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

MCE/Weinschel Corp. 1631

Frederick, MD

R. Stephens, T. Steidel, L. Pregley, W. Gruber, G. McNamara, J. Dholoo

Programmable step attenuators including PIN, PET, relay and edge-line technologies, resistive power splitters, dividers, high power (up to 1000 W) and low passive IM fixed attenuators, coaxial terminations, continuously variable and manual variable attenuators. Planar Blind-mate and Planar Crown connector systems, SmartStep components and RF simulation subsystems.

Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Systems and Subsystems, Terminations

MCV Technologies Inc. 927

San Diego, CA

E. Liang

LTCC chip antennas, LTCC chip LC filters, 5.8 GHz ceramic filters, ceramic packages and dielectric resonators.

Antennas/Radomes, Filters, Hybrids, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Saw Devices

MECA Electronics Inc. 1845

Denville, NJ

C. Davo, E. Schiebler

MECA designs and manufactures a line of single-, dual- and tri-couplers covering wireless bands from 0.800 to 2.200 GHz. Our wide-band Wilkenson divider/combiners span the 0.800 to 3.000 GHz range.

Attenuators, Couplers, Power Dividers, Terminations

Mega Circuit Inc. 2202

Addison, IL

S. Nodland, K. Patel

RF/microwave circuits, PTFE, composite materials. Quick turn, prototype, production. Multilayers, mixed dielectrics, bond to ground planes, long antenna circuits. Blind, buried, plugged vias.

Amplifiers, Antennas/Radomes, Attenuators, Couplers, Hybrids, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Power Dividers, Printed Circuit Boards, synthesizers, Switches

MegaPhase 1426

Stroudsburg, PA

B. Pote, J. Carbonaro, M. Pote, C. Bourne

GrooveTube [R] Technology provides flexible phase stable, low loss test cable products to 50 GHz. Ask for the MegaRED [TM] MegaPhase Bench Test Cables you've been seeing in test labs across the USA.


Meggitt Safety Systems Inc. 432

Simi Valley, CA

K. Strack, F. Kialshaki

High quality, low loss silicon dioxide cable assemblies fabricated with both copper tin-plated and stainless steel sheaths using hermetically sealed connectors.

Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Terminations

MEMSCAP Inc. 757

San Jose, CA

T. Breunig, D. Lacroix, B. Carpenter, D. Huang

MEMS-based filters, diplexers, high Q inductors, other MEMS-based RF component designs, above-IC technology, RF switches.

Filters, Millimeter-wave Comoponents, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, RFICs, Switches

Merrimac Industries 549

West Caldwell, NJ

R. Dec, W. Joswick, J. Kranitz

Merrimac Industries Inc. introduces a broadline of components, integrated multilayer micro multi-functional modules (MMFM [TM]) and precision microwave circuitry. Merrimac introduces a new line of Multi-Mix [R] PICO quads, couplers, inline multicouplers, along with Multi-Mix vector modulators and filters for base station and 802.11a and 802.11b wireless applications. Multi-Mix provides the ability to integrate a variety of different types of functionality into the design and manufacture of small, lightweight, MMFM for space, defense and commercial applications. RF Microwave Group of Merrimac introduces its new line of redundant networks, redundant clock dividers, beamformers along with its Merrimac Space Qualified Products.

Antennas/Radomes, Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Signal Processing Components, Systems and Subsystems

Metallix Inc. 864

Red Bank, NJ

Precious metal refining services utilizing state-of-the-art refining processes for hazardous and non-hazardous precious metal bearing scrap materials.


MH&W International Corp. 1023

Mahwab, NJ

B. Kiernan, D. Timmerman

Thermal management -- a full line of keratherm thermal interface materials that provide product solutions to control and manage heat in a wide range of applications.


MI Technologies 1512

M. Offik, J. Detwiler, L. Cohen, R. Mauck, W. Bowman, M. Ewing, S. Wood

Duluth, GA

MI Technologies will demonstrate new antenna measurement products for wireless, RCS, microwave and millimeterwave applications. Booth 1512 will also contain new receivers, positioners and signal sources.

Amplifiers, Antennas/Radomes, Services, Signal Processing Components, Synthesizers, Systems and Subsystems, Test and Manufacturing Equipment


Cornate D'Adda. Italy

MICA Microwave Corp. 1510

San Jose, CA

Mician 767

Bremen, Germany

P. Krauss, T. Sieverding

The [micro]Wave Wizard is one of the most powerful high productivity development environment for passive waveguide components like filters up to sophisticated antenna feed systems. It speeds up the daily work and saves time by reduction of the developing period. The [micro]Wave Wizard platform delivers power, speed and efficiency to the development process.

Couplers, Filters, Millimeter-wave Components, Software, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Micralyne Inc. 1350

Edmonton, AL Canada

J. Ramsden

Micralyne is one of the largest independent MEMS companies in North America offering complete product development and manufacturing (prototype and OEM) solutions from a single location.

Hybrids, MMICs, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Printed Circuit Boards

Micro Lambda Wireless Inc. 1844

Fremont, CA

R. Leier D. Suddarth, J. Nguyen, L. Crowley

"Synthesizer Array" consisting of up to eight independent frequency synthesizers covering 2 to 12 GHz. RS-232 interface, built-in 115/220 V AC power supply power indicator and fault indicator, housed in standard 19" rack-mount enclosure.

Filters, Millimeter-wave Components, Oscillators, Synthesizers

Micro Networks, an ICS company 1704

Worcester, MA

D. Emma, M. Ferrantino, A. Tassine, R. Cavalieri, G. Giansanti

Micro Networks offers clock/data recovery, VCOs and frequency sources for OC-12, 48 and 192 applications; SAW filters for CDMA, 3G, broadband access and broadcast applications.

Filters, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Saw Devices

Micro-Coax Inc. 2010

Pottstown, PA

B. Ash, M. Andrioff, N. Iracleds, J. Lewis

High performance flexible and semi-rigid cables for your most demanding space and military requirements.


Livingston, NJ

Microlab FXR 2300

T. Ramsden, D. Larsen, M. Antkowiak

Splitters, couplers and combiners specifically for coaxial wireless infrastructure applications where low loss, broad bandwidth and low PIM are essential. Also bias tees, DC blocks, tuners and terminations.

Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Microlab Inc. 1226

Chandler, AZ

J. Shen, C. Wheeler, D. McCartney, R. Zegers MagLatch[TM] RF MEMS switch (DC 106 GHz, latching, SPOT, 5 V operation).


Micromanipulator Co. (The) 136

Carson City, NV

C. Waggoner

RF/microwave probe stations and supporting accessories are now available from Micromanipulator. See our new calibration substrate chuck and magnetic assisted, vacuum hold down manipulators to make probing even easier.

Test and Manufacturing Equipment

MicroMetrics Inc. 745

Londonberry, NH

J. Morgan, F. Gilligan, D. Langan, C. Lien, P. Richard, D. Stevenson

Leading manufacturer of point contact diodes, along with other silicon products including hyperabrupt and microwave tuning varactors, SRDs, PIN/limiter and beam lead PIN diodes, Schottky diodes, capacitors, thin film resistors, spiral inductors and our new thin film substrates.

Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

Micro-Mode Products Inc. 1022

El Cajon, CA

A. Dukes, M. Perry, M. Cuban, R. Benetiz

Micro-Mode Products MSSS connectors are the industry's smallest blindmate connectors, with diameters under 0.125"; they fit and perform where others fail.


Micronetics 1346

Hudson, NH

Microphase Corp. 437

Norwalk, CT

P. Gasparini, J. Seminoro, T. Nelson

Design and manufacture of microwave and RF passive and active components, integrated assemblies and subsystems for the defense, telecommunications and commercial industries.

Amplifiers, Filters, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Services, Signal Processing Components, Systems and Subsystems

Microsemi Corp. 1600

Irvine, CA

P. Gale, C. Silver, Y. Qian

Offering expanded broadband capabilities, including MMSM microwave PIN and varactor diodes, RF and HBT gallium arsenide semiconductors for advanced cellular, PCS and 3G, Bluetooth, 802.11 and HIPERLAN.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Filters, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Oscillators, Power Supplies, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Switches, Terminations

MicroSource Inc. 2040

Santa Rosa, CA

S. Weiss, D. Castetter, P. Nyiri, N. Young

MicroSource Inc. (MSI) is a premier designer and manufacturer of microwave subsystems, frequency synthesizers and YIG-based components. We offer unique microwave technologies that support the defense electronics, test and measurement, and broadband wireless markets.

Amplifiers, Filters, Millimeter-wave Components, Oscillators, Signal Processing Components, Synthesizers, Systems and Subsystems, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Microtech Inc. 2217

Cheshire, CT

J. McGregor, J. Marino, W. Hallock

Antennas/Radomes, Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Millimeter-wave Components, Power Dividers, Test and Manufacturing Equipment, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Flexible and rigid waveguide assemblies and passive microwave components from 1.12 to 110 GHz including couplers, adapters, filters and integrated waveguide assemblies.

Santa Maria, CA

Microwave Applications Group 865

C. Boyd, J. Tracy, T. Janzen

Ferrite phase shifters, switching networks and electronically steerable phased array antennas.

Antennas/Radomes, Phase Shifters, Switches

Microwave Circuits Inc. 2243

Washington, DC

J. D'Ostilio, R. Kramer

The company will feature custom ceramic filters and diplexers, surface-mount I/C filters and diplexers, and cavity and combline filters and diplexers. Capabilities include quick-turn prototypes and high volume manufacturing.


Microwave Communications Labs Inc. (MCLI) 2334

St. Petersburg, FL

C. Gifford, T. Nauyen

Precision microwave components and subsystem frequency cover from 10 MHz to 50 GHz, divider/combiners, couplers, attenuators, electromechanical switches, diode switches, isolator/circulators, hybrid 90/180[degrees], filter bandpass, power amplifier, DRO oscillator and terminations.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adaplers, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Oscillators, Power Dividers, Signal Processing Components, Systems and Subsystems, Switches. Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Microwave Development Co. Inc. 1524

Salem, NH

J. Cook, C. Tomes, M. Crittenden, J. Burke, J. MacMillan

High power waveguide and coaxial combiners, high power coaxial directional couplers, high power waveguide circulators, custom filter assemblies and diplexers in the 2.0 to 60.0 GHz frequency range.

Couplers, Fillers, Ioslators/Circulators, Power Dividers, Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Microwave Development Labs Inc. 2231

Needham Heigbrs, MA

B. Johnson, G. Riblet, E. Scollins

MDL offers a complete line of passive waveguide components. We specialize in custom waveguide assemblies, monopulse comparators and rotary joints. With the latest software, we can model, simulate and manufacture your unique requirements.

Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Microwave Devices Inc. 336

Franklin, IN

D. Mann, D. Mann

High power differential phase shift circulators, low cost high power terminations and attenuators, and broadband high power couplers.

Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Power Dividers, Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Microwave Device Technology Corp. 828

Westford, MA

J. Dawson, E. Lawrence

GaAs Gunn, abrupt and hyperabmpt varactor, PIN, IMPATT, Schottky, multiplier and ISIS diodes. Millimeter-wave components including escillators and VCOs. Millimeter-wave passive components including isolators, circulators, couplers and waveguide products. Microwave sensors and wireless products.

Antennas/Radomes, Couplers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Oscillators

Microwave Dynamics 1845

Tustin, CA

R. Earl, S. Adel

MD provides free running and phase-locked DROs from 3 to 60 GHz. New OCXO now available.


Microwave Engineering Europe 873

London, UK

H. Duncan, D. Roberts, K Smith-Kernc


Microwave Journal 1613

Norwood, MA

H. Howe, C Sbeffres, E. Johnson, W. Cook, T. O'Callagban

The Technology Voice of the Wireless World; featuring the latest in technical information, special reports, new product information and news. For more than 43 years, Microwave Journal has maintained an editorial balance between theory, practical uses, applications and news with our technical coverage of the RF, microwave and wireless industries.


Microwave Product Digest 872

Englewood Chiffs, NJ


Microwave Solutions Ltd. 855

Borehamwood, Rerts, UK

T. Aspell

Microwave Solutions Ltd. manufactures microwave doppler transceivers for use in security sensors, vehicle reversing aids and industrial movement sensors.

Systems and Subsystems

Microwave Technology Inc. 2135

Fremont, CA

J. Sbu

Broadband and linear amplifiers, 4 W power amplifiers, GaAs MESFET chips, MPS line packaging, ultra-linear driver amplifiers and pHEMT chips up to 32 GHz.

Amplifiers, Diodes/PETs/Transistors

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems 1900

Forest Hill, MD

E. Klimchak

Microwave and RF circuit assembly service. Small quantity, high quality, build to print capability. IPC-A-610/J-SID-001 certified assemblies and inspectors.

Amplifiers, Couplers, Power Dividers, Services, Synthesizers, Switches

MIG Microwave Innovation Group 252

Bremen, Germany

MIG, the pioneer in fast EM CAD, provides and supports WASP-NET, the unique hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD CAD software, which combines the speed of the analytical mode-matching (MM) with the flexibility of the finite-element (FE), method-of-moment (MoM) and finite-difference (FD) techniques. WASP-NET services today's microwave and wireless engineers with electromagnetic CAD tools for fast optimization of components and systems comprising the complete class of waveguides (e.g. filters, couplers, OMTs, polarizers), waveguide networks (e.g. diplexers, multiplexers, power dividers, feed networks) and horn antennas, in time dimensions going far beyond common expectations. The new WASP-NET release includes: combline, interdigital, dielectric resonator filters and coaxial components.


Millitech LLC 806

Northampton, MA

W. Hanley, K. Whitney, P. Beaudry, T. Newman, P. Newton, M. Dalton, T. Cote

LNAs, power amplifiers, Gaussian antenna assemblies, SAT-COM hardware, transceivers, down converters, flight qualified oscillators, isolators, attenuators, mixers, hybrid tees, septum polarizers, reflectometers, collision radar front-ends.

Amplifiers, Antennas/Radomes, Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, MMICs, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Services, Signal Processing Components, Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Terminations, Test and Manufacturing Equipment, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Mimix Broadband 725

Houston, TX

J. Teinert

Mimix Broadband Inc. develops high performance MMICs for millimeter-wave applications. The company will feature highly integrated devices on a single chip, power amplifiers with excellent linearity and SMT packaged devices.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, MMICs, Oscillators, Phase Shifters

Mini-Circuits 2031

Brooklyn, NY

Mini-Circuits Gali family of nine different broadband MMIC amplifiers operating within the DC to 8 GHz band are now available in designer's kit form. Kit number K1-Gali contains 10 of each model for a total of 90 units, a free test fixture fully assembled and ready to use, plus complete specification and performance data. Amplifier features include InGaP HBT technology, miniature SOT-89 package, low thermal resistance for high reliability and up to 18.2 dBm (typ) output power. Units in stock.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Filters, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, MMICs, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Signal Processing Components, Switches, Terminations, Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Mini-Systems Inc. 1925

North Auleboro, MA

D. Mambert, S. Bonarrigo

Introducing the Optical Isolation Amplifier with optical power. This internally powered isolation input circuitry has isolation withstand voltage: 2500 V DC and isolation continuous voltage of 1500 VDC.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Terminations

Mission Telecom Corp. 1336

Silver Spring, MD

N.Y. Kim, J. Lee

Research and development of RF modules, satellite flat antenna, RF connectors. HPA and IPA.

Amplifiers, Antennas/Radomes, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, MMICs, RFICs

MITEQ Inc. 1812

Hauppange, NY

A. Faverlo, D. Krauthelmer, M Kiiss, H. Kiiss

Among the state-of-the-art products MITEQ will be exhibiting are new lines of passive power components and Mach-Zehnder Modulator driver amplifiers for the fiber optic market.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Couplers, Hybrids, Millimeter-wave Components, Mixers/Modulators/Detectors, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Oscillators, Power Dividers, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Signal Processing Components, Synthesizers, Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc. 842

Sunnyvale. CA

S. Parrish, B. Gutow

Mitsubishi Electric supplies industrial and consumer markets with GaAs FETs, and modules and MMICs using HBT, PHEMT, MESFET HEMT, HFET, MOS and LDMOS technologies.

Amplifiers, Diodes/FETs/Transistors, MMICs, RFICs

MMCOMM Inc. 333

Torrance, CA

Modco Inc. 1908

Sparks, NV

B. Webe, R. Melcber

VS Series VCO, the worlds smallest MN Series, lowest phase noise available.


Modular Components National Inc. 1900

Forest Hill, MD

P. Koosmann, D. Shippey, B. Klimcbak

MCN/MMPC specializes in soft substrate materials including metal backed PTFE laminates, unsupported and mixed dielectrics; laser cutting of parts is a specialty.

Antennas/Radomes, Couplers, Printed Circuit Boards

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division 1137

Mooresville, IN

D. Robison, D. Gould, R. Kauffman

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division designs and manufactures custom and standard RF microwave connectors for instrumentation, mil/aero and telecommunications applications. This includes MMCX, MCX, SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, N, DIN 7-16. We provide quick-reaction sample and prototype services as well as special custom/derivative connectors.


Monitor Products Co. Inc. 359

Motorola -- SPS 2331

Tempe, AZ

N. Castro

Motorola -- SPS is a world leader in RF products and technologies including RF LDMOS. Motorola provides complete system solutions for wireless infrastructure and wireless subscriber applications.

Amplifiers, Dodes/FETs/Transistors, MMICs, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, RFICs, Signal Processing Components

MRSI 565

North Bithirica, MA

T. Fielitz, D. Pasfield

MRSI is a leading supplier of high precision dispense, eutectic and assembly equipment for the manufacture of microwave, RF, optical, MEMS and multi-chip modules.

Test and Manufacturing Equipment

Murata Electronics NA. Inc. 2007

Smyrna, CA

N. Rosenfeld

Murata Electronics is a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic-based electronic components and modules. Committed to the development of advanced electronic materials and leading-edge, multi-functional, high density modules. Murata utilizes gallium arsenide (GaAs) and multi-layer LTCC technology as core components of next generation products. Announcing new (GPS) receiver-combining five separate components into one package, cutting cost and size.

Antennas/Radomes, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Oscillators, Power Supplies, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Sew Devices

Nanowave Inc. 1149

Eiobicoke, ON Canada

P. Schurr

Microwave and millimeter-wave components, thin film net-works and single layer capacitors.

Amplifiers, Millimeter-wave Components, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors

Narda Microwave 822

Hauppauge, NY

Narda Microwave -- East 822

Hauppauge, NY

J. Fiorentino, V. Chitkara, R. Parker

We will introduce a new line of fiber optic products including LN drivers and clock oscillators. In addition, more new low cost Dept26 products will be available.

Attenuators, Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Couplers, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Signal Processing Components, Synthesizers, Systems and Subsystems, Switches, Terminations, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Narda Microwave -- West 822

Folsom, CA

L. Becker, M. Ferrand

Products for commercial, wireless, space and military markets from 500 MHz to 60 GHz, including filters, duplexers, multiplexers, isolators/circulators, low noise and wide band amplifiers, multipliers and assemblies.

Amplifiers, Filters, Isolators/Circulators, Millimeter-wave Components, MMICs, Systems and Subsystems

Narda Microwave Group 822

Hauppauge, NY

Narda safety Test Solutions 822

Hauppauge, NY

B. Johnson, K. Burns

We will introduce several new personal and area monitors, including the all new NardaAlert XT and RAD MAN XT. Test and Manufacturing Equipment

National Semiconductor 1249

Irvine, CA

M. Ehlert, B. Kopek, J. Lawson

National Semiconductor has established a new LTCC Design Center and Design Library which provides LTCC applications and design support for all of National's LTCC customers.

Amplifiers, Couplers, Filters, Materials, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Power Dividers, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors, Synthesizers

NEL America Inc. 773

Saddle Brook, NJ

M. Hirano, G. Motosugi

NEL America Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of NTT Electronics Corp. with a core competence in the superior design and manufacture of electronic and photonic devices, including TIA, amps, CDR, clock recovery circuit, R2 converters, drivers, D-FF, and other ICs and OE converter modules.

Amplifiers, Attenuators, Couplers, MMICs, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Signal Processing Components, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Netcom Inc. 2400

Wheeling, IL

Networks International Corp. 2247

Overland Park, KS

A. Bisarya, N. Bisarya, T. Eyerman

NIC designs and manufactures military and commercial RF/microwave products, including lumped element filters, crystal filters, diplexers, multiplexers, oscillators and RF subassemblies.

Filters, Oscillators, Systems and Subsystems

Nextec MW & RF Inc. 459

Santa Clara, CA

D. Lee, S. Hartman, B.Y. Song

Nextec Microwave & RF Inc. offers broadband amplifiers, Kaband downconverters, HPAs, LNAs, LPAs, voltage-controlled attenuators, filters, duplexers, and other hybrid custom designed products for the RF microwave and millimeter-wave communication and telecommunication markets. Offshore contract manufacturing is available.

Amplifiers, Fitters, Millimeter-wave Components, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers

Noise Corn Inc. 2300

Paramus, NJ

J Kenneally, D. Gaisor

Noise Com is the global leader in noise testing solutions. On display am the Eb/No, C/N generator and the new DNG7500 digital noise generator.

Millimeter-wave Components, Test and Manufacturing Equipment, Waveguide and Waveguide Components

Northeast Electronics Corp. 1349

J. Short, F Gauiano, D. Pass, K. Kelly Northeast Electronics -- manufacturer of a wide range of glass-to-metal hermetic seals for the microwave, telecommunications and connector industries. Norilseast prides itself on being beth ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified. Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Hybrids, Materials, Optoelectronic Components/Fiber Optics

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems 1637

Baltimore, MD

Microwave power modules and traveling wave tubes; RF connectors, combo D-subminiature connectors and cable/value added assemblies.

Connectors/Cables/Adapters, Power Supplies, Tubes

Northwest EMC Inc. 2412

Sultan, WA

G. Page, D. Ghizzone, G. Kiemel

Northwest EMC Inc. is the largest EMI/EMC compliance laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, with the only full service EMC test facility in the Seattle area. Our multiple locations am a source for all of your compliance requirements. Services

NTK Technical Ceramics 723

Santa Chara, CA

Nurad Technologies Inc. 622

Baltimore MD

W. Childers, L. Major

Nurad designs and manufactures custom antennas, reflectors and radomes. We also manufacture a commercial line of point-to-multipoint products in the 18 to 40 GHz range. Antennas/Radomes
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