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2001-2002 president's report. (Withdrawn).

The South Carolina Academy of Science was founded to support and encourage science education and to promote research and the dissemination of the results of research to the citizens of South Carolina. The Academy celebrated this mission in its 75th Annual Meeting at the University of South Carolina Aiken, April 11-12, 2002. Officers and members of the Academy are to be congratulated for a successful year in promoting our mission and taking several steps forward for future roles the Academy may take, both within the state and nationally.

Funding for the activities of the Academy depends upon numerous sources including membership fees, meeting registration fees and support from business, industry and individuals. Most importantly, especially in the face of limited funding in South Carolina, is the support of the South Carolina Legislature.

The Academy thanks Dr. Don Jordan for his personal efforts in making the necessary, effective connections between the legislature and the Academy. Members of the Academy greatly appreciate the funding from the South Carolina Legislature in recognition for our mission within the state, especially in the area of science education.

The Academy also has enjoyed the support of the Office of the Governor of the State of South Carolina. Every year the Office of the Governor, assisted by the Academy, presents two awards to research scientists in the state, The Governor's Awards for Excellence in Science. This year the Honorable Jim Hodges, Governor of South Carolina, presented Dr. Roger R. Markwald of the Medical University of South Carolina the award for scientific research and Dr. William T. Pennington of Clemson University for scientific awareness. The Academy appreciates the assistance of the Governor's Staff and Lucia Pirisi-Creek of the South Carolina School of Medicine for chairing the academy's selection committee.

In any organization that depends on volunteers, there must be a core of individuals that have a deep appreciation for the organization and a willingness to give of their time and talents over a significant period of time. In the 2001-2002, the President of the South Carolina Academy of Science had the fortunate experience of working with such individuals. At the risk of omitting individuals who deserve this recognition, the following have made considerable contributions to the Academy during the year who have also supported the Academy continuously for a significant number of years:

Dan Antion, Karin Beaty, Dwight Camper, Gerald Cowley, Jane Ellis, Mike Farmer, Karen Fox, Jerry Howe, John Inman, Don Jordan, Peter King, Jim Knight, Leonard Lundquist, William Pirkle, Jim Privett, Tom Reeves, Melissa Riley, Tom Roop, John Safko, Ron Shelton, David Stroup, George Tempel and Hans-Conrad zur Loye.

These individuals, in addition to new individuals who have joined the membership and have "caught the spirit of service", have made the Academy an exciting organization in which to serve the citizens of South Carolina.

USC Aiken had several "firsts" thanks to the innovative planning of Dr. Pirkle. Dr. Pirkle deserves our thanks for the effective introduction of a poster session and the use of power point presentations as part of the senior academy meeting. In addition, Dr. Pirkle organized an excellent keynote speaker presentation focused on a worldwide environmental problem. Instead of one speaker, three speakers engaged the audience on the topic "Links among African Dust, Iron Enrichment and Coral Disease." The Academy extends appreciation to Dr. Richard Barber of Duke University, Dr. Eugene Shinn of the U.S. Geological Survey and Dr. Garriet Smith of USC Aiken for their involvement in this unique presentation.

The effectiveness of the Academy in communication with its members and officers depends greatly on the Office Staff. We are certainly grateful for the work that Ms. Crystal Ramey has done within the office and the continual support of Don Jordan in connection with the University of South Carolina for the space and involvement of graduate assistants.

Two of the major objectives for the Academy during 2001-2002 were the establishment of an online journal and a renewed emphasis on research. The first issue of the Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science is scheduled for Fall, 2003. Our deepest appreciation is due Dr. David Ferris, USC Spartanburg who has accepted the responsibility of Editor in Chief. The journal should provide an excellent venue for the publication of research papers by faculty and graduate students. The President of the Academy wishes to thank the members of the Academy's Long Range Planning Committee, the Council and the Journal Committee for their support of the Journal. The Academy's support for research and connection to the research universities in South Carolina were strengthened by a new association with the state's EPSCoR Committee. The Academy appreciates the invitation for cooperation from Dr. Scott Little, Chair of the EPSCoR Committee and Dr. Bruce Dunlap for assisting in details related to the presentation by EPSCoR-supported graduate students at the Academy's annual meeting at Clemson University, 2003. The President of the Academy will serve as a voting member of the EPSCoR State Lecture Committee and members of the Academy will have access to special research symposia planned in the future by the Lecture Committee.

The South Carolina Academy of Science has had an excellent year in the support of research and education in the areas of Science, Mathematics and Engineering. We must continue to seek the assistance of the State Legislature, business and industry and individuals in the above disciplines to effectively support progress in science education and research in this age of science and technology.
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Author:Dunham, Valgene L.
Publication:Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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