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2001 Van den Akker Prize awarded for advances in Paper Physics.

Dr. Charles C. Habeger, Jr. and Dr. Douglas W. Coffin, professors at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), were awarded the 2001 Van den Akker Prize for Paper Physics. Their paper, "The role of stress concentrations in accelerated creep and sorption-induced physical aging," in the Journal of Pulp and Paper Science, April 2000, has been selected by an international panel of judges as the greatest contribution to the field of paper physics this year.

Coffin obtained his bachelor's of science degree in 1987, and master's degree in 1989, from the University of Delaware in civil engineering. He became an assistant professor of engineering at IPST in 1994 and an associate, professor in 2000, His current research interests include the mechanics of paper and dimensional stability. He has taught courses at IPST in mechanics of deformable media and engineering mathematics.

Habeger obtained his bachelor's of science degree in engineering physics from the University of Oklahoma in 1966. He completed a Ph.D. in physics at the same institution in 1971. He is presently a Professor of Physics at IPST since early 1997.

The Johannes A. Van den Akker Prize for Advances in Paper Physics was created to recognize the many contributions Van den Akker made to the field of paper physics and to the paper industry. The Van den Akker Prize is awarded annually through the TAPPI Paper Physics Committee, of which Van den Akker was a member for many years.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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