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2001 T-Eddy awards: Hellfire and brimstone all add up to the best and the worst of 2001. Not a space oddessy, a space oddity.



Josh Kasper

Am of the Year Paul Rodriguez

Trend of the Year Turning Pro Early, Retiring Late

Chomp Champ Gabe Morford

Chomp Chump Pat Canale

Brazilian Invasion 3 Adelmo Jr., Ricardo Carvhalo, Nilton Nieves

Say my Name, Say my Name Jani Laitiala

Wasted Youth Richie Belton

The New Brazil Canada

Hairstyle of the Year The Beck

Casio Cassanova Muskabeats


Alex Moul

Boards of the Year Arto Bubble Gum Punk, Koston Supercock re-issue

Shoulda Got a Nickname Alex Bland

Trends that Still Don't Sell Girls, Midgets, Monkeys, God

Best Ad Small Print Arcade

Man Ams Marcus Bandy, Will Harmon, Frank Gerwer

Pillow Fights Enjoi team

Rolling Stoners Pissdrunx

Just Friends Kenny and Cairo

Rookie of the Year Bastien Salabanzi

Jump Off a Building Clyde Singleton

Cease and Dillsist Steffan Attardo

Drake Jones Nate Jones

GOLD DIGGER Tony Trujillo

Sovereign Sect

Alien Workshop

Sovereign Suck

Most Verticle Primate

Crooked Grind, Straight Jacket

Billy Rohan

Can't Buy Me Love

Rob Dyrdek

Sick Part Purgatory


World Champ Back to Back!!!

Pat Channita

Frodo Bagins

Ryan Smith

Best Flip

Chris Cole

High School Yearbook


Wizard of OZ

Dustin Dollin

Best Slam

Brian Schaefer and Peter Hewitt: The Loop Terry Kennedy: Opera House

Most Likely to Physically Assault Security Personnel

Red Dragons

Frontside Half-Cab

Chris Lambert


Andrew Reynolds

Rocket Science

Tensor Trucks, Reflex Bearings

Switch Snap Hall of Fame

Keenan Milton (RIP)

Who Is This Kid?

Joey Poirez

Switch Flip Back Tail

Sammy Baptista

Goldie Locks

Tosh Townend

Big Ups

Stacy Lowery


Bobby Puleo

Fools Bitin' My Shit

Pete Smolik

Deepest Bag of Tricks (vert)

Bob Burnquist

Deepest Bag of Tricks (Street)

Daewon Song

Don't Call It a Comeback

Henry Sanchez

Badass and Bloated

Black Label

Foul for Double Drivel

X-Games, Gravity Games

Leader of the Mack

Stevie Williams

Leader of the Plaque (dental)

Larry Perkins


Brandon Biebal

Deck Tease

Erik Ellington

Which One's Which?

Ben Gilley, Jub

Most Psychedelic Ad Layouts

Natural Koncept

All Terrain Vehicle

Dan Drehobl

Just In Time

Justin Case

Best Name

Glen Suggit

Most Curious Accessorization


Hot for the New Year


Punk as Fuck

Adam Alfaro

Dental Bill

Andrew Reynolds

Three Feet High and Rising

Evan Hernandez

Rodney on Vert

Mattias Ringstrom

Up From the Firepit...

Jon Allie, Anthony Mosely

Three Ads, One Dumpster

Rich Cooley

Speak First, Think Later

Terry Kennedy

San Francisco? Eez Not Possible

Diego Bucchieri

Second Wind

Toy Machine

Any day now...

Flip vid

Return to Sender

1000 free hours of AOL!

Amityville Horror

Emerica Mansion

Moustache Maestro

J.B. Gillet

God Squad

The Firm

Satan Set


Most Stable Team


Most Unstable Team


Household Name?

Brent Kronmueller

I Wanna Be Sedated

Jim Greco


Mark Gonzales

Flying Frog Brigade

Bastien, Stephane Larance, Fred the Filmer

Shave That Shit!

Lance Mountain Jr.

Best Heads Interview

Oscar Jordan

Smolik Sound System


Most Effective Conspiracy to Quarantine Skaters


Ain't Dead Yet Hubba Hideout
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