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2001 Congress Scholarship Recipients.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2001 Chapter and Affiliate Scholarship to the American Correctional Association's (ACA) 131st Congress of Correction:

* Ornetta Campbell (National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice)

* Judy Driscoll (New Mexico Correctional Association)

* Laurie Etter (American Correctional Chaplains Association)

* Jeff McKoy Jr. (North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents)

* Lee Jennings (Washington Correctional Association)

* Stephanie Ryan (North Carolina Correctional Association

* Patricia Stroud (Maryland Criminal Justice Association)

* Cecilia Tubbs (Southern States Correctional Association)

* Celeste S. Wright (Michigan Correctional Association)

* Stacha Doty Yoder (Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association)

Each winner will receive a free registration to attend the Congress, which will be held in Philadelphia. Winners also will receive hotel and travel accommodations and a ticket to the prestigious E.R. Cass Correctional Achievement Awards reception and banquet.

The scholarships provide an opportunity for members to: network with their co-workers and colleagues in examining the latest correctional technologies, attend professional workshops, and visit with representatives from companies that provide correctional services and products. In addition, the scholarship fosters a working relationship with all the possibilities ACA has to offer its members.

Nominees for Chapter and Affiliate Scholarship awards must be frontline correctional employees and active dual chapter members who have never attended an ACA conference. Each affiliate is eligible to nominate one member and each chapter may nominate one person for every 200 members in its organization.

We hope that each recipient benefits from the conference and that this experience leads to greater accomplishments in the corrections field.
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Title Annotation:American Correctional Association's 131st Congress of Correction
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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