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AFS Gold Medal

The Thomas W. Pangborn Gold Medal

Karl B. Rundman, professor, Michigan Technological Univ., Houghton, Michigan, received the Thomas W. Pangborn Gold Medal "for dedication to the metalcasting industry" with his encouragement to engineering graduates to seek careers in the metalcasting industry and his pioneering research in the field of austempered ductile iron. An AFS member since 1975, Rundman obtained the Howard F. Taylor Award in 1990, the Foundry Educational Foundation's AFS Director's Award in 1991 and an AFS Award of Scientific Merit in 1997. Other AFS accolades include three best paper awards from the Cast Iron Div. and one best paper award from the Environmental Affairs Div. Rundman has performed extensive research in the areas of cast metal microstructures and properties, austempered ductile iron, ausforming of ductile iron and clean manufacturing. During his 30 years of research he has written 60 papers with his students and colleagues.

The Peter L. Simpson Gold Medal

The 2001 Peter L. Simpson Gold Medal was bestowed upon R. Conner Warren, executive vice president, Citation Corp., Birmingham, Alabama, "for achievements of service in both national and international arenas, which reflects credit on the metalcasting industry and for which the public esteem of the metalcasting community is enhanced." Warren served as AFS president (1991-92), director (1985, 1992, 1994 and 1995), American Cast Metals Assn. (ACMA) officer (1987-90) and CMI director (1991-93). In 1997, he received the William J. Grede Award. Serving as vice president of the World Foundrymen's Organization, Warren represents the AFS on its executive board. He also serves as vice president of the Foundry Educational Foundation. He has served as ACMA president (1990) and is past president of the Alabama Cast Metals Assn. He holds degrees from Auburn Univ. and the Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Pilot Training program and has flown in the Alabama Air National Guard.

CMI Directors' Award

"For his exceptional contributions to the Institute as an instructor and member of its faculty," Michael A. Gwyn, president and CEO, Pelton Casteel, Inc., Milwaukee, received the CMI Directors' Award. Gwyn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue Univ. and a MBA from Indiana Univ. Having joined AFS in 1976, Gwyn has served as CMI director (1988) and CMI chairman (1986-87). He has been a CMI instructor of casting design since 1984. His other honors include an AFS Service Citation in 1990. Gwyn began his career as a machine design engineer with Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis. While employed eight years at that company, he worked as an industrial engineer, facilities planning engineer, pharmaceutical salesman, compensation analyst and personnel representative. In 1976, Electrical Steel Castings Co., Indianapolis, brought him onboard as vice president. In 1985, he joined Pelton Casteel as vice president of sales and marketing. Later he became executive vice president, then to his c urrent position.

AFS Award of Scientific Merit

Stephen L. Neitner, corporate manager of quality, Hill and Griffith Co., Cincinnati, received recognition "for his numerous contributions to the scientific understanding of the metalcasting process through his active research on green sand properties and emission characteristics." An AFS member since 1980, Neltner sits on the Molding Methods and Materials Div. Executive Committee (4-A) and the Green Sand Molding Committee (4-M). He also is a CMI instructor. He holds two patents relating to the foundry industry and has co-authored 15 papers on green sand for AFS. He also belongs to the American Society of Quality and the American Concrete Institute. William L. Powell, manager of melting and metallurgy, Waupaca Foundry, Inc., Waupaca, Wisconsin, earned his award "for numerous process developments, technical transfer and personal commitment to AFS and the metalcasting industry." Powell, an AFS member since 1971, is a member of the Charge Materials Committee (8-G) and is a CMI instructor of cupola courses. He wro te several chapters of The Cupola Handbook. He also is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Foundry Educational Foundation. Hathibelagal M. Roshan, director of quality, Maynard-Steel Casting Co., Milwaukee, received the award "for his development of knowledge-based technology transfer that has improved casting quality and his lifelong contribution to advancing technical knowledge for the benefit of the metalcasting industry." Roshan joined AFS in 1993. He is a member of the Basic Concepts Committee (4-E). He has written or co-authored 18 papers in the AFS Transactions and has given presentations at AFS Casting Congresses, World Foundry Congresses, and Institute of Indian Foundrymen Conventions. He taught at the Indian Institute of Technology from 1967 to 1993. He also is a member of ASM International.

AES Service Citation

Stanley Bass, retired-owner, Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc., Forth Worth, Texas, was honored "for his many years of service to AFS, the AFS Texas Chapter, the Texas Cast Metals Assn, and the metalcasting industry." He founded Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry in 1972. The next year he joined AFS. He has served as director (1998), chairman of the Texas Chapter (1990-91), executive director of the Texas Cast Metals Assn. (1992-98) and chairman of the American Society for Metals, North Texas Chapter (1963-64). He received the Memorial Award from the AFS Texas Chapter in 1992 and the Keating Founders' Freedom Award in 1998. James E. Brown, president and CEO, Bremen Castings, Inc., Bremen, Indiana, was cited "for his leadership and unselfish commitment to advancing the metal-casting industry at the state and national levels." Brown is a director and has served on the AFS Green Sand Molding Committee (4-M) for 15 years. An AFS member since 1976, he served on the Michiana Chapter board of directors (1978-87) and as ch apter president (1985-86). "For 25 years of service to the metalcasting industry and his efforts in developing and transferring technology related to mold and core coatings and lost foam practices," David R. Jablonski, vice president of sales and marketing, JoyMark, Inc., Cudahy, Wisconsin, received a citation. Jablonski is a member of the Molding Methods and Materials Div. Program and Papers Committee (4-B), Honorary Awards and Nominated Committee (4-C), Mold-Metal Interface Reactions Committee (4-F) and Lost Foam Casting Div. Executive Committee. He has taught courses on refractory coatings at CMI. In 1992, he received the CMI Directors' Award, Eugene C. Muratore, senior foundry metallurgist, Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium America, Rosemont, Illinois, received the honor "for 30 years of dedicated service to the metalcasting industry and his example of commitment to CMI and AFS." Muratore serves on six technical committees and teaches at CMI. In 1999, he received the CMI Directors' Award. He also is a member of the Ductile Iron Society. David V. Silsby, product manager, Simpson Technologies, Inc., Aurora, Illinois, earned his citation "for his extensive contributions to the metalcasting industry through sharing technology of sand preparation, reclamation and reuse." An AFS member since 1978, Silsby sits on the Sand Reclamation and Reuse Committee (4-S) and the Melting Methods and Materials Program and Papers Committee (8-B). He served as the AFS Chicago Chapter president (1998-99). He was the first recipient of the CMI Sand Technician Certificate.
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