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2001, nine years after.

Before marking the nine year anniversary of the Ohrid Agreement, analysts continue criticizing it and calling it unsuccessful. Analyst Mersel Bilali says that over the past years there is objectively a standstill with the agreement's implementation.

"Due to the daily politics and marketing, the Prime Minister and the Government insist on marginalizing the Albanian sector, especially in the cultural and economic segment," says Bilali.

Professor Sefer Tahiri says that even after nine years, the Ohrid Agreement has not found its practical segment.

"The Ohrid Agreement still continues to be interpreted in different ways by Macedonian and Albanian politicians. This document, which politicians constantly speak about, is being presented as an act which grants more rights to ethnic Albanians while the legal and constitutional superiority of Macedonian nation is eliminated," stated Tahiri.
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Author:Xhoni, A.
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Aug 9, 2010
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