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2000-2001 President's Report.

Our Academy was founded in 1924 to improve the quality of science and mathematics education and to promote the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge within the state of South Carolina. Since its beginning the South Carolina Academy of Science has strived toward these goals and in this new millennium there is much for which we can be excited.

Due to the hard work of Dr. Dan Antion and Dr. Don Jordan the South Carolina Legislature designated $100,000 for the activities of the Academy this year. We especially want to express our appreciation to Senator Nikki Setzler, Education Committee Chairman, and Senator Donald Holland for their support of the Academy in this legislative initiative.

Some of this legislative funding was used to set up a SCAS Central Office with an Executive Assistant, Ms. Clair Boatwright. This office has been in the process of centralizing mailings, developing and storing data bases, updating and overseeing our website, providing support for SCAS council meetings and the Annual Meeting, providing support for the activities of SCJAS, MESAS, Discovery Fair, the regional science fairs and other SCAS sponsored events. At the present time the activities of the Academy reach over 40,000 elementary, middle, high school, undergraduate and graduate students each year.

The strength and success of the South Carolina Academy of Science is due to its members. We are an all volunteer organization. SCAS members and those who support Academy activities volunteered 25,000 hours last year. These hours were donated to educate and excite our young people in math, science and engineering. The tasks, just to mention a few, included: judging science fairs and presentations; organizing and presenting at meetings and workshops; setting up and working at Discovery Fair; developing and implementing new initiatives; reading papers and grants; writing and publishing newsletters and the Bulletin; organizing material; and giving out state awards.

We want to thank Dean Patricia Moody of the College of Hospital, Retail and Sport Management, USC for providing office space and technical support for the SCAS Central Office located in the Carolina Plaza, USC.

Special thanks goes to Dr. Gerald Cowley for his work in preparing the Bulletin. His dedication and attention to detail makes this publication outstanding. Also, thanks to Mike Farmer, Newsletter Editor, for his many hours of work in producing four SCAS Newsletters each year. SCAS is fortunate to have these dedicated individuals.

This year Dr. Don Jordan has shouldered many duties for the Academy. He has tireless taken the mantle of MESAS Executive Director, Organizer and Coordinator of Discovery Fair, SCJAS Newsletter Editor, Director of Central South Carolina Region II Science and Engineering Fair, Editor of NAAS Newsletter, and overseer of the SCAS Central Office. We cannot thank Don enough for his dedication to the mission of SCAS! Also I would like to thank Mrs. Crystal Dunlap for her willingness to step into the position of Interim Executive Director of SCJAS and doing such a good job in organizing the SCJAS workshops, writing letters and taking over other duties involved with SCJAS. I would like to welcome Dr. Karen Fox who is the new Executive Director of SCJAS.

Also important to mention is the work of Dr. Dave Stroup, Secretary, and Dr. John Safko, Treasurer. These two individuals have volunteered numerous hours of their time fulfilling the jobs of secretary and treasurer. Dr. Stroup always provides the Academy with accurate and timely minutes. Dr. Safko has served as SCAS treasurer for 25 years!

Dr. Val Dunham, President Elect, has organized an outstanding Annual Meeting this year at Coastal Carolina University, April 5-6, 2001. We appreciate the planning efforts of Dr. Durham and his staff. We look forward to the Honors Program Lecture and Keynote Speech to be given by Dr. Frederick Alt, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Dunham has been working on the establishment of a refereed online journal for SCAS. The Academy appreciates the time spent on this task.

One goal of the President has been to have more cooperation and coordination with the eight regional science fairs in our state. To this end a SCAS committee was appointed to work with the regional fair directors. It is hoped that SCAS will be able to provide some monetary support for the science fairs with the approval of next year's legislative initiative.

Dr. John Bernard has graciously volunteered to become the SCAS Webmaster. He handles the Internet and Internet Programming courses at Tri-County Technical College. We are excited about this opportunity. Thanks, Dr. Bernard!

On behalf of the Academy I want to thank all committee chairs and their members. Each committee has worked diligently to fulfill its goals. Thanks to the following chairs of the committees for a job well done: Robert Chapman (Governor's Awards), Leonard Lundquist (High School Research Awards and Nominations and Elections), John Inman (Membership and Patron's Membership), Val Dunham (Program), Bill Pirkle (Publicity), George Tempel (Resolutions), Tina Webb (Science Fairs), Linda Sinclair (South Carolina Science Week), Tom Roop (Secondary Science/Math Teacher of the Year), Dwight Camper (Undergraduate Research Awards), and Karin Beaty (Two Year College).

The South Carolina Academy of Science has had an excellent year in promoting science, math, and engineering in our state. This is due to the many people who have volunteered their time. I look forward to working with Val Dunham (President-Elect) next year. Also, we look forward to the 2002 Annual Meeting to be held at USC Aiken under the leadership of Bill Pirkle.
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Author:Ellis, Jane P.
Publication:Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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