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2000 IEEE MTT-S technical program. (Wednesday, June 11).


8:00 TO 9:30 AM


Chair: S. Rockwell * Co-chair: G. Manes

This session discusses non-linear device modeling techniques applied to RF Devices including HBTs, BJTs, Pin Diodes, and CMOS devices.

WE1A-1: Large-signal HBT Model with Improved Collector Transit Time Formulation for GaAs and InP Technologies

M. Iwamolo, P. Asbeck, D. Root, J. Scott, A. Cognata, B. Hughes, D. D'Avanzo

WE1A-2: The Thermal Gain Effect in GaAs-based HBTs

W.R. Curtice, V. Hietala

WE1A-3: CMOS Large Signal Model for CAD

I.M. Angelov

WE1A-4: Implementation of NQS Effects in Large-signal BJT Models

S. Cherepko, J. Hwang

WE1A-5: Modeling Emitter Breakdown in GaAs-based HBTs

M. Rudolph, F. Schnieder, W. Heinrich

WE1A-6: Non-linear Modeling of Microwave PIN Diode Switches for Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortion Simulation

V. Cojocaru, F. Sischka


Chair: D.R. Jackson * Co-chair: H. Shigesawa

The existence of leaky modes on planar circuits may have a significant effect on circuit performance. In this session new effects and fundamental properties of leaky modes on planar structures are presented.

WE2A-1: Leaky Mode Missing from EM Simulators for Planar Circuits

H. Shigesawa, M. Tsuji

WE2A-2: Fundamental Properties of Radiation from a Leaky Mode

W. Langston, J. Williams, D. Jackson, F. Mesa

WE2A-3: Simple Far-field Model for Lateral Leakage in Printed Transmission Lines

A. Kamel, A. Omar

WE2A-4: New Interesting Leakage Behavior on Microstrip Lines with a Slot on a Ground Plane

M. Tsuji, H. Shigesawa

WE2A-5: Modes on the Standard and Inverted Conductor-backed Slotline

J. Zehenlner, J. Machac, J. Mrkvica, C. Tuzi

WE2A-6: Non-orthogonality Relations between Complex-hybrid-modes: An Application for the Leaky-wave Analysis of a Laterally-shielded Top-open Suspended Micorstrip Line

J.L.G. Tornero, A. Alvarez-Melcon


Chair. P. Zampardi * Co-chair: C. Weitzel

Power amplifier devices and technology for 1-5 GHz wireless communications are highlighted. Advances in linearity and efficiency are presented and novel device structures are described.

WE3A-1: Doherty Amplifier with DSP Control to Improve Performance in CDMA Operation

Y. Zhao, M. Iwamoto, L. Larson, P. Asbeck

WE3A-2: Demonstration of On-chip Appended Power Amplifier for Improved Efficiency at Low Power Region

H.M Park, S. Hong

WE3A-3: A Folly Integrated 4.8-6 GHz Power Amplifier with On-chip Output Balup in 38 GHz-[f.sub.T] Si-bipolar

W. Bakaiski, W. Simburger, P. Thuringer, H.D. Wohlmuth, A.L Scholtz

WE3A-4: A High Performance RF Power Amplifier with Protection Against Load Mismatches A. Scuderi, A. Castorina, F. Carrara, G. Palmisano

WE3A-5: Enhancement-mode Power Heterojunction FET Utilizing Regrown P+-GaAs Gate with Negligible Off-state Leakage Current

Y. Bilo, T. Isbigaki, Y. Nashmoto, H. Shimawaki

WE3A-6: High Efficiency 28 V Class AB InGaP/GaAs HBT MMIC Amplifier with Integrated Bias Circuit

X. Chen, N.L. Wang

WE3A-7: A Composite-collector InGaP/GaAs HBT with High Ruggedness for GSM Power Amplifiers

T. Niwa, T. Ishigaki, H. Sbimawaki, Y. Nashimoto


Cbair: O. Llopis * Co-chair: T. Ruttan

This session describes microwave oscillators and synthesizers papers, using new technology or taking advantage of high resolution level. The session starts with micro-machining technology applied to VCOs (FBAR resonator, MEMS inductor). An HEFT MMIC VCO is then presented. Finally two integrated synthesizers are presented, one with low phase noise and one with low power consumption performance.

WE4A-1: A 2 GHz Voltage Tunable FBAR Oscillator A.P.S. Khanna, E. Gane, T. Chong

WE$A-2: Performance Comparison of 5GHz VCOs Integrated by CMOS Compatible High Q MEMS Inductors

E.C. Park, E. Yoon

WE4A-3: A 19 Gttz Low Phase Noise HFET VCO MMIC

T. Matsuzuka, Y. Aihara, T. Ishikawa, M. Komara, Y Matsuda, K. Kawakami

WE4A-4: A Low Noise 9.95/10.66 GHz PLO for Optical Applications

X.J. Gao, M. Koechlin, C. Lyons, J. Chiesa, G. Gwen, P. Kalzin

WE4A-5: A 1 V 2.4 GHz PLL Synthesizer with a Fully Differential Prescaler and a Low-off-leakage Charge Pump

Y. Akibiro, U. Mamoru, T. Tsuneo


Focus Session

Chair: PH. Siegel * Co-chair: J. Wilise

This special session emphasizes the latest development in THz component realization; from the recent demonstration of quantum cascade lasers at 4.4 THz to all-solid state receivers at 1.6 THz to new monolithic multiplier arrays and complex micro-machined THz 3D structures.

WE5A-1: Invited: Microfabrication of 3D Terahertz Circuitry

C. Mann, P. de Maagt, F. van de Waler, A. Laisne, G. McBride, I. Ederra, J. Teniente-Vallinas, L. Deias, J. O'Neill, D.C. Castiglione

WE5A-2: Invited: Terahertz Quantum Cascade Semiconductor Lasers

AG. Davies

WE5A-3: A Planar-diode Frequency Tripler at 1-9 THz

A.E. Maestrini, J. Ward, J. Gill, F. Maiwald, K Ellis, H. Javadi, I. Mehdi, G. Chattopadhyay

WE5A-4: A 1.5 THz Hot-electron Bolometer Mixer Operated by a Planar Diode Eased Local Oscillator

E. Tong, D. Meledin, P. Blundell, N. Erickson, J. Kawamura, I. Mehdi, G. Goltsman

WE5A-5: Realization of a 150 GHz to 450 GHz Tripler Circuit Based on a Thin Dielectric HMDS-N-membrance

K Duwe, J. Miller

WE5A--6: A 5 Element 450 GHz HEY Frequency Tripler

B. Schumann, R. Judaschke, M. Hoeft

WE5A-7: Terahertz Frequency Remote Sensing of Biological Warfare Agents

D.L Woolard, E. Brown, A. Samuels, J. Jensen, T. Clobus, B. Gelmont, M Wolski

10:10 AM TO 12:00 PM


Chair: D. Root * Co-chair: R. Mallavarpu

This session presents important new methods and techniques of nonlinear modeling of systems and devices. Topirs addressed include dynamic envelope modeling, base-band impedance dependence of intermodulation performance, analysis of 1DM asymmetry, and extinction of conversion matrices from large-signal vectorial network analyzers.

WE1B-1: A Novel Behavorial Model of Power Amplifier Based on a Dynamic Envelope Gain Approach for the System Level Simulation and Design

C. Maziere, S. Mons, D. Barataud, J.M. Nebus, R. Quere, T. Reveyrand, A. Mallet, L. Lapierre, J. Sombrin

WE1B-2: Characterization and Modeling of Intermodulation Distortion Asymmetry in HBT Using Large-signal Model

H.M. Park, S. Hong

WE1B-3: Extraction of Conversion Matrices for P-HEMTs Based on Vectorial Large Signal Measurements

A. Cidronali, G. Manes, K.C. Gupta, J. Jargon, K. Remley, D. DeGroot

WE1B-4: Implication of Baseband Impedance and Bias for FET Amplifier Linearization

J. Brinkboff, A. Parker


Chair: S. Kenney * Co-chair: P. Draxler

This session focuses on a representative sampling of the worldwide developments in the rapidly advancing area of dynamic behavioral modeling of nonlinear microwave components with a special emphasis on digital modulation.

WE2B-1: An Efficient Volterra-based Behavioral Model for Wideband RF Power Amplifiers A. Zbu, M. Wren, T. Brazil

WE2B-2: The Behavioral Modeling of Microwave/RF ICs Using Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

J. Wood, D. Root

WE2B-3: Measurement Based Modeling of Power Amplifiers for Reliable Design of Modern Communication Systems

A. Soury, E. Ngoya, J.M. Nebus, T. Reveyrand

WE2B-4: Behavioral Modeling of RF Power Amplifiers Considering IMD and Spectral Regrowth Asymmetries

H. Ku, J. S. Kenney

WE2B-5: Time Domain Characterization of Power Amplifiers with Memory Effects

P. Draxler, I. Langmore, T.P. Hung, P. Asbeck


Chair: J. Zebentner * Co-chair: G. Whitman

This session is composed of two sub-sessions: the first focuses on propagation effects and the second essentially on novel waveguide structures. In the first, papers analyze planar multi-layered guided-wave structures, study the high-frequency crosstalk between two microstrip lines, describe a coupled-mode analysis of multi-conductor transmission lines, explain the characteristics of a reactively-loaded microstrip line, and discuss the behavior of fractal two-dimensional electromagnetic band-gap structures. In the second half, the novel guiding structures that are analyzed include pseudo-periodic waveguides and ferrite-loaded waveguides, and finally a circuit model for bonding pads.

WE3B-1: An Accurate Analytical Representation of the Continuous Spectrum

P. Baccarelli, P. Burgbignoli, F. Frezza, A. Galli, G. Lovat, S. Paulotto

WE3B-2: High Frequency Crosstalk Between Two Microstrip Lines

J. Bernal, F. Mesa, R. Rodriguez-Berral, D. Jackson

WE3B-3: Coupled Mode Analysis of Multi-conductor Transmission Lines Including Backward Coupling

D. Cben, Z. Shen, Z. Shao

WE3B-4: Wave Propagation Characteristics of a Reactively Loaded Microstrip

K.M. Noujeim

WE3B-5: Fractal Two-dimensional Electromagnetic Band-gap Structures

F. Frezza, L. Pajewski

WE3B-6: Properties of Spatial Harmonics Selection in Pseudoperiodic Waveguides

V. Solntsev

WE3B-7: Ferrite-loaded Waveguides -- A Perturbation Theory Approach

R. Pietig, M.

WE3B-8: Closed-form Formula for Frequency Dependent Bonding Pad Characterization

X. Zeng, M. Abdulla, Q. L. Chen


Chair: A. Platzker * Co-chair: J. Keaton

This session describes advances in power density, power and linearity for power amplifiers operating at 5 GHz and above. Device technologies include InGaP HBT and pHEMT.

WE4B-l: 2 and 4 Watt Ka-band GaAs PHEMT Power Amplifier MMICs

F.Y. Colomb, A. Platzker

WE4B-2: A Balanced 2 Watt Compact PHEMT Power Amplifier MMIC for Ka-band Applications

S. Chen

WE4B-3: A High Power Density 6W MMIC for Ku/K-band Applications

T. Shimura, T. Salob, Y. Hasegawa, J. Fukaya

WE4B-4: X-band GaInP HBT 10 W High Power Amplifier Including On-chip Bias Control Circuit

Z. Ouarch

WE4B-5: E-PHEMT, Single Supply, Power Amplifiers for Ku- and Ka-hand Applications

K. Fujii

WE4B-6: An 18-71 GHz Multi-band and High Gain GaAs MMIC Medium Power Amplifier for Millimeter-wave Applications

P.S. Wu, T.W. Huang, H. Wang

WE4B-7: A Low Quiescent Current 3.3 V Operation Linear MMIC Power Amplifier for 5 GHz WLAN Applications

J.H. Kim, C.S. Park

WE4B-8: A 5 GHz High Efficiency and Low Distortion InGaP/GaAs HBT Power Amplifier MMIC

K. Fujita, K. Shirakawa, N. Takabashi, Y. Liu, T. Oka, M. Yamasbita, K. Sakuno, H. Kawamura, M. Hasegawa, H. Kob, K. Kagoshima, H. Kijima, H. Sato


Chair: R. Alm * Co-chair: H.J. Kuno

This session presents important new methods and techniques of nonlinear modeling of systems and devices. Topics addressed include dynamic envelope modeling, base-band impedance dependence of intermodulation performance, analysis of IDM asymmetry, and extraction of conversion matrices from large-signal vectorial network analyzers.

WE5B-1: A Monolithic Integrated 150 GHz SiGe HBT Push-push VCO with Simultaneous Differential V-band Output.

Y. Baeyens, Y.K. Chen

WE5B-2: A V-band Single-chip MMIC Oscillator Array Using a 4-port Microstrip Patch Antenna

W. Choi, Y. Kwon, C. Cheon

WE5B-3: A 60 GHz InGaP/GaAs HBP Push-push MMIC VCO

J.G. Kim, D.H. Baek, S. Hong, S. H. Jeon, J.W. Park

WE5B-4: A Ka-band Quadruple Push Oscillator

X. Hai, T. Takayuki, A. Masayoshi

WE5B-5: Fast and Accurate Ramp Generation with a PLL-stabilized 24 GHz SiGe VCO for FMCW and FSCW Applications

A. Stelzer, K. Ettinger, J. Hoeftberger, J. Fenk, R. Weight


Chair: E.C. Niebenke * Co-chair: D. Choudbury

This session presents the latest technology development in millimeter wave source elements, multipliers, and amplifiers. The sources include a 200 GHz InP Gunn device and a load phase noise HBT VCO. F band frequency generation is achieved with a fixed tuned HBV Tripler. A high conversion gain of 3.4 dB is demonstrated using a unique HEMT V-band Quadra pole mixer. Broadband amplification to 50 GHz is reported using a SiGe HBT distributed amplifier. Amplification at 75 GHz is achieved using InP DHBT transferred-substrate technology

WE6B-1: A Low Cost Fixed Tuned F-band HBV Frequency Tripler

A.O. Olsen, M. Ingvarson, J. Stake

WE6B-2: Low Phase0-noise Monolithic GaInP/GaAs-HBT VCO for 77 GHz

F. Lenk, M. Schott, J. Hilsenbeck, J. Wurfl, W. Heinrich

WE6B-3: Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Optimized Doping Profiles for High Performance InP Gunn Devices at 220-500 GHz

R. Kamoua, H. Eisele

WE6B-4: High Conversion Gain V-band Quadruple Subharmonic Mixer Using Cascode Structure

D. An, S.G. Kim, W.S. Sul, H.J. Han, H.S. Lee, W.Y. Ubm, H.M. Park, S.D. Kim, D.H. Shin, J.K. Rhee

WE6B-5: Integrated Power Amplifier for 60 GHz Wireless Applications

M. Varonen, M. Karkkamen, P. Kangaslahti, V. Porra

WE6B-6: 75 GHz 80 mW DHBT Power Amplifier

Y. Wei, M. Urteaga, Z. Griffith, D. Scott, S. Xie, V. Paidi, N. Parthasarathy, M. Rodwell

WE6B-7: A 0.1-50 GHz SiGe HBT Distributed Amplifier Employing Constant-k m-Derived Sections

J.A. Aguirre, C. Plett

12:00 TO 1:15 PM


Ultra-wideband (UMB) communications is entering the US commercial marketplace operating within the specifications in the FCC's Report and Order issued in February 2002. UMB technologies are evolving and will be used for short-range communication applications, such as personal area networks.

But issues remain to be resolved, such as:

1. Assuring operation within the FCC's specifications.

2. Interference to/from signals in the 3.1 to 10.6-GHz band and the < 960 MHz band.

3. Equipment designs suitable for UWB communications incorporating interference reduction.

4. Propagation effects in different locations.

The four speakers will address the above issues in this panel session. Adequate time will be allowed for questions from the audience.

1:20 TO 3:00 PM


Chair: Jozef Modelski Co-chair: C. Wang

This session will present several novel waveguide and dielectric loaded cavity fitter and multiplier structures.

WE1C-1: Novel Adaptive Predistortion Technique for Cross Coupled Filters

M. Yu

WE1C-2: 2 GHz Band Quadruple Mode Dielectric Resonator Filter for Cellular Base Station

J. Hattori, H. Kubo, Wada, Y. Ishikawa

WE1C-3; Analysis and Design of Three Transmission Zeros Bandpass Filter

Utilizing Triple-mode Dielectric Loaded Cubical Cavity

L. Chua, D. Mirsbekar

WE1C-5: Metal Plated Plastic Waveguide Filter Using Injection Molding Process

H. Asao

WE1C-6: Inductive Iris Band-pass Filter Integrating Floating Inserts for Pseudo-elliptic Response

C. Guguen, D.L.H. Tong

WE1C-7: Compact E-plane and Ridge Waveguide Filters/Diplexers with Pseudo-elliptic Response

E. Ofli, R. Vabldieck, S Amari

WE1C-8: Compact Ridged Waveguide Filters with Improved Stopband Performance

D.S. Budimir


Chair: C. Wen * Co-chair: C. K. Tzuang

Novel use of transmission lines for Q enhancement, noise reduction, and size reduction of Si integrated circuits.

WE2C-1: Minimization of Passive Circuits Losses Realized on Low Resistivity Silicon Using Micro-machining Techniques and Thick Polymer Layers

F. Bouchriba, K. Grenier, D Dubuc, P. Pons, R. Plana, J. Graffeuil

WE2C-2: Low RF Loss and Noise of Transmission Lines on Si Substrates Using an Improved Ion Implantation Process

K.T. Chan, A. Chin, S.P. McAlister, C.Y Chang, C. Tseng, V. Liang, J.K. Chen, D.S. Dub, W.J. Lin

WE2C-3: High Performance and Area-efficient Stacked Transformers for RF CMOS Integrated Circuits

N. Fong, C. Plett G. Tarr, K. Jenkins, J.O. Plouchart, N Zamdmer, J. Kim

WE2C-4: Experimental Analysis of Reduced-sized Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines

G.E. Ponchak


Chair: E. Tentzeris * Co-chair: M. Celuch

The session presents an overview of various formulations of time domain techniques for microwave problem analysis. In particular, finite volume, finite element and locally conformal TLM ace considered. Furthermore, possibilities of hybridizing TLM with mode matching as welt as electromagnetic simulations with hydrodynamic transistor models are addressed.

WE3C -1: Locally Conformal Cell for Two-dimensional TLM

P.P.M. So, W. Hoefer

WE3C-2: Finite Element Time Domain Method Using Laguerre Polynomials

Y.S. Chung, T.K. Sarkar, M. Salazar-Palma, S. Llorente-Romano

WE3C-3: Finite-volume Time-domain (FVTD) Method and Its Application to the Analysis of Hemisperical Dielectric-resonator Antennas

D. Baumann, C. Fumeaux, P. Leuchtmann, R. Vabldieck

WE3C-4: Electromagnetic Wave Effects on a Closely Packed Microwave Transistor Using a Fast Time-domain Simulation Approach

Y. Hussein, Y.H. Park, S. El-Ghazaly

WE3C-5: Using of Transmission Line Matrix Method and Mode Matching Approach for Simulation of MMICs

D. Lukashevich, B. Broido, P. Russer


Chair: M. Megabed * Co-chair: J. Tauritz

This session considers modeling approaches for linear microwave components at the device, component and sub-net-work level. Model development and verification of integratable passive components are emphasized. Attention is paid to both physical modeling and the use of device models in CAD.

WE4C-1: Passive Macromodels of Microwave Subnetworks Characterized by Measured/Simulated Data

D. Saraswat, R. Achar, M. Nakhla

WE4C-2: EM-based Surrogate Modeling and Design Exploiting Implicit, Frequency and Output Space Mappings

J.W. Bandler, Q. Cheng, D. Gebre-Mariam, K. Madsen, F. Pedersen, J. Sondergaard

WE4C-3: A New Scalable Model for Spiral Inductors on Lossy Silicon Substrate

D. Melendy, A. Weissbaar

WE4C-4: Wide-band Distributed Modeling of Spiral Inductors in RFICs

A. Watson, A Weissbaar, P. Francis, K. Hwang

WE4C-5: A Novel Modified-T Equivalent Circuit for Modeling LTCC Embedded Inductors with a Large Bandwidth

T.S. Horng, J.M. Wu, L.Q. Yang, S.T. Fang

WE4C-6: Determining the HBT Base-collector Elements Directly from S-parameter Data

E. Waige

WE4C-7: A New RF Model for the Accumulation-mode MOS Varactor

S.S. Song, H. Sbin


Chair: B. Kopp * Co-Chair: J. Laskar

This session presents advanced approaches for system-level packaging. The papers cover varied applications ranging from 5-100 GHz. Technologies addressed include LTCC, BGA, Ilip-chip, plastic, MCM-D, and BCB. The content focuses on low cost technologies and cost effective approaches to millimeter wave packaging.

WE5C-1: A 100 GHz Distributed Amplifier in Chip Size Package

S. Masuda, K. Kobayashi, H. Kira, M. Kilajima, M. Takesue, Y. Kamiya, K. Joshin

WE5C-2: Wafer Level Integration of a 24 GHz and 34 GHz Differential SiGe-MMIC Oscillator with a Loop Antenna on a BCB Membrane

P. Abele, E. Sonmez, K.B. Schad, A. Trasser, H. Schumacher, J. Konle, D. Bebammer

WE5C-3: Single-package 5 GHz WLAN RF Module with embedded Patch Antenna and 20 dBm Power Amplifier

J. Ryckaert, S. Brebels, B. Come, W. Diels, D. Hauspie, S. Stoukatch, K. Vaesen, W. De Raedt, S. Donnay

WE5C-4: Novel LTCC/BGA Modules for Highly Integrated Millimeter-wave Transceivers

J.E. Heyen, P. Heide, A.F. Jacob, A. Chernyakov

WE5C-5: A Small-size 72 GHz Band Transceiver Modules Utilizing IF Self-heterodyne Transmission Technology

K. Marubashi, K. Obata, H. Shimawaki, Y. Shoji, H. Ogawa


Chair: J.F. Luy * Co-chair: J. Tsui

This special session focuses on RF aspects of universal hardware platforms for the use in software radios. The first paper addresses visionary applications of future software radios. The second and third papers deal with flexible RF receiver architectures either based on sampling or on six-port approaches. High speed A/D conversion and frequency dividers as typical components conclude the session.

WE6C-1: Cognitive INFOSEC

J Mitola

WE6C-2: Sampling Architectures

E.M. Biebl

WE6C-3: Software Defined Radio Receiver Based on Six-port Technology

X, Xu, K, Wu, R.G. Bosisio

WE6C-4: An 8 GHz Continous-time [sigma][delta] Analog-digital Converter in an InP-based DHBT Technology

S. Krishman, D. Scott, M. Urteaga, Z. Griffith, Y. Wei, M. Dahlstrom, N. Parthasarathy, M. Rodwell

WE6C-5: 86 GHz Static and 110 GHz Dynamic Frequency Dividers in SiGe Bipolar Technology

H. Knapp, M. Wurzer, T. Meister, K. Aufinger, J. Bock, S. Boguth, H. Schafer

3:30 TO 5:00 PM


Chair: H. Yao * Co-chair: W.C. Tang

This session addresses new progress and developments in the erea of planar passive filters and multiplexers. It will cover the technologies for filter miniaturization, stop-band performance improvement and performance synthesis.

WE1D-1: Bandstop Filter Design Using Evanescent Mode Resonators

R. Snyder, S. Shin, K. Keck

WE1D-2: A New Compact Microstrip Stacked-SIR Bandpass Filter with Transmission Zeros E. Shih

WE1D-3: Novel Band-pass Filter Utilizing S-shaped Slot Line Resonators

A.N. Deleniv, M. Gashinova, A. Eriksson, A. Kalabuchov

WE1D-4: Synthesis of Band-reject Filters Using an Optimization Technique

C. Sans Pons, S. Ye

WE1D-5: An Artificial Dielectric Material of Huge Permittivity with Novel Anisotropy and Its Application to a Microwave BPF

I. Awai, H. Kubo, T. Iribe, D. Wakamiya, A. Sanada

WE1D-6: SMD-type 42 GHz Waveguide Filter

T.J. Mueller

WE1D-7: An Original Topology of Dual-band Filter with Transmission Zeros

C. Quendo, E. Rius, C. Person


Chair: M. Dydyk * Co-chair: K. Wu

This session has five papers. The first two papers address novel concepts in miniaturizing and integrating rectangular and slab waveguides. Thc third paper provides the result of a investigation using Butterfly-Radial Slot in a periodic structure. The fourth paper addresses a strip-line T-junction compensation with a rectangular cut The last paper In the session covers a waveguide to microstrip transition.

WE2D-1: Miniaturized Synthetic Rectangular Waveguide

H.S. Wu, C.K Tzuang

WE2D-2: Substrate Integrated Slab Waveguide (SISW) or Wideband Microwave Applications

D. Deslandes, K Wu, M. Bozzi, P. Arcioni

WE2D-3: Investigation into Broadband PBG Using a Butterfly-radial Slot (BRS) Structure

B.T. Tan

WE2D-4: Analysis of Stripline T-junction with Rectangular Cut

T. Takenaka, T. Hiraoka, J.P. Hsu

WB2D-5: New Dielectric-covered Waveguide-to-microstrip Transitions for Ka-band Transceivers

K.W.W. Kim, C.H. Na, D.S. Woo


Chair: V.F. Hama * Co-chair: L. Roselli

Due to significant advances in microwave and millimeter-wave technology the demand for sophisticated and efficient analysis and design tools continues to grow. In response to this demand the scientific community is proposing new developments. This session features new optimization techniques, approaches for handling dispersive and lossy media, high order and unconditionally stable schemes for enhanced accuracy and efficiency, as well as hybrid combination of time-domain modeling with traditional approaches.

WE3D-1: An Ad joint Variable Method for Time Domain TLM with Fixed Structured Grids

M. Bakr, N. Nikolova

WE3D-2: Transmission Line Matrix Method Reduced Order Modeling

D. Lukashevich, P. Russer, A. Cangellaris

WE3D-3: Performance of Nonlinear Dispersive APML in High-order FDTD Schemes

M. Fujii, P. Russer, M. Tentzeris

WE3D-4: Efficient Computation of Thin-layer Structures with the Unconditionally Stable ADI-FDTD Method

C. Yuan, Z. Chen

WE3D-5: Local Stereoscopic Field Singularity Models for FDTD Analysis of Guided Wave Problems

M. Celub-Marcysiak

WE3D-6: FDTD Modeling of Transient Microwave Signals in Dispersive and Lossy Bi-isotropic Media

A.M. Grande, I. Barba, J. Represa,

A.C.L. Cabeceira, P. So, W.J.R. Hoefer


Chair: R. Draylon * Co-chair E. Strid

This Session presents enabling technology approaches for RF through V-band packaging. Topics include via approaches, use of liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) for high-frequency packages, high-density MCM-D modules, and microwave couplers for memory bus interfaces.

WE4D-1: Via Arrays for Grounding in Muttilayer Packaging - Frequency Limits and Design Rules

T. Tischler, M. Rudolph, A. Kilk, W. Heinrich

WE4D-2: Multi-layer Thin-flint MCM-D for the Realization of Q- and V-band Functions G.J. Carcbon, S. Brebels, W. De Raedt, O. Vendier

WE4D-3: Liquid Crystal Polymer-based Integrated Passive Development for RF Applications

M.F. Davis

WE4D-4: Surface Mountable Liquid Crystal Polymer Package with Vertical Via Transition Compensating Wire Inductance Up to V-band

H. Kanno, H. Ogura, K. Takahashi

WE4D-5: An Alignment Insensitive Separable Electromagnetic Coupler for High Speed Digital Multidrop Bus Applications

J.R. Benham, J. Critchlow, T. Simon, R. Amirtharajab, T. Knight

WE4D-6: 40 GHz Hot-via Flip-chip Interconnects

F.J. Schmueckle, A. Jentzsch, W. Heinrich, G. Gaessler P. Marschall, D. Geiger


Chair: L.J. Kusbner * Co-chair: Y. Umeda

Integrated circuits for optical networking have matured in recent year. This session includes ground-breaking work at 80 and 100 Gb/s as well as chipsets for 40Gb/s.

WE5D-1: A 100-Gbit/s 2:1 Multiplexer in InP HEMT Technology

T. Suzuki, Y. Nakasha, T. Sakoda, K. Sawada, T. Takahashi, K. Makiyama, T. Hirose, M. Takigawa

WE5D-2: Design and Measurements of Very High Speed Digital ICs Fabricated in InP HBT Technology

A.D. Konczykowska, S. Blayac, F. Jorge, M. Riet, V. Puyal, J. Godin

WE5D-3: 1.4W 50 Gbit/s InP HEMT 1:4 Demultiplexer IC with a Multi-phase Clock Architecture

K. Sano, K. Murala, H. Kitabayasbi, S. Sugitani, H. Sugabara, T. Enoki

WE5D-4: A 40-43 Gb/s CDR/DEMUX and MUX Chipset Integrated on a MCM-ceramic with 3R-regeneration Functionality

M. Reinbold, T. Winkler-von-Mobrensfels, F. Kunz, E. Rose, A. Eismann, M. Kukiela, C. Wolf, F. Znidarsic, C. Dorschky, G. Roll

WE5D-5: 40 Gb/s TDM System Using InP HBT IC Technology

K. Krishnamurthy, R. Vetury, J. Xu, A. Sbou, S. Jaganathan, K. Cheng, J. Chow, D. Mensa, L. Zhang, I. Gontijo, S. Vu, C. Winczewski, Y.Z. Liu, R. Pullela, M. Rodwell

WE5D-6: Single Ended to Differential MHEMT Transimpedance Amplifier with 66 dBQ Differential Transimpedance and 50 GHz Bandwidth

P. Roux, Y. Baeyens, V. Houtsma, A. Leven, J. Weiner, A. Benz, Y.K. Chen

1:30 TO 4:40 PM


Chair: A. Katz * Co-chair: Z. Turski

This session contain IMS Papers in a variety of subject areas.

WEIF-01: Determination by the BI-RME Method of Entire Domain Basis Functions for the Analysis of Microstrip Circuits

M. Repossi, P. Arcioni, M. Bozzi, M. Bressan, L. Perregrini

WEIF-02: Inductance Extraction for Planar Spiral Inductor by Domain Decomposition Method for Conformal Modules

J. Zhao

WEIF-03: CAD of Magic Tee with Interior Stepped Post for High Performance Designs

R. Beyer, Mician GbR; U. Rosenberg

WEIF-04: Signal Integrity Evaluation of a 10 Gbit/sec Optoelectronic Interconnect

M. Kahrs, S.P. Levitan, D.M. Chiarulli, T.P. Kurzweig, J.A. Martinez, J. Boles, A.J. Davarel, E. Jackson, C. Windish, T.P. Kurzweig, F. Kiamilev, A. Bhaduri, M. Taufik, X. Wang, A.S. Morris, III, J. Repke, J. Kruchowski, B. Gilbert

WEIF-05: Automated Design of Waveguide Fitters Using Aggressive Space Mapping with a Segmentation Strategy and Hybrid Optimization Techniques

J.V. Morro, H.E. Gonzalez, V.E. Boria, C. Bachiller, S. Cogollos, B. Gimeno

WEIF-06: Hybrid EM-simulator Based Optimization of Microwave- and Millimeter-wave Diplexers and Multiplexers

G. Tudosie, E. Ofli, R. Vahldieck

WEIF-07: Efficient CAD of a Class of Waveguide Discontinuities Via an Hybrid Finite-element/Mode-matching and Modified Transverse-resonance Analysis

V. Crino, M. Mongiardo, C. Tomassoni

WEIF-08: Octave-bandwidth High-directivity Microstrip Codirectional Couplers

M.A. Morgan, S. Weinreb

WEIF-09: Optimisation and Comparison of Three Diplexers Based on a New Slot to Microstrip Junction

P. Gauget, G. Duchamp, J. Pistre

WEIF-10: Design and Characterization of Integrated Passive Elements on High Ohmic Silicon

E. Valletta, L. de Vreede, L. Nanver, J. Burghartz, J. Van Beek, A.D. Dekker N. Pulsford, R. Jose

WEIF-11: Impedance-transforming, Coupled-line 180[degrees] Hybrid Rings with Frequency Independent Characteristics

K.S. Ang, Y.C. Leong, C.H. Lee

WEIF-12: Compact Rectangular Ring Unequal Power Divider

S. Ray, G. Kumar

WEIF-13: Modeling and Measurements of Novel High K Monolithic Transformers

A.H. Aly, B. Elsharauy

WEIF-14: A Broadside-edge-coupled Vialess Balun

R.K. Settaluri, A. Weisshaar

WEIF:-15: Enhanced Miniaturized Wilkinson Power Divider

B. Piernas, M. Hirata

WEIF-16: Shape Memory Alloy Temperature Compensation for Resonators

B.F. Keats, R. Mansour, R. Corbet

WEIF-17: Broadband EM-wave Absorber Based on Integrated Circuit Concept

Y. Kotsuka, M. Amano

WEIF-18: Tunable Ferroelectric Filter-phase Shifter

A.N. Deleniv, S. Abadei, S. Gevorgian

WEIF-19: MSW Resonators on Micromachined Silicon Membrane

G. Sajin, F. Craciunoiu, A. Cismaru, R. Marcelli

WEIF-20: Design of A 20-to-40 GHz Bandpass MMIC Amplifier

J.L Chen, S.F. Chang, C.C. Liu, H.W. Kuo

WEIF-21: InP/InGaAs HBTs Using Crystallographically Defined Emitter Contact Technology

M. Kim, S.H. Shin, K. Yang, Y.S. Kwon, S.K. Jeon

WEIF-22: Characterization and Model of High Quality Factor and Broadband Integrated Inductor on Si-Substrate

M.T. Yang, T.J. Yeb, M. Lin, H.M. Hsu, P.C. Ho, Y.J. Wang, Y.T. Chia, D.L Tang

WEIF-23: High-Q RF Inductors on Standard Silicon Realized Using Wafer-level Packaging Techniques

G. Carchon, S. Jenei, L. Carbonell, M. Van Hove, S. Decontere, W. De Raedt, K Maex, E. Beyne

WEIF-24: Zero Diffusion Capacitance in Abrupt Np+ Heterojunctions

B. Sheinman, D. Ritter

WEIF-25: Wide-band Variable Transversal Phase-shifter

A. Mitchell, B. Slade, L. Bui, T.H. Chio

WEIF-26: Millimeter-wave MMIC Switches with pHEMT Cells Reduced Parasitic Inductance

K. Tsukahara, T. Katoh, K Notani, T. Ishida, T. Ishikawa, M. Knmaru, Y. Matsuda

WEIF-27: GSM and DCS SiGe BiCMOS Mizer ICs with Wide LO Power Range

M.P. Kovacevic, M. Madihian

WEIF-28: C-band Linear Resistive Wide Bandgap FET Mixers

K. Andersson, V. Desmaris, J. Eriksson, N. Rorsman, it Zirath

WEIF-29: Low-loss High-isolation 60-80 GHz GaAs SPST PIN Switch

T. Buber, N. Kinayman, Y.H. Yun, J. Brogle

WEIF-30: A Zero-bias Single-device Balanced E-PHEMT Mixer with Conversion Gain for RFID Applications

J.A. Garcia, E. Malaver, L. Cabria

WEIF-31: Development of a 44.5 0Hz Direct I&Q MMIC Modulator in Coplanar Waveguide for Ka/K-band Satellite Briefcase Terminal

K. Hellak

WEIF-32: A High Performance V-band Monolithic Quadruple

W.Y. Ubm, J.K. Rhee, W.S. Sul, H.J. Han, S.C Kim, H.S. Lee, D. An, S.D. Kim, D.H. Shin, H.M. Park

WEIF-33: Novel DSP Algorithms for Adaptive Feed-forward Power Amplifier Design

K.P. Chan, K.K. Cheng

WEIF-34: An Improved Kahn Transmitter Architecture Based on Delta-sigma Modulation

Y. Wang

WEIF-35: THz Radiation Using Compact Folded Waveguide TWT Oscillators

S. Bhattacharjee, J. Booske, D. Van der Weide, S. Limbach, S. Gallagher, A. Stevens, M. Genack, C. Kory, M. Lopez, R. Gilgenbach

WEIF-36: An Analog Compensation Method for Asymmetric IMD Charateristics of a Power Amplifier

K.J. Cho, J.C. Choi, J.H. Kim, B.J. Lee, N.Y. Kim, J.C. Lee, S.P. Stapleton

WEIF-37: New Predistortion Method Using Phase Modulation with Envelope Signal

H.S. Jang, H.T. Jeong, I.S. Chang, C.D. Kim

WEIF-38: Multimode Fiber Link Equalization by Mode Filtering Via a Multisegment Photodetector

K. Patel, S. Ralph

WEIF-39: 40 GHz MMIC Driver of Electro-absorption Modulator for High-speed Optical Pulse Generation

S. Dellier, M. Campovecchio, R. Quere, F. Blache, D. de La Grandiere, S. Vuye, J.R. Burie

WEIF-40: Improved Microwave-optical Reception

WEIF-41: Photonic Microwave Filter Using a Broadband Source Sliced by a Birefringent Optical Fiber-based Interferometer

T. Berceli

L. Billonnet, H. Gouraud, P. Di Bin, P. Faugeras, B. Jarry

WEIF-42: Frequency Conversion Using a Moving Plasma Front Generated Optically in Transmission Lines: Theoretical Analyses

J. Bae, K Mizano

WEIF-43: Optical-microwave Converter: Superconductor/Photomixer Hybrid System

T. Kiwa, M. Tonouchi

WEIF-44: Peripheral Coupled Waveguide Traveling-wave Electroabsorption Modulator

Y. Zhuang, Y. Wu, W.S.C. Chang, P.K.L. Yu

WEIF-45: Influence of the Chirp Effect of DFB Laser in Phase-to-intensity Noise Conversion in RF-modulated Optical Links

M.R. Salebi, B. Cabon

WEIF-46: Rigorous Analysis of Traveling Wave Photodetectors Under High-power Illumination

D. Pasalic, R. Vahldieck, A. Aste

WEIF-47: High-speed Microwave-photonic Vector Modulator (MPVM) with Wideband Carrier Tuning and Spectral Control

G. Wang, W.D. Jemison

WEIF-48: A Millimeter-wave Harmonic Optoelectronic Mixer Based on InAIAs/InGaAs Metamorphic HEMT

G.S. Choi, W.Y. Choi, D.H. Kim, K.S. Seo

WEIF-49: A 46 GHz Distributed Transimpedance Amplifier Using SiGe Bipolar Technology

S. Kudszus, A. Shahani, D.K. Shaeffer, M. Tarsia, S. Pavan

WEIF-50: Optically Generated Dynamically Tunable, Low Noise Millimeter-wave Signals Using Microchip Solid State Lasers

Y. Li, S. Goldwasser, P. Herczfeld

WEIF-51: mm-wave Mixing in a Quantum Well IR Photo Detector

P.D. Grant

WEIF-52: Photonic Tunable Microwave Transversal Filter Based on Optical Switches and Fiber Dispersion

B. Vidal, V. Polo, J.L. Corral, J. Marh

WEIF-53: Improved Radio Over Fiber Performance Using Predistortion Linearization

A.K. Katz, M. Kubak, W. Jemison, J. Dragone

WEIF-54: Assessment of Random and Systematic Errors in Millimeter-wave Dielectric Measurement -- Open Resonator System, Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, W-band Spectrometer and Broadband Free-space Measurements

M. Afsar, A. Moonshiram, Y. Wang

WEIF-55: Envelope Domain Analysis of Measured Time Domain Voltage and Current Waveforms Provide for Improved Understanding of Factors Effecting Linearity

D. Williams, P. Tasker, J. Leckey

WEIF-56: Coherent Addition of Intermodulation Distortion in Spectrum Analyzers

P. Stepanek, J. Gorin, D. Kurtz

WEIF-57: Combined Analysis of Systematic and Random Uncertainties for Different Noise-figure Characterization Methodologies

A. Collado, J.M. Collantes, N. Otegi, L. Perea, L. De la Fuente, M. Sayed

WEIF-58: Influence of Sample Insertion Hole on Resonant Cavity Perturbation Measuring Method

M. Ikeda, T. Fukunaga, T. Miura

WEIF-59: Development of a Quantum Based Microwave Power Measurement

T.P. Crowley, E.A. Donley, T.P. Heavner, J.R. Juroshek, B.F. Riddle

WEIF-60: Frequency Spectrum Investigations on Detection of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields by Biological Cells

G. d'Inzeo, F. Apollonio, M. Liberti, A. Paffi

WEIF-61: A Novel Vector Control Active Patch for Beamsteering with Linearity Enhancement Capability

L. Cabria, J.A. Garcia, A. Tazon, A. Mediavilla

WEIF-62: A Compact Millimeter-wave Slotted-waveguide Spatial Array Power Combiner

E. Channabasappa, N. Kinayman, R. Anderson, B. Ziegner, T. Hongsmatip

WEIF-63: An Ultra-wideband Microwave Radar Sensor for Characterizing Pavement Subsurface

J. Park, C. Nguyen

WEIF-64: A Radar Target Transceiver Using a Full Duplex Capable Retrodirective Array System

K. Leong, Y. Wang, T. Itoh
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