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20 years Com4A(r) - Quality yarns that guarantee reliability.

Yarns of good and consistent quality are a must for the textile processing industry. Rieter Com4A(r) yarns meet this requirement, and have been doing so for 20 years. The yarns can be processed perfectly and are the basis for high quality products.

Rieter launched the Com4A(r) brand in 1997. Today, more than 140 licensees worldwide produce Com4A(r) yarns on Rieter spinning machines for a wide range of applications.

In this editorial Rieter shares success stories of some of their Com4A(r) licensees.

"The outstanding piecings of the Rieter Com4 A(r) rotor yarns guarantee success - in my own weaving mill and in the weaving mills of my customers."

Mario Lisandro Bertoni, Maliber Ind. e Com. Textil Ltda, Brazil.

"High strength, high evenness, low hairiness and low pilling in Rieter Com4 A(r) jet yarn are the advantages for who wants more! Moving at the speed of technology and being inspired by Rieter Com4 A(r) jet yarn which is smart choice, our customers can discover the world of textiles and be in touch with tomorrow."

Alireza Irannejad, Managing Director, Iran.

"Our customers who reorder Com4 A(r) jet yarns con rm the excellent pilling and improvements downstream."

Klaus Steger, Suedwolle Group, China.

"My customers place repeat orders - Com4 A(r) ring yarn gives them confidence in respect of lower variation in yarn quality to produce consistent quality fabrics."

S. Saravanakumar, Eveready Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd., India.

"We feel that compact yarn Com4 A(r) compact is the future of comprehensive fabric quality and Rieter compact spinning machine is having very high reliability for making consistent quality for years together with least cost incurring for manufacturing."

V. K. Jain, Sagar Group, India.

"Com4 A(r) compact is a must for my customers. They don't accept any compromises in compacted ring-spun yarns."

Dinesh Oswal, Nahar Group, India.

"Com4 A(r) ring yarns spun on Rieter machines o er the best quality consistency in the market."

Munish Avasthi, Sportking India Ltd., India.

"Low pilling in Rieter Com4 A(r) jet yarn is de nitely a major advantage for our customers. Also so er touch is an extra incentive for our customers to use it for high end fashion applications."

V. K. Agarwal, Pt. Embee Plumbon Tekstil, Indonesia.

"Com4 A(r) ring, Com4 A(r) compact, Com4 A(r) rotor and Com4 A(r) jet, the yarns spun on Rieter machines, are the best choice for me and my customers."

Anupam Agrawal, PT. Indorama Synthetics TBK Indonesia.

"There are different compacting systems in the market. But only Com4 A(r) compact yarns guarantee constant compacting and therefore high quality for my demanding customers."

Eng. El Sayed Youssef, Interyarn, Egypt.

"The outstanding properties of Com4 A(r) compact yarns, such as high tenacity and low hairiness result in trouble-free down-stream processing."

M. Hane Oksuz, Kipas Holding, Turkey.

"For us and our customers the invisible and sufficiently strong piecings in fabric made from Com4 A(r) rotor yarn are very convincing. The optimal condition for rotor-spun fabrics."

Osman Ugurlu, Ugurlular Tekstil, Turkey.

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Date:Oct 31, 2017
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