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1Ditch the sit-ups Crunches won't burn belly fat. "Super-charged moves like squats and star jumps will ramp up metabolism, turning on fat-burning hormones for up to 48 hours," says the 'Fat Controller' Jill Gardener of Do three sets of 10 twice a day.

2Eat more fat Healthy omega-3 fats can help you lose weight. "Fat from linseed, walnuts, mackerel and sardines help produce fat-burning enzyme PPAR-alpha, which also slows down fat storage," says trainer to the stars James Duigan.

3 Cheat your brain skinny Changing the colour of foods can impact how much you eat. Richard Dean, a neurolinguistic programming expert, says: "Turn that Mars Bar green and crisps red or blue in your mind and you're likely to eat half as much."

4 Start on a Thursday Research proves you're twice as likely to stick with a diet towards the weekend. "Boost willpower by starting a diet plan on a Thursday when most of your week has panned out," says nutritionist Gemma Landau at

5Have a good laugh Belly laughing strengthens abdominal muscles, it also releases stress-busting feel-good endorphins. Check out laughter yoga classes at

6Get your balance Gwyneth Paltrow believes foods such as meat, dairy, sugar and pasta can increase acid levels - making us more likely to hold on to fat. Get your body balance right by making two thirds of every meal veggies, fruit, beans and pulses.

7 Concentrate on what you're eating Eating while you're texting or watching TV increases your chances of overindulging by up to 30%, says a US study.

8Bust bingo wings Lose stubborn flab on the backs of your arms by turning on fat metabolisers. Nutritionist Rick Hay says: "Add lemon juice to warm water to sip between meals and binge on body-cleansing foods, like celery, grapefruit and rocket."

9 Detox don't diet Struggling with the last few pounds? Laura Williams, fitness consultant to Zotrim diet aid, reckons: "The longer we diet the less leptin - the hormone controlling energy output - we produce. So we're more likely to hold on to calories." For a gentle detox, dark green veg contains glucosinolates, a type of amino acid that helps speed up metabolism.

10Go green Dieters taking green coffee extract in a test lost 18lb in 22 weeks. According to Demi Moore's naturopath, Dr Lindsey Duncan: "Green coffee contains a caffeine-based ingredient that speeds up fat metabolism so you lose weight quicker." Verdesse tablets,

11Eat like a bloke Not pies and beer, but nutritionist Max Tomlinson author of Target Your Fat Spots, (Quadrille), says: "Weight on your arms is a sign that you're lacking in testosterone." A diet rich in B vitamins, found in wholegrains cereals and nuts, should fix that.

12Try more raw food A small leafy green salad, half a grapefruit or some raw veggies eaten just before a main meal will help rev up digestion, so you're less likely to bloat.

13Make a good start Coleen Rooney loves a good breakfast and research shows eating your biggest meal at the start of the day can avoid sugar dips that cause comfort eating later. Scramble eggs and parsley for a filling protein fix.

14Ditch the latte A daily latte adds 9lb a year to your weight, according to research by The Register of Exercise Professionals (

Swap yours for a skinny latte, a cuppa, or even better, Victoria Beckham's favourite - green tea. It has just five calories a brew.

15Download a diet app Stay on calorie track with a diet app. The Calorie Counter FatSecret app free at appworld. and will tell you the exact nutritional breakdown of any barcode scanned.

16Be a poser Standing tall with shoulders back, bottom in, skims inches off your shape according to Rachel Glendinning who practises the Grinberg Method of better posture, a favourite with Sadie Frost. Take three deep breaths and push every bit of air out, the deeper you breathe, the flatter your tummy.

17Get on the ball Super-slim Kate Middleton uses a fitness ball like the One Body gym ball ( Boost abs by lying on your back with the ball above your head, bring it down towards your chest, lift your legs up, place it between your ankles, then bring it back down to the floor with your legs. Reverse, repeat for three sets of 10.

18Say no to gluten Gluten found in bread, pasta, couscous and some cereals can make you bloat. Take a tip from Jennifer Aniston and try a 24-hour gluten detox: breakfast on fresh fruit, lunch on salad and eat fish with fresh veggies for tea.

19Love nuts Eat almonds. Their fibre content means you burn calories eating them.

20Ban the booze Alcohol contains empty calories - around seven per gram - and more than half end up around your middle! So top your wine up with soda and alternate alcohol with sparkling water.

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Weight on the arms is a sign you're lacking testosterone
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