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20 loves of romeo Mike; Watch out, Doreen. Mike Baldwin is the Street's serial love rat, with 20 flings with some of Corrie's most beautiful women. LESLEY ROBERTS charts Mike's conquests.

BET LYNCH (Julie Goodyear) in 1976. Bet moved into 5 Coronation Street as Mike's housekeeper. The affair ended when Mike's common-law wife Anne appeared from London.

DAWN PERKS (Jeanette Wild) in 1977. Mike wooed the Rovers barmaid, but their date enraged jealous Bet Lynch.

TERRI CLAYTON (Jenny Edwards) in 1977. Mike employed her in his factory but she caused so much bother that he sacked her.

SUZIE BIRCHALL (Cheryl Murray) in 1977 and again in 1979. Mike employed her in his boutique but was furious when she flirted with another man.

CAROLE GORDON (Louisa Rix) in 1978. Mike tried to employ the glamorous fashion buyer, but she wouldn't mix business with pleasure.

PAULINE STRINGER (Patricia Downing) in 1980. Mike head-hunted factory supervisor Pauline from a rival firm but they rowed over work and Pauline walked out.

DEIRDRE LANGTON/BARLOW/ RACHID (Anne Kirkbride) in 1981 and again in 1983. Mike took her on a date after then- boyfriend Ken Barlow stood her up. She went back to Ken and later married him but in 1983 the flames of passion were rekindled with Mike leading to a violent face- to-face encounter with Ken. In the end Deirdre stuck by her hubby.

SONIA PRICE (Bridget Brice) in 1981. Mike seduced beauty therapist Sonia - who was seeing Ken - but he was still more interested in Deirdre.

SYLVIA HICKS (Debbie Arnold) in 1981. Sylvia was the girlfriend of Mike's father, Frankie, but the fling with Mike had disaster written all over it.

MAGGIE DUNLOP (Jill Kerman) in 1982. Florist Maggie comforted Mike after his father's death but she turned down his proposal and left - while pregnant with his son Mark.

EILEEN HICKS (Helen Rappaport) in 1984. Interpreter Eileen accompanied a Russian delegation on a visit to Baldwin's factory. Strictly a one- night stand.

CHRISTINE MILLWARD (Julie Shipley) in 1985. The designer persuaded Mike to make her jumpsuits, then her husband turned up.

SUSAN BARLOW (Wendy Jane Walker) in 1985. Ken's daughter Susan had moved in with her dad on the Street. She became the first Mrs Baldwin, but walked out after a year and told Mike she had aborted his child. It was a lie - she had his second son Adam.

LINDA FARRELL (Rosie Kerslake) in 1988. She left her husband to be with Mike. He was then beaten up by her hubby after dumping her.

GLORIA TODD (Sue Jenkins) in 1988. She caught his eye while working in the Rovers. Their affair was brief and Mike moved on.

ALMA SEDGEWICK (Amanda Barrie) in 1989, 1990 and 1991 - the woman was a glutton for punishment! Their love story began when Alma beat Mike at golf, but it was always a rocky romance. In 1989, Mike dumped her for a blonde beauty Dawn Prescott, next time he moved on to rich widow Jackie Ingram. Alma and Mike married in 1992 but she dumped him over his fling with Julia Stone. When she died of cancer last year Mike admitted she was his one true love.

DAWN PRESCOTT (Louise Harrison) in 1989. She was the estate agent who sold him his posh dockside flat. It ended after Dawn's brother swindled Mike out of pounds 150,000.

JACKIE INGRAM (Shirin Taylor) in 1990. Mike took a job for her husband's firm - then hubby promptly dropped dead. They married but it ended in tears after two weeks. She threatened him with a shotgun

JULIA STONE (Fiona Allen) in 1999. The stunning brunette lured Mike to bed, pretending she was a fabrics seller but it later emerged as a blackmail plot. She was working for Mike's sworn enemy Greg Kelly and threatened to show pictures of her and Mike together to Alma.

LINDA SYKES (Jacqueline Chadwick) in 1999. Flighty factory worker Linda seduced Mike and became Mrs Baldwin No. 4 in September 2000. She had an affair with Mike's son Mark, even snogging him at her wedding, before vanishing when her mum Eve married butcher Fred Elliott.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 18, 2002
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