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20 countries vie in international beer competition.

20 countries vie in intl. beer comptetion

By the end of November, with three months still to go, the flow of entries for the Brewing Industry International Awards Beer Competition had reached almost 700.

Entries for the International Bottled Lager Competition have come from 19 countries outside the United Kingdom, including Australia, The Bahamas, and Malaysia. Overseas lager has always been among winners in this competition. In 1985, New Zealand collected the Supreme Champion trophy and in 1987 Cyprus was a close runner-up to Northern Clubs Federation Brewery of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

A new feature will be a non-alcohol and low-alcohol ale and lager competition open to breweries worldwide. However, draught ales, both cask conditioned and keg, and draught lager, from all corners of Britain, will form the major part of the entries.

The international panel of 33 judges, traditionally professionals in the brewing industry, will include production directors, head brewers and senior brewers from the UK and abroad. Panel chairman, Tony Duckworth, production director, Bass North, reported that 21 have already been appointed.

Entries will be evaluated by sight and taste and a system of double numbering makes identification of the brand impossible. When judging is completed, special sealed envelopes are opened and the winning entry numbers are checked against a list to reveal the identity of the successful breweries.

The winners and runner-up in each of the 21 classes will be announced on March 2. However, the winners of the Supreme Champion trophies in each of the six competitions will not be revealed until March 29, when a special awards lunch will be held at Burton Town Hall.

The event, now organized by Brewing Technology Services Ltd., traces back to the end of the last century. BTS is a company jointly owned by three of the leading bodies in the British Brewing Industry--The Institute of Brewing, The Allied Brewery Traders' Assn. and The Incorporated Brewers' Guild.

BTS is headed by Roger Sherman and located in Richmond, England.
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Title Annotation:Brewing Industry International Awards Beer Competition
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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