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20 YEARS Of Storage Milestones.

1979 First 8-inch HDD IBM 62 PC "Piccolo"

1980 First 5.25-inch HDD Shugart Technology ST506

1981 First 3.5-inch FDD Sony OA-D3OV

1983 First 3.5-inch HDD Rodime RO 352

1983 First ODD OSI Laserdrive 1200

1985 First CD-ROM drive Philips CM100

1985 First HDD mounted on card Quantum Hardcard

1987 First magneto-optical drive Sharp JY500

1987 Last 14-inch HDD introduced IBM 3380K

1987 RAID definition University of California, Berkeley

1988 First 2.5-inch HDD PrairieTek 220

1988 First 1-inch-high HDD Conner Peripherals CP3022

1990 First HDD with PRML encoding IBM 0681 "Redwing"

1991 First HDD with magnetoresistive heads IBM 0663 "Corsair"

1991 First 1.8-inch HDD Integral Peripherals 1820

1991 First CD-R drive Yamaha YPR 102

1997 First CD-RW drive Philips CDD 3610

1997 First DVD-ROM drive Hitachi GD 1000

1997 First HDD with giant magnetoresistive heads IBM Deskstar 16GP "Titan"

1999 First 1-inch HDD IBM Microdrive

Note: Dates indicate start of commercial shipments, unless otherwise indicated.

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