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20 WACKY WAGERS FOR THE YEAR 2000; PAT and Sheraine aren't the only ones having a wacky bet for the Millennium. Here are the top 20 taken by bookies William Hill and Ladbrokes:.

A UFO to land on the Millennium Dome during the year 2000. George Vernon of Bristol has placed pounds 10 at 50,000-1.

Night will turn to day at the stroke of midnight. Odds: 10,000-1.

Archbishop of Canterbury to confirm second coming of Christ on or before January 1, 2000. Odds: 1,000-1.

That a man will have given birth before January 1. Odds: 1,000-1.

Coronation Street to be axed before January 1, 2000. Odds: 100-1.

Prince Charles to marry in 2000. Odds: 2-1.

Prince Charles to become a father again in 2000. Odds: 20-1.

Mick Jagger to be knighted. Odds: 6-1.

Glenn Hoddle still England manager. Odds: evens.

Queen to abdicate before Jan 1. Odds: 25-1.

Spice Girls to have Christmas No 1. Odds: 6-1.

Pop star Prince to have Christmas No 1 with 1999. Odds: 3-1

Pulp to have Christmas No 1 with Disco 2000. Odds: 7-1.

FA to merge England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland into Great Britain squad. Odds: 500-1

United Nations to confirm existence of intelligent alien life. Odds: 50-1.

Existence of Loch Ness monster to be confirmed by British Museum. Odds: 66-1.

General election to be held on or before January 1. Odds: 10-1.

Ken Livingstone to be Mayor of London - 2-1.

Richard Branson to be Mayor of London. Odds: 10-1.

World to end before 2000. Odds: 1,000,000-1.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 11, 1998
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