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20 Rules of this brutal 'sport' IRELAND PITBULL HORROR EXPOSED.

1 Size of pit optional. Scratch line must be 14ft apart with carpet on floor.

2 Referee to be chosen before dogs are weighed and washed.

3 If either dog overweight, forfeit money must be paid.

4 Parties to toss coin to decide first wash. Each party to furnish clean towels.

5 Both dogs washed in same warm water, rinse in clean water from same container, referee to search both washers and handler are clean and arms bared to elbows.

6 Washed dogs taken to their corner of pit.

7 Dog owner or representative allowed near dogs to ensure no harm is done. Owners can name a representative to watch opponent's dog and handler at all times.

8 Right to appeal to referee if rules are violated and referee maintains the right to foul any party.

9 Interested parties must choose a timekeeper at the pit side.

10 Dogs in pit are faced away from each other. Referee shall order: "Face your dogs." Each handler must face his dog to centre of pit, fully showing the dog's head and shoulders to the opposition.

11 If a dog turns its head and shoulders away from an opponent they are taken back by handlers. Referee to order: "Face your dog", and dog is held for 25 seconds. After a further five seconds, the referee will order: "Let go", and the dog that turned away must cross the pit and mouth the other dog. If after a count of 10 seconds the scratching dog has failed to do so the referee must declare the opponent's dog the winner.

12 No photography at the pit side unless agreed by both parties. No banging on pit wall, abuse or rowdy behaviour at pit side.

13 Once either dog has mouthed its opponent, either handler can pick up his dog and the other handler must follow suit. If a dog has been picked up and continues to hold on to opponent the dog must be released and the fight continue.

14 Dogs to continue alternate scratching until either dog is picked up or quits, this deciding the winner.

15 If either dog fangs himself, the handler must request permission to unfang the dog. The dogs must be taken to centre of pit, two feet apart and released simultaneously when ordered by referee.

16 Nothing to be taken into the pit except a fan to cool your dog. Choose a person to hold a bucket and two sponges. At each handle the referee shall give each handler a sponge, to be returned to the referee after each scratch.

17 Referee's permission needed for any item of drink to be passed into pit.

18 If either handler leaves the pit with or without his dog before the referee renders his verdict, his is to lose the fight.

19 Handlers allowed to encourage their dogs verbally and physically without touching them.

20 If the police interfere the referee is to name the next meeting place.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 7, 2006
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