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20 MONTHS FOR LED ZEP BOOTLEGGER; Music pirate is locked up.

Byline: By Grant McCabe

A BOOTLEGGER who admitted his guilt after rock legend Jimmy Page gave evidence against him was jailed for 20 months yesterday.

Robert Langley, one of Europe's biggest music pirates, was caught with a massive haul of CDs and DVDs including counterfeit Led Zeppelin material at a Glasgow record fair.

Page, the band's guitarist, came to Scotland last month to tell a trial he would "never sanction" the items to be sold.

Langley, who had walked free from three similar trials in England, then changed his plea to guilty by admitting to three trademark and two copyright infringements.

The 58-year-old returned to Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday where sheriff Sam Cathcart told him: "The volume of CDs and DVDs here was considerable.

"In my view, the gravity of this offence has to be dealt with by means of a custodial sentence."

The 20-month jail term is thought to be the highest sentence handed out to a bootlegger in this country.

The load taken from Langley at the SECC in 2005 included a pounds 220 box set of a Led Zeppelin tour in Japan and a pounds 40 set of a warm-up session in Denmark.

Also seized was material from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

Page, 63, told the court that bootleggers who sell recordings of live performances without permission, were "breaking the rules legally and morally".

Murray Macara, defending, yesterday said Langley had recently set up an online business selling CDs through "legitimate sources".

Langley, of Buckingham, faces a hearing later this year, where the Crown aim to strip him of pounds 250,000 of assets The BPI, the UK record labels' trade association, thanked Strathclyde Police, prosecutors and Jimmy Page.

Spokesman David Wood added: "Langley's the last of the big bootleggers to be brought to justice."


COURT: Langley, left, and Led Zep idol Jimmy Page
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 31, 2007
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