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2.5 million Americans living with artificial hips.

Washington, March 16 ( ANI ): More than 7 million Americans are living with an artificial (prosthetic) knee (4.7 million) or hip (2.5 million), which could have significant future implications in terms of the need for ongoing patient care.

Two related studies also found a growing incidence of adults younger than age 65 undergoing total knee replacement (TKR) and total hip replacement (THR) surgeries, and a potential underutilization of these procedures in some segments of the population.

Among the study findings:

Approximately 0.8 percent of Americans are living with a hip replacement, and 1.5 percent with a knee replacement.

More women are living with prosthetic hips and knees than men.

Prevalence of THR and TKR among adults age 50 and older is as high as 2.3 and 4.6 percent, respectively.

The prevalence of THR rises to nearly 6 percent by 80 years of age. The prevalence of TKR rises to nearly 10 percent by 80 years of age.

The states with the highest number of THR and TKR patients are California, Florida and Texas; the two states with the lowest numbers are Alaska and Hawaii.

Individuals with total hip and knee replacement often are complex patients with multiple chronic conditions," added William A. Jiranek, MD, professor of orthopaedics, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. "They all need continuing medical attention and some need further surgical attention over the years of having a replacement. As "there are no guidelines to define long-term management of these individuals....our prevalence estimates are vital to agencies charged with planning for the provision of health care services." ( ANI )

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Mar 16, 2014
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