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2-year-old corpse in Vancouver IDed as Iranian.

The body of a woman found dead more than two years ago near Canada's Pacific coast has been identified as that of an Iranian woman.

But the police have no idea who killed her or why.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT)--which is a joint murder investigative squad involving many police forces in the Vancouver area--said it has identified the woman as Fatemeh Norouzy-Pooresfahany, who was 31 when she was last seen alive in July 2012.

In Canada, she went by the name Sara Norouzy.

IHIT spokeswoman Staff Sgt. Jennifer Pound said Norouzy had been living with her mother for several years in North Vancouver, which is the area of the province of British Columbia in which Iranians have congregated.

At some point, they both left Canada to return to Iran. In December 2011, Norouzy returned to Canada by herself and had minimal contact with her mother, who remained in Iran, Pound said.

Last September, the mother returned to Vancouver to try to find her daughter. The mother eventually contacted the North Vancouver station of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who obtained a DNA sample from the mother.

That identified the corpse as Sara Norouzy.

"We no longer need to concentrate our efforts on identifying Sara. IHIT will now move forward with any and all evidence-gathering in order to find who is responsible for her murder and bring them to justice," said Pound in a statement.

The woman's body was found August 18, 2012, off a gravel path in North Vancouver. Even though investigators could not identify the body, they classified her death as a homicide, in part because someone made an attempt to conceal her body from public view.

Pound said Norouzy had no fixed address and would occasionally stay at homeless shelters.

The Vancouver Iranian community has been by far the most crime-ridden of any in North America. A number of young men have been caught up in the drug rackets that abound in the metropolitan Vancouver area. A number have been killed in that very violent subculture. It isn't yet known if Norouzy was caught up in the drug business.

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