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2,600 Minnesota Meatpackers to Receive Court-Ordered Notice Inviting Participation in Back Pay Lawsuit Against Austin Meatpacking Company.

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ --

The United States District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota has ordered that formal notice be sent to approximately 2,600 current and former employees of the Austin, Minnesota meatpacker, Quality Pork Processors, Inc., inviting the employees to participate in a back pay lawsuit against the company.

The notices will inform employees how they can participate in the case of Dybevik, et al. v. Quality Pork Processors, Inc., which is pending in the federal court in St. Paul, Minnesota. The notices are slated to be mailed this week. Counsel for the class urge those who seek to participate in the lawsuit to turn in their opt-in forms immediately. Those current and former workers who have already elected to participate in the lawsuit need not sign up again.

Approximately 700 current and former employees have already joined the lawsuit which alleges that Quality Pork violated Minnesota and federal wage and hour laws by failing to pay employees for all time worked, including time spent donning, doffing and cleaning safety equipment.

Since the case was filed in July, 2000, the parties have begun the discovery process, including the exchange of documents and video photography of plant operations. Pursuant to a court order, depositions are scheduled to begin in January, 2001.

The plaintiffs are represented by the Washington, D.C. and Texas-based firm of Provost & Umphrey Law Firm, L.L.P., the Minneapolis, Minnesota firm of Metcalf, Kaspari, Howard, Engdahl & Lazarus, P.A. and the Chicago, Illinois firm of Karmel & Gilden.

Provost & Umphrey Law Firm, L.L.P. is one of the nation's leading high- impact litigation firms, having represented the State of Texas in its successful effort to recover more than $20 billion dollars from the tobacco industry. The firm, including its Washington, D.C. office, also served as counsel in one of the largest causative actions ever brought under the Federal False Claims Act, in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid royalties owed to the federal government by the oil industry as a result of oil pumped from federal lands.
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Date:Dec 19, 2000
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