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1st Citizen Delivers an Alternative to Failed Party Politics.

Baltimore, MD, October 07, 2016 --( In a reaction to the presidential debate held last week, the First Citizen today released a short video entitled "Politics As Usual." That video (, which can be characterized as a direct call-to-action, contains a message consistent with previous statements by the First Citizen regarding a disillusioned electorate mired in an largely misunderstood process designed to preserve a failed status quo. The First Citizen believes that regardless of this election's outcome, politics will still be broken.

"Because political influence today is solely controlled by big money interests such as PACs and corporate lobbyists, the process of voting by the citizenry has been rendered practically meaningless," according to the First Citizen.

In an attempt to provide a voice for the politically disenfranchised pushed outside the fold by both major Parties, the First Citizen has issued a rallying cry to those whom he calls "ameriCANs." Are you an ameriCAN? ameriCANs recognize, among other things, that:

- The U.S. Constitution is barely understood or its value recognized by most of the citizenry.

- The Federal Government must be reduced in size to more closely match what the Founding Fathers intended.

- Historic and proposed financial liabilities will put undue economic pressure on future generations and further erode the value of one's citizenship.

- Election process reform that minimizes Party influence must be forthcoming to restore citizen control of the electoral process .

In a historic gesture dating back to Guy Fawkes Day, was launched under the premise that elected officials can be held accountable only by withholding their financial support. By diverting those funds and committing them to building a new block of "influencers" known as ameriCANs, the First Citizen is advocating buying back your vote. A financial big stick is all they really understand.

About 1st Citizen LLC: 1st Citizen LLC is a Maryland-based for-profit business entity engaged in donation supported national political advocacy without political party affiliation or candidate alliances. As a political "movement," the principal goal is through political and marketplace actions to prohibit inter-generational transfer of the federal debt. ameriCANs now have a real choice when it comes to restoring their voice on the political soundstage. Watch Video Here:(

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Date:Oct 7, 2016
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