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1second more.

On June 30, 2015, an extra second was added to the clock at 23:59:59 taking it to 23:59:60, coordinated universal time (UTC) . Called a leap second, this rare anomaly was the 26th instance an extra second was added to the clock since 1972. Also this may be the last leap second to be experienced by our race as debates intensify at the International Telecommunications Union, to abandon the leap second.

So, in order to mark this historic moment, we asked our readers across age groups and industry sectors a question about how they could make that (leap) second count ?

The answers, all given after much thought, reflect fairly well that there could after all be something life-changing about that second.

If you asked what one second meant to me nine years ago, I would have most likely said it meant nothing. Today one second could be the difference from starting a race in first position or starting in 20th position, we as racing drivers regard one second sometimes as a huge difference. And when we discuss improvements we always refer to tenths i.e 0.1 of a second which we sometime can physically feel within the race car:It is a feeling that is very hard to describe.

Ahmad al Harthy, Racer, Oman Racing Team

I would recommend hugging someone for one second longer -- preferably someone you know!

Or I would make the day the leap second falls on an I-pad free day for my kids so that's one extra second they don't get to waste!

Sean Hennessey , General Manager, African +Eastern

A second can be a lifetime, so the saying goes. How exciting that we will actually get to prove it right or wrong! However, it is certainly enough to say I love you to our spouses and children.

H E Mitzi Costa, Brazilian Ambassador to Oman.


Although, it's just another second, the leap second cannot be absolutely dismissed: The previous leap second in 2012, was almost eerie and apocalyptic for the tech world with some even comparing it to a 'Y2K' scenario. That leap second crashed popular websites such as Reddit, Yelp, Foursquare, Mozilla and LinkedIn. Also 400 flights were delayed in Australia as computers crashed and check-in became a tedious process. (source: TIME)

Cooking is my passion, so for each time I burn or overcook an item, I just wish I would have switched off the gas one second earlier.

Mrunal Khimji , Fashion Designer and Consultant at Mrunal's Boutique

With an extra leap second, I would press GO to a friendly virus that will spread a sense of responsibility towards oneself, health, society, environment, and business across the world.

Lina Hussein , Head of Communications & Social Impact at Zubair SEC

I would invest that extra second in writing my memoir. This way that second can be utilised to pass on my history and that of my ancestors to my grand daughter.

Jane Jaffer , Author & Manager of Let's Read campaign @Daralatt'a

An extra second can be used to answer a question for The Week (Ed: We have to mention that Paul's reply to The Week was almost as quick as a second). Or to take a deep breath before stepping out into the heat

Paul Callaghan, Partner, KPMG in Oman

Will give it a 'second' thought and sleep through it an extra second more

Haytham Fadhil , Grade 10, The American International School Muscat

Wait a second! You mean, an extra second will again be available and I can now have those seconds without first having to wait that extra second? Well....I will leap in joy definitely as this leap second won't be the first time that we will have the second.

Mahesh Verma, Founder at Trinity Investments

I'll sell that one second to a Copa America - Chile 2015 participating football team, cause as commentators say, 'it takes one second to score'.

Najeeb Mohamed , General Manager, FP7/MCT; UM and Weber Shandwick PR, Oman

To make that extra second count, I would kiss my little niece, that way the second means something to her and to me .

DJ ShamS, Omani rapper/singer

My secure base in life, motto for success , the anchor in the ups and downs of life is my family. They are the greatest blessing Allah has given me, so that extra second of life would be to group hug my mother and kids.

Maimuna al Sulaimani, Head of Legal Affairs , Alizz Islamic Bank .

I look forward to the time - whatever little - we spend together as a family as my parents work odd shifts. I will add that extra second to that time. We might not be chatting or playing or eating together, but just the presence of each other around is very comforting and happy and any extension to that is what I want. It doesn't matter, if it is just a second more.

Ansh Dave , Grade 6, Indian School Wadi Kabir


The Earth's slowing rotation, due to friction caused by tides, stray space particles and natural calamities such as earthquakes and volcanoes, is the reason we add one leap second once every few years. Therefore since 1972, the rotation has slowed 26 seconds, as suggested by leap second additions.


* We are moving through space at the rate of 530km a second.

* At the heart of the sun, 600mn tonnes of hydrogen are converted into helium every second.

* At least 100,000 different chemical reactions occur in the normal human brain every second.

* One hundred thousand cubic feet of water pours over the Niagara Falls every second.

* Between four and five people are born every second.

A second in the flash's life

* What can The Flash , the fastest superhero (yes DC fans face it, he is faster than Superman too ), do in a second ... Just about everything we can't possibly even imagine:

* The Flash can deliver one billion punches in a second.

* The Flash can also think as fast as he can run. Which means he can think and do a billion more things than you and I, in just about a second.

* The Flash in a second can travel through the dimension of time; so breakfast at Tiffany's and sunset in Paris is a just a second's play for him.

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