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1999-2000 J.W.T. Spinks Lectures Held.

The 1999-2000 J.W.T. Spinks Lecture Series was presented on February 28 and 29, 2000 in the department of chemical engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK. This year's lecturer was John R. Grace, FCIC, professor of chemical and bio-resource engineering, the University of British Columbia.

Grace's lecture on February 28 was directed at a broad audience and was entitled 'Hydrogen Production by Steam Methane Reforming in a Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor'.The second lecture on February 29 entitled 'Progress in Understanding and Modelling Gas-Solids Systems Operated in the Turbulent Flow Regime of Fluidization' was aimed at chemists and chemical engineers.

The lectures were attended by faculty, students, and staff of the departments of chemical engineering and chemistry, and by other researchers from the University of Saskatchewan. In addition, Grace met with chemical engineering students in an informal discussion.

Grace has more than 240 publications, mostly on fluidization and related fluid-particle systems. These include co-authorship of the book Bubbles, Drops and Particles (1978) and co-editorship of three books on fluidization, the latest of which, entitled Circulating Fluidized Beds was published by Chapman and Hall in 1997. He has participated in many conferences, workshops, and short courses on fluidization and multiphase systems. He and his students and colleagues have worked on a wide range of topics, both fundamental and applied, including hydrodynamics and heat transfer of low-velocity and high-velocity fluidized beds, reactor modelling, scale-up, fluidized bed combustion, steam reforming, three-phase fluidization, and spouted beds.

He has served as a consultant for a number of companies and been active in professional affairs including serving as president of The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, chair of the Chemical Institute of Canada, member of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, editor of the Journal of Chemical Engineering Science, member of the editorial board of Powder Technology and of the advisory board of the International Journal of Multiphase Flow, co-chair of two Engineering Foundation fluidization conferences, a council member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and a member of the Advisory Board on Energy Science and Technology for Natural Resources Canada.

This lecture series, established in 1975, honours J.W.T. Spinks, ECIC, and his many contributions to the departments of chemistry and chemical engineering, the university, and the chemical professions, both nationally and internationally. As faculty member, department head, dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, university president, and president emeritus, Spinks was associated with the university from 1930 until his death in 1997.
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Author:Dalai, A.K.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Jun 1, 2000
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