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1999 Football Buyer's Guide & Directory.

Fashion or function? Function or fashion? When purchasing new equipment, coaches can easily be swayed by athletes who are more interested in designer-good looks than a product's life expectancy. Says Ev DeVaul, Marketing Director for Betlin Inc. and author of The Athletic Uniform Buying Guide, "Coaches and athletic directors need to keep in mind one simple fact when buying new apparel: students graduate, uniforms don't."

While DeVaul's book explains in great length the do's and don'ts of making new purchases, he points out that proper research, proper sizing and focusing on quality, will make the purchasing process a win-win situation.

"Make sure that you go back to your athletic director with a purchase recommendation that shows you have properly investigated the quality of the item. The uniform should do more than look pretty," says DeVaul. "But nowadays too many coaches listen to players who want the good-looking uniform and not the well-made uniform. You can still buy a quality uniform that looks good."

DeVaul understands that most coaches' priorities are centered around X's and O's. But making sure their athlete is properly fitted will not only help coaches save money, but may prevent injuries down the road.

In addition, buying quality while buying quantity, will save money as well. Knowing how long a uniform is going to last will create a trusting relationship between a coach and A.D., and that means more purchasing power for the coach.

Ev DeVaul emphatically stresses the importance of proper research by the coach and A.D. "Too many times the athletic director does not follow up with a coach and ask the right questions before a large purchase is made," says DeVaul. "To me, the ultimate responsibility falls with the athletic director, because he or she is writing the check. The A.D. must ask better questions of the coach to ensure the coach is using all of his or her resources."

Helmets and Face Guards

Riddell offers three helmets for the college and high school level player. The VSR-4, WD-1 and AF-2 helmets are all NOCSAE certified and are available in M-XL sizes.

The VSR-4, like all Riddell helmets, offers a five-year shell warranty, and are made of Kra-Lite II Polycarbonate Lexan shell. Available in a wide variety of impregnated, painted and high-gloss colors, the VSR-4 contains an inflatable liner with two outside inflation points: back-neck-side and crown. Three shell sizes cover the widest size range possible with extrawide geometrically shaped air chambers designed to provide optimal fit.

The WD-1 and AF-2 helmets are also available in M-XL sizes and are made with the Kra-Lite II Polycarbonate Lexan Shell and the Aero Cell liner system. Both offer removable snap-in universal jaw pads and curved frontal pad.

Riddell also makes NOCSAE certified face masks in two models: Z-Bar with Thick Coat and Z-Bar with Dura Tuff. The Z-Bar with Thick Coat comes in seven styles and all are constructed of a high-strength carbon steel tested to a super tensile strength. The Dura Tuff mask, a plastic polymer over a steel carbon frame, comes in five styles and 15 colors.

Nokona offers two selections for youth, freshman and junior high helmets for recommended ages of 6-14. The NPJH-8 is perfect for youth and intermediate ages and is available in sizes from SS-Small-XX-Large. All Nokona helmets are NOCSAE certified.

The NPJH-8's shell is injection-molded with high-impact resistant polyethylene and is available in White, Scarlet, Blue, Yellow-Gold, Black, Maroon, Purple, Kelly and Orange.

Nokona's NH-100 Youth Helmet is designed for Youth and Pop Warner level, and is available in sizes ranging from XX-Small-X-Large, and is available in white only.

Nokona also produces three chin strap models: Vinyl, Cushioned Vinyl and Vinyl with Plastic Cup. Color and chin strap style vary with model, and range from high four-point hookup to low four-point hookup.

Schutt Sports offers three helmets in the high school, collegiate and professional categories: the Air Power, Air Varsity and Pro Air II. All helmets feature a GE Lexan polycarbonate shell and interchangeable dual density foam front sizers that adjust for proper fit.

New for 1999: Schutt provides Air Helmets with black Nose Bumpers, Chin Straps, Front Sizers and Jaw Pads. The new ProCoat on Front and Back sizers adds great durability and lasting strength.

Apparel & Accessories

Formulating a successful gameplan is every coach's top priority, but why not look good and win at the same time? Dressing your players and staff in the most stylish, yet functional football wear, can help create a new attitude and the always important mental edge.

Betlin's Proformance, Player's Choice and Youth Football lines of game jerseys and pants offer a wide array of styles, materials and colors.

Its Player's Choice model offers six new game jerseys and pants to choose from. All jerseys feature double-ply extended yoke, quarter-inch sleeves and self-material neck, and are available in S-XXXL. Betlin's game pants offer a three-panel back, double duke crotch, sewn eyelets that won't rust or pull out in sizes ranging from XS-XXXL

Betlin's Youth Football game uniforms feature five new jerseys and pants selections in 1999. Jerseys are available in tricot mesh, porthole mesh, stretch mesh, and a variety of other materials. Game pants offer mesh knee and thigh pad pockets and full duke single play.

In addition to its game wear, Betlin's' football line offers practice jerseys, parka-style jackets and sideline capes in a variety of colors.

Russell Athletic makes available nearly 30 styles of game jerseys and pants in adult and youth lines. Its Youth game pants and jerseys are available in sizes XS-XXL and come in polyester, tricot mesh, heavyweight double-knit nylon, nylon warp knit and Lycra Spandex. Jerseys are full-length body, with 8" sleeves and are available in single and double yoke.

Depending on style, game pants are available with elastic waists, double duke crotch, snaps in the waist and full web belts. Russell also makes available an extensive line of sideline and practice football wear. New for 1999 is Russell's Youth Belt Length Practice Jersey which features 100% polyester porthose mesh body and 6[inches] sleeves. In addition, its practice pants are made of 100% polyester double knit with an elastic waist, lace fly and snap waist with 1[inch] white half web belt.

Russell's Adult stock of off-the-field wear includes hooded sweatshirts, practice shorts, polo and button-down shirts and sanitary shorts.

Don Alleson Athletic provides an extensive line of youth and adult game practice wear and accessories. Its collection of 11 Adult game jerseys and pants options, and practice wear comes in S-XXXL sizes and in a variety of colors.

Riddell's vast array of youth and adult accessories include shoulder, rib, hip and thigh pads, to name a few. Its Power Series line of adult shoulder pads offers "true sizing," meaning the measurements are taken from one top of the humerus straight across the back to the other. Weight has no bearing on the size of a player's shoulder pad. The Power Series includes pads catered for quarterbacks and wide receivers, running backs, safeties and tight ends, linebackers, linemen and fullbacks and an all-purpose flat pad.

Riddell's Hitter and XForce shoulder pads for youth players include features such as closed-cell foam for added protection, removable body for maintenance and cleaning and cantilevered strap attaches to pad body with velcro.

Brace International offers the SAWA Shoulder Orthosis, a major advancement in the design of shoulder girdle support. The snug-fitting, lightweight material allows for comfort with movement and at the same time helps protect the Glenohumeral joint from subluxations and dislocations. Its strap design system allows many options for maximal stability where needed, while providing necessary range of motion.

Coach's Gear

What could be more important for a coach than properly communicating with his staff? That's why using headsets that function properly on game day are one less worry for a coach preparing his team.

Louis Systems provides four styles of wireless communication that allows coaches to interact during a game's most intense moments. The 700 Series provides double- and single-channel communication for offense and defense. Up to five coaches can interact depending on the model which offer a choice of LS single or double headsets, PTT Transmit and three UHF channels of communication.

Digital Scout Football is software developed by coaches for coaches. Digital's scouting software allows coaches to use their own terminology when compiling statistical information, and it is operational with Windows or Macintosh. Digital Scout is also compatible with CoachComm Editing systems and can be used on the Palm handheld computer.

For accessories, Schutt makes a huge assortment of products for nearly every football function. Its line of football wear accessories include shoulder pad collars, sternum plates, helmet pumps and universal jaw pads. For coaches and officials, Schutt makes whistles, mesh equipment bags, and even an electric ball inflator to save valuable time.

Trojan Manufacturing, maker of the Gobi-Dry, ensures footballs stay dry even in the most inclement weather. Every 45 seconds a thoroughly dry ball is delivered to the field. And with a three-ball capacity that means series after series of sure-handed confidence.

Chalk Talk playbook scouting, one of the first coaching programs available, continues to update its program and now offers a playbook scouting program.
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