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1997 Tulip Time Scholarship Games.

This year's Tulip Time Scholarship Games are "shaping up" to be the best festival of fitness and fun that we've ever sponsored! And there are more ways than ever to win valuable scholarships to the many fine colleges and universities participating in the Games.

Scholarship Fitness Events

Kids can compete in footraces (with different age divisions and distances), a predicted time race, and accuracy contests in basketball, tennis, golf, and soccer. There will even be a moms' race and a dads' race for kids' scholarships--so remind parents to start training! Kids can also participate in the President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program. For more information contact:

Golfing With Divot

He may be a clown, but his golfing tips are no joke. If you're a beginning golfer, you'll want to get some helpful hints from our pal Divot. Fore!

Scholarship Spelling Bee

Think you're a pretty good speller? Then you'll want to study the body parts, sports, and foods lists on page 16. Scholarships will be awarded to spelling champs in several age groups.

This year's Tulip Time Scholarship Games promise to be more fun than ever. We'd love to see you there! With so many fun and challenging events, and so many great ways to earn valuable scholarships, you won't want to miss it. The registration form is on page; 17.
The President's Challenge
Poplar's Research Center
400 East 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Or call 1-800-258-8146

e-mail address:
Web site:

RELATED ARTICLE: Hike the Scholarship Tree Trail

Walkers will combine fitness and learning as they walk the Scholarship Tree Trail. Eighteen varieties of trees will be marked along the way, with helpful hints at each tree station. Your job is to correctly identify each tree! Kids ages eight and under should be prepared to identify trees 1 through 9; ages nine through twelve should learn all eighteen.

Scholarship winners will be selected by a drawing of all the correct responses from each age group. Visit your school or local library to develop your tree-identification skills for this "tree-mendous" event.

The trees are:

1 Dogwood 2. Oak 3. Blue Spruce 4. Austrian Pine 5. Catalpa 6. Birch 7. Maple 8. Cherry 9. Hickory 10. Sweet Gum 11. White Pine 12. Norway Spruce 13. Apple 14. Crab Apple 15. Weeping Willow 16. Pear 17. Hawthorn 18. Tulip

RELATED ARTICLE: Mr. Bones' Skeleton Scholarship

Our friend Mr. Bones wants you to have some fun, too. He's left a bone at each of the eighteen trees along the trail. If you're eight years old or under, learn to spell and identify bones 1 through 9. Ages nine through twelve should learn all eighteen. Scholarships will be awarded by a drawing from all the correct responses.

On the right, some of the bones have been identified for you. Do your research, learn to identify the other bones, and come prepared to win a scholarship!

The bones are:

1. Rib 2. Skull 3. Spine 4. Pelvis 5. Femur 6. Ulna 7. Tibia 3. Fibula 9. Patella 10. Humerus 11. Clavicle 12. Sternum 13. Mandible 14. Vertebra 15. Scapula 16. Metacarpal 17. Coccyx 18. Calcaneus

RELATED ARTICLE: Scholarship Spelling Bee Lists

Here are the official word lists that will be used in the Scholarship Spelling Bee. Scholarships will be awarded to winners in various age groups, This year's lists include names of body parts, sports, and foods. Start preparing now by learning the words listed below.

Body Parts Lists

lens cell skin tonsil limb lung ulna thumb molar vein spine throat muscles kidneys retina triceps sternum spleen keratin sacrum femur platelets arteries knuckle incisor intestine tibia epidermis cartilage vertebra chromosomes cornea dendrites melanin capillaries bronchi diaphragm abdomen larynx trachea thyroid glomeruli alveoli oculus mandible tricuspid cerumen esophagus talus glottis jejunum epiglottis mitochondrion coccyx hypothalamus sebum thalamus metacarpals phalanges insula intercilium xiphoid calcaneus peroneus epicondyle diencephalon brachioradialis thyrohyoideum cholangioles platysma gastrochemius acetabulum laryngopharynx sternocleidomastoid genioglossus glossopharyngeum olecranon pterygopalatine coracobrachialis iliopsoas

Sports List

par oar dive golf love foul putt swim polo iron foil luge axel track server match court discus backstroke driver rough soccer tennis helmet wedge surfing vault goalie sprint rugby freestyle butterfly receiver exercise bowling croquet volleyball cricket scull squash fencing advantage birdie javelin hazard aerobic rowing bobsledding karate archery hockey badminton skiing racquet kayak hurdles curling athlete triathlon trampoline gymnastics canoeing lacrosse mountaineering racquetball quiver acrobatic slalom tournament pommels moguls cycling somersault pirouette spelunking spinnaker orienteering equitation salchow equestrian

Food List

kiwi pear okra fruit tofu apple grain melon salsa wheat carrot avocado turnip squash maize vegetable onion yogurt endive zucchini banana ziti casaba taquitos papaya pumpkin spinach poultry tortilla legumes macaroni quiche carambola guacamole persimmon plantain asparagus tangerine kumquat scallion spaghetti salmon cucumber broccoli cheddar blintzes couscous pignolia falafel sturgeon radicchio amaranth gazpacho mostaccioli hummus gnocchi jalapeno pitanga garbanzo prosciutto pistachio ratatouille fajita sapodilla macadamia tautog escarole bruschetta polenta arugula paella guava shiitake teriyaki vinaigrette raspberries pomegranate quesadillas vichyssoise pumpernickel
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