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1996 directory of frozen food equipment manufacturers & industrial suppliers.

Exhaustive efforts have been made to include every major equipment supplier to the frozen food industry in this annual directory. QFFI has attempted to contact those known to be involved in the FF business who did not reply to our questionnaire. Despite this, some of those who did not respond may have been overlooked. We apologize for this and will rectify the situation in our next directory if notified.


A.B.B. ASEA BROWN BOVERI ARGENTINA S. A. Uruguay 4958 esq. Quesada, 1643 Beccar, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel. 54 1 765 4104 Fax: 54 1 737 1567 Telex 2 6065 Arabbf

Refrigeration compressors, R717 chillers, freezing/chilling tunnels. Control and supervision systems, plant automation. Drives, electrical motors, frequency converters. Electrical and electronic systems and apparatus.

ABB INDUSTRIA S.p.A., Freezer Division Viale Edition 50, 20099 Sesto S. Giovanni, Italy (Milano) Tel. 39-2-262321 Fax: 39-2-26232482 Telex: 315084

Tarla Franco

Automatic plate freezers. Manual horizontal and vertical plate freezers.

ABB Refrigeration 12086 Stockholm, Sweden Tel. 46-87144000 Fax: 46-86423460

Sven Wihlborg

Industrial refrigeration plants for food production, storage and distribution. Full ranges of screw and piston compressors and Stal-Samifi plate freezers. Packaged water and brine chillers. Ice production plants. Industrial heat pumps and heat recovery systems. Contracting companies in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and USA.

ABB KALTEANLAGEN GMBH (FORMERLY STAL ASTRA) Humboldstr. 25a 21509 Glinde (Hamburg), Germany Tel. 49-40/727740 Fax: 49-40/72774225 Telex: 217 827

Normann Abbott, Exp. Mgr.

Industrial refrigeration plants.

ABB REFRIGERATION Unit 5, The Grand Union Office Park, Packet Boat Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2GH England Tel. 44-1895 446561 Fax. 44-1895 420781

Northern Branch Office: 3 Devonshire Place, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire, HG1 4AA. England Tel. (44-1423) 530950 Fax: (44-1423) 501353

Industrial refrigeration plants for chill, freeze and cold store operations. Packaged water and brine chillers. Tube ice plants. Complete range of Samifi plate freezers and refrigeration stop, check and regulating valves.

ABB REFRIGERATION INC. KM 16 S. Super Highway, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. 632-823-73-02 Telex: 63776 Sam pn

J. Burkard; Valentin Imperial

Ice plant equipment - ice production. Water/Glycol Chiller - chilling. Cold storage equipment - freezing/chilling. Process refrigeration equipment - industrial cooling.

ABB REFRIGERATION CORP. 3580 Progress Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020 USA Tel. 1-215-638-7330 Fax: 1-215-638-9212

Birger Grinneby, President

Refrigeration compressors. Refrigeration valves. Refrigeration systems. STAL-MINI Screw compressors.

ACO POLYMER PRODUCTS, INC. P.O. Box 245, 12080 Ravenna Road, Chardon, OH 44024 USA Tel. 1-216-285-7000; (800) 543-4764 Fax: 1-216-285-7005

Channel slope drainage systems, floor drains.

APV BAKER LTD. CCS Division Manor Drive, Paton Parkway, Peterborough, PE4 7AP Cambs., England Tel. 44-1733 283189 Telex: 330045; Fax: 44-1733 283005

Mike Marjoram

Microwave tempering equipment for meat and butter.

APV BAKER INC. 3200 Fruit Ridge NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 USA. Tel. 1-616-784-3111 Fax: 1-616-784-0973

Dave Kuipers

Forming extruder systems for cookie dough (16[inches] to 48[inches] wide). Complete systems for depositing preportioned cookie dough on pans or wax paper, or directly onto freezer belts.

APV CANADA INC. 30 Whitmore Road, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada L4L 7Z4. Tel. (416) 850-1852; Fax: 1-416-850-1863

George E. White, President

Also offices at: 6555 Cote de Liesse, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4T 1E6. Tel. 1-514-737-0006; Fax: (514) 737-1310

8075 Enterprise Street, Unit 10, Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5A IV5 Tel: 1-(604) 420-4344 Fax: 1-(604) 420-2419

Pre-packaged refrigeration units. Refrigeration contractors. Engineering and sales of refrigeration systems for the food industry.

APV CREPACO, INC. 9525 W. Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, IL 60018 USA. Tel. 1-708-678-4300; Fax: 1-708-678-4307

Automatic and manual plate freezers and complete processing and refrigeration equipment and systems.

ABCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED P.O. Box 1120, 81 Tannery Road Lunenburg, Nova Scotia BOJ 2CO Canada. Tel. 1-902-634-8821 Fax: 1-902-634-8583 E-Mail:

Alec W. Gingell

Continuous blanchers/cookers/coolers. Wide range of belt/chain/wire mesh conveyors. Ice making machinery (pumpable ice).

ACME CONVEYORS LIMITED Dawley Brook Works, Kingswinford, West Midlands DY67 BB England. Tel. 44-384 273303; Fax: 44-384 273404

J.H. Bate, Director; M. Newby, Sales Mgr. Europe; A. R. Jones, Sales Mgr. U.K.

Vibratory process equipment for handling chips and vegetables, screening, de-watering, sliver removal, grading, spreading, etc. Custom-built vibratory equipment.

ACO POLYMER PRODUCTS, INC. P.O. Box 245, 12080 Ravenna Road, Chardon, OH 44024 USA Tel. 1-216-285-7000 Fax: 1-216-285-7005

Panos Angelopoulos, Mktg. Mgr.

Precast French drain systems. Oil separators.

ADVANCE COOLER MFG. CORP. One Solar Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA Tel. 1-518-371-2140; Fax: 1-518-371-0737

Dave O'Hanlon, President; Reid C. Anthony, Mike O'Hare

Walk-in freezers/coolers. Pre-fab thermal structures. Refrigeration compressor coils systems. Blast freezers. Cold air rooms, doors, spiral freezers.

Advance Energy Technologies, Inc. P.O. Box 387, Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA Tel. 1-518-371-2140: 1-(800)724-0198 Fax: 1-518-371-0737

Reid C. Anthony: Dave O'Hanlon; Mike O'Hare

Foamed in place urethane panels 4[inches]-8[inches]. Walk-in Coolers. Blast freezers.

ADVANCED DETECTION SYSTEMS 4740 W. Electric Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53219 USA. Tel. 1-414-672-0553 Fax: 1-414-672-5354

Chuck Morgan

Metal detectors. Conveyors and reject devices to ensure product parity.

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT INC. 2411 Vauxhall Place, Richmond, B.C. V6V 1Z5 Canada. Tel. 1-604-276-8989 Fax: 1-604-276-8962

Peter Pao

Modular packaged IQF fluidized tunnel freezers for vegetables, fruit and seafoods. IQF spiral freezers for chicken or meat patties, prepared foods and packaged product. Drag-thru blast tunnel freezers for packaged crystal pack poultry and fish products. Variable retention time freezers for packaged box product.

ADVANCED INSULATION CONCEPTS 8055 Production Ave., Florence, KY 41042 USA. Tel. 1-606-342-8550 Fax: 1-606-342-5445

Michael B. Lloyd

Insulating panels and doors.

ADVANCE STORAGE PRODUCTS 125 E. Selandia Lane, Carson, CA 90746-1412 USA. Tel. 1-310-217-0600 Fax: 1-310-532-5896

James Y. Rahm, P.E.

Storage racks, warehousing, etc.

AERO HEAT EXCHANGER, INC. 150-2551 Viking Way, Richmond, B.C., Canada V6V IN4 Tel. 1-604-278-4118 Fax: 1-604-2768-4847

David Auyoung

IQF tunnels for vegetables and seafood. Continuous blast tunnels for poultry, meat and seafood. Air coolers for cold storage and blast freezers. Belt freezers for pancakes, patties and formed products. Spiral freezers for hamburgers, pizza, ready meals, etc. Plate freezers for packed and bulk products.

AEW ENGINEERING CO. LTD. Gresham House, Pinetrees Business Park, Salhouse Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR7 9BB, England. Tel. 44-1603 700755 Fax: 44-1603 700844 E-mail:

Chris Mason (UK) Michael Strauss (USA)

Bandsaws for cutting/portioning meat, fish and poultry. Automatic portion control slicers, saws for meat, fish and poultry. Shaping and forming machines and systems for meat, fish and poultry. Fish block cutting machines and systems.

A.E.W. NORTH AMERICA LTD. 640 S. Wheeling Road, Wheeling, IL 60090 USA Tel. 1-847-459-3355 Fax: 1-847-459-3854

Michael Strauss

Bandsaws for cutting/portioning meat, fish and poultry. Automatic portion control slicers and saws for meat, fish and poultry. Shaping and forming machines and systems for meat, fish and poultry. Fish block cutting machines and systems for meat, fish and poultry.

AFAK HOLLAND B.V. Steenbakkerstraat 10B, 2222 AT Katwijk aan Zee, Holland Tel. 31-7140 24066 Fax: 31-1718 34051

Fish weighing and grading equipment, transport systems, sorting machines, fish pumps and packing machines.

AFROX LIMITED 23 Smits St., Germiston, South Africa Tel. 27-11-820-5825 Telex: 7-44227 Fax: 27-11-820-5794

D. Berry

Liquid nitrogen food freezing tunnels and batch units.

AIR LIQUIDE CRCD - BP 126 Les Loges En Josas, 78350 Jouy En Josas, France. Tel. 33 1 30676419 Fax: 33 1 30676115

Sylvie Fraysse

Nitrogen and CO2 freezing tunnels Zip-Freeze one belt and three belts. Cooling and freezing cabinets with micro processors. Deep freezing equipment for liquids. Can pressurization systems. Snow producers. Combined freezers (cryogenic and mechanical).

AIR LIQUIDE AMERICA CORPORATION 5230 South East Avenue, Countryside, IL 60525 USA Tel. 1-708-482-8400 Fax: 1-708-579 7858

Lisa Verhalen

Liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide freezing and chilling equipment; modified atmosphere packaging gasses.

AIR LIQUIDE AUSTRALIA LIMITED Royal Domain Centre, 380 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004, Victoria, Australia. Tel. 61-3-9697-9888 Fax: 61-3-9690 7107

Liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide for food freezing, chilling and temperature control. Cryogenic tunnels for food freezing and chilling. Tumble freezers - free flowing frozen particles. Batch freezers - food freezing and chilling. Cook-chill - food preparation and distribution systems.

AIR PRODUCTS CANADA LTD. 2090 Steeles Ave. E. Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6T1A7 Tel. 1-905-791-2530 Fax: 1-905-791-6808

Roger Lecuyer

Cryogenic food freezing, liquid nitrogen. MAP/CAP food packaging systems.

AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS, INC. Food Industry Products Department, 7201 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA 18195 USA Tel. 1-610-481-8481 Telex: 847416 Fax: 1-610-481-7410

Richard Reider

Freezing and chilling systems including tunnel, immersion, rotary and liquid freezers. Cold blasting fresh air freezing systems. Solid Belt Freezer. Modified/controlled atmosphere packaging.

AIR PRODUCTS NEDERLAND B.V P.O. Box 56, 2740 AB Waddinxveen, Netherlands Tel. 31-182-621421 Fax: 31-182-616072

Food and Cryogenics dept. Freezing equipment. Cooling equipment. Industrial gases. Cryogenic equipment. (Branch offices also in Dusseldorf, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Surrey, United Kingdom; and Paris, France.)

AIR PRODUCTS PLC European Technology Group, Crockford Lane, Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom RG24 OFE Tel. 44-256-706113 Fax: 44-256-706133 Telex: 917243

Janice Stott

Cryogenic freezing tunnels. Cryogenic food freezing. Pressurizing and inerting cans, bottles. Packaging. Cryogenic applications. Air cycle refrigeration.

AIR PRODUCTS S.A.N.V. Ch. de Wavre, 1789, Waversestwg, B-1160, Brussels, Belgium Tel. 32-2 674 94 11 Fax: 32-2 674 9499

Ann Callens

Cryogenic freezing and cooling equipment. Gases for packaging inerting cans.

AIR PRODUCTS S.A. 78 Rue Championnet 75881 Paris Cedex 18, France Tel. 331-44 92 5117 Fax: 331-44 92 5121

Cryogenic food freezing tunnels. Pressurizing and inerting cans, bottles. Packaging.

AIR PRODUCTS GmbH Huttenstrasse 50, 45523 Hattingen, Germany Tel. 45-2324 6890 Fax: 45-2324 689100

Cryogenic freezing tunnels. Cryogenic food freezing. Pressurizing and inerting cans, bottles. Packaging.

AIRCO GASES 575 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, NJ 07974 USA Tel. 1-908-771-1303/1769 Telex: 219 442

Martha Eckert

Cryogenic gases (liquid carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen) for the food industry, and related equipment. Freezing equipment: immersion, spiral, tumbler and tunnel freezers; chilling equipment, bottom injection, Fri-Pak and snow horns; and non-cryogenic gas generators (PSA and membrane)

AIRLINE CONTAINER LEASING, INC. 31 Plainfield Ave., Elmont, NY 11003 USA Tel. 1-516-488-8080 Fax: 1-516-326-9696

Jon A. Garlock

Insulated and refrigerated air cargo containers for shipping perishable products.

AKERLUND & PAUSING GROUP AB Akerlund & Rausing P.O. Box 22, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden. Tel. 46 46 18 30 00 Fax: 46 46 211 36 00 Telex: 32350 package s Per-Stefan Gersbro

Flexible packaging, folding carton and packaging machinery.

AL-ZAMIL REFRIGERATION P.O. Box 294, Dhahran Airport 31932, Saudi Arabia Tel. 966-3-857-4444 Fax: 966-3-857-7208

Khalid Abdulla-Al-Zamil, Gen. Mgr.

Refrigeration equipment.

ALBANY INTERNATIONAL Nomafa Division, 975A Old Norcross Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30245-4321 USA Tel. 1-770-338-5000; 1-(800) 252-2691 Fax: 1-770-338-5024

Contact: William T. Pries

Fast opening roll doors for industrial storage facilities.

ALBRECHT MACHINERY Box 4750, Cape Town, South Africa Tel. 27-21-214450 Fax: 27-21-253162

Processing and freezing equipment.

ALFA-LAVAL FOOD ENGINEERING Box 634, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden Tel. 46 46 10 50 00 Fax: 46 46 13 78 86

Continuous processing lines and equipment for processing liquid and prepared foods.

ALITEC AG Sonnmattrain 13, CH 6043 Adligenswil, Lucerne, Switzerland Tel. 41-41-370 3583 Fax: 41-41-370 5559

Werner Vetsch

Potato processing equipment. Complete sweet corn installations. Fruit, vegetable and convenience food processing equipment. Turnkey small scale food processing installations.

ALKAR 932 Development Drive, Lodi, WI 53555 USA Tel. 1-608-592-3211 Fax: 1-608-592-4039

Tim Moskal, Nat'l Sales Mgr.

Food processing equipment for cooking and chilling of products for the meat, poultry and seafood industries.

ALLIED AUTOMATION, INC. 14105 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75244 USA Tel. 1-214-980-6700; 1-800-875-5528 Fax: 1-214-233-3529

Michael Sherman

Shrink packaging systems for frozen pizzas, meat, seafood; bag packaging systems for shrimp, meatballs, etc. Bag packaging machinery for shrimp, ice cream cups, beef-jerky, popsicles, tortillas.

ALUMA SHIELD INDUSTRIES, INC. 405 Fentress Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA Tel. 1-904-255-5391 Fax: 1-904-257-2523

Allen Rockafellow, VP Sales

Insulated metal panels and doors.

AMANA REFRIGERATION, INC. Industrial Microwave, 2800 220th Trail, P.O. Box 8901, Amana, IA 52204-0001 USA Tel. 1-319-622-5850 Fax: 1-319-622-8247

Paul Stevens

Industrial microwave equipment. Microwave tempering equipment. Microwave cooking equipment.

AMERICAN LIFTS 601 W. McKee Street, Greensburg, IN 47240-0524 USA Tel. 1-812-663-4085 Fax: 1-812-663-4173

Scissors lifts for palletizing.

AMERICAN RAPID FREEZER CO. 4773 Sonoma Hwy. #103, Santa Rosa, CA USA Tel. 1-707-537-0113 Fax: 1-707-537-0115

Bill Shelton, Paul Wade

Liquid immersion equipment for freezing lobster, shellfish, finfish. Capacity from 165 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. per hour.

ARCO LTD. P.O. Box 21, Waverley Street Hull, North Humberside, HU1 2SJ UK Tel. 44-1482-222522 Fax: 44-1482-218536 Telex: 592110

Neville Kelly

Insulated clothing.

ARCTIC STAR OF TEXAS 3540 West Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76013 USA Tel. 1-817-274-1396; 1-(800) 229-6562 Fax: 1-817-2774828

Jim Dunnagan, Paul Chancelor

Spot display freezer cases.

ARDCO, INC. 12400 S. Laramie Ave., Chicago, IL 60658-3290 USA Tel. 1-708-388-4300 Fax: 1-708-388-0952

Mike Barton, V.P. International

Glass display doors. Freezer doors and cooler doors for walk-ins and reach-in cabinets. Shelving and accessories.

ARGON, S.A., PRAXAIR GROUP Orense, 11 5, 28020, Madrid, Spain Tel. 34-91-556-1100 Fax: 34-91-555-1218

J.R. Calvo

Food freezing equipment. Liquid nitrogen. Freezing and refrigeration cabinets. Freezing and chilling tunnels.

ASHWORTH BROS., INC. P.O. Box 2780, Winchester, VA 22601 USA Tel. 1-540-662-3494 Fax: 1-540-662-3150

Metal belts for freezing and blanching. Plastic belts for vegetable washers and fish handling. Plastic and metal hybrid belts for conveying.

ATKINS TECHNICAL INC. 3401 SW 40th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32608 USA Tel. 1-904-378-5555 Fax: 1-904-335-6736

Digital thermometers and probes, recording thermometers.

AUSTRIA HAUSTECHNIK AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT P.O. Box 42, A-8786 Roteenmann, Austria Tel. 43-3614-2451-0 Telex: 38-156a aht Fax: 43-3614-2451 8

Karl Heinz Jaeckle

Chiller and freezer cabinets.

AUTOMATED PACKAGING SYSTEMS, INC. 10175 Philipp Parkway, Streetsboro, OH 44241 USA Tel. 1-800-331-4414 Fax: 1-216-342-2400

Orbie Hanks

Food grade bagging equipment.

BFM MACHINERY CORP. P.O. Box 117, Fail River, WI 53932 USA Tel. 1-414-484-3341 Fax: 1-414-484-3077

Rick Gunderson, Russ Quandt

Air cleaners (pneumatic conveying). Dewatering shakers, shaker dryers (water removal equipment). Cookers, blanchers and coolers.

BWI FORDS HOLMATIC Ronald Close Woburn Road Ind. Estate, Kempston, Beds MK 42 75H UK Tel: 44-1234-852365 Fax: 44-1238-853040

N.J. Dormer

Horizontal bag and wrapping machines. Collating equipment for pre-grouping sachets or cartons prior to case and tray packing. Case and tray packing/shrink-wrapping, stretch wrapping. Palletizing cartoning. Cup dispensing, filling and sealing systems.

BMIL International 61 Broadway, Suite 1900 New York, NY 10006 USA Tel. 1-212-898-9699 Fax: 1-212-514-9234

Joseph Gervase

Pre-fabricated insulated panels; walk-in cooler/freezer and refrigerated buildings. Cold storage doors: Insulated cooler/freezer doors. Refrigeration equipment: Packaged air/water cooled unit coolers. Supply turn-key commercial/industrial refrigeration equipment.

BAADER ANALAGENBAU GMBH Wittlingstrasse 16 Postfach 290152, 275 31 Bremerhaven 29, Germany Tel. 49-471/97370 Fax: 49-471/9737111

Conveyors, frying, cooking and processing equipment for the fish and meat industries.

BALLY ENGINEERED STRUCTURES P.O. Box 98, 20 N. Front St., Balley, PA 19503 USA Tel. 1-610-845-2311 Fax: 1-610-845-6110

Thomas Pietrocini, Pres.; James Kemmerling, Exec. V.P. Sales/Mfg.; Peter J. Koch, Sales Mgr.

Walk-ins and refrigerated warehouses. Walk-in freezers. Refrigeration equipment.

BALTIMORE AIRCOIL COMPANY P.O. Box 7322, Baltimore, MD 21227 USA Tel. 1-410-799-6200 Fax: 1-410-799-6416

Jeff Nank, Refrigeration Sales Mgr.

Evaporative condensers, cooling towers, closed circuit evaporative coolers, heat exchangers, thermal storage units.

BALTIMORE AIRCOIL INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Industriepark 2220, Heist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium Tel. 32-15-24 47 70 Fax: 32-15-24 47 79

MANUFACTURING FACILITY IN UK: BALTIMORE AIRCOIL LTD. Princewood Road, Corby, Northants NN17 2AP England Tel. 44-536-200312 Fax: 44-536-65793

MANUFACTURING FACILITY IN ITALY: BALTIMORE AIRCOIL ITALY 23030 Chiuro (Sondrio), Italy Tel. 39-342/482882 Fax: 39-342/483022

Cooling Towers - HVAC refrigeration and process cooling. Evaporative condenser-refrigerant cooling. Fluid coolers - closed circuit cooling. Thermal storage units - refrigeration process HVAC cooling with ice.

BANGOR REFRIGERATION CORP. 3620 W. McGill St., South Bend, IN USA 46628 Tel. 1-219-233-3002 Fax: 1-219-233-3004

Garry Bauer, Sales Mgr.

Glass door frozen food merchandisers, display cases and walk-in coolers and freezers. Customized doors and frames for replacements on walk in coolers/freezers. Refrigeration systems.

GEORGE BARKER AND COMPANY (LEEDS) LIMITED Bradford BD10 8RF, England Tel. 44-1274 611141 Fax: 44-1274 615916

J.R. Pryce-Jones

Refrigerated display cabinets and associated equipment.

Barpro/Storax Sherwood Road, Bromsgrove B60 3DU, Worcestershire, England Tel. 44-1527 576161 Fax: 44-1527 576100

Peter J. Spears, Ken Jones

Mobile storage systems. High density storage.

BARRON ENGINEERING SUPPLIES 1536 P.M. Guazon St., Paco, Manila 1007, Philippines Tel. (632) 596-484; (632) 596-101 Fax: (632) 595-071

Import and distribute industrial refrigeration machinery and equipment.

BARTHOLOMEW CORP. 2324 Canal St., Houston, TX 77003 USA Tel. 1-713-223-9163 Fax: 1-713-223-2373

J.M. Bartholomew

Multi-compressor parallel refrigeration systems for cold storage and/or freezer warehouses, blast freezers and process applications operating on environmentally safe HFC or ammonia refrigerants; cold storage and/or freezer building and blast freezers.

BATLA AND COMPANY 7839 Portal Drive, Houston, TX 77071 USA Tel. 1-713-776-3529 Fax: 1-713-776-9311

Sandra Batla

Processing and freezing equipment. Refrigeration sales, service, installation.

BEEHIVE MACHINERY, INC. 9100 South 500 West, P.O. Box 5002, Sandy, UT 84070 USA Tel. 1-801-561-4211 Telex: 389408

James M. Varney

Deboners, separators, bonecutters, grinders, extruders, chiller, mixers.

BEHNKE LUBRICANTS INC. N57 W13400 Carmen Avenue, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA Tel. 1-414-781-8850 Fax: 1-414-781-3906

Carter Anderson

Lubricants USDA (H-1) food grade for freezer applications. Special low temperature synthetic grease and oil for chains and bearings, gear boxes to 90F.

BENEDICTO STEEL CORPORATION P.O. Box 2597, Manila, Philippines Tel. 2419785; 2419777; 8955501, 8995756 Telex: 27450 BSC PH: Fax: (632) 2419791; 8970592

Wilma Dy, Sixto Benedicto

Stainless steel kitchen and refrigeration equipment.

BERG CHILLING SYSTEMS INC. 51 Nantucket Blvd., Scarborough, Ontario M1P2N6 Canada Tel. 1-416-755-2221 Fax: 1-416-755-3874

Donald J. Berggren, Gen. Mgr.; W. A. (Al) Hinton, Sales/Mktg. Mgr., Ice Marine Div.

Industrial ice machines (from 3 tons to 50 tons/24 hrs.) for product storage and transportation. Complete range of freezing systems. Refrigeration equipment for cold storage, etc. Process cooling systems for equipment and products. Freeze drying systems for the food industry.

BERNDORF BELT SYSTEMS, INC. 12005 Panorama Drive, Ste. 105, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 USA Tel. 1-602-837-5828 Fax: 1-602-837-5826

Maurice Farissier

Contact steel belt freezers.

Bertram & Graf GmbH Bahnhofstrasse 7, D-23689, Pansdorf, Germany Tel. 49-4504-231 Fax: 49-4504-5700

Bandsaw blades for frozen fish and meat, fish- blocks and other frozen material.

BEST INSPECTION LIMITED Little Forge Road, Park Farm North, Redditch B98 7SF Worcs, England Tel. 441-527-517283 Fax: 441-527-517284

A.P.V. Roberts, Man. Dir.

Check weighing and weight grading systems.

BETTCHER INDUSTRIES, INC. P.O. Box 336, Vermilion, OH 44089 USA Tel. (216) 965-4422 Fax: (216) 965-4900

Lloyd Garner, V.P. Sales & Service

Meat trimmers. Cut-resistant gloves and arm guards. Airshirz, Whizard power knife.

BEUMER CORPORATION 70 Pearl St., No. Plainfield, NJ 07060 USA, Tel. 1-908-757-8007 Fax: 1-908-757-8142

Dr. Henning von der Wroge

Sorting and distribution systems for refrigerated warehouses and frozen food distribution centers.

BERNHARD BEUMER MASCHINEN-FABRIK KG Oelder Strasse 40, D-59269 Beckum, Germany Tel. 49 (2521) 240 Fax: 49 (2521) 24280

Peter Beumer

Sorting and distribution systems for refrigerated warehouses and frozen food distribution centers.

Bilwinco Danmarksvej 37, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Tel. 45 86510666 Fax: 45 86510611

Per Ronneholt

Weighing and packing systems.

BINTA INC. 7777 Exchange Street, Valley View, OH USA 44125 Tel. 1-216-524-2236 Fax: 1-216-524-2257

Jorgen Rasmussen

Combinational weighing systems and linear weighers.

BIOLIMATIK GmbH Monschauer Str. 7, 40549 Dusseldorf, Germany Tel. 49-211/5625917 Fax: 49-211/5625918

Mr. Hoffmann

Air sterilizers for cold and processing rooms. Air-purifiers and sterilizers for the foodstuffs industries.

BIRO MANUFACTURING COMPANY 11 14 West Main Street, Marblehead, OH 43440-2099 USA Tel. 1-419-798-4451 Fax: 1-419-798-9106

Robert S. Biro

Meat and portion control cutting machines.

BLENTECH CORPORATION P.O. Box 3109, Rohnert Park, CA 94927 USA Tel. 1-707-523-5949 Fax: 1-707-523-5939

Darrell Horn

Blending cookers. Continuous thermo screw cookers. Mechanical woks. C[O.sup.2] chilling vacuum tumblers.

BLUE GIANT USA CORP. One Industrial Park Drive, Pell City, AL 35125 USA Tel. 1-205-884-1500 Fax: 1-205-884-1504

K.K. Larsen

Materials handling equipment; dock levelers, manual and electric pallet trucks.

BLUE STAR LTD. Bhandari House, 91 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 India Tel. 91-11-6432547 Fax: 91-11-6424325 Telex: 031 66063

N. Sivasankaran, VP Mktg./Sales

Refrigeration plants. Freezing equipment. Cold rooms and sandwich panels for cold rooms. Refrigerator cabinets.

BLUEMAY LIMITED P.O. Box 1, Devizes, England SN10 1AA Tel. 44-1380-729729 Fax: 44-1380-729927

Simon Mallett, Sales

Nylon bolts, nuts, washers and threaded rods for coldstore construction.

BLUEPRINT AUTOMATION B.V. Rosmolenlaan 3, P.O. Box 347 3440 AH, Woerden, The Netherlands Tel. 31-348-410999 Fax: 31-348-421193

B. Prakken, Chairman/CEO; P.R. van der Meulen, Managing Director

Automatic case-packing systems for flexible bags, including automatic seal checking and case handling.

BLUEPRINT AUTOMATION INC. 5723 S. Laburnum Ave., Richmond, VA 23231 USA Tel. 1-804-226-1100 Fax: 1-804-226-2911

Martin Prakken, President; James Cannavino, VP Sales/Mktng.

Automatic case-packing systems for flexible bags, including automatic seal checking and case handling.

BOC GASES 575 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, NJ 07974 USA Tel. (908) 771-1303; 1-(800) 742-4726 Fax: (908) 771-1375

Bill Baker

Freezing and chilling equipment and cryogenic (nitrogen or carbondioxide) gases.

BOC LTD. 24 Deer Park Road, London, SW19 3UF, England Tel. 441-81-543-3911 Fax: 441-81-540-6557 Telex: 263490

R. Leeson; R. Tomlins

Liquid nitrogen freezers and chillers. Liquid nitrogen in-transit refrigeration. Cryoflow (frozen liquid droplet freezers).

BOHN REFRIGERATION PRODUCTS 1625 East Voorhees Street, Danville, IL 61832-0791 USA Tel. 1-217-446-3710 Fax: 1-217-446-2484

Joseph P. Jones, Mgr. Product Mktg.

Evaporators for DX systems in coolers or freezers (air, elec., & H.G.) Condensers for remote outdoor, air cooled applications; fluid coolers (water or glycol); complete refrigeration systems - air, electric or hot gas defrost.

BOLL & NORDEKE KOLDSKYDD AB Stadsskrivareg 3 S-41502, Gothenburg, Sweden Tel. 46-31 84 00 30 Fax: 46-31 843004

Ralf Nordeke

Insulated clothing.

BONAR AUTOMATION LTD. Unit 3 Cheney Manor Trading Estate, Swindon, Wiltshire, England SN2 2PT Tel. 44-1793 529266 Fax: 44-1793 644197

A. Hazlehurst

Automatic fish finger packing machine. Printed carton erectors, closers. Robotic product handling systems. Complete packing systems.

BONAR PLASTICS 125 N. Christopher Court, P.O. Box 1080, Newnan, GA USA 30264 Tel. 1-800-255-3043 Fax: 1-410-247-3248

Insulated containers for shipping and storing frozen foods. Insulated bag in a box, 225 gallon for liquids. Hoppers. Other material handling containers.

BORDPAK PREMIER PACKAGING 5 Dockyard Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria Tel. 234-1-803980 Fax: 234-1-873149 Telex: 21233 Unasup-N L. E. Jemerigbe, Mktg. Mgr.

Corrugated cases. Folding cartons. Flexible packaging. Kliklok systems.

ROBERT BOSCH PACKAGING MACHINERY LTD. 41 Invincible Road, Farnborough GU14 7QU, Hampshire, England Tel. 44-1252 532300 Fax: 44-1252 532399

David Campbell, Ged Elton

Packaging machinery.

BOXFOLDIA LTD. Merse Road, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 9HB England Tel. 44-1527 68787 Fax: 44-1527 68810

N. Whipp, Sales Director

Clampak cartons for fast food. Carton board chip scoops. Ovenable cartons. Packaging consultancy.

BRANDSTEDT CONTROLS CORP. 8990 NW 105 Way, Medley, FL 33178 USA Tel. 1-305-885-0099 Fax: 1-305-885-1499

Thomas Myers, Jr.

High visibility temperature alarms, monitors and recorders.

BRIDGE MACHINE CO., INC. Kennedy St., P.O. Box 45, Palmyra, NJ 08065 USA Tel. 1-609-829-1800 Fax: 1-609-786-8147

Terry A. Bridge

Patty and meatball formers. Tenderizers. Lifters. Cutlet flatteners.

BRITE AUTOMOTIVE & PLASTICS 35-C, Pt. M. M. Malviya Road, Bombay - 400 034, Maharashtra, India Tel. 91-4945342 Fax: 91-4950596 Telex: 011-75066 BBL IN

Injection molded plastic racks used for in-house handling and transportation.

BRITE BELT INTERNATIONAL, INC. 4605-A Holly Street, Denver, CO 80216-6407 USA Tel. 1-303-321-8468 Fax: 1-303-321-1951

Lee Morrow

Conveyor cleaning and conditioning systems - sanitation.

BROWN MACHINE P.O. Box 434, Beaverton, MI 48612 USA Tel. 1-517-435-7741 Telex: 227488 Fax: 1-517-435-2821

J. Glenn, VP Mktg./Sales

Machinery for plastic (rigid and foam) tray forming and semi-rigid containers.

BRUTE FABRICATORS, INC. P.O. Box 200758, San Antonio, TX USA 78220-0758 Tel. 1-(800) 777-2788; 1-210-648-2370 Fax: 1-210-648-5811

Fred Siebrecht

Structural steel pallet racks; drive-in and drive-thru, select racks, cantilever racks, rack-supported warehouses.

BRUTE RACK (Div. of Brute Fabricators, Inc.) 6385 Highway 87 East, San Antonio, TX 78222 USA Tel. 1-(800) 777-2788 Fax: 1-51-648-5811

Fred J. Siebrecht, Jr., President

Structural steel warehouse storage systems.

BUCKHORN 55 W. Technecenter Dr., Milford, OH 45150 USA Tel. 1-513-831-4402 Fax: 1-513-831-5474 Telex: 241343

Customer Service

Reusable plastic containers for over-the-road shipment and in-process storage of food products. Approved by USDA and FDA.

BULLDOG BATTERY CORPORATION 387 South Wabash St., Wabash, IN 46992 USA Tel. 1-219-443-3492 Fax: 1-219-563-8245

Bruce Richman

Power batteries for electric lift trucks; pallet jacks.

BURTON SAW INTERNATIONAL LTD. 69-73 Camb erwell Station Road, London SE5 9JZ, England Tel. 44-171-737-3577 Telex: 8953318 Nitron Fax: 44-171-733-2368

Betty Franzkowiak

Band saw blades and portion saws for cutting frozen or fresh fish, meat, poultry and vegetables.

BUTCHER BOY CORPORATION 1500 N. Bolton St., Jacksonville, TX 75766 USA Tel. 1-903-589-0929; 1-(800) 964-0209 Fax: 1-903-589-0338

Jerry Hopkins, Gordon Cummings

Cold storage doors. Available with galvanized, white stucco embossed galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum or molded fiberglass.

BYRON ENTERPRISES INC. 7275 Batavia-Byron Road, Byron, NY 14422 USA Tel. 1-716-548-2665 Fax: 1-716-548-2599

Gary Stich; Andy Talbott

Self-propelled sweet corn and green bean harvesting equipment. Pull type hydraulic dump boxes. Detachable and self propelled pea combines, field cutters.

Cabinplant International A/S Roesbjergvej 9, 5683 Haarby, Denmark Tel. 45-64 73 20 20 Telex: 50 595 cabin dk Fax: 45-64 73 12 53 E-mail:

Vagn Drud Hansen, Hans Clausen

Food processing, canning and packing equipment, know-how.

CAMBRIDGE, INC. Box 399 Cambridge, MD 21613 USA Tel. 1-410-228-3000 Fax: 1-410-228-6752

Belts for spiral systems (freezer, coolers, proofers). Straight line freezer belts. Metal mesh, flat wire, chain driven, rod-type belts for processing and conveying.

CANNON EQUIPMENT COMPANY 324 W. Washington, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 USA Tel. 1-507-263-4231 Fax: 1-507-263-4010

Scott Rosa, Exec. VP

Material handling equipment and systems for the storage and distribution of packaged goods, including casers, stackers, robotic pattern formers, palletizers, conveyors; mobile carts for parts storage and handling, order picking, physical distribution, and retail merchandising applications.

CARAVELL GROUP Hjarbaekvej 65, DK-8831 Logstrup, Denmark Tel. 45 86 64 22 22 Telex: 60660 Elfax dk Fax: 45 86 64 2922

Chest freezers; commercial refrigeration equipment.

CARBONIC INDUSTRIES CORP. 3700 Crestwood Parkway, Suite 200, Duluth, GA 30136-5583 USA Tel. 1-770-717-2200 Fax: 1-770-717-2222

Michael A. Dirth

Dry ice pellet machines; cryogenic IQF freezing equipment; dry ice cleaning systems; PH control systems using carbon dioxide; carbon dioxide storage receivers; applications equipment.

CARDINAL/DETECTO SCALE MFG. CO. P.O. Box 151, 203 E. Daugherty, Webb City, MO 64870 USA Tel. 1-417-673-4631; 1-(800) 441-4237 Fax: 1-417-673-5001

Steve Cole

All types of scales for truck weighing, packaging, mixing, check weighing.

CARDOX CORP. 2121 N. California Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596 USA Tel. 1-415-977-6500

David R. Scheeff

Cryogenic tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, snow hoods, rotary pelletizers, freezer cabinets, liquid blender-freezers.

Carlyle Compressor Co. Box 4803, Syracuse, NY 13221 USA Tel. 1-315-432-6237 Fax: 1-315-432-3274

Richard D. D'Aversa, Director of Outside Sales

Compressors - semi-hermetic, hermetic, open-drive; reciprocating, screw, scroll, rotary.

Carnitech A/S Industrimarken, 2, Soerup, DK-9530 Stovring, Denmark Tel. 45-98373577 Telex: 69817 carnit dk Fax: 45-98373790

Thorkild Christensen, Man. Dir.

Complete turn-key factories. Shrimp thawing equipment, washers, cookers (steam and water), peelers, separators. Scallop washers, graders, separators and cleaning drums. Whitefish washers, graders and various conveyors and bins. IQF tunnels, glazers (belt and vibration) and weighing and packing lines.

CARRIER VIBRATING EQUIPMENT Box 37070, Louisville, KY 40233 USA Tel. 1-502-969-3171 Fax: 1-502-969-3172

Brian M. Trudel, V.P./Sales & Mktg.

Processing and packaging equipment. Bulk handling systems. Custom processing, fabrication.

CARRUTHERS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1815 NW Warrenton Drive, Warrenton, OR 97146 USA Tel. 1-503-861-2273 Fax: 1-503-861-0352

Mike Maki

Slicing/dicing equipment. Slices, cubes, strips many different sizes. Shredder/Puller for cooked meat and poultry. Equipment to fill dry food products volumentrically.

CARTER REFRIGERATION DISPLAY Redhill Rd., Birmingham, UK B25 8EY Tel. 441-21-772-4300 Telex: 339219 Carter G

R. Orbell; L. Trebinski

Refrigerated display cases. Cold rooms, freezers and chillers.

CASCADES DJUPAFORS AB Box 501, 372 25 Ronneby, Sweden Tel. 46 457 12900 Fax: 46 457 124 12

Leif Dahl, Ann-Marie Svensson, Bodil Ingvarsson

Paper board for conversion into consumer packs for frozen products.

CERADINI DESIGN, INC. 1123 Broadway, Suite 307, New York, NY 10010 USA Tel. 1-212-255-7277 Fax: 1-212-255-3705

Katie Gallagher

Brand identity and package design.

CHALLENGE-RMF INTERNATIONAL 4417 East 119th Street, Grandview, MO 64030 USA Tel. 1-816-765-4101 Fax: 1-816-765-0067

Vacuum meat massagers. Frozen patty stackers. Modified atmosphere vacuum packaging machines. Vacuum and non-vacuum mixers/blenders.

CHALLENGE-RMF INTERNATIONAL Markt 9, B-3080 Tervuren, Belgium Tel.: 32 2 767 0676 Fax: 32 2 767 4728

Anthony Skevington, Pres.; Bruce Scott, Managing Dir.

(See above for product line)

CHALLENGE-RMF, INC. 17870 Castleton St., Suite 255, Industry, CA 91748 USA Tel. 1-818-965-8553 Fax: 1-818-965-7181

Bruce M. Gould

Vacuum meat massagers.

CHARLOTTETOWN METAL PRODUCTS P.O. Box 323, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada Tel. 1-902-566-3044; 1-(800) 461-6877 Fax: 1-902-566-1856

Wendell MacDonald

Design, engineering, manufacture of processing equipment for fish, vegetables, french fries, snack foods, liquid handling. Complete line of vibratory conveyors for distribution, grading, glazing, dewatering.

CHECKER ENGINEERING 2701 Nevada Ave. N, New Hope, MN 55427 USA Tel. 1-612-544-5000 Fax: 1-612-544-1272

Ross Hoium

Spiral steam ovens, freezers, conveyors.

CHEMDYES CORPORATION 151 Mt. Pinatubo Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. 632-531-6135; 531-6143; 531-5417 Fax: 632-531-4207 Telex: 65941

Rinse pumps. Chemicals.

CHEP USA One Maynard Drive, Park Ridge, NJ 07656-1877 USA Tel. 1-201-391-8181 Fax: 1-201-391-3304

Gary Garkowski, VP Mktg.

Pallet rental service (national).

CHERRY-BURRELL Box 35600, Louisville, KY 40232 USA Tel. 1-502-491-4310 Fax: 1-502-499-3212

Darryl Wernimont, V.P. Sales Mktg.

Processing vessels (kettles, mixers, vats, horizontal blenders). Heat exchangers (scrape, plate, tubular, corrugated). Tanks.

THE CHINET COMPANY 242 College Avenue, Waterville, ME 04903-1016 USA Tel. 1-207-877-6325 Fax: 1-207-877-6254

R. J. Howard

Oval ovenable packaging.

JAMES E. CHOATE & ASSOCIATES 6865 Minnms Dr., Atlanta, GA 30340 USA Tel. 1-770 448-8473 Fax: 1-770 448-3061

Jim Choate, Herb Woolley

Frostgard freezer underfloor heat systems to prevent floor heaving.

CIMCO REFRIGERATION 65 Villiers St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 3S1 Canada Tel. 1-416-465-7581 Fax: 1-416-465-8815

S. McLeod, President

Engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial refrigeration and process systems for the food, beverage, cold storage industries.

CLARK DOOR LIMITED Willowholme, Carlisle, Cambria, CA25RR, England Tel. 44-1228-22321 Fax: 44-1228-401854

Paul Ashley, Managing Director

Insulated doors in stainless steel and white food-safe PVC finish. Fire-rated and special designs available, including high speed energy saving doors with microprocessor control.

J.L. CLARK - A DIVISION OF DORBYL P.O. Box 57115, Springfield 2137 South Africa. Tel. 27-11-493-4130 Fax: 27-11-493-2401 Telex: 4-86506 JLCE SA

D. Dundas, Mgr. JHB Branch

Refrigeration and air conditioning.

CLIMAX INSULATED BAG COMPANY 1401 Summit Ave. #1, Plano, TX 75074 USA Tel. 1-214-881-8860; (800) 854-5063 Fax: 1-214-424-0293

Christine Prather, President

Insulated sample bags for transporting frozen, refrigerated and hot food. Insulated pallet covers for shipping frozen foods. Insulated thermal curtains Gel Pax ice cream bags.

CLOUDY & BRITTON, INC. 6202 214th S.W., Mountlake, Terrace, WA 98043 USA Tel. 1-206-775-7424 Fax: 1-206-775-1715

Ed Cloudy, Craig Murray, Craig Richards

Ultra IQF air suspension IQF freezers. Ultra spirals. Ultra linear continuous tray type package freezers. Custom skid mounted systems for air or liquid cooling. Custom refrigerated conveyors.

COAT & FRY INTERNATIONAL LTD. 213 Shobnall Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 2HW, UK Tel.: 44-1283 517037 Fax: 44-1283 510960

M.A. Oakton

Continuous fryers, cooking oil filters. Batter and breadcrumb coating equipment.

COLCO B.V. Nijverheidsweg 7, 3471 GZ Kamerik, Netherlands Tel. 31-348-402244 Fax: 31-348-401555

Potato processing lines for french fries, crisps, flakes, starch. Vegetable, mushroom and snack processing lines, including breading and battering. Vegetable coolers.

COLDELITE CORP. OF AMERICA P.O. Box 4069, Winston Salem, NC 27115-4069 USA Tel. 1-910-661-9893; 1-(800) 648-4380 Fax: 1-910-661-9895

Gary Horne, Nat'l Sales Mgr.

Soft serve ice cream dispensers. Frozen drink and milk shake machines. Batch freezer. Whip cream equipment.

COLDMATIC BUILDING SYSTEMS 8500 Keele Street, Concord, Ontario L4K 2A6 Canada Tel. 1-416-738-1212 Fax: 1-416-238-5169

Ian Cookson, Gen. Mgr.

Insulated cold storage panels/refrigerated buildings. Sanitary and processing areas, walls and ceilings. Special purpose and cold storage doors. Sliding power and manual operation.

COLDSTREAM PRODUCTS CORP. 1001 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 4M2 Canada Tel. 1-204-669-1201 Fax: 1-204-222-0655

Walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, cold rooms, refrigerated buildings, insulated building panels. Display cases and merchandisers.

COLMAC COIL MANUFACTURING Box 571, Colville, WA 99114 USA Tel. 1-509-684-2595 Fax: 1-509-684-8331

W.C. Buffington

Industrial refrigeration equipment for commercial/industrial applications.

COMMERCIAL FIXTURE CO. 2330 Yandes St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 USA Tel. 1-317-926-4585 Fax: 1-317-926-4586

Ron Harvey

Walk in coolers/freezers. Refrigerated buildings. Refrigerator (walk-in) doors.

COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY CO. 2432 S. Railroad Ave. (93706), P.O. Box 947, Fresno, CA 93714 USA Tel. 1-209-237-1855 Fax: 1-209-266-5149

Jack Kraemer, Sales Manager

Frozen vegetable blend and mix systems. Conveyors (belt, chain, screw, vibrating, inspection, distribution). Graders (length, dia., ball deck, scalper-dewatering, rotary reel). Hydro food pumping systems.

COMPACTUS AG Postfac h 21, CH-5507 Mellingen, Switzerland Tel. 41-56-913121 Fax: 41-56-912975

H. Nuesch, Managing Director

Mobile pallet racks and shelving

COMPLETE PACKAGING SERVICE 1118 North Main Street, Austin, MN 55912 USA Tel. 1-507-433-6623 Fax: 1-507-433-9717

Kevin R. Arnold

Turnkey services using state of the art packaging technology. Co-processing/co-packaging frozen-chilled products.

COMPRESSOR ENGINEERING CORP. 5440 Alder, Houston, TX USA 77081 Tel. 1-713-664-7333; 1-(800) 879-2326 Fax: 1-713-664-6444

David Leva

Refrigeration compressor repair parts.

CONNELL AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION CO. 45 Cardinal Drive, Westfield, NJ 07090-1099 USA Tel. 1-908-233-0700 Fax: 1-908-233-1070 Telex: 219258 connel wfld f George I. Alayeto

Cold rooms, doors, freezing equipment, insulated clothing, refrigerators, cabinets, recording thermometers, trucks and trailers.

CONTEMPORARY PANELS, INC. 965 Taft-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32824 USA Tel. 1-407-855-4890 Fax: 1-407-857-1786

Scott A. Wonderly

Cold storage facilities. Walk-in coolers/freezers. Wall and ceiling liner panels. USDA-approved room panels.

CONVEYORS INCORPORATED 2735 South Hwy. 55, Eagan, MN 55121 USA Tel. 1-612-456-9225; 1-(800) 328-3737 Fax: 1-612-456-0268

Dave Chase

Mechanical conveying system in USDA grade, stainless steel for food processing applications. Casepackers, case erectors, vertical form fill seal.

COOL AIR, INC. 1441 Rice St. St. Paul, MN 55117 USA Tel. 1-612-489-8821 Fax: 1-612-489-6763

Vern Worms

Self contained ammonia detectors.

COOLING SOLUTIONS CO. Box 2199, Bandera, TX 78003 USA Tel. 1-210-460-8030 Fax: 1-210-796-7680

R.D. Patch

IQF and spiral freezer systems. Ammonia refrigeration system design. Industrial refrigeration: ice, conveyors, constructing.

COPELAND CORPORATION 1675 W. Campbell Rd., Sidney, OH 45365 USA Tel. 1-513-498-3011 Fax: 1-513-498-3760

Joseph B. Niemann, Dir. OEM Mktg.

Compressors and condensing units for commercial refrigeration.

COPELAND CORPORATION LIMITED Colthrop Way, Thatcham, Berks RE19 4N4 England Tel. 441-635-876161 Fax: 441-635-877111

D.H. Simmonds, Gen. Mgr./Sales Dir.

Compressors and condensing units for commercial refrigeration.

CORNISH CONTAINERS INC. 205 W. Sophia, Maumee, OH 43537 USA Tel. 1-(800) 537-0940 Fax: 1-419-893-5146

J. G. Holbrook

Insulated containers for storage and transportation of frozen foods.

COSTAN S.p.A. Via degli Alpini 14 32020 Limana/BL, Italy Tel. 39-437/9681 Telex: 440010 Fax: 39-437/967434

Medium and low temperature food display cases, refrigerated serve-over cases, medium and low temperature cold rooms, refrigerating systems for supermarkets and shops.

COSTAN (UK) LTD. Unit 8, Haslemere Estate, The Pinacles, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5SZ UK Tel. 44-1279 422002 Telex: 818205 Fax: 44-1279 415266

Refrigerated display cabinets for supermarkets. Self contained refrigerated display cabinets. Modular panel cold stores of any size.

Cox Recorders Sales & Marketing Department 1470 W. Ninth Street, Suite C Upland, CA 91786 USA Tel. 1-909-946-4441 Fax: 1-909-946-0909

Nancy Jensen, Nancy Magruder, Jessie Ruiz, Gail Katona

Temperature recorders. Digital probes. Electronic data loggers. Ethylene control sachets.

PAUL CRAEMER GmbH Brocker Strasse 1, Box 1261, D-33441 Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany Tel. (49-52 45) 43-0 Fax: (49-52 45) 43-201

Plastic boxes, containers and pallets for use in transport and handling food.

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 8301 S 77 Avenue, Bridgeview, IL 60455 USA Tel. 1-708-598-4200 Fax: 1-708-598-4207

Jack Eisenberg

Thermalcor insulated packaging.

CRETEL FOOD EQUIPMENT, INC. Gentsesteenweg 77A B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium Tel. 32-93-76-95-95 Fax: 32-93-76-95-96

Food processing equipment. Skinning and degrinding machines for meat, poultry and fish processing plants. Special models for skinning of salmon, whiting, squid and cuttlefish. Vacuum packing machinery.

CRETEL FOOD EQUIPMENT PTE. Blk 4025 #01-277, Ang Mo Kio Ind. Pk 1 Singapore 2056 Tel. (65) 4512866 Fax: (65) 4512966

See above for equipment.

CROSS REFRIGERATION LIMITED Mallow Road, Cork, Ireland Tel. 353-21 302321 Fax: 353-021 397995 Telex: 31689

Dermot Walsh, Mktg./Sales Dir.

Cold rooms, freezing equipment and refrigeration for all commercial and industrial applications. Refrigerated cabinets for all retail applications.

CRYO-CHEM, INC. 25720 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, CA 92562 USA Tel. 1-909-677-2075 Fax: 1-909-677-2066

Bryan Smith

Food freezing, steaming and conveying equipment. Tunnels, spirals, immersion and batch steamers.

CRYOGENIC SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT 14402 West Ave., Orland Park, IL 60462 USA Tel. 1-708-385-4216 Fax: 1-708-385-4390

Brian Sink

Cryogenic tunnel freezers, IQF tunnels, cryogenic cabinet and spiral freezers.

CRYOQUIP, INC. 25720 Jefferson Avenue, Murrieta, CA 92562 USA Tel. 1-909-677-2060 Fax: 1-909-677-2066

Bryan Smith

Cryogenic tunnels, Tri-dek batch and spiral food freezing and chilling equipment. Liquid nitrogen immersion freezers for IQF and cryo-mechanical applications. Tunnel and batch steam cookers.

CRYOVAC Box 464, Duncan, SC 29334 USA Tel. 1-(800) 845-7551 Fax: 1-803-433-2134

Van Vander Ploeg

Packaging, packaging materials packing equipment.

CRYOVAC/GRACE PACKAGING Northdale House, North Circular Road, Park Royal London NW10 7UH, England

M. T. Hampshire, Sales/Mkgt. Mgr.

Vacuum packaging and film over-wrapping materials and systems.

CRYSTAL S.A. FREEZERS & COOLERS INDUSTRY N. Santa, 54500 Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Greece Tel. 30-341-64639/59/79 Fax: 30-341-64421

Tseklidis Athanasios

Amazon- vertical coolers for soft drinks and dairy products. Ektor-horizontal freezers with sliding glasses. Iraklis - chest freezers, with one opaque cover lid. Atlas - ice cream cabinets with flip-flop lids.

CUSTOM CONTROL PRODUCTS, INC. 1300 N. Memorial Drive, Racine, WI 53404 USA Tel. 1-414-637-9225 Fax: 1-414-637-5728

Jackie Baugrud

Build and design electrical control systems for the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Complete CIP systems.

CUSTOM FOOD MACHINERY, INC. 1881 E. Market St., Stockton, CA 95205 USA Tel. 1-209-463-4343 Fax: 1-209-463-3831 E-mail: cfmca@aol. com

Ron McNiel Sr., Pres.; Ron McNiel Jr., VP; Richard Gomez

Complete line of rebuilt processing, canning, freezing and can making equipment, individual items or complete plants. Also handle aseptic, dehydrated and bottling equipment.

CUSTOM METALCRAFT P.O. Box 10587, Springfield, MO 65808-0587 USA Tel. 1-417-862-0707 Fax: 1-417-864-7575

Blenders, conveyors, dumpers, process tanks.

CUSTOM QUALITY PRODUCTS INC. 1645 Blue Rock St., Cincinnati, OH 45223 USA Tel. 1-(800) 635-1086 Fax: 1-513-541-1192

George G. White

Flexible traffic doors. Strip doors. Room dividers, clean rooms. Dock seals.

DSI (DESIGN SYSTEMS INC.) 15304 NE 95th St., Redmond, WA 98052 (P.O. Box 3984, Bellevue, WA 98009) USA Tel. 1-206-883 1101 Fax: 1-206-882 2052

Jim Heber, President

Waterjet cutting, dicing, trimming and portioning equipment for poultry, fish and red meat. Also represented in North America by Stein, Inc.: 1-419-626-0304; 1-(800) 447-2630, and in the EU by DSI Europe: 46-42 178 008.

DAGARD S.A. Route du Stade 23600 Boussac, France Tel. 33-55 82 40 00 Telex: 590 327F Fax: 33-55 65 18 54

Daniel Quinet

Insulated panels and doors. Cold rooms.

DALIAN REFRIGERATION COMPANY (DALIAN REFRIGERATION WORKS) No. 888, Xinan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian City, China Tel. 86-411-6641744, 6653509, 6653517 Fax: 86-411-6641470 Telex: 86412 DRW CN

Reciprocating, screw and absorption refrigeration compressors. Condensing units. Frozen food display cabinets. Cold storage trucks. Pressure vessels. Plate and tunnell quick-freezing refrigerators. Block and flat ice machines.

DANFOSS INC. DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark Tel. 45-74 882222 Fax: 45-74 490949 Telex: 50599

Automatic refrigeration controls. Hermetic compressors. Thermostats. Refrigeration valves.

DANSK KRAFTEMBALLAGE AS Jens Holms Vej 51, DK 6000 Kolding, Denmark Tel. 45-7933 7933 Fax: 45-7933 7833

Soren Rasmussen

Corrugated packaging. Solid board packaging.


7 Staffordshire Place, Toronto, Ontario M8W 1T1 Canada Tel. 1416-255-8563 Fax: 1416-251-6117

Cyril Muhic

Casters. Wheels. Protective rubber bumpers.

DATAPAQ, INC. 187 Ballardvale St., Wilmington, MA 01887 USA Tel. 1-508-988-9000 Fax: 1-508-988-0666

Datapaq multi tracker system, temperature monitoring and analysis for the food industry.

DEFREEZE CORPORATION P.O. Box 330, Southborough, MA 01772 USA Tel. 1-508-485-8512 Fax: 1-508-481-1491

Allan Bezanson

Frozen raw materials tempering utilizing batch and continuous microwave systems.

DELTATRAK, INC. Box 398, Pleasanton, CA 94566 USA Tel. 1-510-426-3011; 1-(800) 962-6776 Fax: 1-510-846-1147

Michelle Alvino

In-transit temperature recorders used for perishable transport. 10-channel temperature monitoring, recording and alarm system in cold rooms. Digital thermometers. Electronic temperature data loggers for chill blast operation.

DERBY AS Testrupvej 5,9620 Aalestrup, Denmark Tel. 45-9864 14 77 Telex: 60 388 derby dk and 60 905 derby dk Fax: 45-9864 16 64

Soren Mortensen, Deputy Sales Dir.

Full range of ice cream merchandisers. Rechargeable battery operated freezers for street vending. Hinged see-through lid freezers for freeezer centers. Dual temperature freezer/chillers for impulse sales. No-Frost glass door freezers.

THE DICKSON COMPANY 930 S. Westwood Ave., Addison, IL 60101-4917 USA Tel. 1-708-543-3747 Fax: 1-708-543-0498

Contact Customer Service

KTX-remote sensing temperature recorders to monitor process and storage temperatures. Temptrace temperature recorders; Temptrace II remote temperature recorder.

DIVERSIFIED METAL ENGINEERING P.O. Box 553, Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 7L1 Canada Tel. 1-902-628-6900 Fax: 1-902-628-1313

Peter Toombs

Potato scoopers. Vegetable shaping machinery.

DOBOY PACKAGING MACHINERY 869 S. Knowles Ave., New Richmond, WI USA 54017 Tel. 1-715-246-6511 Fax: 1-715-246-6539

Bob Mullen, Ray Johnson, Scott Domagala.

Shrink/poly wrappers, horizontal wrappers, bag closers, cartoners and other specialized packaging machines and systems.

DOCKSTICKER Box 654, Greene, NY 13778-0654 Tel. 1-607-656-2415 Fax: 1-607-656-9005

Brenda J. Wrigley, Mktng. Comm. Mgr.

Manufacturer of electrical powered materials handling equipment for the transportation, selection and storage sectors.

DODGE - RELIANCE ELECTRIC 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615 USA Tel. 1-803-297-4800 Fax: 1-805-281-2318

A. Orfanedes

Gear reducers. Mounted ball, roller and sleeve bearings. Shaft couplings. Mechanical drive components.

DOHWA TECH CO., LTD. 4407 Ikebe Cho, Tsuzuki Ku, Yokohama 224, Japan Tel. 81-45 (933) 3081 Fax: 81-45 (932) 5528

Motoyoshi Susuki

Contech freezer (stainless belt IQF tunnel freezer). DNF freezer (stainless mesh belt IQF tunnel freezer). DSF spiral freezer.

Dole Refrigeration Co. P.O. Box 1009, 1420 Higgs Rd., Lewisburg, TN 37091 USA Tel. 1-615-359-6211; (800) 251-8990 Fax: 1-615-359-8664 Telex: Dole Ref Lewg

John Cook, Jr.

Cold-Cel truck plates. Double contact plate freezers.

DONOVAN ENTERPRISES INC. 202 East Lukken Industrial Drive, Lagrance, GA 30240 USA Tel. 1-706-882-6052 Fax: 1-706-882-9536

Pamela Akin

Insulated products manufactured for the protection of perishable cargo in refrigerated trailers.

DORAN SCALES INC. 1315 Paramount Pkwy., Batavia, IL 60510 USA Tel. 1-(800) 262-6844 Fax: 1-708-879-0073

Kimm L. Sayre

Stainless steel scales, checkweighers.

DORNOW FOOD TECHNOLOGY Schiess-Str. 62, 40549 Dusseldorf, Germany Tel. 49-211-527060

Dieter Dornow

Mechanical peeling machines, dry peelers and semi-automatic potato frying plants. Inspection tables. Conveyor systems. Supply bins. Stone removers. Cutting and shredding machines. Washing machines and centrifuges. Sorting equipment. Preserving and sack filling equipment. Waste water separators. Complete mechanical peeling plants.

DRIVER SOUTHALL LIMITED 18 Maybrook Road, Brownhills, Walsall West Midlands, UK WS8 7DG Tel. 44-1543 375566 Fax: 44-1543 375979

T. Taylor, Sales Mgr.

Checkweighers, vibratory conveyors, vibratory weighers.

DU PONT DE NEMOURS INT'L S.A. Box 50, CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland Tel. 41-22-7175111 Telex: 415777 DUP CH Fax: 41-22-7175109

Rino Rinaldi

Freon and Suva refrigerants for all types of refrigeration.

DUNES B.V. Parallelweg 70, 4283 GS Giessen, Box 25, 4284 ZG Rijswijk N. Br., Netherlands Tel. 31-1832-2378 Fax: 31-1832-2719

Eric J. Jonker

Advanced equipment lines for specific unit operations within the food processing industry.

DUNKLEY INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1910 Lake St., P.O. Box 3037, Kalamazoo, MI 49003 USA Tel. 1-616-343-5583 Fax: 1-616-343-5614

Ernie Kenneway, Gen. Mgr.; Gregg Corbin, Sales Mgr.

Electronic color sorters and inspection systems. Conveyors, handling systems, pitting and destemming equipment.

DYNACO S.A. Waverstraat 3, 9310 Moorsel, Belgium Tel. 32 53 729898 Fax: 32 53 729850

Benoit Cornraets

Fast opening coldstore doors with patented instant repair device built in.

DYNOPACK 3808 W. Elm St., Milwaukee, WI 53209 USA Tel. 1-414-351-7900 Fax: 1-414-351-7905

Michael Galvin

Tray packaging systems.

DYNOPLAST A.S. Stjordal, Havnegata 12, Postbox 103, 7501 Stojordal, Norway Tel. 47-74 82 34 00 Fax: 47-74 82 78 75 Telex: 55085 nopla n

Plastic boxes for fish transport.

EAGLE MACHINERY CO. 2107 Livingston St., Oakland, CA 94606 USA Tel. 1-510-533-3000 Fax: 1-510-534-3000

Cedric Shaw, Sales Contact

Weighing systems. Vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal machines. Carton formers/case packers. In-line and rotary filling machines.


1, The Paddock, Off Priory Lane, Huntingdon, Cambs PE18 6 BY, UK Tel. 44-1480-453412 Fax: 44-1480-434952

Paul Reif, Hans Reif

Suppliers to the packaging industry of all types of heat sealing bands, elements, PTFE coated tapes and belts and silicone heater gaskets. Specialist in teflon coating.

ECONO MAX MANUFACTURING INC. 621 SE 202nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97233 USA Tel. 1-(800) 777-1507 Fax: 1-503-667-8349

Dave Barlow

PVC strip doors for walk-in coolers and freezers. Traffic doors for walk-in coolers and ambient room to room separation. Cold storage doors for coolers and freezers. Dock seals and dock shelters for loading docks.

EDEY MFG. CO., INC. 2159 East 92nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002 USA Tel. 1-213-566-6151; (800)EDEY MFG Fax: 1-213-566-0262

Hugh Edey

Cold storage doors.

EG&G INSTRUMENTS 100 Midland Road, Oak Ridge, TN USA 37830 Tel. 1-423-483-2248 Fax: 1-423-481-2427

Art Isham, Int'l.; Dick Wyman, Domestic

X-ray inspection systems for automatic rejection of packaged and unpackaged products containing contaminants such as metal, glass, stones, bones. PVC/TFE plastic, shells and flavor lumps.

EKCO PACKAGING LTD. Asheridge Road, Chesham, Bucks HP5 2QE England Tel. 44-1494-775221 Fax: 44-1494-791961

Barry Adams, Technical Services Mgr.; Keith Edwards, Packaging Machinery Mgr.

Container dispensing, conveying and closing machinery for food packaging. Hand closing, hooding and continuous motion closing machines. Aluminum foil containers.

ELBICON N.V. Industrieterrein Nieuwland, 3200 Aarschot, Belgium Tel. 32 16 56 06 11 Fax: 32 16 56 59 65

Paul Vandenput

Laser and camera sorters for inspection of fruit, vegetables and shrimp. X-ray sorters for poultry, cold cuts, pizzas, ready meals, etc. Infra-red sorters for green beans, wax beans, corn cobs, etc.

ELBICON-A DIVISION OF BARCO 4420 Taggart Creek Road, Suite 101 Charlotte NC 28208 USA Tel. 1-704-392-9371 Fax: 1-704-399-5588

Dick McConeghy

Precision food sorting equipment (see details above).

ELECTROLUX CR Box 938, S-671 29 Arvika, Sweden Tel. 46-570-140 50 Fax: 46-570-181 45

Refrigerated display cases for supermarkets. Glass door cabinets and glass door fronts. Modular cold rooms. Catering cabinets.

ELECTROLUX CR OY P.O. Box 304, 15101 Lahti, Finland Tel. 358-3-81512 Fax: 358-3-8152224

Refrigeration equipment for shops and supermarkets.

ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI GRANDI IMPLANTI SPA Via Cesare Battisti 12 31015 Conegliano (Treviso) Italy Tel. 39 438 3621 Telex: 410392 Fax: 39 438 362215-362217

Commercial kitchen equipment, food preparation, refrigerators and freezers, cooking equipment, serving equipment, dishwasher.

ELIASON CORPORATION Box 2128, Kalamazoo, MI 49003 USA Tel. 1-616 327-7003 Fax: 1-616 327-7006

Michael Woolsey, Bob Pollack

Easy swing double action doors. Econo-cover night covers for open refrigerated cases.

ELLIOTT-WILLIAMS CO., INC. 2900 N. Richardt Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219 USA Tel. 1-317 545-2295 Fax: 1-317 545-1977

Michael M. Elliott

Walk-in coolers and freezers. Blast chillers and freezers. Refrigerated warehouses.

EMERY WINSLOW SCALE COMPANY 73 Cogwheel Lane, Seymour, CT 06483 USA Tel. 1-203-881-9333 Fax: 1-203-881-9477

Rudi Baisch, David Bruce Food industry scales and load cells for washdown. Tank, floor, bench and truck scales.

ENERGY PANEL STRUCTURES, INC. Box 238, Graettinger, IA 51342 USA Tel. 1-712-859-3219 Fax: 1-712-859-3275

Mike Carr

Cold storage buildings from 24[feet] to 80[feet] wide and up to 20[feet] high in any length.

ENGINEERED AUTOMATION, INC. 5134 West River Drive, NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321 USA Tel. 1-616-784-4227 Fax: 1-616-784-6225

Sue Farrell

Rotary lidding systems. Puck handling machinery.

ENGINEERED POLYMERS CORP. 1020 E. Maple Street, Mora, MN 55051 USA Tel. 1-320-679-3232 Fax: 1-320-679-2323

Peggy Erickson

Structo cell freezer spacers and plastic pallets.

ENVIRO DIVISION OF ASI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 5848 North 95th Court, Milwaukee, WI 53225 Tel. 1-414-464-6200; 1-(800) 558-7068

George Balbach, Pres.; Jack Krug, V.P. Sales & Mktg.

Cold storage doors for cooler and freezer applications. High traffic bi-folding and fabric roll-up doors.

EQUIPMENT INNOVATORS, INC. 800 Industrial Park Drive, Marietta, GA 30062-2498 USA Tel. 1-(800) 733-3434 Fax: 1-404-425-2350

Harry Padis

Self-contained refrigerators and freezers for vans and delivery trucks. Mechanical overnight rechargeable refrigeration or removable/reusable recharge packs. Refrigerated truck bodies.

ERICH INDUSTRIES, INC. 1078 Bluff City Boulvard, Elgin, IL 60120 USA Tel. 1-(800) 882-5839, 1-847-608-0020 Fax: 1-847-608-0050

Kenneth Nachreimer

Guiding lite dock reflectors. Reflecto-lite dock reflectors. Knock & Lock impact panel system. High speed fabric doors.

ESM INTERNATIONAL INC. 9800 Townpark Drive, Houston, TX 77036 USA Tel. 1-713-981-9185 Fax: 1-713-981-8704

Pain Loomis (Corp.)

Electronic color sorting machines.

ESQUIRE GAS PRODUCTS COMPANY 156 Spring St., P.O. Box 281, Enfield, CT 06082 USA Tel. 1-860-745-2477

William A. Squires, Craig Harger, Vincent Gallerani

C[O.sup.2] Freezing equipment. Liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice for food freezing and refrigeration.

ESTUDIO DE INGENIERA Tte. Gral. Peron 1730 piso 3 of. 53 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1037 Tel. 541-374-1067 Fax: 541-374-1067

Engineering for refrigeration, slaughterhouse and food processing operations.

EUREKA DOOR 366 Eddystone Ave., Downsview, Ontario, Canada M3N 1H7 Tel. 1-416-743-1571 Fax: 1-416-741-1098

Eric Cropley Branch Office Box 276 Ballwin MO 63022 USA Tel. 1-800-673-8735 Fax: 1-314-391-8403

Tom DiRenzo

Electric and manual sliding cold storage doors. Hinged cold storage doors. Controlled atmosphere doors.

EUROPA CARTON Funkschneise 19, 28309 Bremen, Germany Tel. 49/421/4108282 Fax: 49/421/4108299

Gert Schroeder, Dir. of Mktg.

Packaging machinery. Packaging materials based on box board. Microwave-packages and receptor-foil inserts.

EUROTEK ENGINEERING LTD. Cromer Road, Aylsham, Norwich, NR11 6HE, England Tel. 44-1263 733499 Fax: 44-1263 733899

R.P. Smith, Managing Director

Industrial freezing and chilling systems. Spiral systems for packed and unpacked products. IQF belt freezers for fruits and vegetables and IQF belt freezers for french fries.

EVANS REFRIGERATOR MANUFACTURING CO. INC. 30 Haven Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10553 USA Tel. 1-914-664-2310 Fax: 1-914-664-5978

Allen Garelik, Pres.; Sturg Chadwick, V.P.

Wall freezers (self-contained and remote). Refrigerators. Cases.

EVAPCO, INC. P.O. Box 1300, Westminster, MD 21157 USA Tel. 1-410-756-2600 Fax: 1-410-756-6450

Wilson E. Bradley, Chairman; J.W. (Bill) Bowles, Pres.; Kevin Longe, Corp. V.P.; Jeff Nank, Nat'l Sales Mgr.; Joe Mandato, Dir. Mktg.

Evaporative condensers, evaporators, closed circuit fluid coolers and cooling towers for heat rejection from refrigeration and process systems.

F.A.I. FREEZE AGRO INGENIERIE 2 Kerhamon, 29800 Pencran, France Tel. 33-98852315 Fax: 33-98852179

Jean Le Lez, Mgr.

Deep freezing units for aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables.

F.A.M. P.O. Box 29, Toekomstlaan 10, B-2170 Antwerpen, Belgium Tel. 31-645.76.90 Fax: 31-646.48.15

Guy Baeten, Sales Mgr. for size reduction equipment; Livin Mannaerts, Sales Mgr. for filling equipment.

Size reduction equipment, cutting machines (slicing, dicing, strip cutting, shredding). Filling machines (rotary piston fillers, in-line volumetric piston fillers, flexi fillers).

FCP CAJOFE ST. GERMAIN Z.I. 146 Route De Lyon, Fegersheim, 67640, France Tel. 33-38 64 51 00 Fax: 33-88 68 50 17

Christean Fraering

Packing. Cartoning systems.

FCP EUROPA CARTON Funkschneise 19, 28309 Bremen, Germany Tel. 49-421 4108 282 Fax: 49-421 4108 299

Gert Schroder

Packaging and cartoning systems.

FCP ROBINSON Portland, Chesterfield, UK 540 1YD Tel. 44-1246 220022 Fax: 44-1246 551291

John Hill

Packaging and cartoning systems.

F.F.P. PACKAGING SOLUTIONS LTD. Tenter Road, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton NN3 6PZ England Tel. 44-1604 643535

Alan T. Lockhart

Flexible packaging for frozen and chilled foods. Lidding materials for trays.

FMC CORPORATION 2300 Industrial Ave., Box A, Madera, CA 93639 USA Tel. 1-209-661-3200 Fax: 1-209-661-3222

Sales Mktg. Dept.

Harvesting equipment for tomatoes; nut tree shakers. Fruit and vegetable preparation equipment and filling and sealing systems and preservation systems.


R. Larson

Bucket lifts, vibratory conveyors, storage and distribution systems. Vibratory feeders, bin vibrators and screening feeders. Vibratory conveyors and screens.

FMC CORPORATION (UK) LIMITED Holt Road Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 8JH, England Tel. 441-328-851111 Telex: 81464 Fax: 441-328-855439

D. Barnes; B. Prior

Frying/cooking, harvesting equipment, packaging, processing. Warehousing equipment: robotic palletizing, automated guided vehicles, vibratory and static conveyors, bucket elevators. Vegetable preparation equipment including blanchers and graders, citrus equipment, juice extractors, container filling, closing and sterilizing.

FMC EUROPE N.V. Breedstraat 3, B-9100 Sint Niklaas, Belgium Tel. 31-3/780.12.11 Telex: 31411 Fax: 31-3/777.79.55

R. Gest; R. McVeigh

Specialized harvesting equipment. Food preparation and processing equipment (including french fries/chips and tuna). Citrus processing equipment. Can filling, closing equipment. Sterilizers. Aseptic filling equipment. Automated batch retort systems.

FMC PACKAGING MACHINERY S.p.A. 36030 San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza, Italy Tel. 39/445/670000 Fax: 39/445/673977 Telex: 480243 FMC PMI

See FMC Corp. USA for details.

FAIRBANKS SCALES 821 Locust, Kansas City, MO 64106 USA Tel. 1-816471-0231 Fax: 1-816-471-5951

Kip Schwimmer, Joe Somoza

Commercial and industrial weighing equipment: light and heavy capacity scales, in-motion weighing systems, drum filling equipment, load cells, data processing systems, bar code/ticket/report printers, counting scales, precision balances, bench/floor/livestock/railroad/truck and airline scales.

FALCON BELTING, INC. 209 S. Alliance Court, Oklahoma, OK 73128 USA Tel. 1-405-495-7563 Fax: 1-405-495-7911

Tony Cappellar

Conveyor belts.

FANUC ROBOTICS NORTH AMERICA 2000 S. Adams Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA Tel. 1-810-377-7000 Fax: 1-810-377-7366

Sean Murphy

Robots - palletizing, packaging, material handling, welding, painting, dispensing, material removal, laser processing.

FANAR AL KHALEEJ TR. Box 20857, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel. 971-6-350148 Fax: 971-6-378201 Telex: 68230 a stnrdeh

Ravi Dube

Processing machinery for meat and seafood, french fries, frozen vegetables.

FARMCO, INC. Box 6768, Bend, OR 97708 USA Tel. 1-541 389-4155 Fax: 1-541 385-6569

Neil Burck

Sliver sizer remover. Rotary size grader (short length and nubbin removal from strips and sticks). Diameter sizer (grading whole potatoes, beets). Small piece remover for baby whole carrots.

FEMC 22201 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, OH 44146 USA Tel. 1-216-663-1208 Fax: 1-216-663-9337

Dan Auvil

Production denesting equipment, conveyor and sealing systems, capping systems, slicing equipment, filling equipment, cup equipment.

FENOX AND RANOX CLADDING PANELS Ranox Raalte B.V. P.O. Box 21 8100 AA Raalte, Netherlands Tel. 31-572-363828 Fax: 31-572-362585

Agents in various countries.

Two glass fibre reinforced concrete panels with core of hardened P.I.R.-foam, offering high thermal insulation and strength.

FERGUSON B.V. Box 71, 3130 AB Vlaardingen, Netherlands Tel. 31-10 4354611 Fax: 31-19 4601485

Paul Kleijnen, Henk Boon

Design, engineering and contracting of industrial refrigeration plants and refrigeration systems, including: IQF tunnels for potato products, vegetables, seafood; continuous blast tunnels for poultry, meat, seafood; spiral freezers for hamburgers, pizza, ready meals.

FES P.O. Box 2306, York, PA 17405 USA Tel. 1-717-767-6411 Fax: 1-717-764-3627

Jeffrey Graby

Screw compressor packages, Asme pressure vessels, microprocessor control panels, gas engine driven compressors.

FLEX CO., LTD. 8-3-8 Nishikamata Otaku, Tokyo, Japan Tel. 81 03 3735-5651 Fax: 81 03 3735 5702

Harumichi Okada, President Conveyors.

FLEXON, INC. 20-A Bunsher Park, Leetsdale, PA 15056 USA Tel. 1-800-365-3667 Fax: 1-412-749-0410

John B. Keddie

High speed rollup doors. Insulated impact doors. Flexible impact doors. Flexaire air barrier freezer doors.


3931 Leary Way N.W., P.O. Box 70469, Seattle, WA 98107 USA Tel. 1-206-6330-2222 Fax: 1-206-547-4767

Keith Johnson; Jon Anderson; Larry Couch

Food processing equipment.

FLORIGO INDUSTRIE B.V. Edisonweg 10, P.O. Box 46, 3440 AA Woerden, Netherlands Tel. 31-3480-15541 Telex: 47613 Florinl Fax: 31-3480-22289

J. Koolhaas

Individual machines and complete processing lines for continuous production of potato chips (crisps), french fries, potato specialties, peanuts, snack foods made from fish, meat and poultry as well as from fruit and vegetables.

FOMO PRODUCTS, INC. 2775 Barber Road, P.O. Box 1078, Norton, OH 44203 USA Tel. 1-330-753-4585; (800) 321-5585 Fax: 1-330-753-5199

Michael P. Zipes, Nat'l Sales Mgr.

Polyurethane foam for insulating, sound deadening, stability.

FOOD ENGINEERING CORPORATION 2765 Niagara Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447, USA Tel. 1-612-559-5200 Fax: 1-612-559-4657

Dale Herron, President

Dryers/coolers, surgebins, vibratory, belt, differential motion conveyers.

FOOD ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENTS LTD Oare Road, Vaversham Kent, England ME13 7TP Tel. 44-1795-533183 Fax: 44-1795-531121

Contact: Goswyn Dunkel

Battering and breading equipment. Conveyors, automated in-line loading and unloading systems, meat flakers, sausage handling and drying equipment. Ready meals production lines. Agents for batter mixing systems and meat separation systems.

FOOD EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CORPORATION 22201 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, OH 44146 USA Tel. 1-216-663-1208 Fax: 1-216-663-9337

Daniel J. Auvil

Packaging equipment: conveying, filling, and sealing of food and other products into containers.

FOOD EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. P.O. Box 216, 7 Bush Park Lane, Penn Yan, NY 14527-0216 USA Tel. 1-315-531-8133 Fax: 1-315-531-8134

David von Rhedey

Tanks, conveyors (all types). Used equipment rebuilding.

FOOD INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT EUROPE LIMITED Unit 7, Union Way, Hillbottom Road Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe Bucks, England HP12 4HJ Tel. 44-1494/474750 Fax: 44-1494/471830

Brian Nutt, Managing Director

Trimmers for meat, poultry, fish processing; sharpeners for knives used in trimmers.

FOOD INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1121 West 14th St., Lorain, OH 44052-3800 USA Tel. 1-216-246-3190 Fax: 1-216-246-1739 Telex: 241593 Food-Equip

Tim McCullough, President

Trimmers and skinners for meat, poultry, fish processing; sharpeners for knives used in the trimmers and skinners.

FOOD PLANT MODULARS 1206 Fulton Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78201 USA Tel. 1-210-732-9057 Fax: 1-210-731-9900

Tom Ellis

Mini IQF blast and storage freezers. Processing rooms.

Food Systems Europe 114bis, rue Michel-Ange, Paris, France 75016 Tel. 33-1-40712880 Fax: 33-1 40712881

Roger Dew

"Super Contact" crust and core freezing.

FOODECTRONICS B.V. P.O. Box 25, 4284 ZG Rijswijk, Netherlands Tel. 31-1832-2714 Fax: 31-1832-3586

Eric J. Jonker

Automatic sorting and defect separation equipment. X-ray detection systems. Optical inspection systems.

FORMAX, INC. 9150 191st St., Mokena, IL 60448 USA Tel. 1-708-479-3500 Fax: 1-708-479-3598

Edward A. Suska, Exec. V.P. EUROPE: Pelikaanweg 6, 1118 DX Schiphol, Netherlands Tel. 31-20-316 1616 Fax: 31-20-648 0380

Meat, fish and poultry forming and slicing machines and auxiliary equipment.

FOSTER REFRIGERATOR CORP. Mill & North Second St., Hudson, NY 12534 USA Tel. 1-518-828-3311 Fax: 1-518-828-3315

Robert E. Walsh

Commercial refrigerators and freezers. Walk-in coolers and freezers.

4P NICOLAUS KEMPTEN GmbH Ulmer Str. 18, D-87437, Kempten, Germany, P.O. Box 2050, D-87410, Kempten, Germany Tel. 49-831-7850 Telex: 54831 Fax: 49-831-785299

Mr. Kisel; Mr. Huber; Mr. Ramspott Folding cartons and packaging systems including machinery. Extrusion and co-extrusion coating; production including material development; printing, cutting and gluing of folding cartons, for frozen foods and ice cream.

Framec S.p.A. Strada Pasigliano No. 15, 15020, S. Giorgio Monf. (AL), Italy Tel. 39-142-478211 Telex: 212427 Framec I Fax: 39-142-79007

Gianni Francia

Island and wall display food cabinets. Refrigerated upright glass door merchandisers. Impulse sales merchandisers. Isothermic and refrigerated bodies for transportation. Multidoor refrigerated bodies for city deliveries. Automatic vending machines for ice cream.

FRAZIER INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Fairview Avenue, Long Valley, NJ 07853 USA Tel. 1-908-876-3001 Fax: 1-908-876-3615

Judy Swajger

100% structural steel pallet rack systems, including selective racking, drive-in and drive-thru racking.

FREESTECH INTERNATIONAL LTD. Box 1657, Lancaster, PA 17603 USA Tel. 1-717-560-7560 Fax: 1-717-560-7587

Richard Greener, Pres.; William Smith, Mktg. Mgr.; Jim Sullivan, Sales Mgr.

Case palletizing and depalletizing systems. Hi-Rise and Hi-Density cold temperature storage. Storage/retrieval machines automated or manual operation. Fusion cell Tri-Tray with selective retention times cooling, freezing and hardening products. Complete design and construction management.

FREEZING SYSTEMS, INC. 17625 130th Ave. N.E. Suite 101, Woodinville, WA 98072 USA Tel. 1-206-486-8852 Fax: 1-206-483-0759

Marlin J. Bennett, S. Andy Sterling

Spiral freezers for prepared foods requiring medium to long retention times. IQF systems, for fruits and vegetables, capacities from 500 KG to 20,000 KG per hour. Prefabricated cold storage systems.

FREEZING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL 1100 N.W. Loop 410, #610 San Antonio, TX 78213 USA Tel. 1-210-340-7066 Fax: 1-210-340-7653

Cold rooms. Construction. Freezing equipment. Refrigeration.

FRICK COMPANY 100 CV Ave., P.O. Box 997, Waynesboro, PA 17268-0997 USA Tel. 1-717-762-2121 Fax: 1-717-762-8624

Screw and reciprocating compressors, evaporative condensers, evaporator air units, vessels, heat exchangers, ice makers, valves, refrigeration components for chilling and freezing systems.

FRICK INDIA LTD. 3 Parliament Street, Jeevan Vihar New Delhi, 110001 India Tel. 91-11-3360104 or 11-3362318 Telex: 31-61069 FRIK-IN Fax: 91-11-3342610

Food refrigeration plants and allied equipment such as reciprocating and screw compressors, plate freezers, walk-in cold rooms, IQF freezers, blast freezers, transport refrigeration units, ice making plants and prefab cold stores.

FRIGA-BOHN SA Rue Roger Salengro 69740 Genas, France Tel. 33-72 47 13 00 Fax: 33-72 47 13 96 Telex: 340947

Mr. Dimet, Mr. Pellat

Refrigeration. Freezing equipment.

FRIGIDYNE NORTH AMERICA, INC. 8925 San Leandro St., Oakland, CA 94621-1247 USA Tel. 1-510-569-3500 Fax: 1-510-569-3581

Revolutionary "no heat, no energy" commercial glass doors of unitized construction for low and medium temperature. Hi tech appearance; minimal maintenance.

FRIGOBLOCK GROSSKOPF GmbH Box 110239, D-45332 Essen, Germany Tel. 49/201/61 30 10 Fax: 49/201/61 30 148

Environmentally-friendly transport refrigeration systems with highest capacities.

FRIGOFRANCE S.A. Place de la Bastille Les Couets, 44340 Bouguenais, France Tel. 33- Telex: 711 171F Telefax: 33- Jean-Michel Daviaud

Flake ice/block ice machines.

Frigoscandia Equipment AB (Head Office) Box 913 S-251 09, Helsingborg, Sweden Tel. 46 42-17 80 00 Fax: 46 42-17 81 80

Staffan Larsson, President; Torbjorn Arvidsson, VP, Mktg. Dev., Kjell Jonsson, Executive VP Africa, Asia, and South America; Goran Mansson, Executive VP Europe.

Frigoscandia Equipment is a family of companies specializing in food processing technology. Frigoscandia freezer offers freezing, chilling and refrigeration equipment. Stein supplies continuous batter-breading, frying and oven cooking systems. PPM delivers everything from potato peelers to fryers, as well as complete turnkey lines. DSI provides cutting and portioning using robotic waterjet systems. Frigoscandia Equipment offers global support through a worldwide sales and service organization, as well as three Food Tech Centers (in Sweden, the USA and Singapore) where pilot plant facilities are available for customers' own development programs.

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT AB Box 913, S-251 09 Helsingborg, Sweden Tel. 46-42-17 80 00 Fax: 46-42-17 82 91

Goran Mansson, Executive VP

(See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT SRL Viale Monte Nero 11, 20135 Milano, Italy Tel. 39-2-55010161 r.a. Fax: 39-2-55014555

Davide Freddi, General Manager (See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT S.A. 29 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France Tel. 33 (1) 42 66 80 80 Fax: 33 (1) 42 66 80 90

Boris Schneerson, Man. Dir.

(See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT LTD. Frigoscandia House, Wolseley Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston Bedford MK42 7EF, UK Tel. 44-1234 841177; 01234;825240 Telex: 05240 Fax: 44-1234 841400

Duncan Lawson, Managing Director (See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT GMBH Postfach 4114, Siemensstr. 6, 40885 Ratingen 4, Germany Tel. 49-2102-9341-0 Fax: 49-2102-9341-31

Klaus-Dieter Schulze, Gen. Man.

(See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA INC. P.O. Box 3984, Bellevue, WA 98009 (14949 N. E. 40th Street) USA Tel. 1-206-883-2244 Fax: 1-206-882-0948

Claes Olsson, President

(See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT PTY LTD P.O. Box 667, Bankstown NSW 2200 (Unit 1, 42-46 Canterbury Road) Australia Tel. 61 2-796 2555 Fax: 61 2-796 40 40

Paul Turnbull, General Manager (See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA EQUIPMENT PTE LTD 87/88 Amoy Street, Singapore 0106 Tel. 65 223 72 33 Fax: 65 223 76 33

Preben Herner, Managing Director (See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FRIGOSCANDIA FREEZER Box 913, S-251 09, Helsingborg, Sweden Tel. 46-42 17 80 00 Fax: 46-42 17 81 80

Complete range of in-line freezing and chilling systems, e.g.: FloFreeze IQF freezers for fruit, berries, vegetables, sausages, pasta, seafood, etc.; Gyro-Compact and GyroStack spiral belt freezers for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, potato products, bakery and prepared foods, ice cream, etc.; Flat Product Freezer for high-capacity, low-cost production of products such as hamburger patties, fish fillets, etc. CartoFreeze carton freezers with high capacity; AutoPlate plate freezers for automatic and flexible freezing of packages, boxes and foils; PelloFreeze freezers for turning liquid and semi-liquid products into convenient IQF pellets. A comprehensive range of accessories and auxiliary equipment.

FRIGOSCANDIA KK Sugizaki Building, 1-16-3 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 Japan Tel. 81 3 54 72 46 81 Fax: 81 3 54 72 46 80

Thom Linden, President

(See Frigoscandia Equipment AB)

FROMMELT SAFETY PRODUCTS 4343 Chavenelle Drive, Dubuque, IA 52002-2654 USA Tel. 1-800-553-5560 Fax: 1-319-589-2754

Cary Pinkalla

Fabric air ducts for elimination of drafts and uniform air dispersion.

FRONTIER TECHNOLOGY, INC. 609 N. Eastern Avenue, Allegan, M149010 USA Tel. 1-616-673-9464 Fax: 1-616-673-9629

Joseph Dendel

Filters and screens. Dewatering equipment and continuous presses. Wastewater treatment equipment and systems. Size reduction equipment (mills and grinders).

FROSTAIRE REFRIGERATION CO. 115 Alexandra Park Road, London N10 2DP England Tel. 441-81-883-8331

Mrs. P. Amesbury

Commercial refrigeration for display storage and blast freezing of foods.

GEI PROCESSING, INC. 1 Indian Lane East, Towaco, NJ 07082 USA Tel. 1-201 402-7900 Fax: 1-201 402-7920

John Phelps

Pizza sauce depositors, Cheese depositors.

GKD-USA, INC. 5013 Rippling Rd., Cambridge, MD 21613 USA Tel. 1-410-221-0542 Fax: 1-410-221-0544

Tom Powley

Featuring Trackmatic and Plastic conveyor belts for High speed freezing applications.

GME Inc. International 4252 S. Eagleson Road, Boise, ID 83705 USA Tel. 1-208-362-5588 Fax: 1-208-362-3171

George Mendenhall, CEO

Hydro-cutting systems, standard or with automatic line switchers. Engineer and supply complete hydro-cutting lines. All type of cutters for potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers etc.

GARROUTTE, INC. P.O. Box 1747, 144 West Lake, Watsonville, CA 95077 USA Tel. 1-408-722-2487 Fax: 1-408-722-3409

David Hansen, Dir. of Sales

Hydrostatic steam blanchers, waterfall blanchers. Waterfall hydro-chillers for pre-freeze cooling. Vegetable/fruit trimmers and corers. Pocket elevators, vegetable mix-blend systems, pouch chilling systems for hot filled pouched food products.

GARTNER REFRIGERATION 3529 Raleigh Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA Tel. 1-612-920-0006 Fax: 1-612-920-0766

Don Faust

Refrigeration screw compressor packages. Refrigerant control valves and shut-off valves. Evaporator coils. Evaporative condensers.

GEM REFRIGERATOR CO. 650 East Erie Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134 USA Tel. 1-215-426-8700 Fax: 1-215-426-8731

Refrigerators and freezers.

GENERAL MACHINERY CORPORATION P.O. Box 717, 1831 N. 18th St., Sheboygan, WI 53082 USA Tel. 1-414-458-2189; 1-(800) 558-7582 E-mail: Fax: 1-414-458-8316

Michael Horwitz

Flakers, slicers, dicers, grinders and portion control equipment for processing frozen meat, fish, poultry and cheese.


6048 Westview Drive, Houston, TX USA Tel. 1-713-686-4331 Fax: 1-713- 683-3967 Telex: 77-5531

Tom Wilson

Vertical form/fill/seal machines (poly or laminate bags). Net weight scale systems.

Globe International Inc. Box 1062, Buffalo, NY 14240 USA Tel. 1-716-824-8484 Fax: 1-716-827-0375

Tony Shilen

Food grade conveyor belting.

GORDON BROTHERS INDUSTRIES 21 Michael St. Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Tel. 61-3-9387 3433 Fax: 61-3-9387 8878

(Offices also in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Malaysia) Reciprocating and rotary screw compressor packages. Evaporators and condensers. Plate freezers. Ice making machines. Miscellaneous industrial refrigeration equipment. Whisper pack attenuated screw compressor packages. Micro plus central systems.

Goudsche Machinefabriek B.V. Coenecoop 88 2741 PD Waddinxveen, Holland Tel. 31 182 623 723 Fax: 31 182 619 217

Peter van der Schoot

Steam peelers and dry peel removers. Drum Dryers.

Gram A/S Aage Gramsvej DK-6500 Vojens, Denmark Tel. 45 74 54 14 21 Telex: 50 5 23 Fax: 45 74 59 01 41

Continuous freezing and process machinery, filling machinery with and without freezing capacity, extrusion and hardening lines, packing machines, cartoning machines, and product transfer robots.

The division's own technical personnel and specially selected local companies are in place to serve customers globally.

GRAM NORGE A/S Gjerdrums Vei 16 0881 Oslo 8, Norway Tel.47-02/23 87 00

Kjell Ranstorp

(See Gram A/S)

GRAM FINLAND OY Fabianinkatu 4 b 2 krs SF-00130 Helsinki 13, Finland

M. Vaananen

(See Gram A/s)

GRAM NEDERLAND B.V. Bornerbroeksestraat 147 7601 BE Almelo, Holland Tel. 31-546-454252 Fax: 31-546-813455 Postbox 601 7600 AP Almelo, Holland

GRAM (UK) LTD. 2 The Technology Centre, London Road, Swanley, Kent BR8 7AN UK Tel. 44-1322-614591 Fax: 44-1322-614600

Andrew Neale

(See Gram A/S)

GRAM FRANCE 33, Avenue du 18 Juin 1940 92500 Rueil Malmaison, France

F. Suball

(See Gram A/S)

GRAM EQUIPMENT OF AMERICA 1212 N. 39th St., Suite 438, Tampa, FL 33605 USA Tel. 1-813-248-1978 Fax: 1-813-248-2314

P. Toft Pedersen

(See Gram A/S)

GRASEBY GORING KERR LTD. Vale Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5JX England Tel. 44-753-869351 Fax: 44-753-840079

G. Rogers

Metal detectors, check weighers.

GRASSO'S KONINKLIJKE MACHINE-FABRIEKEN N.V. Parallelweg 27, POB 275, 5 201 AG's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Tel. 31-736-203911 Telex: 50169 Fax: 31-736-210310

See listings below. Also offices in: France, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Chile, Thailand, China, Australia and Philippines. Reciprocating and screw compressors for cooling and freezing plants. Packaged refrigeration units. Industrial open and semihermetic air-conditioning compressors. Spiral belt freezers. Block and flake ice machines. Weldable throughway and angle-type valves. Industrial refrigerator plants for marine and land applications.

GRASSO INTERNATIONAL B.V. Parallelweg 27, 5223 AL's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Tel. 31-73-6203 911 Fax: 31-73-6214 210

J. Bom

Reciprocating and screw compressors, components and spare parts. Servicing, repairing and overhauling, purchasing of additional components, engineering, supervision and complete project execution of refrigeration plants Consulting, trouble shooting and problem solving in the field of refrigeration equipment and -plants, off-shore components and contracting for refrigeration systems.

GRASSO INTERNATIONAL GMBH Segelfliegerdamm 1-45 12487 Berlin Postfach 28, 12462 Berlin Tel. 49-30 63943506 Fax: 49-30 6363312

Mr. Trawinski

Refrigeration plants for the chilling, freezing, storage or ripening of perishable products; refrigeration plants for processing industries.

GRASSO PRODUCTS B.V. Parallelweg 27, 5223 AL's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Tel. 31-736 20 39 11 Fax: 31-736 231286

A. van Wezel

Manufacturing, selling, servicing and repairing of reciprocating and screw compressors, components and spare parts for industrial refrigeration installation in Western Europe.

GRASSO PRODUCTS, INC. 1101 N. Governor St., P.O. Box 4799 Evansville, IN 47724-0799 USA Tel. 1-812-465-6600 Fax: 1-812-465-6610

Floyd Buckalew

GREAT LAKES CORPORATION 2500 Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60618 USA Tel. 1-312-478-3625 Fax: 1-312-478-7647

Jack A. Hutton, VP Sales/Mktg.

Machinery for food packaging systems, high speed meat slicers, conveying, shrink tunnels and wrapping.

Greencool Washington Inc. 9406-A Gunston Cove Road, Lorton, VA 22079 USA Tel. 1-703-643-2002 Fax: 1-703-690-4397

Austin Hsu, General Manager


GRENCO IBERICA S.A. 117 Ctra. De Bayona, Vigo (Pontevedra) Spain 36213 Tel. 34-986-29 48 50 Fax: 34-986-238730

Jose Maria Rodriquez Alonso

Industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment for all purposes.

GRENCO UK LTD. Park House, Albany Park, Frimley Rd., Camberly Surrey GU15 2PL UK Tel. 44-1276 413200 Fax: 44-1276 413299

R. Vance, Man. Dir.

(See Grenco B.V.)

GRENCOOL PTE LTD. Representing Grasso Products 79 Pasir Ris Avenue, Singapore 1851 Tel. 65-5830696 Fax: 65-5830698

J. E. GROTE COMPANY, INC. 1160 Gahanna Parkway, Blacklick, OH 43004 USA Tel. 1-614-868-8414 Fax: 1-614-863-1647

Dennis Coyne

Slicers for processed/raw meat and other products. Stacking and shingling attachments available. Specialized slicing systems for precoooked and layout bacon operations.

GROTE INTERNATIONAL Wrexham Technology Park Wrexham, North Wales L 113 7YP Tel. 44-1978 362243 Fax: 44-1978 362255

Geoff Rawes (See details above)

GULF STATES PAPER CORPORATION P.O. Box 48999, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404 USA Tel. 1-205- 553-6200

William G. Smith, Mktg. Mgr.

Custom printed folding cartons. Dual ovenable QFF packaging.

HCR, INC., MARKETING OFFICE P.O. Box 12023, St. Petersburgh, FL 33733 USA Tel. 1-813-867-0418 Fax: 1-813-864-0244

Bill Hefner

Frost-free airlock doors (totally eliminates ice, frost and condensation). Horizontal air curtains (separates non-freezer room of various temperatures). Motorized strip door (used to separate room of different temperatures).

HACKNEY BROTHERS, INC. P.O. Box 2728, Wilson, NC 27894-2728 USA Tel. 1-919-237-8171 or 1-(800) 334-2296 Fax: 1-919-237-0305

Patricia H. Scott, Mktg. Mgr.

Insulated and refrigerated truck bodies for carrying refrigerated or frozen products. Insulated and refrigerated ice cream carts. Insulated and refrigerated trailers, up to 32 feet long.

HAK & PARTNERS B.V. Provincialeweg Noord 1, 4286 EA Almkerk, Netherlands Tel. 31-1834-3399 Fax: 31-1834-3371 Telex: 29326 hak nl

Jan Hak

Marketing and sales coordination organization of the H & H Group of companies and of other Dutch companies for areas outside the EU, EFTA and Australasia counties.

HAMACHEK MACHINE COMPANY 97 Ellis St., Kewaunee, W154216 USA Tel. 1-414-388-2340 Fax: 1414-388-0332

Don Baudhuin

Green pea and lima bean stripper combines. Sweet corn huskers. Vegetable mixing systems. Vibratory equipment.

HAMM & HAK ENGINEERING B.V. P.O. Box 25, 4284 ZG Rijswijkor Parallelweg 70, 4283 GS Giessen The Netherlands Tel. 31-1832 - 2714 Telex: 24102h + H nl Fax: 31-1832 - 2719

P.L.A. Hamm

Sales for the H & H Group of companies and other production companies, as well as sales of cold rooms, optical sorting and packaging equipment. Know-how provision for food technology and process engineering. Consulting for production of chilled, frozen and dried potato products.

Hansen Technologies Corporation 6827 High Grove Blvd., Burr Ridge, IL 60521 USA Tel. 1-630-325-1565 or 1-(800) 426-7368 Fax: 1-630-325-1572

Harold Streicher

Control valves: refrigerant pressure/flow control. Pumps: liquid refrigerant recirculation. Level controls; monitor/control refrigerant levels in vessels. Purgers: remove contaminates from refrigeration systems. Defrost controllers: remove frost accumulation from evaporator surfaces. Refrigerant shut-off valves 3/8[inch] to 14[inches].

HAPMAN CONVEYORS P.O. Box 2321, 6002 East Kilgore Road, Kalamazoo, M149003 USA Tel. 1-616-343-1675; (800) 968-7722 Fax: 1-616-349-2477

Joe Durlach, Sales/Mktg. Mgr.

Flexible screw conveyors for powders, crystals, flakes and granules. Tubular drag conveyors for free flowing material hot/cold or wet/dry. Compact pneumatic conveyors for dry solids. Manual bag dump stations with dust collection/compactors. Bulk bag unloading stations and batch weighing systems.

HASEGAWA REFRIGERATION, LTD. 4-39 Namiyoke 1-Chome, Minatoku, Osaka 552, Japan Tel. 81-6-583-1381 Fax: 81-6-583-1389 Telex: 5256423 Surely J

Tat Inoue

Refrigerating compressors (reciprocating). Packaged condensing units. Spiral freezing equipment. Contact plate freezers.

Hasegawa USA, Inc. 121 Interpark Blvd., Suite #909, San Antonio, TX 78216 USA Tel. 1-210-494-7673 Fax: 1-210-494-9680

Erik Briede; Joe Briede

Refrigeration compressors. Screw compressors. Complete refrigeration packages and parts.

THE HASKELL COMPANY 111 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202 USA Tel. 1-904-791-4529 Fax: 1-904-791-4699

Ronald P. Vallort

Facility design, construction, refrigeration and insulation.

HAYSSEN EUROPA S.R.L. Via Berlino 39, 24040 Zingonia (Bergama) Italy Tel. (39-35) 882020 Telefax: (39-35) 882291

Vertical, form, fill and seal machines for IQF foods including different weighing systems.

Haynes Manufacturing Company 24142 Detroit Avenue, Westlake, OH 44145 USA Tel. 1-216-871-2188 Fax: 1-216-871-0855

Lee Pulver, Sales Mgr.


HAYSSEN World Headquarters 225 Spartangreen Blvd., Duncan, SC 29334 USA Tel. 1-864-433-1141 Fax: 1-864-433-5858

John Spears

Vertical form, fill, seal machines. Horizontal form, fill, seal machines. Computerized touch screen control unit.

HEAT AND CONTROL, INC. 225 Shaw Road, South San Francisco, CA 94080 USA Tel. 1-415-871-9234 Fax: 1-415-875-1857

James Padilla

Complete further processing, packaging and control systems for meats, poultry, seafoods, french fries and vegetables. Batter, breading and marinade applicators; Fryers, externally heated, direct heated and thermal fluid; Ovens, convection, impingement and spiral; Grill mark branders; Steam chambers; Heat exchangers; Pollution control systems; Conveyors, belt, vibratory and horizontal motion; Computer combination weighers; Checkweighers; Packaging systems; Process control systems, relay logic and PLC; Product development lab services.

HEAT AND CONTROL LIMITED 7-11 Arwen Place, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand Tel. 64-9-274 4182 Fax: 64-9-274-5756

Gary Fredericksen, Managing Director

Subsidiary of Heat and Control, USA See Heat and Control, Inc. (USA)

HEAT AND CONTROL PTE LTD. 150 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787565 Tel. 4588122 Fax: 4593443

Gregory Paterson, Man. Dir.-Asia

Subsidiary of Heat and Control USA See Heat and Control, Inc. (USA)

HEAT AND CONTROL PTY. LTD. 407 Creek Rd., Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane, Queensland 4122 Australia Tel. 61-7-8776333 Fax: 61-7-343 8371

Spiral cooling and freezing systems. Carton freezing tunnels. Breaders and batterers. Conveyors. Fryers. Multi-purpose ovens, dryers. Complete range of processing, packaging and refrigeration equipment.

HEATCRAFT REFRIGERATION PRODUCTS 4900 Lewis Rd., Stone Mountain, GA 30083 USA Tel. 1-770-939-4450 Fax: 1-770-908-5420

Robert McDonough

Refrigeration condensing units, 1/2 to 120 MP, for warehouse applications; unit coolers from 1000 to 200,000 BtuH; air-cooled condensers up to 220 tons cooling capacity.

HEINEN GmbH MASCHINENFABRIK Achternstrasse 1-17, 26316 Varel, Germany Tel. 49-4451-1220 Telex: 251211 heiva d Fax: 49-4451 122180

Spiral freezers for meat, poultry, fish, bakery, dairy industry. IQF freezers for fruit and vegetable industry. Contact freezers for fish, bakery, dairy industry. Food processing equipment. Multi-stage buffer freezers. Fermentation spirals for the bakery industry. Spiral ovens for heating, pasteurizing, and cooking.

HEINZ NIENSTEDT MASCHINEN-FABRIK Recklinghauser Strasse 90-92 D-45721 Haltern, Germany Tel. 49 2364 93920 Fax: 49 2364 939291

Jorg Rosenberger, President

Equipment for further processing of deep frozen food stuff blocks (handling, cutting, automation). Consulting to increase process efficiency.

HEMA U.S.A., INC. 426 W. Universal Circle, Sandy, Utah 84070 USA Tel. 1-801-565-1320 Fax: 1-801-565-1319

Kenneth K. Hiett

Volumetric fillers for leaf/chopped spinach, various vegetables, frozen dinners and entrees, fish and seafoods in bags or cartons, rice, pasta, sauces, etc.

HEMA TECHNOLOGIES 5 Rue Herve Marchand, 29556 Quimper, France Tel. 33-98 52 40 00 Fax: 33-98 52 40 50

Marc Vincent

Volumetric fillers for baby food, pet food, various vegetables, ready meals, fish and seafoods in bags or cartons.

HEMA TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Adolfplatz 8 - 24105 Kiel, Germany Tel. 49-43184661 Fax: 49-43181807

M. Willy Grandke

Volumetric fillers for leaf/chopped spinach, various vegetables, ready meals, fish and seafoods in bags of cartons.

HENCH CONTROL CORPORATION 1101 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite F-165, San Jose, CA 95128 USA Tel. 1-408-296-4600 Fax: 1-408-296-4681

John E. Hench

Modular computer controls for refrigeration.

HENRY VALVE CO. 3215 North Ave. Melrose Park, IL 60160 USA Tel. 1-708-344-1100 Fax: 1-708-344-0026

Paul Schwarz

Refrigeration valves.

HENRY VOGT MACHINE CO. P.O. Box 1918, Louisville, KY 40201-1918 USA Tel. 1-502-634-1500 Fax: 1-502-634-0479

Ron Scherzinger

Ice machines (vending, process cooling before freezing). Chillers (process cooling).

HEXACOMB 75 Tri State International Lincolnshire, IL 60069 USA Tel. 1-708-317-1991 Fax: 1-708-317-0007

Kraft paper honeycomb pallets.

HI-LINE STORAGE SYSTEMS CO. Hi-Line Drive and Ridge Road, Perkasie, PA 18944 USA Tel. 1-215-257-3600 Fax: 1-215-257-2789

Robert J. Egner

Conveyors, shelving. Storage racks.

HI-SPEED CHECKWEIGHER CO., INC. 5 Barr Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Tel. 1-607-257-6000, (800) 836-0836 Fax: 1-607-257-5232

Robert Klein, Sales Mgr.

Scales. Net weighers. Check weighers.

HOLLYMATIC CORPORATION 600 East Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL 60525 USA Tel. 1-708-579-3700 Fax: 1-708-579-1057 Telex: 25-3092

Don Berkey, Mktg. Mgr.

Patty and portioning machines for meat, fish and other products. Automatic feed grinders; mixers and grinders. Meat saw, vacuum packaging equipment. Vacuum tumblers, product mixers and patty/inter leaver paper.

HOWE CORP. 1650 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 USA Tel. 1-312-235-0200 Fax: 1-312-235-1530

Kevin McCool, VP Mktg.

Refrigeration compressors. Pressure vessels. Flake ice equipment.

HOYER INC. 1104 Industrial Blvd., Albion, MI USA 49224 Tel. 1-517-629-2163 Fax: 1-517-629-2166

Jeff Kaplan

Freezing tunnels. Multi lane wrappers. Cartonizers. Filling machines. Wrap around case packers.

HUBBARD GROUP SERVICES LTD. Hillview, Otley, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 9NP United Kingdom Tel. 44-473-892217 Fax: 44-473-890758

Refrigeration units for transport coldrooms.

HUGHES COMPANY INC. P.O. Box 280, 1200 W. James St., Columbus, W153925 USA Tel. 1-414-623-2000 Fax: 1-414-623-4098

Dean Becker, Sales Mgr.

Vegetable and fruit processing equipment; complete lines of sweet corn and green bean equipment; continuous blanchers/cookers; vibrating and belt conveyors; vegetable washers; dewatering equipment; pumps; vibrating inspection tables; pasta and rice cooking/cooling equipment, air separators; food plant layout and consulting services.

HUNTSMAN CORPORATION 500 Huntsman Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 USA Tel. 1-801-584-5700 Fax: 1-801-584-5784

Kyle Rossler

Flexible plastic QFF packaging.

HUSSMANN CANADA - COMMERCIAL DIVISION 58 Frank St., P.O. Box 550, Brantford, Ontario Canada N3T 5R2 Tel. 1-519-756-6351 Fax: 1-519-756-3576

W. Cook, Sales Mgr.; D. Woods, Sales Rep.; R. Muller, Sales Rep. (Quebec Div.) Refrigeration condensing units, evaporators, condensers. Pre-fab walk-in/drive-in freezers and coolers. Food store retail refrigerated display cases Vaporizers - hot gas defrost system for refrigeration systems.

HUSSMANN CORPORATION 12999 St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044 2483 USA Tel. 1-314-298-6556 Fax: 1-314-298-4757

Harry Dignazio, VP Mktg.

Refrigerated and frozen display merchandisers. Refrigeration systems.

HUSSMANN MANUFACTURING Rosyth Road, Glasgow G50XZ Scotland Tel. 441-41 420 1500 Fax: 441-41 420-1702

R. W. Munn, Gen. Sales Mgr.

Supermarket refrigerated display cases. Self-contained refrigerated display cases.

HUSSMANN (EUROPE) LTD. Westcombe House, 36 Windsor St., Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1AB UK Tel. 44-1895 860110 Fax: 44-1895 860111

Refrigerated display cases for all retail applications. Mix and match power packs. Complete design, installation and service of commercial refrigeration equipment.

HURRE GROUP OY Coldroom Division P.O. Box 127, Fin-33101 Tampere, Finland Tel. 358 31 349 4111 Fax: 358 31 349 4361

Hans-Erik Nystrom, Export Mgr.

Cold rooms. Doors. Insulation, Refrigeration.

IDAHO STEEL PRODUCTS INC. 255 E. Anderson Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83401 USA Tel. 1-208-522-1275 Fax: 1-208-522-6041

Bruce Ball

Food processing equipment (blanchers, cookers, coolers, forming equipment, screw conveyors).

IGGESUND PAPERBOARD AB STROMS BRUK Box 67, S-82072, Stromsbruk, Sweden Tel. 46-650 289 00 Telefax: 46-650 404 80

Full range of plastic coated paperboard for frozen food packages.

ILAPAK LTD. Chalfont House, Silverdale Road, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 3BN, England Tel. 441-81 561 2020 Fax: 441-81 561 7985

Supply and service of packaging and processing machinery; horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal, modified atmosphere packaging, stretch-wrapping, sachets. Salad preparation lines.

IMECO, INC. 3820 Highway 26, Polo, IL 61064 USA Tel. 1-815-946-2351 Fax: 1-815-946-3409

Mike Naylon; Chuck Speat

Industrial refrigeration equipment.

INCA METAL PRODUCTS, INC. 501 E. Purnell, P.O. Box 897, Lewisville, TX 75067-897 USA Tel. 1-214-436-5581 Fax: 1-214-436-7901

Hubert Strom

Storage racks - warehouse storage.

INDIANA SCALE dba "INSCALE" Box 1461, Terre Haute, IN 47807 USA Tel. 1-800-722-5314 Fax: 1-812-232-6876

Peter J. Herrmann

Washdown floor scales for pallet and cart weighing; washdown check-weighers for pre-pack.

INDUSTRIA SIEGFRIED SCHURMEYER GmbH & CO. KG Dr. Hermann-Lindrath-Str. 15, 23812 Wahlstedt, Germany Tel. 49/4554/2662 Fax: 49/4554/4880

Conveyors/woven wire belts. Vertical conveyors for bottles, tins, frozen products. Plastic chain conveyors on stainless/aluminum frames, in ready mounted parts equipment for fishing vessels.

INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS N.V. Aarschotsesteenweg 40 B-3010 Wilsele (Leuven), Belgium Tel. (32-16) 24 02 11 Fax: (32-16) 24 02 54 BTW BE 455 774/042710

Modular freezer tunnels. Cold storage units.

INDUSTRIE TECHNOFRIGO DELL'ORTO S.p.A. 161 Via Matteotti, 40013 Castel Maggiore/BO Italy Tel. 39-51-711471 Fax: 39-51-714261 Tlx: 510252 Tecfr I

Vinenzo Saponara, Man. Dir.

Equipment for industrial refrigeration (compressors, insulating panels). Complete plants and systems for industrial processes.

INSTA-FOAM PRODUCTS, INC. 1500 Cedarwood Drive, Joliet, IL 60435 USA Tel. 1-815-741-6800; (800) 800-FOAM Fax: 1-815-741-6822

Chuck Bahuriak

Polyurethane foam sealant - sealing panels. Two component polyurethane foam repair kits. Polyurethane adhesive.

INSULATION SYSTEMS, INC. 165 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Box 1299, Collierville, TN 38027-1299 USA Tel. 1-901-853-8000 Fax: 1-901-853-5427

Michael C. Graw

Furnish and install insulated panels, cold storage doors, floor insulation. Roof insulation, single membrane roofing and other items related to cold storage construction.

INTEC INC. 3942 150th Ave. N.E., Redmond, WA 98052 USA Tel. 1-206-882-7765 Fax: 1-206-882-7853

Raph Engle

Freezing and chilling systems (Vrt).

INTERLAKE MATERIAL HANDLING DIVISION 1240 E. Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563 USA Tel. 1-708-245-8800 Fax: 1-708-245-8903

Racks. Conveyors. Warehouse management software.

INTERNATIONAL PAPER 6400 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38119 USA Tel. 1-901-763-6942 Fax: 1-901-763-6048

Charles E. Csiszar

Packaging for frozen food products.

INTERROLL CORPORATION 3000 Corporate Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405 USA Tel. 1-910-799-1100 Fax: 1-910-392-3822

Martin Clark, Gen. Mgr. Logic Div.

Pallet accumulation conveyors. Pallet flow storage. Pallet push back. Conveyor components. Automatic push-back crane system.

INTRALOX, INC. 201 Laitram Lane, Harahan, LA 70123 USA Tel. 1-504-733-0463; 1-(800) 535-8848 Fax: 1-504-734-0063

Dan Waters, Nat'l Sales Mgr.

Modular plastic conveyor belts and accessories. (Sprockets, Flights).

IRMAOS SCHUR LTDA. Al. Amazonas, 202 - Alphaville, 0645-070 Barueri - SP, Brazil Tel. 55-11 421-1355 Fax: 55-11421-5361

Packaging and casing. Packaging and processing equipment.

ISOBAR 81, Harelbeeksestraat 8520 Kuurne, Belgium Tel. 32-56-710494 Telex: 85784 Fax: 32-56-703287

Walk-in coolers and freezers, hinge-doors and sliding doors, industrial cold stores.

Isocab N.V. Treurnietstraat 10, 8531 Bavikhove-Harelbeke, Belgium Tel. 32 Fax: 32 Telex: 85934

Piet Benoit, Sales Mgr.

Cold rooms and doors. Panels for wall and roof covering, insulated sandwich panels.

Jackstone Food Systems J & E Hall Ltd. Stephenson Way, Thetford, Norfolk, IP243RP England Tel. 44-1842-762511 Telex: 81534 Fax: 44-1842-763322

Design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of industrial freezers, coolers and ancillary equipment.

J & E Hall Limited

Refrigeration spares and compressor remanufacture.

14 Hansard Gate, West Meadows Industrial Estate, Derby, England DE21 6JN Tel. 44-1332 293318 Fax: 44-1332 371061

D.J. Relf, Dir.; J. Moore, Sales Mgr.

Supplier of refrigeration systems and component spares. Remanufacturer of refrigeration compressors.

J & E Hall Limited 6 Prospect Place, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1BU England. Tel. 44-1322 223456 Fax: 44-1322 291458

R. P. Taylor, T. C. Coleman, A. J. Payne

Compressor design. Procure, manufacture and install complete refrigeration and freezing systems. Manufacturer of Hall screw compressors. Aquachill water chillers.

JACOBSON COMPANIES 2445 Nevada Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55427 USA Tel. 1-612-544-8781 Fax: 1-612-544-0908

Bob Schmitz

Crushers for blocks of frozen food, concentrate, etc.

JAKOBSSON FRYSARIMPORT AB Ljungvagen 3, S-313 03 Aled, Sweden Tel. 46-35-39565 Fax: 46-35-39563

Representative for Heinen freezers and chillers in Nordic countries.

JAMES RIVER CORP. One Better Way Road, Milford, OH 45150 USA Tel. 1-513-576-7367; Fax: 1-513-576-7101

Randy Schultz

Qwik Wave packaging technology for microwave oven usage.

JAMISON DOOR COMPANY P.O. Box 70 Hagerstown, MD 21741-0070 USA Tel. 1-301-733-3100 Fax: 1-301-791-7339

George W. Hamilton

Insulated doors for cold storage applications. Swinging, horizontal sliding, overhead, vertical sliding; cooler, freezer, blast freezer.

GREGOR JONSSON INC. 1520 Berkeley Road, Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Tel. 1-708-831-2030 Fax: 1-708-831-2343

Beth A. Dancy, VP Sales

Shrimp peeling and deveining machines.

Jorgensen Engineering A/S Svendborgvej 35 DK-5260 Oderise S, Denmark Tel. 45-66-132211 Telex: 59824 Telefax: 45-66-13 90 85

Jorgen Peter Wind; Peder Bechager Pealersen; Soren Lehd

Complete preparation and processing lines for vegetable and berry freezing and canning. Conveying systems for cans and glass jars and automatic systems for loading and unloading of retort crates.

JULES RICHARD INSTRUMENTS 116 Quai de Bezons, B.P. 85, 95101 Argenteuil, Cedex, France Tel. 33-1 39470936 Fax: 33-139470094 Telex 608719F

Luc Lagorce, Sales Mgr.

Temperature recorders for cold rooms.

FRIEDERICH JUSTUS GmbH Hans-Duncker-Str. 1, P.O. Box 800547 D-21005, Hamburg, Germany Tel. 49-40 73 42 40 Fax: 49-40 73 42 41 32 Telex: 2162644

Per J. Justus

For products see Starfrost Systems Ltd. and Allen Machinery Co. Inc.

KVP SYSTEMS, INC. 11300 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 USA Tel. 1-916-635-5151 Fax: 1-916-635-9682

Eric K. Palmaer

Thermoplastic belts and chains, straight and radius, for freezer, packaging and processing lines. Plastic radius belts for spiral applications for freezer, packaging and processing lines.

KAEFER ISOLIERTECHNIK Cold Storage Division, Dorschstr. 13, P.O. Box 290264, D-27572 Bremerhaven 29, Germany Tel. 1-471-7995-0 Fax: 1471-77090

Paul Noculak, Klaus Krenz

Cold storage warehouse facility construction. Cold storage on fishing vessels. Rooms and cells for hotels and catering. Upgrading and maintenance.

KALMAN FLOOR COMPANY, INC. 1202 Highway 74, Suite 110, Evergreen, CO 80439 USA Tel. 1-303-674-2290 Fax: 1-303-674-1238

Gib McGough, Dwight Cabalka, Dave Townsend, Tim Robinson, Tom Hebson

Specialty concrete floor systems.

KAMFLEX CORPORATION 555 Kimberly Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188 USA Tel. 1-708-682-1555 Fax: 1-708-682-9312

Kirit Kamdar

Conveyors. (Food and pharmaceutical transferring.)

KASON INDUSTRIES, INC. 57 Amlajack Blvd., Shenandoah, GA 30265 USA Tel. 1-(800) 935-2766 Fax: 1-404- 251-4854

Frank McAteer, VP Sales

Hinges, latches, accessory hardware for refrigeration equipment. Horizontal sliding door track systems, manual and power operated. Vinyl strip curtains and doors.

EDWARD KELLER (PHILIPPINES) Box 1300, Domestic Road, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. 810-0201 to 19 Telex: 22025 EDK PH Fax: (632) 818 3995, (632) 819 3520

Ernesto G. Serapio, Apolinario S. Vallota, Henry M. Toledano, Alberto C. Yap, Jr.

Equipment for fast food, refrigeration, weighing, packaging; meat, fish, shrimp, vegetable and fruit processing.

KELLEY DOOR SYSTEMS W183 S8253 Racine Ave. Muskego, WI 53150 USA Tel. 1-414-422-0500 Fax: 1-414-422-0698

Bob Warner, President

High-speed traffic doors with freezer/cooler applications. Loading dock seals and shelters. Loading dock: truck restraints and dock levelers.

KEMETEC CORPORATION 2028 Lanier Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205 USA Tel. 1-704-537-2552 Fax: 1-704-531-1100

Edwin M. Rimsky, VP

Smokehouses - hot and/or cold smoking/cooking of meat, poultry and seafood products. Skinners - meat, poultry and fish products. Non-stick fabric - teflon coated fiberglas to prevent cooking products from sticking. Vacuum packaging machines. Brink chillers for rapid chilling of processed meats and poultry.

KEMLITE CO., INC. 23525 W. Eames St. (Rt. 6), Channahon, IL 60410 USA Tel. 1-815-467-8600 Fax: 1-815-467-8666

Gilberto Mundaca, Int'l Bus. Mgr.

Wall panels, ceiling panels and grips fiberglas reinforced plastic.

Kerian Machines Box 311, Grafton, ND 58237 USA Tel. 1-701-352-0480 Fax: 1-701-352-3776

John Kerian

Sizers/graders for fruits, vegetables and seafood.

KERSCO INCORPORATED Box 766, Muskegon, MI 49443 USA Tel. 1-616-722-1631 Fax: 1-616-728-35 98

Bob Carlson, Jan Buit

Aluminum spacers for food processing, refrigerated warehousing and food distribution industries.

KEY TECHNOLOGY B.V. (Subsidiary of Key Technology Inc.) Ambachtsstraat 7, 7461 TP Rijssen, Netherlands Tel. 31-548-514707 Fax: 31-548-514515

M. J. J. Bourgondien, Gen. Mgr.

Electro-optical inspection and sorting equipment. Specialized vibratory conveyors and pump systems. Food product preparation equipment.

KEY TECHNOLOGY, INC. 150 Avery St., Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA Tel. 1-509-529-2161 Fax: 1-509-527-1331

Optical inspection systems for automatic defect detection and removal. Specialized conveying systems; vibratory conveyors, graders and freezer feed shakers. Blanchers and other vegetable processing systems.

KEYES FIBRE CO. Upper College Ave., Waterville, ME 04901 USA Tel. 1-207-873-335 1 Fax: 1-207-877-6222 Telex: 710-229-1900

Will Howard, VP Mkt. Packaging.

THE KING COMPANY 1001 N.W. 21st Avenue, P.O. Box 287, Owatonna, MN 55060 USA Tel. 1-507-451-3770 Fax: 1-507-455-7400

Bruce Paulson

Plate finned coils for cooling, freezing and heating applications. Air systems - complete units for freezing, cooling and heating use.

KING YUAN FU PACKING CO., LTD. No. 42, Lane 36, Kuang Wu St., Shu Lin Chen, Taipei HS1EN, Taiwan Tel. 886-2- 6896666/6882145 Fax: 886-2-6881165

J. G. Chen, President

Food packaging of all kinds.

KINOSHITA & CO. LTD. No. 5-3, Osaki 5-Chome, Shinagawaku, Tokyo, Japan Tel. 81-3493 5011

Koichi Sasaki

Ammonia and Freon refrigerators and refrigeration equipment. Ice making, freezing, cold storage, refrigeration for foods and chemical industries.

Kiremko B.V. Tasveld 7, Postbus 5 3417 ZG Montfoort, Netherlands Tel. 31-3484-72244 Fax: 31-348-47-1307 Telex: 47713 kiko nl

Peter Brouwer

Complete lines for processing potatoes, french fries, crisps, vegetables.

KIRPESTEIN MACHINERY BV Beesdseweg 3, 4104 AW Culemborg, Netherlands Tel. 31 31345 522588 Fax: 31 31345 516438

Grading machines. Vibrating feeders. Conveying vibrators. Glazing machines. Vibrating graders for frozen vegetables.

KLIKLOK CORPORATION 5224 Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur, GA 30035 USA Tel. 1-770-981-5200 Fax: 1-770-987-7160

Bill Crist, VP Sales

Top load carton forming, conveying and closing. Horizontal end load car-toning, wrap around cartoning, automatic product handling and loading. Vertical form, fill, seal bag maker, net weight filling, automatic case loading, bag-in-box.

KLIKLOK INTERNATIONAL LTD. Western Drive, Hengrove Park Estate, Bristol, BS14 OAY England Tel. 44-1275-836131 Telex: 44679 Fax: 44-1275-891754

N. J. Fox, Sales and Marketing Dir.

Complete range of cartoning equipment employing lock, glue and heat seal techniques. Top load, end load and solutions for automatic product handling. Speeds from 15 cartons per minute up to 250 per minute. Bag-in-box combination machinery.

KOACH ENGINEERING & MFG., INC. 8950 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA Tel. 1-818-768-0222 Fax: 1-818-768-7991

Ivan Rasovich, Sales Mgr.

Liquid nitrogen immersion and spray freezers for high IQF quality, capacity and efficiency. C[O.sup.2] spray freezing tunnels, single or 3-deck, and flighted 3-deck type for compactness, quality and high yield. Freezing systems.

KOCH SUPPLIES INC. 1411 West 29th St., Kansas City, MO 64108 USA Tel. 1-816-753-2150 Fax: 1-816-561-9783 Telex: 42264 Koch Ksc

Jim Euston, Equipment; Dave Summers, Supplies

Vacuum packaging equipment. Processing equipment and supplies for meat, poultry and seafood.

KOMA KOELTECHNISCHE INDUSTRIE Energieweg 2 Roermond 6045 JE, Netherlands Tel. 31-475-32 42 46 Fax: 31- 475-32 54 49

M. Aarts

Conservation and dough conditioning equipment. Turbo runner mechanical tunnel freezers. Blast freezers.

KOMEN & KUIN B.V. c/o Ampereweg 3-5 3442 AB Woerden Netherlands Tel. 31-183-415541 Fax: 31-183-422289

A. Gringhuis

Construction and development of machines for the pre-processing, washing, feeding/cleaning, peeling/deskinning, cutting, grading, blanching, slicing, cooling, pasteurizing for the fruit, vegetable and potato processing industry.

KORNYLAK CORP. 400 Heaton St., Hamilton, OH 45011 USA Tel. 1-513-863-1377 Fax: 1-513-863-7644 Telex: 214327 Kornylakhton

Anne G. McAdams

Conveyor systems, racks and paletizing systems, storage racks, storage systems.

KRACK CORPORATION 401 S. Rohlwing Road, Addison, IL 60101 USA Tel. 1-708-629-7500 Fax: 1-708-629-0168

Gary Chafee

Evaporator air units for blast freezing and cold storage. Split refrigeration systems for R22, R404, R507. Air cooled condenser.

KRAMER 3075 N. Lanier Parkway, Decatur, GA 30034 USA Tel. 1-4040244-8004 Fax: 1-404-244-1846

George Mahler, Dir. of Sales

Refrigeration equipment for industry, warehouses, stores.

KUHL CORPORATION P.O. Box 26, Flemington, NJ 08822-0026 USA Tel. 1-908-782-5696 Fax: 1-908-782-2751

Henry Y. Kuhl, Kevin Kuhl

Washers for vats, vemags, racks, pans, totes, barrels, pallets, chill trays and baskets, bowls, kettles and utensils.

KUHLAUTOMAT BERLIN GmbH KAB Segelfliegerdamm 145, 12487 Berlin, Germany Tel. 49-30-639430 Fax: 49-30-63943324

V. Briel

Manufacturing, selling, servicing and repairing of reciprocating and screw compressors, components and spare parts for industrial refrigeration installations in Western Europe.

KUSEL EQUIPMENT CO. 820 West Street, Watertown, WI 53094 USA Tel. 1-414-261-4112 Fax: 1-414-261-3151

Jim Szollar, Ron Bichel

Palletizers and depalletizers for cases, cans, pails and bags. Stainless steel floor drains, plus cleanouts and "P" traps. Cheese manufacturing equipment. Vegetable processing equipment and waterless peeling applications.

KWIK WEIGH INC. 7800 Deering Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304 USA Tel. 1-818-716 0593 Fax: 1-818-340-1175

Richard Sharpe

Truck scales to weigh pallets of frozen foods.

KYSOR/WARREN 1600 Industrial Blvd., Conyers, GA 30207 USA Tel. 1-404-483-5600 Fax: 1-404-929-4379

David G. Stafford, VP Exp. Oper.

Refrigerated display cabinets. Refrigeration systems.

LTI CONTRACTING 2132 S. 156 Circle, Omaha, NE 68130 USA Tel. 1-402-330-7100

Rob Foster, Dean Butterfield, Kelly Crawford

General contracting and cold storage insulation contractor.

LACROSSE FOOTWEAR, INC. Box 1328, La Crosse, WI 54602 USA Tel. 1-(800) 323-2668 Fax: 1-(800) 658-9444

Pete Fiorini

Insulated and safety footwear.

Laitram Machinery, Inc. 220 Laitram Lane, Harahan, LA 70123 USA Tel. 1-(800) 533-8253 Fax: 1-504-733-2143

Warren Bankston; Ralph Bergeron

Lines for bulk shrimp processing for automatic peeling. Continuous steam cookers - cook/blanch seafood, vegetables, etc. Waste water management systems - filtration and recirculation of process water. Size grading systems.

LANSING LINDE LTD. Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6XJ England Tel. 44-1256-342000 Fax: 44-1256-342923 Telex: LBBA G 858120

Julia Hall

Reach trucks and turret tracks for narrow aisle cold storage handling. Pallet transporters for moving product into and out of cold storages. Order picking trucks for selection inside cold stores.

LAROCHE INDUSTRIES INC. 1100 Johnson, Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA 30342 USA Tel. 1-404-851-0353 Fax: 1-404-851-0476

Mary Wehner

Portable dry ice pellet machines with large capacity. Process for filtering small amounts of cooking oil.

MASCHINEFABRIK LASKA GmbH Makartstrasse 60, A4050 Traun, Austria Tel. 43-7229-313835 Fax: 43-7229-313840

Rudolf Krinninger

Frozen meat breakers. Grinders, mixer-grinders, frozen meat grinders 82-280 mm. Bowl choppers, vacuum cutters, cooking cutters 45-750 liter. Mixing machines, vacuum mixers 130-4500 liter, bone crushers.

LAWSON MARDON CARTON-BRISTOL Tower Road North, Warmley, Bristol, BS15 2XL England Tel. 44-117-9677161 Fax: 44-117-9600889

Sarah Wyatt, Mktg.

Executive Printed folding cartons for the frozen food industry. Manufacturer of all-board dual overnable frozen food trays.

LAWSON MARDON CARTON-BIRMINGHAM Fountain Lane, Oldbury Warley, West Midlands, B69 3BQ UK Tel. 44-121-552-1605 Fax: 44-121-544-6987

Sarah Wyatt, Mktg. Exec.

(See above for equipment.)

LAWSON MARDON CARTON-EDINBURGH Langmuir Works, Sighthill Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, EH11 4EL Scotland Tel. 44-131-453 5544 Fax: 44-131-44-24714

Ruary Muirhead, Mktg.

(See above for equipment.)

LAWSON MARDON FLEXIBLE, INC. 3800 N. Wilke Road, Suite 150, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA Tel. 1-708-590-2800 Fax: 1-708-590-2829

Packaging. Recording thermometers.

LAWSON MARDON PICOPAC Florence St., Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1NT UK Tel. 44-121-622-2303 Fax: 44-121-666-6138

J.P. F. Horner

Aluminum foil containers for the food processing and catering industries.

LEICHLE S.A. Boite Postale 216 57402 Sarrebourg, Cedex, France Tel. 33-87 03 02 40 Fax: 33-87 23 67 47

Nadia Decker

Coldstore and freezer doors. Insulated and hermetic doors.

LELAND SOUTHWEST 600 Burlington Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76179-1310 USA Tel. 1-817-232-4482 Fax: 1-817-232-4081

Ann-Michele Bowlin

Double action food mixers - 100-1,200 pound capacities for blending sausage, salads, dry spices, sauces, etc.; vacuum tumblers, 125-2000 pound capacities, marinating, curing and tenderizing pre-cooked/pre-smoked meat and poultry products.

LIGHTFOOT REFRIGERATION Unit 4B, Chineham Business Park Basingstoke, Hants RG248NA, UK Tel. 44-1256 844222 Fax: 44-1256 59173

Refrigeration service and maintenance.

LINCS ENGINEERING & FOUNDRY Marsden Rd., Fish Docks, Grimsby, South Humberside, England Tel. 441-472 342758; 345584

S. Douglas, D. Joplin

Spare parts and change parts for frozen food machinery.

LINDE AG, WERKSGRUPPE KAELTE - UND EINRICHTUNGSTECHNIK Box 50 15 64, Suerther Hauptstrasse 178, D-50999 Cologne, Germany Tel. 49-2236-601-01 Telex: 88 14-0 lin d Fax: 49-2236-601-2499

J. Kraemer

Refrigerated and freezer display cases. Cold rooms, non-refrigerated shop equipment. Industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Heat recovery systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

LINDE REFRIGERATION LTD. 7, Nuffield Way, Abingdon, Oxon OX 14 1RJ, England Tel. 44-1235 550044 Fax: 44-1235 555762 Telex: 83330

P. Stevens

All types of refrigeration equipment for storing, chilling, freezing and display of foods and production of ice.

LIQUID CARBONIC 810 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60521 USA Tel. 1-708-572-7500 Fax: 1-708-572-7935

Cryogenic and mechanical freezing systems to rapidly chill, crust and final-freeze wide ranges of food products. Carbon dioxide system to quickly freeze moisture-critical foods so that no preservatives are needed.

LIXI, INC. 1438 Brook Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA Tel. 1-708-620-4646 Fax: 1-708-620-7776

Joe Plevak

In-line X-ray Food Inspection Systems (Contamination in Food).

LOGISTIC CONCEPTS 8300 Logistic Drive, Zeeland, MI 49464 USA Tel. 1-616-772-0028 Fax: 1-616-772-2539

C. Patrick Walker, Joe Batteiger

Computer software and hardware equipment for public refrigerated warehouses, general merchandise operations and private warehouses.

LOHEAT (A Division of Primetown Ltd.) Everland Road, Hungerford Berkshire RG17 ODU England Tel. 441-488.682244 Fax: 441-488.684446

E. Perry, Sales; D. Wren, Tech. Mgr.

Low voltage frost heave prevention systems and door heating equipment for cold stores.

LOMA SYSTEMS Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 ONY England Tel. 44-1252-540346 Fax: 44-1252-513322

Tony Symes, Sales Mgr. (UK)

Metal detectors, checkweighers and inspection equipment.

LOMA INTERNATIONAL INC. 1645 Greenleaf Ave., Elk Grove, IL 60007 USA Tel. 1-847-952-0900 1-800-USA-LOMA Fax: 1-847-952-0911

Gary Wilson, Sales Mgr.

Superscan metal detectors for food processing lines. Checkweighers and inline control systems for all packaging processing lines.

LOVESHAW, AN ITW COMPANY Route 296, Box 83 South Canaan, PA 18459 USA Tel. 1-(800) 572-3434 Fax: 1-717-937-3229

Stan Zygmunt, Marketing Mgr.

Case sealers, formers, case erectors, case inkjet printers.

Lubot Wakker Engineering bv 2e Industrieweg 14 4147 CT Asperen, Holland Tel. 31-3451-18848 Fax: 31-3451-17924 Telex: 40617 luwak nl

A. P. van der Stouwe

Construction. Conveyors. Conveyor belts. Frying/Cooking. Processing.

LUMETECH A/S Tuborg Havnevej 7A, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark Tel. 45 31 185600 Fax: 45 31 182231

Peter Ibsen, President

Automated trimming and portioning of poultry, red meat and fish (Lumetech Optiscan.)

LYCO MFG., INC. 115 Commercial Dr., Columbus, WI 53925 USA Tel. 1-414-623-4152 Fax: 1-414-623-3780

David R. Zittel, John R. (Jack) McDowell, William T. Butch

Blancher/cookers for vegetable, meat and pasta products. Continuous coolers for vegetables and pouched products. Vegetable peelers for potatoes, onions, beet and carrots. Solids/liquids separation screens for waste removal.

LYNGGAARD FOOD MACHINERY Halmtorvet 15, DK-1700 Copenhagen V, Denmark Anno 1887 Tel. 45-3131 3535 Fax: 45-3131 1122 Evening: 45 31212822

Hans T. Lynggaard, Finn Markussen, Rene Wozniewski; Merete Larsen

Brine injection machines for whole fish (salmon, fish fillets, etc.); poultry, fish, meat. Bone and meat separators. Grinders and mixers for meat, poultry and fish. Stainless steel processing equipment. Mixers for ready meals and toppings. All kinds of saws.

McCONNELL MFG. CO., INC. (Chisholm Ryder Co. Parts) Box 269, Steuben County, Prattsburg, NY 14873-0269 USA Tel. 1-607-522-3701 Fax: 1-607-522-4100

J. Ward McConnell, Jr., Pres.

Parts for Chisholm Ryder Co. Unibine, pea and lima bean harvesters. CRCO parts: MDH green and wax bean harvesters/grape harvesters. Heat exchangers and complete pasteurizer for juices. Green bean graders, snippers and other bean processing in-plant equipment for preparation and processing of beans, peas, tomatoes, etc. TUC corn processing equipment.

M. G. GAS PRODUCTS LTD. Cedar House, 39 London Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9QE England Tel. Reigate 441-737-241133 Telex: 917280 Diceel G. Fax: 737-241842

Mr. B. J. Horwood

Carbon dioxide, industrial gases and plant and equipment. C[O.sub.2] snowing units. Dry ice pellet makers and pelletisers. C[O.sub.2] gas safety monitors.

MG INDUSTRIES #6 Research Park Drive, St. Charles, MO 63304 USA Tel. 1-314-447-1155 Fax: 1-314-926-8794

Allan Weiner

Cryogenic (liquid nitrogen carbon dioxide) food freezers and chillers. Liquid nitrogen. Carbon dioxide.

MCP PERFORMANCE PLASTICS Kibbutz Hamaapil, DN Hefer, 38857 Israel Tel. 972-6-367817/8 Fax: 972-6-6258420

Reuven Sarig

Trays for food packaging.

MRM/LEGIN CORP. 902 Parkway Road, Menomonie, WI 54751 USA Tel. 1-715-235-5583 Fax: 1-715-235-0512

Whitt Widmer

Liquid filling and capping equipment. Accumulating and unscrambling tables.

M.T.C. - MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION Box 1358, Temple, TX 76503 USA Tel. 1-817-778-1894 Fax: 1-817-771-0287

Carl R. Cort

Dumpers - elevating containers of all sizes and dumping to fillers and hoppers. Mixer/blenders - fragile foods, meat, poultry, seafood and dry ingredients. Formulations systems. Conveying systems.

MAGNUSON CORP. #1 Magnuson Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81002 USA Tel. 1-719-948-9500 Fax: 1-719-948-9540

Ron Anderson

Peeling and feeding equipment, corn cutters and huskers.

MAGURIT OF AMERICA 601 E. Lincolnway 2E, Valparaiso, IN 46383 USA

Fred Koberna

Dicers (frozen meat). Depalletizing (palletized product not boxed). Guillotine cutters (frozen blocks). Drum cutter (reduce frozen blocks from 200 L drums for the fruit juice industry). Pallet lifters.

MAGURIT-GEFRIERSCHNEIDER Hohenweg 91/Postfach 11 05 04, 42897 Remscheid-Lennep, Germany Tel. 49-2191/9662-0 Fax: 49-2191-9662-98/99

Dr. J. Hager, W. Vieth, L. Dahn

Machines for frozen block cutting into chips, flakes, cubes, strips, slices and chunks.

MAHAFFY & HARDER ENGINEERING Box 40002, 140 Clinton Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004-0002 USA Tel. 1-201-227-4004 Fax: 1-201-227-3634

Maryanne LeMaire, Sales Admin.

Horizontal form fill and seal machines. Tray sealers.

MAJA EQUIPMENT CO. 1003 S. 24th St., Omaha, NE 68108 USA Tel. 1-402-346-6252 Fax: 1-402-346-6953

John Long, Dave Thiede

Maja skinning machines for fish and fish fillets. Fine ice machines; flake ice for chilling, packaging fish.

MANNING SYSTEMS 11511 W. 83 Terr., Lenexa, KS 66214 USA Tel. 1-913-894-1185 Fax: 1-913-894-1296

Frank Wewers, Paula Hankins

Ammonia and Fluorocarbon (Freon) leak detection systems. Also carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases.

MARATHON TEMPERATURE RECORDER CO. Box 4740, Modesto, CA 95352 USA Tel. 1-209-523-6872 Fax: 1-209-523-8833

Kevin Flynn

Recording instruments. Temperature Documentation.

MARC REFRIGERATION MFG. INC. 7453 N.W. 32nd Ave., Miami, FL 33147 USA Tel. 1-305-691-0500 Fax: 1-305-691-1212

Robert Gordon

Commercial refrigerators. Commercial freezers.

MAREL EQUIPMENT, INC. 61 Raddall Ave., Unit-D, Dartmouth, N.S. Canada B3B IT4 Tel. 1-902-468-5181 Fax: 1-902-468-5586

Noel Whitten, Ron Blackmore

Computerized weighing systems for food processing. High speed weight classifying machines. High speed check weighing scales. Marine scales. Packing scales.

MARKEM SYSTEMS LIMITED Astor Road, Eccles New Rd, Salford, Manchester M52DA, England Tel. 44-161 789 8131 Fax: 44-161 707 5315 Telex: 668670

S. K. Bazley, A. R. Hunt

Coders and overprinters. Label printer/applicators.

MARLEN RESEARCH CORPORATION 9202 Barton St., Overland Park, KS 66214 USA Tel. 1-913-888-3333 Fax: 1-913-888-6440

Adam E. Anderson

Pumps and stuffers for transferring products. Food forming systems.

MARYLAND WIRE BELTS, INC. 1959 Church Creek Road, Church Creek, Maryland 21622 USA Tel. 1-410-228-7900 Fax: 1-410-228-1647; 1-(800) 638-9568 Telex: 510 600-2787

Michael Elzey

Metal conveyer belting and accessories for straight and curved applications, installation and consultation services, transfer units.

MASTER-BILT PRODUCTS Highway 15 N., New Albany, MS 38652 USA Tel. 1-601-534-9061 Fax: 1-601-534-5979

Tim Dye

Cold rooms. Freezing equipment. Refrigerator cabinets.

MASTER SERVICES S.r.l. Via G. diVittorio n. 12, 20068 Peschiera Borromeo, Milano, Italy Tel. 39-2/54 70 106; 02/54 70 508 Telex: 323091 Osaco I Fax: 39-2/5473496

Lorena Lombardi

Frying and cooking equipment.

MATAL S.A. Rue de la Poste, B.P. 24, 44840 Les Sorinieres, France Tel. 33-40-84 54 54 Telex: 711709 Fax: 33-40-31 28 80

M. Daviaud, Managing Director

Complete industrial and marine refrigeration installations. Industrial freezers. Ice making plants.

MAURI LINDGREN FOOD EQUIPMENT 917 Lytton Road, Murarrie 4172 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Tel. (617) 33905066 Fax: (617) 33908665

K.W. Hammond

Cutters, fillers, slicers and cookers, thermoform and form, fill, and seal packaging equipment. Vacuum packaging.

MEAT PRO LTD. 16 Bourne Enterprise Centre, Wrotham Road, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent TN 15 8DG UK Tel. 44-1732-780777 Fax: 44-1732-780707

Forming machines. Batter, breaders, packaging machines and complete processing lines.

MECALFAB LIMITED 92 Queen St., Port of Spain, Trinidad Tel. (809) 642-3180, 5588, 0693 Fax: (809) 642-1093

Kent Costa

Blast freezers for seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits. Blast chillers for cooked food, vegetables, field harvested vegetables, cold storage warehouses. Water chillers for hydro coolers.

MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION, INC. 17351 Beaton Rd., Monroe, WA 98272 USA Tel. 1-360-788-4080 Fax: 1-360-794-6835

Eijaz Samad

IQF freezing tunnels for vegetables and fruits. Industrial cold storage design and refrigeration equipment. Design and supply of french fry and vegetable processing plant.

MECPARMAPLANTS S.R.L. Via U. La Malfa 6 43010 Pilastro (Parma), Italy Tel. 39-521-637688 Fax: 39-521-637442

Ettore Nicoli, Jacques Otto

Tuna fish, canned meat and pet food processing equipment. Leaf vegetable, tomato, temperate and tropical fruit processing. Sterilization and aseptic filling equipment.

MERITECH, INC. 8250 S. Akron St. #201, Englewood, CO 80112 USA Tel. 1-303-790-4670 Fax: 1-303-790-4859

Don Berns

Clean Tech automated hand/glove washer.

METL-SPAN CORPORATION 1497 N. Kealy, Lewisville, TX 75057 USA Tel. 1-214-221-6656 Fax: 1-214-436-7028

James C. Cant, Jr., V.P.

Insulated building panels for the construction of food processing plants and refrigerated warehouse facilities.

METSA-SERLA CORPORATION Paperboard Division Revontulentie 8 C, FIN-02100 Espoo, Finland Tel. 358 0 469 431 Fax: 358 0469 4944

Raili Akremius

Raw material for packaging cartons.

METTLER-TOLEDO AG CH-8606 Greifensee, Switzerland Tel. 41-1-944 22 11 Telex: 826150 mig ch

Scales, checkweighers.

MEYER MACHINE COMPANY P.O. Box 5460, 3528 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78201 USA Tel. 1-210-736-1811 Fax: 1-210-736-4662

Dave Slager, Mktg. Dir.

Bucket conveyors and elevators. Vibratory and belt conveyors. Storage and distribution systems. Hoppers and hopper-feeders.

MEYER VI-TECH LIMITED Willenhall Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2XN UK Tel. 44-1922-711255 Fax: 44-1922-711253

John Basketfield, President

(See above for product line.)

MEYN FURTHER PROCESSING (Member of the Meyn Group) Noordeinde 68, 1511 AE Oostzaan, Netherlands Tel. 31-75-684-3355 Telex: 19176 meyn nl Fax: 31-75-6844-150

Mr. J. Wouterse, General Manager

Chicken, turkey, duck, and fish processing equipment. Refrigeration and cooling equipment. Effluent treatment systems. Further processing equipment. Protein recovery systems.

MEYN GROUP Box 16, 1510 AA Oostzaan, Netherlands Tel. 31-75-6843355 Telex: 19176 MEYN NL Fax: 31-75-6844150

J. Meyn, Mrs. I. Schaft-Meyn

Chicken, turkey, duck, fish and vegetable processing equipment. Cooling equipment and water treatment installations. Manufacturing and installation of complete systems and turn-key projects.

MICRODRY, INC. 7450 Hwy. 329, Crestwood, KY 40014 USA Tel. 1-502-241-8933 Fax: 1-502-241-8648

Mark Arsenault, Tech. Sales Eng.

Industrial microwave tempering tunnels, bacon cookers, dryers and related equipment. Microwave power transmitters and components.

MOBILE FREEZERS INC. Box 307, Irvington, AL 36544 USA Tel. 1-205-957 2146 Fax: 1-205-957-2187

D. J. Ficarino, Sr.


MODULAR PANEL CO. INC. 63 David Street, New Bedford, MA 02744 USA Tel. 1-508-993-9955 Fax: 1-508-993-9957 James Chadwick, Pasquale Sbardella, Elizabeth Hougasian

Pre-fabricated insulated panels for cold storage warehouses, walk-ins, processing rooms, etc. Various types of insulated doors, cold storage, etc. Rigid insulation board.

MOLLENBERG-BETZ, INC. 300 Scott St., Buffalo, NY 14204 USA Tel. 1-716-852-7138 Fax: 1-716-852-7180

Van Mollenberg

Compressors, evaporators, condensers, refrigeration specialties. Refrigeration systems, design and installation.

MONDIAL FRIGOR S.P.A. Strada Vecchia Pozzo S. Evasio, 2 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) Italy Tel. 39-142-432111 Fax: 39-142-781775

Franco Barberis, Maurizio Bacci

Ice cream and frozen food cabinets, upright glass door cabinets, chest freezers, bottle coolers, impulse merchandisers, ice cube makers.

MORRIS AND ASSOCIATES Box 1046, Raleigh, NC 27602 USA Tel. 1-919-779-1250 Fax: 1-919-779-3466

Bob Chatham, V.P. Sales; Robert Vig, Dir. of Mktg.

Water chillers. Ice makers. Ice bins. Blast freezers. Packaged refrigeration units.

MULTI-FILL, INC. 426 W. Universal Circle, Sandy, UT 84070 USA Tel. 1-801-565-1320 Fax: 1-801-565-1319

Christine Marchadour

Filling Rice, Pasta, Vegetables Onto Plates, Bags, Jars, Cans, Trays, etc.

MULTIPOND WAGETECHNIK GMBH P.O. Box 1769, Traunreuter Strasse 2, 84478 Waldkraiburg, Germany Tel. 49-8638 961-0 Telex: 56419 pond d Fax: 49-8638 961-111

Automatic weighers.

MULTIVAC EXPORT AG Bosch 65, CH-6331 Hunenberg, Switzerland Tel. 41/780 51 51 Telex: 868712 Fax: 41/780 27 30

Packaging machines.

MULTIVAC SEPP HAGGENMULLER Bahnhofstrasse 4, 87787 Wolfertschwenden, Germany Tel. 49/8334/601-0 Fax: 49/8334/601199 Telex: 54595

H. W. Sparakowski

Packaging machines.

Mycom 236 Green Street, South Hackensack, NJ 07606 USA Tel. 1-201-489-4441 Fax: 1-201-489-9711

Mike Arteaga

Compressors, reciprocating and screw. Water and low temperature chillers. Air and water-cooled condensing units. Spiral freezers. Energy management systems.

Nelson-Jameson Inc. 2400 E. Fifth Street, Box 647, Marshfield, W154449 USA Tel: 1-715-387-1151 Fax: 1-715-387-8746

Mark Nelson: Kate Kaz

Disinfectant Mats for Processors and Cold Storage Warehouses.

NEPTUNE MACHINERY, INC. Box 7125, Warwick, RI 02887 USA Tel. 1-401-738-1600 Fax: 1-401-732-2093

Jan Olesen

Shellfish size sorting machine for scallops, mussels, etc. Groundfish lines, squid cleaning and packing lines, on-board packing and freezing lines. Distributor for Jet 870SS Super Skinner and Jet 88 MS Mini Skinner machines. Consignor for new and used fish processing machines.

NERCON ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING, INC. Box 2288, Oshkosh, WI 54903-2288 USA Tel. 1-414-233-3268 Fax: 1-414-233-3159

Stu Tribbey

Conveyors for raw product transport (unwrapped), wrapped product (unfrozen/frozen), and case handling (elevators/lowerators).

NIAGARA BLOWER CO. 673 Ontario St., Buffalo, NY 14207-0067 USA Tel. 1-716-875-2000 Fax: 1-716-875-1077

George C. Morris

Custom air handling units. Frost-free evaporators. Refrigerant condensers.

E. L. NICKELL CO., INC. 635 Franklin Street, P.O. Box 97, Constantine, MI 49042 USA Tel. 1-616-435-2475 Fax: 1-616-435-8216

Ellen Batten

Pressure vessels, recirculating packages, heat exchangers and spray chillers.

NITRON PROCESS ENGINEERING 69-73 Camberwell Station Road London SE5 9JZ England Tel. 44-171-737-3577 and 44-171-733-0646 Telex: 8953318 Fax: 44-171-733-2368

R. J. Franzkowiak, T.F. Reed

Cutting equipment for frozen foodblocks. Batter and breading equipment. Freezing systems including heat reclaim units. Coating, glazing/deglazing, pre-dusting and batter make-up equipment and conveyors, storage tables, etc.

NORDIC DOORS HC66, Box 20, Highway 65 South, Dumas, AR 71639 USA Tel. 1-501-382-6350; 1-(800) 827-0326 Fax: 1-501-382-6140

Mark Merritt

Cooler, freezer and blast freezer doors (standard/custom sizes) for food processing, storage and distribution.

NORFO Sandemandsvej 12, DK-3700 Roenne, Denmark Tel. 45-56957272 Fax: 45-56957799

Kai Hansen

Processing equipment for fish filleting plants. Sawing systems for blocks of frozen fish and vegetables.

NORPE LTD. Box 24 SF-06151 Porvoo, Finland Tel. 358 15 54701 Fax: 358 15 5470270

Commercial cooling and freezing equipment.

NORTH STAR ICE EQUIPMENT CORP. Box 80227, Seattle, WA 98108 USA Tel. 1-(800) 321-1381; 1-206-736-7300 Fax: 1-206-763-7323

Don Bartholmey, Larry Hundhoff, Mike Novak

Industrial flake ice making machines. Ice storage and delivery systems.

NORTHFIELD FREEZING SYSTEMS Box 98, 1719 Cannon Rd. Northfield, MN 55057 USA Tel. 1-507-645-9546; 1-(800) 426-1283 Fax: 1-507-645-6148

R. Todd Middleton, VP Sales

Spiral systems used to freeze, cool, chill, proof, steam cook a variety of food products.

NOTHUM MFG. CO. 631 So. Kansas, Springfield, MO 65802 USA Tel. 1-417-831-2816 Fax: 1-417-866-4781

Robert Nothum

Batter breading machines. Continuous fryers. Continuous air impingement ovens. Filters. Viscosity machines. Pilot batter, breading and frying lines. Continuous egg roll, spring roll and crepe systems. Continuous stack and spiral freezers.

NOVUM OVERSEAS LTD. Kilmore Road, Artane, Dublin 5, Ireland Tel. 353-1-8-473266 Fax: 353-1-8-473019

Tom Brosnan

Commercial deep freezers with glass lids for shops. Dehumidifiers. Refrigerator cabinets.

NUTEC MANUFACTURING INC. 908 Garnet Court, New Lenox, IL 60451 USA Tel. 1-815-722-2800 Fax: 1-815-722-2831

James Stoub, Mike Barnett

Processing equipment (760, 745, 750 and 710 food former/patties, nuggets, sticks, meatballs, links). Accessories for above (loaders, cubers, perforators, shuttle conveyors etc.)

ODENBERG ENGINEERING, INC. 6890 Luther Drive, Sacramento, CA 95823 USA Tel. 1-916-422-8396 Fax: 1-916-422-8401

Greg Parrish

Pallet-link variable retention freezing for boxed product. Tray-link variable retention freezing for portion or direct product contact.

OLIVER PRODUCTS 445 6th St. N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49504 USA Tel. 1-616-456-7711 Fax: 1-616-456-5820

Paul Dege, Product Mkt. Mgr.

Food labelers, heat seal equipment and packaging lids/lidding.

G.J. OLNEY, INC. Box 210, Westernville, NY 13486 USA Tel. 1-315-827-4208 Fax: 1-315-827-4249

John B. Olney, G. Joseph Olney III, David B. Olney, Mark H. Olney; W. Floyd Olney

Bean snippers and cluster cutters. Destoning washers for beans, peas. Flotation washers for peas, corn. Trimmers for onions, radishes. Hot water rotary blancher.

OMAHA PROCESSING EQUIPMENT 1003 S. 24th St., Omaha, NE 68108 USA Tel. 1-402-346-6252 Fax: 1-402-346-6953

David Thiede, John Long

Conveyors and dumpers. Material handling and transfer. Pre-owned equipment, consignment equipment.

OXIGENIO DO BRASIL, S.A. Praca Nami Jafet, 44, CEP 04205, Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil Tel. 55-11-274-2033 Telex: 011 21174 OX BR BR Fax: 55-11-274-1791

Lilian Araujo Miakawa

Zip-freeze cryogenic tunnels; Zip-Sas 2 x1 cryogenic cabinets; Cryosas Cryogenic cabinets.

P&A ENTERPRISES 431 W. 19th, Fremont, NE USA 68025 Tel. 1-402-721-7359

Brian Anderson

Sta-roller fully adjustable spring loaded device for single slide and Bipart freezer doors.

PBI MARKET EQUIPMENT, INC. 2667 Gundry Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806 USA Tel. 1-213-595-4785 Fax: 1-213-426-2262

Bill Estee, VP Sales/Mktg.; Joni Kafel, Laurie Gority

Frying and cooking equipment. Knives. Refrigerator cabinets. Scales. Shelving. Packaging. Slicers. Rotisseries.

PCA/EKCO PLUS CONTAINER MACHINERY 777 Wheeling Rd., Wheeling, IL 60090 USA Tel. 1-847-215-3113; 1-(800) 323-7365

Bud Larsen, Sales Mgr.

Dispensing, conveyor and closure machinery for food processing.

PPM AB Box 288, S-29123 Kristianstad, Sweden Tel. 46-44 20 44 00 Fax: 46-44 20 44 20

Equipment and expertise for processing potatoes and other root vegetables, e.g. complete lines for potato chips and french fries featuring the Multi-Flow fryer.

PRC 2582 South Tejon Street, Englewood, CO 80110 USA Tel. 1-303-936-2363 Fax: 1-303-936-3014

Esther M. Ballew

Weight control fillers for difficult to fill products. Forming equipment. Pumps (pump products to filler/former and other related equipment).

PACKING PROGRESSIONS INC. 102 G.P. Clement Dr., Collegeville, PA 19462 USA Tel. 1-610-489-8601 Fax: 1-610-489-8691

Bernard J. Williams

High speed, automatic, paper and film portion interleavers and sheeters. Portion control and stacking equipment.

PACKO IMOX Torhoutsesteenweg 154, 82-10 Zedelgem, Belgium Tel. 32-50-209621 Fax: 32-50-200752

Devooght Geert

Tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, rotary freezers and cabinet freezers. Storage vessels, Cleaning systems (C.I.P.). Stainless steel pumps.

PACUR, INC. 3555 Moser St., Oshkosh, WI 54901 USA Tel. 1-414-236-2888 Fax: 1-414-236-2882

Richard L. Knapp

Food packaging. Dual ovenable trays.

PALLET REEFER COMPANY 106 Jim Bowie Road, Suite A, Houma, LA 70363 USA Tel. 1-504-851-3693; (800) 259-3693 Fax: 1-504-851-3694

Cynthia Saia

Self-contained, self-sustaining refrigerated shipping technology for less-than-truckloads. Utilizes liquid C[O.sub.2] to provide accurate temperature control to within +2 [degrees] F of the set point for a period of three to four days.

PANTHER PLAST A/S Koebenhavnsvej 74, DK 4760 Vordingborg, Denmark Tel. 45 55 350 200 Telex: 40177 pplast dk Fax: 45 55 350 295

Lene Antonsen

Freezer spacers.

STEPHEN PAOLI INTERNATIONAL 2531 11th St., Rockford, IL 61104 USA Tel. 1-815-965-0621 Fax: (815) 965-5393

Shawn E. Lee, Gen. Mgr.

One-step deboners for poultry, fish, shellfish or red meat from normally discarded bones and parts, or undersized fish by-catch.

PARKER HANNIFIN CORP. - REFRIGERATING SPECIALTIES DIV. 2445 So. 25th Avenue, Broadview, IL 60153 USA Tel. 1-708-681-6300 Fax: 1-708-681-6306

Industrial and commercial refrigeration control valves.

Pattyn Packing Lines Ind. Estate "Blauwe Toren" Monnikenwerve 46-48, B-8000 Bruges, Flanders, Belgium Tel. 32 50 31 51 33 Fax: 32 50 31 46 76

Karel Fierlafijn

Manufacturing and Engineering of Frozen Vegetables: Packaging and weighing systems for industrial use. Packaging and dosing systems for fish, seafood and meat. Packaging lines for industrial bakeries.

PEARCE PROCESSING SYSTEMS Box. 1775, Gloucester, MA 01930 USA Tel. 1-508-283-3800 Fax: 1-508-281-3417

Charles H. Morse, President

Multiband saws for cutting frozen fish. Portioning equipment for same. Block press for forming and shaping fish blocks. Conveyors and material handling systems.

PEDCO, INC. Box 2528, Russellville, AR 72811 USA Tel. 1-501-968-8160 Fax: 1-501-968-8115

Gehrig Chandler

Full line of processing equipment for poultry, seafood and catfish industries. Spare parts. United States representative for Sortaweigh and Ergo-Tech equipment and parts.

PEERLESS MACHINE & TOOL CORP. Box 385, 1804 W. 2nd Street, Marion, IN 46952 USA Tel. 1-317-662-2586 Fax: 1-317-662-6067

B.J. Conrad, V.P.

Ovenable paperboard trays machinery.

PERLEY-HALLADAY ASSOCIATES Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA 19355 USA Tel. 1-610-296-5800 Fax: 1-610-647-1711

Bard Halladay, President

Turnkey construction of refrigerated buildings and processing facilities.

PETERSON BECK A/S Sandemandsvej 6, DK-3700 Ronne, Denmark Tel. 45-56 95 25 22 Telex: 48149 beck dk Fax: 45-56 95 25 23

Soren Soborg-Madseni, Jens Ole Hvenegaard Branch Office PETERSON ASIA 2nd Floor, Shui on Centre 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel. 852 2824 8951 Fax: 852 2824 8911 Telex: 48149 beck dk

Jorn Pedersen

Waxed fish block liners-Beck Liners[R]. Waxed liners for shrimp. Freezing frames. Block ejectors.

PETRO CHEM REFRIGERATION Box 1157, La Porte, TX 77571 USA Tel. 1-713-930-0092; 1-(800) 493-4075 Fax: 1-713-930-0313

Jim Wonser

Spiral, plate (cell) and batch blast freezers. Ammonia and Freon refrigeration systems. Design and construction of cold storage and food processing facilities worldwide.

PISCES INDUSTRIES LTD. Box 189, Wells, MI 49894 USA Tel. 1-906-789-1636 Fax: 1-906-789-1211

Trevor Wastell

Full range of fish processing equipment, including filleting machines, grading systems, eviscerating and head cutting machines.

PITTSBURGH CORNING CORP. 800 Presque Isle Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15239 USA Tel. 1-412-327-6100 Fax: 1-412-327-5890

W. D. Carroll, V.P. Sales & Mkt.

Foamglas Cellular glass insulation for meat and food processing plants, dairies, breweries, freezers and cold storage warehouses.

PLOEGER MACHINES B.V. Standdaarbuitensedijk 3, NL 4751 SG Oud Gastel, Holland Tel. 31 165-311904 Fax: 31 165-313159 Telex: 78025 ploeg nl

Harvesting equipment for green vegetables, seed and sweet corn, sugar beets and potatoes.

POLAR TECH INDUSTRIES 415 E. Railroad Ave., Genoa, IL 60135 USA Tel. 1-815-784-9000 Fax: 1-815-784-9009

John J. Santeler

Ice packs. Insulated containers. Glass jar bottle overpacks.

POLY CELLO P.O. Box 519, Amherst, Nova Scotia, B4H 4A1 Canada Tel. 1-902-667-7241 Fax: 1-902-667-7698

Gord Hebert

Plain and printed polyethylene flexible packaging materials.

POLYTEK ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Block C, 7/F, Sea View Estate 2-8 Watson Rd., North Point, Hong Kong Tel. 852-28073322 Fax: 852-28060388

Jasper Chan

Cold/warm room, Spiral/IQF freezers, refrigeration equipment, ice making system, food processing equipment.

PORTABLE COLD STORAGE, INC. 860 U.S. Route One, Edison, NJ 08817 USA Tel. 1-800-535-2445 Fax: 1-908-287-9411

Amanda Jayes

Portable cold storage units for hire.

POTATO MANUFACTURING SCIENCE CONSULTANCY LTD. Whyncrest Lab Bridlington Road, Hunmanby, Filey Y014 9RS, North Yorkshire, England Tel. 44-1723-890923 Fax: 44-1723-891584

M. Swann

Potato processing technology, technical research and new snack product development, education and training.

PRAXAIR, INC. 777 Sawmill River Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591 USA Tel. 1-914-789-3779; (800) PRAXAIR Fax: 1-914-789-2026

Michael Marchese

Cryogenic freezing systems. IQF tunnels, cabinets, immersion, cryomechanical liquid nitrogen freezing and chilling systems.

PRAXAIR N.V. Lammerdries 29, B-2250 Olen, Belgium Tel. 32/14/24.74.11 Fax: 32/14/22.58.71

Liquid nitrogen and control equipment for cooling, inerting and freezing of food products.

PRAXAIR CANADA INC. 1 City Centre Drive, Suite 1200, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5B 1M2 Tel. 1-905-803-1600 Fax: 1-905-803-1696

Cryogenic food freezing. Industrial gas mixing, storage and handling equipment. Dry ice snow and pellet manufacturing equipment. Liquid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen storage, injection and control apparatus.

PRIME EQUIPMENT GROUP, INC. 405 N. Grant Ave., Columbia, OH 43215 USA Tel. 1-614-461-4074 Fax: 1-614-461-0201

Joseph L. Gasbarro, Sales Mgr.

Poultry processing equipment, deboners, portioning equipment.

Proctor & Schwartz 251 Gibraltar Road, Horsham, PA 19044 USA Tel. 1-215-443-5200 Fax: 1-215-443-5206 Telex: 6851098 PSINC

Walter Frick Dryers, roasters, and ovens (Potatoe, fruits, vegetables, pizza, quiche, etc.) Continuous cooking systems.

PROVATEC AG Wylenstr. 25 CH-6440, Brunnen, Switzerland Tel. 41-41 825 0025 Fax: 41-41 825 0010

Henry Fallegger, Sales Director

Mixers, grinders, conveyors, forming and portioning machines.

PULSARR INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH BV Marinus van Meelweg 20, Box 2048, 5627 EN Eindhoven, Holland Tel. 31-40 292 26 22 Fax: 31-40 292 26 33 E-mail:

J.C. Scholt, F. Tukker

X-ray sorting and detecting systems for meat, fish, vegetables and nuts. Optical (CCD-camera) sorting and measuring systems for potatoes, including french fries. Tailor made vision systems (measuring systems for food). High pressure waterjet cutters for fish, meat and french fries.

PULSARR USA, INC. 3513 N. Cole Road 301, Boise, ID 83704 USA Tel. 1-208-322-7332 Fax: 1-208-323-7858

(See above for products.)

RHH FOAM SYSTEMS, INC. Box 752, 6001 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110-0752 USA Tel. 1-414-744-6066; 1-(800) 657-0702 Fax: 1-414-744-8227

Debbie Buss

One and two-component polyurethane foam systems for cold storage and freezer insulation. Available in 1.75 and 2.75 PCF densities; unrated and Class I. Systems are portable, self contained, ready to use.

RMC LTD. The Millhouse, Mill of Minnes, Udny, AB41 OQT, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Tel. 44-1651 842741 Fax: 44-1651 842625

Roel Mali

Howden screw compressor packages for industrial refrigeration.

RAM CENTER, INC. 5140 Moundview Drive, Red Wing, MN 55066 USA Tel. 1-612-388-1821 Fax: 1-612-385-2279

Mike McKay

Robotic packaging, palletizing and case loading systems for raw or frozen food.

RAMON VIZCAINO SA PLaseo de Txingurri 16, San Sebastian, (Guipuzcoa) E-20017 Spain Tel. 34 43-419100 Fax: 34 43-419150

Vicente Vizcaino Ocariz

Land and marine refrigeration plants. Compact refrigeration units for cold rooms and freezing tunnels. Thawing units for the meat and fish industries.

RAMSEY TECHNOLOGY, INC. 501 - 90th Ave. NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433 USA Tel. 1-612-783-2500 Fax: 1-612-780-2315

Don Bina

Checkweighers. Metal detectors.

RAQUE FOOD SYSTEMS, INC. 11002 Decimal Drive, Box 99594, Louisville, KY 40299 USA Tel. 1-502-267-9641 Telex: 810 5353098 Raque Lvl Fax: 1-502-267-2352

Edward A. Robinson, Jack Hayden, Dick Tonon

Heat sealing equipment for frozen, retortable and modified atmosphere packages. Filling equipment for liquids, solids, and dry products. Automatic pizza equipment for dispensing sauce, cheese, vegetables and meats. Automatic systems for producing meat and fruit pies.

RAVAN EQUIPMENT 2675 Monroe Drive Gainesville, GA 30504 USA Tel. 1-770-536-5462 Fax: 1-770-536-2021

Bob Drexler, Larry Smith

Plant sanitation equipment, cleaning systems for the food processor; automated washing equipment.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS CO. 1770 Genessee Ave., Columbus, OH 43211 USA Tel. 1-614-263-0913 Fax: 1-614-263-6660

Thomas Leighty, CEO

Construction of cold storage and process facilities. Refrigeration systems.

RENO TECHNOLOGY 3310 East 4th, Box 2007 Hutchinson, KS 67504 USA Tel. 1-316-663-6542 Fax: 1-316-665-5793

Fillet crusters to crust freeze fillets prior to freezer belt conveyance. Freeze wheels to freeze and flatten product from 1/2 [inches] thick down. Back savers for lifting and tilting pallets or combos.

REXNORD CORP. PLASTICS DIV. P.O. Box 480 Grafton, WI 53024 USA Tel. 1-414-643-3700 Fax: 1-414-643-3200

Wayne E. Schink

Plastic and metal conveying chains and accessories.

Reyco Systems P.O. Box 4787, Boise, ID 83714 USA Tel. 1-208-336-4821 Fax: 1-208-343-0433

Tom V. Staley, President; David K. Johnsen, Sales Manager

Water vac water removal systems for eliminating excess surface moisture from vegetables prior to freezing. Oil recovery systems for removing and reclaiming excess fryer oil from french fries and other fried foods. Pneumatic conveying systems for fragile edible food products.

REYNOLDS ALUMINUM COMPANY 35 City View Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 5A5 Tel. 1-(800) 265-0422 Fax: 1-(416) 246-0026

Paul Chan

Aluminum containers/food service packaging.

RHEON AUTOMATIC MACHINERY Tiefenbroicher Weg 30, 40472 Dusseldorf, Germany Tel. (49-211) 47 19 50 Telex: 858 7440 Fax: (49-211) 424129

Kenzo Kawamata

Fully automatic frozen pastry equipment. Encrusting machines for frozen products. Injection lines.

RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS 230 W. Coleman Street, Rice Lake, WI 54868 USA Tel. 1-715-234-9171 Fax: 1-715-234-6967

Jill Tomesh, Inside Sales Mgr.

Stainless steel checkweighers, package weighing; batching/process controllers; digital weight indicators, automated weight control centers; bench scale base.

RITE COIL, INC. 3711 Rupp Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46815 USA Tel. 1-219-482-7595 Fax: 1-219-484-9995

Steve Tippmann

Circular evaporator coils for cold storage facilities, carcass coolers/blast freezers. Stainless steel evaporator coils for food processing rooms.

A.K. ROBINS 4100 Pistorio Road, Baltimore, MD 21229 USA Tel. 1-410-247-400; 1-(800) 486-9656 Fax: 1-410-247-9165

Jay Bradway; Jeff Dembiel; Randy Evensen

Blanchers, cookers, coolers, tramp material eliminators, length and diameter grading equipment, vibratory and belt conveyors, pack-off tables, liquid fillers, piston, gravity and vacuum fillers, cooker/coolers, washers, cleaners, optical sorting systems, size graders and sliver removers.

ROCK-TRED CORPORATION 7440 N. St. Louis Ave., Skokie, IL 60076 USA Tel. 1-(800) 762-8733 Fax: 1-847-679-6665

Dan Moran

Floor protection and repair products that cure at temperatures down to 35 [degrees] F.

ROSCHERWERKE GmbH Heideweg 33-35, D-49086 Osnabruck, Germany Tel. 49/541/380370 Fax: 49/541/380371

Helmut Unger

Vacuum packaging machines. Mixing, curing and massaging machines. Tumbling machines.

ROSS INDUSTRIES INC. 5321 Midland Road, Box 70, Midland, VA 22728 USA Tel. 1-703-439-3271 Fax: 1-703-439-2740

Sal Sparacino

BLC freezing tunnel - IQF applications. 914 press/950 slicer - HRT portion control. 990A, B.S slicer - portion control for batter breading, IQF frying operation. 712 preportioner - portion control for batter breading, IQF frying operation.

ROVEMA VERPACKUNGSMASCHINEN GmbH Industriegebiet, (Box 20, D-35461), Fernwald, Germany D-35463 Tel. 49-641 409-0 Fax: 49-641/409-212 Telex: 48216 rovd

Filling and weighing equipment. Vertical form, fill and seal machines. Cartoners. Final packaging machines. Complete lines.

ROVEMA PACKAGING MACHINES 650 Old Norcross Place, Lawrenceville, GA 30245 USA Tel. 1-404-513-9604 Fax: 1-404-513-0814

Filling and weighing equipment. (See above).

RUSSELL 221 S. Berry St., Brea, CA 92621 USA Tel. 1-714-529-1935 Fax: 1-714-529-7203

Ken Falk

Refrigeration equipment.

RYAN INSTRUMENTS Box 599, Redmond, WA 98073-0599 USA Tel. 1-206-883-7926 E-mail: Web-site: Fax: 1-206-883-3766

Susan Milant, Dir. of Mktg.

Temperature and humidity monitoring equipment for in-transit shipping, storage or manufacturing of perishable goods.

Ryno/Oak 3 St. Germans, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE34 3EU, England Tel: 44-1553-617-614 Fax: 44-1553-617-270

Traders in potato processing lines.

SFB PLASTICS, INC. Box 533, 1819 W. Harry St., Wichita, KS 67201 USA Tel. 1-316-262-0400; 1-(800)343-8133 Fax: 1-316-262-3169

John Fosse, Sales; Paul J. Becker, Gen. Mgr.

Plastic freezers spacers - rapid freezing/tempering. Tilt tables - removal of pallets/spacers. Slave pallets - storage and distribution in gravity flow rack operations.

SRC VISION Box 1666, Medford, OR 97501 USA Tel. 1-503-776-9800 Fax: 1-503-779-4104

Robert A. Cole

Sorters, defect removal systems.

SIO SRL Via Capecelatro 69, Milano, Italy 20148 Tel. 39-2/4026 Telex: 353014 Fax: 39-48704368

P.A. Squarzoni Balestra

Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide freezing tunnels and cabinets. Liquid nitrogen immersion freezing tunnels.

Sabroe Refrigeration A/S Chr. X's Vej 201, Box 1810 DK-8270, Hojbjerg, Denmark Tel. 45 86 27 12 66 Telex: 68723 Fax: 45 86 27 12 44

Mr. H.G. Hattmann, Mr. Ebbe Clausen (Also companies in: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Dartmouth, N.S., Canada; Santiago, Chile; Chambery, Cedex, France; Flensburg, Germany; La Spezia, Italy; Nishi-ku, Kobe, Japan; Guadalajara, Mexico; Voyenenga, Norway; Barcelona, Spain; Goteborg, Sweden; Samutsakorn, Thailand; Birmingham, U.K.; Seattle, Wash., USA); Madras, India; St. Petersburg, Russia; Singapore.

Reciprocating compressors, single and two-stage for all refrigerants. Screw compressors for all refrigerants. Supply of control and monitoring systems for all plants. Service contracts. Industrial refrigeration plants for all types of food chilling, freezing, storage. Complete cold stores/food processing installation, joint venture or turnkey basis.

SAFELINE METAL DETECTION 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634 USA Tel. 1-813-889-9500 Fax: 1-813-881-0840

Andrew Lock, Oscar Jeter

Metal detectors.

SAFER SYSTEMS (UK) LTD. Unit 6, Limetree Business Park, Limetree Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, England DE4 3EJ

Tel. 1-44-0162 958 4111 Fax: 1-44-0162 958 3444

Steven Bane

Climax brand insulated bags for transportation of frozen foods.

SAMARPAN FABRICATORS LIMITED Plot No. A-182/A-183, Road No. 16/Z, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane, Maharastra, India 400 604 Tel. 91 22 5320029/5320373/1842 Fax: 91 22 5320033 Telex: 011 72329

R. K. Patel, Managing Director

Packaging machinery for dairy and processed food products.

SAMIFI BABCOCK EQUIPMENT Rue Jean Jaures Z. I. Sud 61200 Argentan, France Tel. 33-33 67 08 50 Fax: 33-33 67 16 27

IQF belt freezer/screw compressor units, chilling units, package units.

SAMIFI ESPANOLA S.A. Beethoven 2-4, Pol. Ind. "Can Jardi", 08191 Rubi, Barcelona, Spain Tel. 34-3-588 6002 Fax: 34-3-588 39 77 Telex: 94527 Ses e

Freezing equipment (plate and blast). Refrigeration.

SAMIFI TECHNIK Box 65 22 28, Code 22373, Sas. Bogen 3 (Finnern Haus) 22393, Hamburg, Germany Tel. 49-40/6017504 Fax: 49-40/6017953; 040/6014104

Belt freezing tunnels (vegetables, fruits, fish and potato products); Spiral freezers (packed and unpacked products). Automatic plate and vertical plate freezers.

SANDVIK PROCESS SYSTEMS CANADA 510 Governors Road, Guelph, Ontario N1K 1E3 Canada Tel. 1-519-836-4322 Fax: 1-519-836-2177

Continuous IQF steel belt freezers and steel belt coolers. Food drying systems.

SANDVIK PROCESS SYSTEMS spa Via Varesina, 204, Casella Postale 16137, 20160, Milano, Italy Tel. 39-2-38010600 Fax: 39-2-38000227

(See product line above)

SANI-MATIC SYSTEMS Box 8662, Madison, WI 53708 USA Tel. 1-608-222-2399 Fax: 1-608-222-5348

Jerry Wells

CIP systems - in place cleaning of lines and tanks. COP units - cleaning parts, fitting, tubing-take down. CHP units - high pressure cleaning of equipment, floors, walls. Conveyorized wash tunnels - automated cleaning of trays, totes, pans, buckets, vats.

SASIB BAKERY HOLLAND N.V. 2e Industrieweg 8, 4147 CT Asperen, Netherlands Tel. 31 345 614441 Fax: 31 345 614629

Rijkaart and Blom& Maters/MEA range of equipment for industrial bakeries: Fully automatic puff pastry and danish pastry laminators. Universal production lines for sausage rolls, turnovers and other baked products. Automatic pizza production and decoration lines. Pie and Arab bread making equipment. Automatic croissant (curling and bending) machines. Strudel dough lines. Proffers, Dough feeding systems. Stress-free systems.

SASIB BAKERY UK LTD. Junction Lane, Newton le Willows, Merseyside WA12 8DL England Tel. 44-1925 225171 Fax: 44-1925 227 185

John Beecroft; Man. Dir.; Harry Newton, Sales Dir.

Biscuit, bread, wafer, pie and cake processing equipment from mixing and ingredient handling to post bake cooling.

SASIB FOOD SPA Via Paradigna 94/A 43100 Parma, Italy Tel. 39-521-277111 Fax: 39-521-260243 Telex: 530238 MANZIN I

Dr. Ing Francesco Fochi

Lines and equipment for processing vegetables, fruits and other products. Aseptic systems, Complete lines for filling and closing products into containers and jars. Seamers. Handling systems; packing and palletizing systems. Cold and hot melt automatic linear-rotary machines, sealers, weight fillers, trigger-spray cappers.

SASIB PACKAGING NORTH AMERICA SASIB WRAPPER DIVISION 1415 Fortune Avenue, De Pere, WI 54115 USA Tel. 1-414-983-7100 Fax: 1-414-983-7300

Packaging equipment for baked goods and frozen products, etc.

SAUVEN MARKING MACHINES LTD. Canada Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7JX England Tel. 44-19323-55191 Fax: 44-19323 54511

Mr. D. F. Sauven

Coding and marking machines for applying "sell by" dates, batch numbers and other information.

Scanvaegt International A/S P.O. Pedersens Vej 18, Dk-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark Tel. 45-89-304444 Fax: 45-86-785810

Claus Hebor, Mktg. Mgr.

Weighing equipment and data systems for the food industry. Automatic grading and batching machines.

KARL SCHNELL GmbH & CO. Muhlstrasse 30 D-73650 Winterbach, Germany Tel. 49-7181-962-0 Fax: 49-7181-962-100

Mr. Niessen Machinery for meat processing and cheese processing. Vacuum stuffer, emulsifier, mixer, transfer pumps, holding bins, screw conveyor, belt conveyor.

SCHUR DRUCK UND VERPACKUNG GmbH & CO. Parkstrasse 1, D-21514 Buchen, Germany Tel. 49-415510 schurb Fax: 49-4155-44-37

Karl-Andre Rauth

Packaging systems. End of line machines. Special product handling. Packaging materials.

SCHUR INTERNATIONAL A/S J.W. Schursvej, DK 8700 Horsens, Denmark Tel. 45-75-601500 Telex: 61667 toma dk Fax: 45-75-601600

Erik Christensen, President

Erecting, filling and closing machines for carton blanks. Forming and sealing machines for flexible films (in tubes or reels). Filling and sealing machines for pre-made bags. Carton blanks and folding boxes. Mono and multilayer barrier films.

SCHWAB PAPER PRODUCTS 5950 W. 66th St., Bedford Park, IL 60638 USA Tel. 1-(800) 837-Pack Fax: 1-708-496-0655

Mike Schwab

Paper and paperboard. All interior packaging.

THE SCHWERMAN COMPANY E10722 Lehman Road, Baraboo, WI 53913 USA Tel. 1-608-356-7243 Fax: 1-608-356-8841

Brian Baker

Doors. Insulated clothing.

SEALED AIR (FPD) LTD. Stafford Park 9, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BZ, England Tel. 44-1952-290471 Fax: 44-1952-290950

Simon Balderson

Self adhesive temperature indicator labels for frozen food.

SEEWER LTD.-BAKERY MACHINES Heimiswilstrasse 42, CH-3400 Burgdorf, Switzerland Tel. 34-420 81 11 Telex: 914 145 Fax: 34-420 81 99

Dough sheeting machines, pizza sheeters. Make-up equipment for fine pastry and croissants. Combined sheeting and molding machines for pastry and bread. Industrial sheeting for make-up lines and pizza lines.

SEFFELAAR & LOOYEN B.V. P.O. Box 357 7570 AJ, Oldenzaal, Holland Tel. 31-541-582000 Telex: 44098 Fax: 31-541-520595

Packaging and processing equipment.

SELECT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Pennhill House, Pennhill Lane, Brixham, Devon TQ5 OEY, England Tel. 44-1803-854471 Fax: 44-1803-859985

Alan Archer, Mktg. Director

Aquefier - heat recovery units that capture waste heat discharge from refrigeration equipment and transfer it to hot water.

SELO-BOLLANS LIMITED Mulberry Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Merseyside LA2 3YA England Tel. 44-151-644 9393 Fax: 44-151-645 2202

Chris Williams

Fish block tempering equipment. Forming and cutting equipment. Bagging systems. Processing and cutting conveyor systems.

SENSITECH INC. 123 Brimbal Ave., Beverly, MA 01915 USA Tel. 1-508-927-7033 Fax: 1-508-921-2112

Temptale temperature monitors.

THE SHANNON GROUP INTERNATIONAL KOLPAK 5214 Maryland Way, Brentwood, TN 37027 USA Tel. 1-615-370-0674 Fax: 1-615-370-5139

Tom Briere, VP Marketing & Sales

Walk-in-coolers/freezers; refrigerated warehouses; reach-in refrigerators, freezers, dual temps, product storage.

SHARON ENGINEERING CORP. 527 M. Naval St. Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. 632-59-64-84; 632-59-61-01 Fax: 632-281-7834

J. M. Antonio B. Pascual, Gen'l Mgr.

Industrial ice plant components like herringbone coils, shell and tube condensers, receivers, brine agitators, accumulators, etc. Ice crushers. Ice cans. Portable package type ice plants.

S.I.A.M. Cajamarca 559, Rimac, Lima, Peru Tel. 51 1 4811570 Fax: 51 1 4812825

Eduardo Torres

Cold rooms. Doors. Freezing equipment. Refrigeration. Refrigerator cabinets, shelving. Trucks and trailers.

SIMPLEX STRIP DOORS, INC. 8468 Loma Place, Upland, CA 91786 USA Tel. 1-909-946-1811; 1-(800) 854-7951 Fax: 1-909-946-1814

Duane A. McKinnon

Air block vinyl strip doors, barriers, partitions.

SIS-TEK SISTEM MUHENDISLIK TEKNOLOJITIC, VE SAN LTD. Bayar Caddesi, Gulbahar Sokak No. 107/11 Kozyataxgi 81090 Istanbul, Turkey Tel. 90-216 3849116; 3841927 Fax: 90-216 3847133

Mehmet Suri, Yalcin Algon

Industrial refrigeration supplies and engineering.

Skrmetta Machinery Corp. 3536 Lowerline St., New Orleans, LA 70125 USA Tel. (504) 488-4413

Ray Skrmetta

Complete equipment line for shrimp peeling and deveining, cleaning, blanching, grading, etc. Modular plastic conveyor belts, sprockets and components.

SOCIETE POLAIRFROID SA 7, Avenue Helene Boucher F13008 Marseille, France Tel. 33-91-76-05-70 Fax: 33-91-76-34-83

Engineering consultants for cold storage and cold logistics.

SORT-RITE INTERNATIONAL, INC. Box 1805, Harlingen, TX 78550 USA Tel. 1-210-423-2427 Fax: 1-210-423-2543

Shirley Metzger, President

Shrimp graders and processing equipment. Tanks. Unloading, washing, deheading, inspecting conveyors. Harvesting equipment and plant design.

SORTA WEIGH Main Rd. Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex, England C012 4LP Tel. 44-1255241000 Fax: 44-125524115

D.M. Evans

Check weighers for all products. Grading systems - IQF chicken, fish, meat.

SORTEX LTD. Pudding Mill Lane, London, England E15 2PJ Tel. 44 181-519 0525 Fax: 44 181-519 5614 Telex: 262773

Steve Henning, Sales & Mktg. Dir.

Color sorting equipment for a wide range of product applications. Loctronic range of color graders for potatoes and other whole fruit and vegetables.

SORTEX, INC. 8678 Thornton Ave., Box 505, Newark, CA 94560 USA Tel. 1-510-797-5000 Fax: 1-510-797-0555

Michael H. Evans, V.P.

Electronic channel and belt color sorters.

SOUTHWEST REFRIGERATION SAN ANTONIO, INC. 12087 Starcrest, San Antonio, TX 78247 USA Tel. 1-210-494-8671 Fax: 1-210-494-9038

Jack Copeland, President

Refrigeration systems, parts and service for industrial refrigeration systems.

SOUTHWEST REFRIGERATION SYSTEM Box 40368, Houston, TX 77240 USA Tel. 1-713-932-1991; 1-(800) 969-9300 Fax: 1-713-932-0466

Ray Tacquard Or: 2421 Thomas Rd., Ft. Worth, TX 76117 USA Tel. 1-817-838-6898 Fax: 1-817-838-3253

Jim Price

Refrigerated warehouses. IQF/spiral freezers. Refrigeration systems. Custom packaged equipment rooms and roof top units.

SPAN TECH 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, KY 42141 USA Tel. 1-502-651-9166 Fax: 1-502-651-7533

Bobby McDaniel, VP Sales/Mktg.

Plastic continuous curving conveyors. All types of food application from processing to packaging.

SPECTRONICS CORPORATION 956 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY 11590 USA Tel. 1-516-333-4840 Fax: 1-516-333-4859

Lynn Mauro, Mktg. Mgr.

Kits to detect the source of A/C and refrigerant leaks. High intensity Ultraviolet lamps. UV-fluorescent additives.

SPRAY DYNAMICS 15635 Alton Pkwy, #260, Irvine, CA 92718 USA Tel. 1-714-645-3670 Fax: 1-714-645-5867

Liquid and dry ingredient coating systems for pastas, vegetables, cheeses, etc. Clog-free spray systems, belt release oilers and coating drums.

SPRINTER SYSTEM AB Box 158 (Visitors address: Spikgatan 2) S-301 05, Halmstad, Sweden Tel. 46-35-152700 Telex: 8345016 Fax: 46-35-106167

Top load carton forming, loading, lid sealing, collating. Horizontal end load cartoning machines, intermittent motion. Dual ovenable trays, forming, conveying, lid sealing. Flexible lines using lock style hot melt, hot air or microwave sealing methods. Multi packaging.

STANDARD METAL PRODUCTS CO. Box 67, 1559 St. Paul Ave., Gurnee, IL 60031-0067 USA Tel. 1-708-249-8900 Fax: 1-708-249-9080

Erik Brinard, Michael Ruffolo

Spiral conveyors: freezing, cooling, heating and live storage. Refrigerated cooling tunnels: cooling or gelling.

STANDARD REFRIGERATION CO. 2050 N. Ruby St., Melrose Park, IL 60160 USA Tel. 1-708-345-5400 Fax: 1-708-345-3513

Shell and tube chiller barrels and water cooled condensers for replacement or new applications.

STAPLES & STEVENS CO. 5010 - 16th Ave. South, Tampa, FL 33619 USA Tel. 1-813-248-1996; 1-(800) 654-7631 Fax: 1-813-247-4411

Allen Barger

Cold storage manual and electric slide doors. Swing doors. Vertical lift doors, ice storage bins.

STAR SYSTEMS FILTRATION DIV., HILLIARD OF SOUTH CAROLINA, INC. P.O. Box 518, 101 Kershaw St. Timmonsville, SC 29161 USA Tel. 1-803-346-3101; 1-(800) 845-5381 Fax: 1-803-346-3736

Scott Thomas

Star filters (plate and frame) for filtering hot frying oil, water and other liquids. Star Poly Press. Dewater waste-water sludges and process slurries.

Starfrost Systems Ltd. Starfrost House, Newcombe Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR 32 1XA UK Tel. 441-502-562206 Fax: 441-502-584104

Peter A. Hubbard, Managing Director

Medium to long retention time freezers for prepared foods. Two belt IQF freezers. In line freezers for soft products. Long retention time freezers for boxed or cartoned products. Freezing and cooling tunnels (mult-tier and spiral).

STEEL KING INDUSTRIES, INC. 2700 Chamber Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481 USA Tel. 1-(800) 553-3096 Fax: 1-715-341-8792

Jay Anderson

Storage rack systems for palletized loads; guard rail systems to protect against fork truck damage.

STEIN, INC. P.O. Box 5001, 1622 First Street, Sandusky, OH 44871-8001 USA Tel. 1-419-626-0304 Fax: 1-419-626-9560

Dick Dibbs, President

Waterjet cutting units; batter-breading applicators and mixers; Fryers (direct, fired, thermal and indirect fired). Spiral ovens with high volume, especially for products with longer cooking times. Impingement ovens for high-intensity cooking and browning, using steam or steam/heat combination.

STERKEL GmbH Isolierende Trennysteme Schussenstrasse 8, D-88212, Ravensburg Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Tel. 49-751-36617-0 Fax: 49-751-36617-50

P. Helle

Cold storage doors. Transparent door systems. Fire protection doors, hand operated or automatic.

STORAX, INC. Box 20774, Tampa, FL 33622-0774 USA Tel. 1-813-882-8672 Fax: 1-813-889-7594

Jim McLain

Mobile storage systems, racking and shelving.

STORK BRONSWERK Brabantsestraat 10, Box 494, 3800 AL Amersfoort, Netherlands Tel. 33-4639911 Fax: 33-4687161 Telex: 79039

E. J. Peet

Chilling and freezing systems for poultry, meat processing and related industries.

Stork Titan B.V. P.O. Box 233, 5830 AE Boxmeer, The Netherlands Tel. 31-485-586122 Telex: 37376 Fax: 31-485-586655

Food processing systems, breading equipment, conveyors, frying, cooking, cooling. Forming, portioning and battering. Hot air, oil refining and air cleaning systems. Full line supplier for convenience and snack food industries.

SULLAIR REFRIGERATION 3700 E. Michigan Blvd., Michigan City, IN 46360 USA Tel. 1-219-874-1500 Fax: 1-219-874-1502

Tim Mallon, Dave Mantel, Jack Bitterlie, Clay Rank

Refrigeration screw compressors.

SUN PLANT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. 39-11, 3-Chome, Kinda-cho Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan Tel. 816-902-2943 Fax: 816 902 2986

Katsusuke Shimokawa, Ken Horiuchi

Breading and battering machines. Pre-dusting machines. Heat exchanger type auto fryers. Food forming machines. Shuttle conveyors.

SUPERCOOL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 8F-1 ND502 Yuan San Rd., Taipei Shien, Taiwan Tel. 886-2-2232525 Fax: 886-2-2216153

William Chou

Warehouse facility equipment, selling engineering components. IQF equipment for processing and cooling. Screw compressor evaporators, valves, refrigeration. service and maintainance.

SUPER SEAL MFG. LTD. 670 Rowntree Dairy Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 5T8 Canada Tel. 1-(800) 337-3239 Fax: 1-905-850-2922

Paul J. Ricci, Director of Sales

Dock seals, truck shelters for shipping/receiving doors, A/C, freezer appliances. Impact traffic doors. High speed automated PVC and insulated panel doors.

SUPERIOR INDUSTRIES OF NEBRASKA P.O. Box 37447, 11218 John Galt Blvd. Omaha, NE 68137 USA Tel. 1-402-596-1500 Fax: 1-402-596-1555

Freezer and cooler facilities. Refrigeration design. Thermal construction.

SYDNEY TECHNOLOGIES CORP. 2328 N. Batavia #107, Orange, CA 92665 USA Tel. 1-714-282-8822 Fax: 1-714-282-8824

V. R. "Ron" Sydney

Machinery and process systems for tuna, mackerel, sardine and squid. Packaging systems for canned and frozen products. Product development. Technology transfer.

SYSTEMS ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING 1221 C Post Road, P.O. Box 1645 Oakdale, CA 95361 USA Tel. 1-(800) 488-6055 Fax: 1-209-848-3917

Sanitary weigh belt feeders. Volumetric screwfeeder. Automatic dump system. Product topping system.

T. F. GROUP PLC (Incorporating Transfrig Limited and T.F. Refrigeration Limited) Unit 3, Crompton Way, Segensworth West, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5SS, England Tel. 44-1489 588131 Fax: 44-1489 589997

Steven P. Robinson

Commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration equipment. Static cold-store units, water chillers and process cooling. All using HFC refrigerants. Electric units for overcab or under-mount use. Temperature monitoring equipment. Direct drive and battery drive units.

TAKAMI CO., LTD. 4-15-105 Koshienguchi Kitamachi, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo 663, Japan Tel. 81-798-65-7227 Fax: 81-798-65-3301

Kunio Ishimizu

Frozen food, meat and poultry processing machines.

TAMANET (U.S.A.), INCORPORATED 2555 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 420, Fullerton, CA 92631 USA Tel. 1-714-441-0884 Fax: 1-714-441-0887

W. Todd Palmer

Stretch knitted Flex pallet netting with a guaranteed 25-30% stretch and a "built-in" memory.


Tasselli Industria Frigoriferi Divisione della Premark Italia S.p.A. Via S. Allende 6/a, 46029 Suzzara (Mantova) Italy Tel. 39-376/5161 Telex: 300510 IFTASS I Fax: 39-376/536255

Refrigerated cases and cabinets for supermarkets. Commercial cold rooms. Central cooling units.

TECHNOFRIGO DELL'ORTO Via Matteotti 161, 40013 Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy Tel. 39-51-711471 Telex: 510252 TECFRI Fax: 39-51-714261

Vincenzo Saponara., Man. Director

Equipment for industrial refrigeration (compressors, insulating panels). Complete plants and systems for industrial processes. Installation of refrigeration plants, cold stores and food processing plants.

Teflon Cooker Sweden AB Box 610, 25106 Helsingborg, Sweden Tel. 46-42-2296 70 Fax: 46-42-2294 70

Lars Holmlund

Teflon cookers, steam tunnels, forming machines.

TEMPCO DIVISION Box 100567, San Antonio, TX 78201 USA Tel. 1-210-736-4646 Fax: 1-210-736-4662

Dave Slager, Mktg. Director

Fryers and fryers/cookers. Baking ovens and sheeting equipment. Broilers and roasters. Salting and seasoning equipment.

TEMPERA/SOL 297 Boston Post Rd., Suite 126, Wayland, MA 01778 USA Tel. 1-508-358-0090 Fax: 1-508-358-0099

Ron Snider

Quick thaw systems. Super chill systems. Microwave food tempering tunnels. Microwave cooking systems. Plastic freezer spacers.

Tempex GmbH Box 1740, Ploucquestr. 11, D-89507 Heidenheim, Germany Tel. 49-7321-325-459 Fax: 49-7321-325-470

Frau Kottwitz

Insulated clothing for use in cold stores.

TENNECO PACKAGING/PRESSWARE 2120 Westbelt Drive, Box 28147 Columbus, OH 43228-0147 USA Tel. 1-614-771-5400

Pressed paper board packaging.

TERMOFROST AB Metallvagen, Kistinge, Ind. Omr. Box 9083, S - 300 09 Halmstad, Sweden Tel. 35-22 3500 Fax: 35-22 35 35

Glass display doors and shelving systems for commercial refrigeration equipment.

TETRA LAVAL FOOD Interchange Park, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, England Tel. 44-1908 616699 Fax: 44-1908 617990

Continuous processing and packaging lines for the food industry.

TETRA LAVAL FOOD 91 Wales Ave., Box 358, Avon, MA 02322 USA Tel. 1-508-588-2600

Full line of further processing and packing equipment. Choppers and knives, clippers, grinders, stuffers, smokehouses, injectors and tumblers; formers; batter, breading, frying, cooking, freezing and packaging systems.

TETRA LAVAL FOOD GmbH & CO. KG Tiromat Im Ruttert 35216 Biedenkopf, Germany Tel. (49-6461) 8010 Telex: 482212 Kage d Fax: (49-6461) 801100

Forming, filling and sealing machinery for vacuum and gas packaging in rigid and flexible material.

Tetra Laval Food Koppens B.V. Beekakker 11, Box 1, 5760 AA Bakel, The Netherlands Tel. 31-492-349349 Telex: 51894 Fax: 31-492-342985

J. O. Hansen

Custom-made stainless steel machines and complete production lines for the food processing industry. Forming and portioning machines; battering and breading equipment; frying and cooking machines; cooling and freezing systems; transportation; complete production lines.

TETRA PAK HOYER A/S 13, Soren Nymarks vej DK-8270 Hoejbjerg/Aarhus, Denmark Tel. 45-89 39 39 39 Telex: 6 87 70 Telefax: 45-86 29 22 00

John Weaver, Mktg. Director

Processing and packaging lines for ice cream, including mixing plants, continuous freezers, filling machines for cups/cones and bulk, rotary stick novelty freezers, wrapping and cartonizing equipment, hardening tunnels, extrusion lines. Paper cups and containers for ice cream. Cartoning equipment and lines for food processing.

THE THAMES PACKAGING EQUIPMENT COMPANY Senate House, Tyssen Street, Dalston, London E8 2ND England Tel. 44-171-254 7132 Telex: 22776 Fax: 44-171 241 0559

Michael Greisman, Arthur Daniels

Saxon range of hot air continuous heat sealers for sealing closed filled bags of frozen food.

THERM-L-TEC SYSTEMS, INC. 119 Osage Ave., Kansas City, KS 66105 USA Tel. 1-(800) 654-9055 Fax: 1-913-342-6545

Fred Law

Insulated panels for cold storage facilities/processing and clean rooms. Cold storage doors.

THERMO KING CORP. 314 W. 90th St., Minneapolis, MN 55420 USA Tel. 1-612-887-2200 Telex: 490250 Fax: 1-612-887-2529

R. F. Pedtke

Transport refrigeration.

THERMO KING EUROPE Monivea Rd., Mervue, Galway, Ireland Tel. 353-91-751231 Telex: 50040 TKNG EI Fax: 353-91-751911

Bill Roxby

Transport refrigeration. Sea-going container refrigeration.

THERMO KING ASIA PACIFIC 533 - 539 Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel. 852-25079100 Fax: 852-28275159

Hung Tam

Truck/trailer refrigeration equipment; container refrigeration.

THERMO-KOOL/MID-SOUTH INDUSTRIES, INC. Box 989, Laurel, MS 39441 USA Tel. 1-601-649-4600 Fax: 1-601-649-0558

Gary Crocker, Sales Mgr.

Walk-in refrigeration. Refrigerated Warehouses.

THERMON 100 Thermon Drive, Box 609, San Marcos, TX 78667-0609 USA Tel. 1-512-396-5801; 1-(800) 730-4328 Fax: 1-512-754-2431

Kay Boughton, Marketing Mgr. Electric heat tracing systems for the commercial construction industry. Freezer floor frost heave prevention, floor warming, freeze protection of pipes and drains, surface snow and ice melting, roof and gutter de-icing and domestic hot water temperature maintenance.

TIANMA REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING CO. 18 6th St., Teda, Tianjin, Tanggu, China Tel. 86-22-5323909 Fax: 86-22-5325972

He Shaoshu, VP

Spiral freezers. Steel-belt IQF freezers. DQJ butterfly freezer. Tunnel freezers.

TIME 'N TEMPERATURE CORP. 1502 A Eastman Ave., Box 6747, Ventura, CA 93006 USA Tel. 1-805-650-5922; 1-(800) 338-7295 Fax: 1-805-650-0610

Janet Williams

T 'N T in-transit recorders for monitoring of time and temperature on common carriers. Round one clear view disc recorder for warehouse, freezer, coldroom and fleet truck monitoring.

TNEMEC COMPANY, INC. 6800 Corporate Drive, Kansas City, MO 64120-1372 USA Tel. 1-816-483-3400 Fax: 1-816-483-3969

Cindy Denny

Paints, coatings and flooring for high-abuse areas of processing plants and warehouses.

Tolsma Techniek b.v. Box 163, 8300 AD Emmeloord, Holland Tel. 31-527 614755 Fax: 31-527 699532 Telex: 42475 Tolem nl

C.M. Tolsma

Agriculture preservation storage rooms, storage ventilators and computer controlled storage systems.

TOMCO EQUIPMENT CO. 3340 Rosebud Road, Loganville, GA 30249 USA Tel. 1-(800)832-4262; 1-404-979-8000 Fax: 1-404-985-9179

Jim Jung

Ammonia refrigeration; carbon dioxide recovery systems; carbon dioxide subcooling systems.

Townsend Engineering Company 2425 Hubbell Ave., Box 2425, Des Moines, IA 50305 USA Tel. 1-(800) 247-8609 Fax: 1-515-263-3333

Bob Damstetter, Dir. of Sales

Sausage processing equipment - high speed linking, filling, hanging machines, liquid smoke applicators, sausage peelers and link cutters. Injectors for accurate fluid/brine distribution in all meat, poultry and fish. Skinning machines for all meat, poultry and fish.

TRIPAX ENGINEERING CO. PTY. LTD. 64 Barry St., Bayswater 3153, Victoria, Australia Tel. 61-3-9762 7788 Fax: 61-3-97629018

Alan Dabbs, Poul Hansen

Processing and conveying equipment for food industry.

TROY HILLS MFG., INC. 501-C Division St., Boonton, NJ 07005 USA Tel. 1-201-263-1885 Fax: 1-201-263-8084

Leif Melgaard

Cabinet lids and replacement collars for freezer chests.

TUFCO INTERNATIONAL, INC. P.O. Box 456, Pioneer Lane, Gentry, AR USA 72734 Tel. 1-501-736-2201 Fax: 1-501-736-2947

Chislain Beauregard

Sanitary floors, walls and ceiling systems.

TURNING POINTS 362 Wren Lane, Strasburg, VA 22657 USA Tel. 1-540-465-5312 Fax: 1-540-465-5467

Bill Meeker

Modular eyelink belts for tunnel freezers. Plastic belt turn curve conveyors for transport. Easily cleaned process belts for spiral freezers. Trouble-shooting services for spiral conveyors in freezers and chillers.

TWENTEBELT Petroleum Havenstraat 1-3 7553 GS Hengelo, Netherlands Tel. 31-74-424705 Fax: 31-74-431659

Harry Wibier

Conveyor belts for freezers.

TYLER REFRIGERATION CORP. 1329 Lake St., Niles, MI 49120 USA Tel. 1-616-683-2000 Fax: 1-616-684-9739

Greg Osterman, V.P. Int'l

Commercial refrigerated display cases for supermarkets.

UDEC T/A TYNET TEES FORTH-UDEC LTD. Parsons Estate, District 2, Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK NE37 IHB Tel. 441-91-4164525 Fax: 441-91-4168317

Brian Ellison

Refrigeration. Cold rooms. Freezing equipment.

UNIBLOCK ZANOTTI USA, INC. 29 North Mall, Plainview, NY 11803 USA Tel. 1-516-845-4501 Fax: 1-516-845-9890 Telex: 234836

K. Michael Kelly

Self-contained refrigeration equipment. Freezing equipment.

UNITED INSULATED STRUCTURES 5430 St. Charles Road, Berkeley, IL 60163 USA Tel. 1-708-544-8200 Fax: 1-708-544-8274

Laura Woodford

Contractor for temperature controlled facilities.

Unitherm Food Systems Inc. 1108 W. Hartford Ave., Ponca City, OK 74601-2110 USA Tel. 1-405-762-0197 Fax: 1-405-762-0199

James Gaydusek

Radio frequency cooker-cooking emulsified meats. Rapid flow-continuously roasting, cooking and smoking. Aquaflow-pasturizing, cooking and (brine) chilling. Rotachef rotisserie products, cooked, chilled and frozen.

U.S. FILTER 4669 Shepherd Trail, Box 560, Rockford, IL 61103 USA Tel. 1-815-877-3041 Fax: 1-815-877-0172

Filters, water and waste water treatment. Deionizers, water treatment. Softeners, water treatment.

UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION, INC. Box 310, Duplessis, LA 70728 USA Tel. 1-504-647-8125 Fax: 1-504-644-2668

Terry Hartman, David Shiroda

Packaged industrial water and fluid chillers. Rebuilt refrigeration packages and equipment +40 [degrees] to -150 [degrees] F. Water/glycol chillers water or air cooled in stock. Chillers/refrigeration units for rental.

UNIVERSAL SANITATION - UNISAN 575 Great SW Parkway, P.O. Box 43385, Atlanta, GA 30336 USA Tel. 1-770-699-0075; 1-770-535-6777 Fax: 1-770-699-0480; 1-770-535-2666

Wayne Fowler, Terry Stargell Cleaning Systems for Food Processing Equipment.

Urschel Laboratories, Inc. 2503 Calumet Ave., Box 2200, Valparaiso, IN 46384-2200 USA Tel. 1-219-464-4811 Telex: 258-337 Fax: 1-219-462-3879 David Steider, V.P. Sales Slicers. Dicers. Strip cutters. Milling equipment.

VR FOOD EQUIPMENT SALES, ING. P.O. Box 216, Bush Park Lane, Penn Yan, NY 14527-0216 USA Tel. 1-315-531-8133 David Von Rhedey

Tanks, conveyors (all types). Used equipment rebuilding.

V.T.N. B.P. 6 74440 Taninges, France Tel. 33- Telex: 385 044 Fax: 33- J.M. Duvent Protective clothing.

VAN GENECHTEN BIERMANS N.V. Raadsherenstraat 2, B-2300 Turnbout, Belgium Tel. 31-14/403640 Telex: 33188 Fax: 31-14/403790 John deSomer, Mktg. Mgr.

Printed cartons in solid board and D, E, F - flute.

VARIANTSYSTEMET INTERNATIONAL A/S Fynsvej 60, DK-5500 Middelfart, Denmark Tel. 45-64 41 20 44 Fax: 45-64 41 31 44 Arne Jorgensen

Corner tube containers, roll containers and pallet containers for storage and distribution of frozen foods.

VERSA FLEX INCORPORATED Box 6241, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 USA Tel. 1-(800) 870-8842 Fax: 1-303-879-1200 Neil Moon

Polyurea sealants and coatings. Developed for rapid concrete repair. Application temperature range from - 40 [degrees] to 150 [degrees] F. Cure times under 30 minutes. For vertical or horizontal surfaces.

VIKOOL REFRIGERATION - A DIVISION OF HEAT AND CONTROL 407 Creek Road, Mt. Cravatt, QLD, 4122 Brisbane, Australia Tel. 61-7-8776400 Fax: 61-7-3438371

Compressors, spiral cooling and freezing systems. Carton freezing tunnels. Finned air cooling units. Evaporative condensers. Heat exchangers. Pressure vessels. Ice plants. Complete refrigeration systems.

VILTER EXPORT CORP. 2217 South First Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207 USA Tel. 1-414-744-0111 Fax: 1-414-744-3483; 744-6466 J. L. Perez, Dir. of Int'l Sales

Refrigeration equipment for food processing, freezing, beverage, fishing industry using ammonia and Freon refrigerants. Air conditioning and chilling package equipment.

VILTER MANUFACTURING CORP., COIL DIVISION 3625 W. Elm Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209 USA Tel. 1-414-352-2800 Fax: 1-414-352-8033 Telex: 201325 Vilt ur John Hippensteel, Ryan Kleekner

Air units for cooling, chilling, freezing and special processing. Ceiling, floor and rooftop models with propeller or centrifugal fans.

WADDINGTONS CARTONS LTD. Cockburn Fields, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5LX England Tel. 44-113-2760730 Fax: 44-113-2760165 Cartonboard packaging.

WALKER STAINLESS EQUIPMENT CO. 625 State St., Box 202, New Lisbon, WI 53950 USA Tel. 1-608-562-3151 Fax: 1-608-562-3178 Donn Boudreau

Stainless steel tanks for mixing, blending and storing liquid foods. Stainless steel tank trailers for transporting liquid foods.

WEED INSTRUMENT P.O. Box 200, 707 Jeffrey Way, Round Rock, TX 78680 USA Tel. 1-512-434-2800 Fax: 1-512-434-2801 Jim Robertson

Temperature sensors and transmitter-measure process temp. Pressure and level transmitters-measure process pressure. Fiber optic data transmission equipment.

Weiler & Company, Inc. 1116 E. Main Street, Whitewater, WI 53190 USA Tel. 1-414473-5254 Fax: 1-414-473-5867 Jim H. Schumacher

Heavy duty, high production meat grinders. Grinders for frozen blocks, bone products, hot and cold fats, fruits and vegetables, yeast and other food products. Heavy duty mixer-grinders for blending and final size reduction. Mixer-blenders for ground meat formulas. Screw conveyors. Portion machines. Complete meat processing systems.

ERNEST WEST & BEYNON LTD. Unit B. Eldon Way Paddock Wood, Nr. Tonbridge, Kent TN12 6BE UK Tel. 441-892-836455 Fax: 441-892-834121 C.B. Snowdon Ultra low temperature freezers.

WESTERN ATLAS INC., MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS 2100 Litton Lane Hebron, KY 41048 USA Tel. 1-606-334-2400 Fax: 1-606-334-2845

UHS conveyors, vonGal palletizers, Taylor table top conveyors, AS/RS, sortatin, software and controls.

I.J. WHITE CORPORATION 20 Executive Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA Tel. 1-516-293-2211 Fax: 1-516-293-3788 Peter J. White

Complete USDA-approved spiral blast freezing and refrigerated cooling systems with insulated enclosure and refrigeration packages. Auxiliary conveyors including 45 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree turns.

WHITE MARTINS GASES INDUSTRIAIS S/A Rua Raul Pompeia 144, 6th Floor, Sao Paulo, Brazil 05025-010 Tel. 55 11 874-5789 Fax: 55 11 65-0467 T. Cristina Gomes

Cryogenic immersion tunnel. Cryogenic refrigerator cabinets.

WILEVCO INC. 10 Fortune Dr. Billerica, MA 01821-3959 Tel. 1-508-667-0400 Fax: 1-508-670-9191 Putnam P. Flint, President/CEO;

Leverett P. Flint/VP; John Whitmore Automatic batter mixers with viscosity and temperature control to interface with breading equipment, cryolator swept surface heat exchangers for chilling batter, reserve tank assemblies for filtering batter.

THE WIRE BELT COMPANY LIMITED Castle Road, Eurolink Industrial Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3RF England Tel. 44-1795-421771 Telex: 96451 Fax: 44-1795-428905 G. Kirk, Sales Mgr.

Conveyor belting, flex-turn units, spreader conveyors.

WOLFKING INC. P.O. Box 30970, 825 Taylor Road, Columbus, OH 43230-0970 USA Tel. 1-(800) 292-3144; 1-614-863-3144 Fax: 1-614-863-3296 Jan Erik Kuhlmann, President; Dominick Guliuzza, Sales Manager Grinders. Mixers. Mixer/grinders.

Bone elimination systems. Vacuum emulsifiers. Conveyors. Dumpers. Multi needle brine injectors. Ham presses. De-boners. Portioning devices. RF cooking systems vacuum tumblers.

WOLFKING DANMARK A/S Industrivej 6, DK-4200 Slagelse, Denmark Tel. 45-53 52 25 02 Telex: 4 53 76 wolfwj dk Fax: 45-58 50 10 31

Single machines and lines for processing of meat, pet food, cheese and by-products, e.g. frozen block grinders, fresh meat grinders, mixers, mixer/grinders, emulsifiers, conveyors, lifting devices, silos and meat pumps.

WRIGHT MACHINERY Eskdale Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England Tel. 44-1895-231121 Fax: 44-1895-258579 Telex: 262764 WRIGHT G C. M. White, M. Reed, J. Walsh, R. Treacher

Vibratory conveying systems, storage devices, elevators, weighing, auger and volumetric dosing systems. Vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines.

WURLITZER (DEUTSCHE WURLITZER GmbH) Niederdorf 5, 32351 Stemwede, Germany Tel. 49-5745-280 Fax: 49-5745-28220 Norbert Lohre

Vending machines for ice cream and other frozen food products.

YANTAI REFRIGERATION MACHINERY WORKS 80 Xishan Road, Yantai, China Tel. 86 (535) 243451 Fax: 86 (535) 252302 Telex: 32560 bthyt cn Yang Jian Shang Yuan

Reciprocating compressors. Plate freezers. Water chillers. Insulated panels.

York Food Systems 8130 - 304th Avenue S.E. Preston, WA 98050 USA Tel. 1-206-222-7100 Fax: 1-206-222-74551

Terry D. Barber, Pres.; Ron Sharples, Exec. VP; Alan Lascelles, VP Regional offices in Atlanta, GA; Huron, OH; Northfield, MN; London, Ont., Canada; Monterey, Mexico; Norwigh England; Auckland, New Zealand; Singapore; Dubai, U.A.E.

SpiralTrak spiral freezer with double impingement airflow for fast two-sided freezing and hygienic coil and cleaning system design. SuperFlow IQF belt freezers for IQF freezing of particulate products from peas to cob corn, berries, shrimp and shellfish. The York JetFreeze Impingement Freezer for fast freezing of thin products such as hamburger patties. Super Stak self-stacking spiral freezer technology. Northfield large spiral technology (LST). Trolley freezers for packaged products. Plate freezers-both horizontal and vertical for individual or packaged products. SuperContact Product Surface Freezers for crust freezing soft products. Turn-key refrigeration plants, complete shrimp processing lines and potato processing lines.

YORK FOOD SYSTEMS (ASIA PACIFIC HEAD OFFICE) Box 101-405, North Shore, Mail Centre, Auckland, New Zealand Tel. 64-9 443 5478 Fax: 64-9 444 3242 Peter Bullock, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager (See above York listing.)

YORK FOOD SYSTEMS (EUROPEAN HEAD OFFICE) Suite 10, Keswick Hall, Norwich NR4 6TJ England Tel. 44-1603 250702, Fax: 44-1603 250705 Mike Cotton, E.O.M. Food freezing and refrigeration.

YORK INTERNATIONAL CORP. Box 1592, York, PA 17405 USA Tel. 1-717-771-7890 Telex: 4764012 T. S. Wan

Commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

ZER-O-LOC 4740 Vanguard Road, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 2P8, Canada Tel. 1-604-273-8306 Fax: 1-604-276-8293 Diane Wilson

Insulated panel and door systems.

ZERO-TEMP INC. 1500-A East Chestnut Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA Tel. 1-714-547-9728 Fax: 1-714-542-6529 John L. Cooper Jr.

Turnkey freezers and cooler pre-fab warehouses. Exterior and interior cold storage facilities. Walk-in cold storage freezers and coolers. Blast freezers.

ZERO ZONE INC. 110 Oak Ridge Drive, North Prairie, WI 53153 USA Tel. 1-414-392-6400 Fax: 1-414-392-6450 Jack Van Der Ploeg, Dick Marsh

Commercial reach-in glass door freezers and coolers and specialty refrigerated cases.
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