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1994 wastewater treatment spending nears $2 billion.

The 15,700 U.S. municipal wastewater treatment plants will spend $1.9 billion this year and $2 billion next year to clean the nation's wastewater, reports the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

"POTW Market for Wastewater Treatment Products--1994-1995 Forecast" reports that 1994 will see equipment account for $966 million in total expenditures, engineering services for $544 million, and chemicals for $408 million. The fastest growth will be in plant spending for odor control (19.8%) and nitrification/denitrification (12.9%) systems. Pumps ($124.9 million) and sludge dewatering equipment ($92 million) were individual categories projecting the highest dollar volume sales.

The survey finds that user fees and upgrades continue to drive spending at publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) across the country. Sixty-eight percent of purchases at these facilities are financed by user fees. For 1994, 71% of municipal wastewater treatment plants will upgrade and improve plant performance, and upgrades will be 77% of spending in 1995.

In all, the report identifies planned purchases in 79 individual product categories, five separate categories for chemicals, and six for engineering services. Telephone surveys of engineers, managers, and superintendents were used to compile the spending plans.
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Title Annotation:EH Update; Water Environment Federation report
Publication:Journal of Environmental Health
Date:Jun 1, 1994
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