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1993-94 U.S. networks' series.

704 Hauser Street                  Columbia Pictures
Against the Grain                  Warner Bros.
Angel Falls                        ACI
Aspen                              Warner Bros.
Big Wave Dave's                    Paramount TV
Birdland                           Columbia Pictures
Boy Meets World                    Disney Productions
Buddy Blues                        Disney Productions
Care Americain                     Warner Bros.
City High                          Columbia Pictures
Cop Files                          Twentieth Century Fox
Crescent City                      Warner Bros.
Daddy Dearest                      Columbia Pictures
Dave's World                       CBS Productions
Diagnosis Murder                   Viacom
Do the Strand                      Columbia Pictures
Eligible Dentist                   NBC Productions
Eye to Eye With Connie Chung       CBS Productions
Family Album                       Warner Bros.
Prasier                            Paramount TV
Front Page                         Twentieth Century Fox
George                             Columbia Pictures
Grace Under Fire                   Carsey-Werner
Great Escapes                      NBC Productions
Harts of the West                  Kushner-Locke
It Had to Be You                   Warner Bros.
Joe's Life                         ABC Productions
Johnny Bago                        HCA/Universal
Larroquette                        Warner Bros.
Locals                             Warner Bros.
Lois & Clark: The New
  Adventures of Superman           Warner Bros.
Mantis                             MCA/Universal
Missing Persons                    Columbia Pictures
Moment of Crisis                   ABC Productions
Mommies                            Paramount TV
Monty                              Disney Productions
Mother Country                     Warner Bros.
My Girls                           Warner Bros.
Ply Kind of Town                   Warner Bros.
NBC Newsmagazine                   NBC Productions
NYPD Blue                          Twentieth Century Fox
Phenom                             Columbia Pictures
Saved by the Bell Goes to College  NBC Productions
SeaQuest DSV                       MCA/Universal TV
Second Half                        Columbia Pictures
Sinbad                             Disney Productions
Sister. Sister                     Paramount TV
South Beach                        MCA/Universal
South Central                      Twentieth Century Fox
South of Sunset                    Paramount TV
Tail Hopes                         Warner Bros.
The Adventures of Brisco
  County. Jr.                      Warner Bros.
The Adventures of Ned Blessing     CBS Productions
The Bowmans                        Disney Productions
The Chevy Chase Show               Twentieth Century Fox
The Hidden Room                    MCA/Universal
The Nanny                          Columbia Pictures
The Paula Poundstone Show          ABC Productions
The Trouble With Larry             Warner Bros.
The Wyatts                         Columbia Pictures
The X-Files                        Twentieth Century Fox
Thea                               Columbia Pictures
These Friends of Mine              Disney Productions
Tom                                Mozark Prods.
Townsend Television                Tinsel Townsend Prods
Viper                              Paramount TV
Walker, Texas Ranger               Harmony Gold
Winnetka Road                      Worldvision
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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