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1993 Great American Beer Festival medal winners.

The Great American Beer Festival was held October 8-9, 1993 at Currigan Hall in Denver, CO, and hosted 19,000 beer drinkers. The festival was attended by 208 U.S. breweries serving 955 brands. Of the 955 beers available, 607 were on tap. The Festival's certified beer judges worked their way through hundreds of entries to select medal winners in each of 32 categories. Medal winners ran the gamut from tiny start-up microbreweries to America's largest plants. Among the top tier brewers, the Miller Brewing Co. led the way with two golds and a silver, followed by G. Heileman with two golds and a bronze. Anheuser-Busch walked away with two silvers (including one for Bud) and a bronze; Pabst took a gold and a bronze, and Coors took a silver for their Winterfest. Second-tier brewers also enjoyed a harvest of medals: Genesee Brewing Co. took a silver for their cream ale, Jos. Huber a silver for their dark and the Evansville Brewing Co., picked up two golds--one for Drummond Bros. Lager and the other in the N.A. category. The Anchor Brewing Co. was awarded a silver and a bronze, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. took a gold, August Schell got a silver, and the Minnesota Brewing Co. won a bronze.

Among micro and contract brewers, there were several multiple medal winners. The Marin Brewing Co. of Larkspur, CA took a gold, silver and bronze; the Rockies Brewing Co. of Boulder, CO won a gold and a silver; and the Stoudt Brewery of Adamstown, PA and the The Great Lakes Brewing Co. of Cleveland. OH each took home a gold and a silver. The Alaskan Brewing & Bottling Co. of Juneau, AK won a gold and a bronze.

Dempsey's Sonoma Brewing Co. of Petaluma, CA and the Big Time Brewing Co. of Seattle, WA each won a gold and a bronze; and the Pike Place Brewery of Seattle, WA and the Boston Beer Co. each won a silver and a bronze. Newcomer Brewski Brewing Co. of Culver City, CA took two bronzes.

Several well-regarded microbreweries also took single gold medals: The New England Brewing Co. of Norwalk, CT won a gold for their Atlantic Amber; the Pennsylvania Brewing Co./Allegheny Brewery took a gold for their Penn Light Lager and the Celis Brewery, Inc. won a gold for their Celis White.

Classic English Pale Ale

GOLD Holy Cow! Pale Ale--Holy Cow! Casino, Cafe & Brewery, Las Vegas, NV.

SILVER Burning River Ale--Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH

BRONZE Pike Place Pale Ale, Pike Place Brewery, Seattle, WA

India Pale Ale

GOLD Renegade Red--High Country Brewery, Inc., Boulder, CO

SILVER Liberty Ale--Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco, CA

BRONZE Punjabi Pale Ale--Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing, Fort Collins, CO

American Pale/Amber Ale

GOLD Sierra Nevada Pale Ale--Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA

SILVER Red Nectar--Humboldt Brewery Arcata, CA

BRONZE Red Fox--Heritage Brewing Co., Dana Point, CA

Traditional Bitter (No gold awarded)

SILVER Boulder Amber--Rockies Brewing Co., Boulder, CO

BRONZE Emerald Special Bitter-Steelhead Brewery & Cafe, Eugene, OR

Scottish Ale

GOLD Wrigley Red--Rockies Brewing Co., Boulder, CO

SILVER Golden Gate Red Ale--Golden Pacific Brewing Co., Inc., Emeryville, CA

BRONZE Sonoma Irish Ale--Dempsey's Sonoma Brewing Co., Petaluma, CA

Blonde Ale

GOLD Prime Time--Big Time Brewing Co., Seattle, WA

SILVER Alpine Pearl Pale Ale--Tied House Cafe & Brewery, Alameda, CA

BRONZE Alaskan Pale Ale, Alaskan Brewing & Bottling Co., Douglas, AK


GOLD Edmund Fitzgerald Porter--Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH

SILVER Pt. Reyes Porter--Marin Brewing Co., Larkspur, CA

BRONZE Tower Dark Ale--Butterfield Brewery, Fresno, CA

Dry Stout

GOLD Ugly Dog Stout--Dempsey's Sonoma Brewing Co., Petaluma, CA

SILVER Old No. 38 Stout--North Coast Brewing, Ft. Bragg, CA

BRONZE Ryan's Irish Stout--Jones Street Brewing Co., Omaha, NE

Sweet Stout

GOLD Seabright Oatmeal Stout--Seabright Brewery Pub & Restaurant, Santa Cruz, CA

SILVER Zosar Stout--Oasis Brewery, Boulder, CO

BRONZE Oatmeal Stout--San Diego's Riptide Brewery, San Diego, CA

Strong Ale

GOLD Auld Tartan Wee Heavy--Vermont Pub & Brewery, Burlington, VT

SILVER Imperial Stout--Pacific Coast Brewing, Oakland, CA

BRONZE Steelhead Snug Harbor Old Ale--Pizza Deli and brewery, Cave Junction, OR

Barley Wine

GOLD Old Crustacean--Rogue Ales Brewery/Oregon Brewing Co., Newport, OR

SILVER Old Bawdy Barley Wine--Pike Place Brewery, Seattle, WA

BRONZE Old Wooly--Big Time Brewing Co., Seattle, WA

Fruit, Vegetable

GOLD Blueberry Ale--Marin Brewing Co., Larkspur, CA

SILVER Passion Ale--Tied House Brewery, Alameda, CA

BRONZE Taos Green Chile Beer, Eske's Brew Pub/Sangre de Cristo Brewing Inc. Taos, NM

Herb, Spice

GOLD Celis White--Celis Brewery, Inc., Austin, TX

SILVER Yuletide Ale--Silo Brewpub, Louisville, KY

BRONZE Our Special Ale--Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco, CA.


GOLD Abbey Trappist Style Ale--New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO

SILVER Winterfest--Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO

BRONZE Raspberry Honey--Spanish Peaks Brewing Co. & Italian Cafe, Bozeman, MT


GOLD Alaskan Smoked Porter--Alaskan Brewing & Bottling Co., Douglas, AK

SILVER Welkommen--Rogue Ales brewery/Oregon brewing Co., Newport, OR

Bock (No gold awarded)

SILVER Stoudt Bock--Stoudt Brewery, Adamstown, PA

BRONZE Samuel Adams Double Bock--Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA

Amber Lager

GOLD Old West Amber--Florida Beer Brands, Orlando, FL

SILVER Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA

BRONZE Rhomberg Classic Amber, Rhomberg Brewing Co., Davenport, IA

Dark Lager

GOLD Lowenbrau Dark--Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

SILVER Berghoff Dark--Joseph Huber Brewing, Monroe, WI

BRONZE Henry Weinhard's Dark--Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co., Portland, OR

Munchner Helles & Dortmunder Export

GOLD Penn Light Lager--Pennsylvania Brewing Co., Allegheny Brewery & Pub, Pittsburgh, PA

SILVER Los Gatos Lager, Los Gatos Brewing, Los Gatos, CA

European Pilsner

GOLD Pilsener--Stoudt Brewery, Adamstown, PA

SILVER Hubsch Brau Pilsner--Sudwerk Privatbrauerei Hubsch; Davis, CA

BRONZE Golden Spike Pilsner, Riverside Brewing Co., Riverside, CA

American Lager

GOLD Drummond Bros.--Evansville Brewing, Evansville, IN

SILVER Lone Star--Lone Star Cantina & Brewery, Roanoke, VA

BRONZE Brewski Brew Pub Classic--Brewski Brewing Co., Culver City, CA

American Light Lager

GOLD Special Export Light--G. Heileman Brewing Co., LaCrosse, WI

SILVER Lone Star Light--Lone Star Cantina & Brewery, Roanoke, VA

BRONZE Brewski Brew Pub Light--Brewski Brewing Co., Culver City, CA

American Premium Lager

GOLD Leinenkugel's Limited--Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., Chippewa Falls, WI

SILVER Budweiser--Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

BRONZE Point Special--Stevens Point Brewery Co., Stevens Point, WI

American Dry Lager

GOLD Olympia Dry--Pabst Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

SILVER Esquire Extra Dry--Jones Brewing Co., Smithton, PA

BRONZE No medal awarded

American Malt Liquor

GOLD Mickey's Malt Liquor--G. Heileman Brewing Co., LaCrosse, WI

SILVER Magnum--Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

BRONZE King Cobra--Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Dusseldorf Altbier

GOLD Atlantic Amber--New England Brewing Co., Norwalk, CT

SILVER Rhino Chasers--William & Scott Brewing Co., Culver City, CA

BRONZE Alt Nouveau--North Coast Brewing Co., Ft. Bragg, CA

American Lager\Ale--Cream Ale

GOLD Country Cream Ale--Lonetree Brewing, Ltd., Denver, CO

SILVER Genesee Cream Ale--Genesee Brewing CO., Rochester, NY

BRONZE McMahon's Potato Ale--Minnesota Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN

German Wheat

GOLD Heavenly Hefe-Weizen--Heavenly Daze Brewery, Steamboat Springs, CO

SILVER August Schell Weizen--August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, MN

BRONZE Hops! Hefe-Weizen--Hops! Bistro & Brewery, Scottsdale, AZ

American Wheat

GOLD Easy Street Wheat--Odell Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO

SILVER Whistlepin Wheat--H.C. Berger Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO

BRONZE Marin Hefe-Weiss--Marin Brewing Co., Marin Brewing Co., Larkspur, CA

English Brown Ale

GOLD Home Run Ale--Champion Brewing Co., Denver, CO

SILVER Bond Street Brown Ale--Deschutes Brewery & Public House, Bend, OR

BRONZE Bison Brown Ale--Coyote Springs Brewing Co. & Cafe, Phoenix, AZ

American Brown Ale

GOLD Old Elk Brown Ale--Walnut Brewery, Boulder, CO

SILVER Brown Ale--Butterfield Brewery, Fresno, CA

BRONZE Downtown Brown--Lost Coast Brewing., Eureka, CA


GOLD Birell N.A.--Evansville Brewing Co., Evansville, IN

SILVER O'Doul's--Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

BRONZE Pabst Non-Alcoholic--Pearl Brewing Co., San Antonio, TX
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