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1992 cabinet projection highest in 13 years.

After seeing unit sales fall by more than 3 percent in 1991, total demand for kitchen and bath vanities are projected to reach 49 million units in 1992. This would be the highest number of units since 1979, according to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Assn. January/February newsletter.

These projections come on the heels of the lowest total demand for kitchen and bath vanities since 1987. In 1991, total demand was projected at 45.8 million units, a decrease of 1.3 million units. For new housing, demand dropped 1.5 million units while in repair and remodeling demand actually increased 200,000 units.

But 1992 is estimated to be a banner year. According to the KCMA, cabinet demand for new housing is expected to jump 2.9 million units to 18.9 million and for repair or remodeled homes by 300,000 units to 30.1 million.

"The encouraging projections for the cabinet market closely track other economic forecasts predicting a bad first quarter and growth thereafter in 1992," stated KCMA executive vice president Richard Titus in the association's January/February newsletter Cabinet News. "Hopefully, lower interest rates, growing economic stability and increased job security will offset the chill of recent employee layoffs and plant closings so as to give consumer confidence the necessary boost."
Total Demand for Kitchen & Bath Vanities
 (In Millions of Units)
1984 18.5 3.7 16.3 1.3 39.8
1985 20.2 3.4 17.0 1.4 42.0
1986 20.2 4.0 16.4 1.5 42.1
1987 17.9 3.5 19.5 1.7 42.6
1988 17.5 3.5 23.7 1.9 46.6
1989 17.3 3.0 25.8 1.9 48.0
1990 15.0 2.5 26.9 2.7 47.1
1991 13.8 2.2 27.2 2.6 45.8 proj
1992 16.0 2.9 27.4 2.7 49.0 est
Source: KCMA/F.W. Dodge, January 1992
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Title Annotation:statistics from Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association
Author:Adams, Larry
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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