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1991 S.H.O.T. Show review.

Many new companies were in attendance at the 1991 SHOT Show, swelling the overall figures to 1,172 exhibitors. The Show has continued to grow since the very first one in St. Lou in 1979.

SI talked with many of the exhibitors about business volume, and many said they wrote more orders the first day of the Show than in four days in Las Vegas.

Overall, the outlook is bright for retailing in 1991 with many exciting new products to draw in new and repeat business. Without further ado, here's a capsulized roundup of what caught SI's eye at the Show.
 The New .40 S&Ws
 * AMT
On Duty
American Arms
 * Auto-Ordnance
 * Heckler & Koch
 M HK P7-M10
 * Springfield Armory
 Omega Match
 * Star
 * Taurus
 PT 100
 * Smith & Wesson
 The New 9mms
 * Beretta
 92 FSS
 * Browning
 * Colt
 * Daewoo
 * Springfield Armory
 Sub-Compact P9
 * Ruger
 * Mitchell Arms
 Parabellum 08
 * Ruger
 * Smith & Wesson
 MODEL 940


On Duty - .40 S&W & 9mm, double-action semiauto, alloy-framed with a 13+1 round capacity. The On Duty sports a 4-1/2" barrel and weighs in at 32 ounces. The frame is hard-anodized and the barrel and slide are stainless steel. The grips are made of carbon fiber.

* American Arms

Sabre - .40 S&W & 9mm, double-action only, blowback semiauto, stainless or blue, 8+1 capacity in .40, 9+1 in the 9mm. The SITES S.p.A. manufactured pistol includes a polygonal-rifled barrel, 3-3/4" long. The overall length in 7", the weight only 26 ounces. The PX/25, a double-action .25 caliber version of the PX/22 is also new. The PX/25 capacity is 7+1 rounds. The frame is lightweight alloy with a deep blue-black finish. Circle Number 402

* Auto-Ordnance

1911-A1 - .40 S&W with an 8+1 capacity. The standard finish is blue, with a white three-dot sighting system and texturerd wrap-around grips. The barrel length is 4-1/2" and the overall weight is 37 ounces.

* Beretta

92F-EL - High polish blued 92F with gold tones on the safety, hammer, magazine release and firing pin block. The Beretta 92FSS is the new stainless steel 92. The magazine capacity for both is the standard 15+1.

* Browning

BDM (Browning Double Mode) - 9mm, selectable for either revolver or pistol mode, steel framed and only 31 ounces. The safety doubles as a decocking lever. The hammer can be manually cocked when in the double-action mode. The extended blade on the magazine floorplate allows the mode selector to be easily operated. Look for the BDM about mid-year after the Secret Service order is filled. Hi-Power Practical: A two-tone 9mm with blued slide and silver-chromed frame, Pachmayr grips, round hammer and removeable front sight. Buck Mark four new models: Standard Nickel, includes contoured rubber grips. The Target 5.5 Gold is highlighted with a gold anodized frame and rib and includes walnut grips. The Field 5.5 rounds out Browning's offerings with a field version of the Target 5.5.

* Colt

All American/Model 2000 - 9mm (with two other frame sizes to follow for .40 S&W & .45 ACP), polymer-framed, double-action, locked-breech, rotary barrel, modular pistol. The barrel & slide work as a unit moving to the rear until the barrel lug rotates in the cam block and stops. The barrel lugs align to allow the slide to continue its travel to the rear and extraction and ejection occurs. The pistol breaks down to eight major parts including the magazine. Look for it about mid-year.

* Daewoo

DP51- 9mm, single or double-action, alloy-framed, 27 ounces, 13+1 capacity. Sandblasted black or polished. This Korean-made entry into the 9mm market appears to be geared toward the police/military market. Other Daewoo products have made it to the civilian market, expect this one to also.

* New Detonics

Ladies' Escort - Ladies version of the Combat Master, .45 ACP, single action, 6+1 capacity. The grips are thinned as is the frame to better fit smaller hands. The thumb safety and the magazine release have been redesigned for smoother use. Two spare magazines are included. Detonics even has a toll-free number for ladies with questions (800-388-GUNS). There are three color combinations available: the Royal Escort (pictured); the Jade Escort, with jade-colored grips and slide; and the Midnight Escort, satin stainless with black grips and slide.

* Feather Industries

Guardian Angel - .22LR/.22 Magnum derringer-style pistol (two shots) with a drop-in breech block in both calibers, polymer-framed. With the push of a button, the block slips easily in or out of the frame. Expect the Guardian Angel about mid-year.

* Freedom Arms

Model 252 Silhouette & Varmint Models - .22LR, five-shot, single action, stainless steel with matte finish, 3-3/4 pounds. The Model 252 features a two-point firing pin which strikes the rimfire case head in two places, 180 degrees apart. The hammer has been lightened to speed lock time. It is built on the same frame as the 454 Casull. An extra cylinder in .22 WMR is available for the Varmint Class revolver Perhaps the best single action .22 made.

* Heckler & Koch

HK P7-M10 - The squeeze-cocker is now in .40 S&W in a 4.1 inch barrel. The magazine capacity is 10+1, the rear sight is adjustable, and the standard finish is black. The recoil operated, retarded inertia bolt system, chambered in the .40 S&W, will initially be delivered to the U.S. Park Police, replacing their current .38 caliber service revolvers.

* Intratec

Protec 25 - Now available in .25 ACP, black satin or satin chrome. The double-action only semi-automatic .25 is from "The Protector Series" from Intratec.

* K.B.I.

Jericho Compact - 9mm, .40 S&W, .41AE. & .45 ACP Conversion kits are available for conversion of any of the pistols. The Jericho line of pistols is manufactured in Israel by IMI.

* L.A.R. Manufacturing

Grizzly Mark 4 -.44 Magnum, semiauto. The new Mark 4 is specifically designed for the .44 Magnum. Barrel lengths are available in either 5.5 or 6.5 inches. Standard finish is lusterless blue or parkerized, hard chrome is optional. A new conversion kit for .40 S&W is available that will interchange with all Grizzly Mark I models.

* Lorcin

LT Model - Nine ounce .25 ACP that even meets South Carolina's melting point laws. The LT-25 is specifically designed for those needing a lightweight pistol for backpacking, jogging or as a backup. It is available in black or silver with either pink, gold, white pearl or black grips.

* Magnum Research

SSP-91 - Single-shot pistol available in 17 calibers from .22LR to .444 Marlin, 14 inch barrel. Extra barreled actions are available in all calibers stocked. The frame is available in a right-hand or universal configuration. The plastic stock is easy to alter for comfort or fit. Extra stock assemblies are available. The MSRP of this pistol is less than $300.

* Mitchell Arms

German Luger-The Pistol Parabellum 08 is a completely new addition from Mitchell. Made entirely in the U.S., this classic 9mm reproduction is made of stainless steel and faithfully follows the pattern of the original Luge (no provision is made for a shoulder stock, however). An American eagle is engraved over the breech and each year of production is engraved on the rear toggle. Look for them about mid-year.

* Remington

XP-22R - Offered in .22LR on the 541 -T action. XP-100R -- now chambered in .350 Remington Magnum. Both have rear grip stocks and 14-1/2 inch barrels and are available from Remington's Custom Shop.

* Ruger

P89DC and three new SP-101s - The P89DC is the decocker version of the P-85 Mark 11. New SP-101s include: a six-shot .32 H&R Magnum, a five-shot 9mm and a five-shot .357. The .357 is designed specifically for the 125-grain .357 load. All new Ruger handguns are available now, no waiting until mid-year.


SIG SAUER P 229 - .40 S&W, semiauto, single-action and double-action versions available. Specifically designed for law enforcement, they are available in stainless or blue steel slides with alloy frames and a double action only model is available. The barrel length is 3.9 inches and the 229 weighs in at 27.5 ounces. The capacity is 12+1.

* Smith & Wesson

Compact .40 S&W - Four new compact .40 S&Ws, all with seven-round magazines, were shown; the 4013, 4014 (single-actions), 4053, & 4054 (double-action only). Other models: the Model 14 (full underlug barrel) Classics, 29, 629, & 657 Classic Hunters, seven new Centennial family members (including a 9mm 940 Centennial), the Model 651 in .22 Magnum, and a series of limited edition semiautos with night sights and slide/frame variations.

* Springfield Armor

P9, Omega Match, M6 Pistol - The P9 series has added the .40 S&W and the .45 ACP. A subcompact P9 has been added in all three chamberings. Double-action only and custom P9s are also catalogued. The Omega Match Model (formerly the Omega) has a new adjustable breech, allowing three calibers (.40 S&W, 10mm & .45 ACP) to share the same slide. the M6 pistol (.22LR/.45LC) is the shortened version of the M6 Scout Rifle. It comes standard with a L-style rear sight.

* Star

New .40s-The Firestar and the Model 31 are both chambered in the .40 S&W. The Firestar, in either blue or Starvel, is supplied with a 3.4 inch barrel and weighs in at about 30 ounces. Its capacity is 6+1 in the .40. The Model 31 is also available in blue or Starvel and it weighs in at 30 ounces for the alloy version (31PK) and 39 ounces for the all-steel version (31P). Magazine capacity is 11 + 1 rounds in .40 S&W.

* Sundance

BOA -.25 ACP semiauto, offered in polished chrome, satin nickel or black teflon. Its special feature is a grip safety, adding one more level of safety when used. The Boa weighs 16 ounces and holds 7+1 rounds. Assorted grip colors are available.

* Taurus

Taurus: PT-22/25, PT-100 & 101, Model 85CH - The PT-22 & PT-25 are pop-up barrel, .22LR & .25 ACP (9+1 & 8+1 capacity) semiautos made at the Florida facility. They are available in blue, and are standard with fixed sights. The barrel length is 2.75 inches in both. The PT-100/101 is the .40 S&W version of the PT-92/99 series. They are available in either blue, satin nickel or stainless steel. The barrel length is five inches for the PT-100/101 and it weighs 34 ounces. The Model 85CH or Concealed Hammer version is offered in .38 special only and is made in blue and stainless versions. The 85CH comes with a two inch barrel, the cylinder holds five rounds.

New Long Guns

* American Arms

The major change for American Arms is that they are now the exclusive importer for Franchi Arms. The 48 Combo S/T version of the 48AL is new and several chokes are included with the 23-inch barrel for deer and turkey hunting. Rifle sights are standard. Due to manufacturing concerns, the 48AL and the Spas-12 are the only two Franchi firearms imported by F.I.E. that will be imported by American Arms.

* Auto-Ordnance

1927 Thompson Line - The new 10mm Thompson semi-automatic rifles were on display. They have been chambered for the 10mm in the wake of the FBI acceptance of the cartridge.

* Beretta

Waterfowl & Over/Under Models - A waterfowl version of the 12 gauge Model A303 is matte finished, with a 3-inch chamber. Barrel lengths of 26", 28" or 30" are available, sling swivels and studs are standard. The Model 682 Super Trap is factory-ready for serious competition. It features factory porting, adjustable comb stock, recoil pad and trigger. A tapered rib is standard. The Model 686 Sporting Combo is designed for sporting clays. The O/U features a 10mm vent rib, 28" and 30" barrels, auto-eiectors and scroll engraving.

* Browning

Limited Edition Model 52, Long Action Model 81 BLR, Micro BT-99 & Citori. The new Limited Edition Model 52 is virtually identical to the original Model 52 Sporter. The barrel length is 24", and the weight seven pounds. The high-grade walnut stock uses an oil-like finish. Cut checkering is standard. Only 5,000 units will be made. The Model 8.1 BLR is now available in three new chamberings. The new long action BLR is chambered for the .270, 30-06 and 7mm Rem. Mag. The magnum sports a 24" barrel, the standard calibers a 22" barrel. Weights range between 8 and 8-3/4 pounds. The Micro BT-99 and Micro Citori are trimmed down for smaller shooters. The Micro BT-99 Plus comes with a 30" barrel, adjustable rib, pull and comb, and comes with a built-in recoil reducer. It is Invector-choked and back-bored. The Micro Citori 20 gauge weighs about 6 1/4 pounds.

* Eagle Arms

EA-15E2 H-BAR Golden Eagle & Action Match Models -- The 12 pound 12 ounce match rifle sports National Match everything. The Action Match uses a modified upper receiver with a welded on Weaver-type mount, heavy Douglas match barrel and custom forend.
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